UPDATE: More Details About Josh Duggar’s Alleged Sex Abuse Scandal- Magazine Releases Police Reports


UPDATE #2: Josh Duggar and his family have issued statements on the allegations below, and have admitted that the information is, indeed, true. Click here to read the family’s statements.

UPDATE: In Touch Weekly has released the police reports to further prove that this story is, indeed, true. To view all of the reports (there are 33 photo to click through in all), click here. The Ashley has included some of the details found in them in the story below under the “Update” section.

Fans of the wholesome Duggar family, stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting may not know that there have been rumors circulating The Internets for years that oldest Duggar son, Josh, was the focus of a sex abuse scandal back in 2005, but In Touch Weekly has just splashed the case across its cover. For the first time ever, there’s confirmation that the case is very real and not just an urban legend.

The magazine broke the story yesterday that Josh, now 27, was “named in a police report as the ‘alleged offender’ in an underage sexual abuse probe” back when he was about 16 years old.

The Ashley has reached out to TLC, but the network stated that they have “no comment” on the story right now.

As The Ashley stated earlier, the story of this incident has become somewhat of an urban legend on Duggar chatboards. Until yesterday, however, there was no proof that anything actually took place. When In Touch got the officer who allegedly led the investigation into the case back in 2005 to comment, though, it served as confirmation that at least something transpired.

Sgt. Darrel Hignite told the magazine, “I can’t comment or discuss [this case] because of the sensitive nature and because it involved a juvenile.”

The magazine claims that Josh was never prosecuted, despite the reports being filed against him, due to various events prolonging it. By the time the police were ready to reopen the case, the three-year statue of limitations had already passed.

The Duggars have yet to comment on the scandal.
The Duggars have yet to comment on the scandal.

For years, this scandal has been known as the “Sin in the Camp” scandal by devout Duggar fans and haters. In fact, whatever went down with Josh is reportedly the reason that Jim Bob cites for him having lost his bid for senate.

UPDATE: As stated above, In Touch has obtained the official Springdale, Arkansas police report from December 2006, and it’s full of damning stuff. The police reports claims that Josh confessed to several sex offenses, including “forcibly fondling” of several minor females, stemming all the way back to 2002.

The report says that James [Jim Bob] told police he was alerted in March, 2002 by a female minor that Josh — who turned 14-years-old that month — had been touching her breasts and genitals while she slept,” the magazine stated, posting the report as proof. “This allegedly happened on multiple occasions. In 2006, Jim Bob told police that in July, 2002 Josh admitted to fondling a minor’s breasts while she slept. James said that they disciplined (redacted, Josh) after this incident. The family did not alert authorities.”

The police reports also stated that Jim Bob confessed that there was another “incident” nine months later involving inappropriate touching of female minor’s breasts and genitals. After that incident, the magazine states that Jim Bob alerted his church’s elders (but not the police) about Josh’s alleged activities. The elders and the Duggars decided to send Josh to a Christian program that “consisted of hard physical work and counseling.” (Most likely the ALERT camp.)  James said that [redacted, Josh] was in the program from March 17, 2003 until July 17, 2003.” (Click here to read that part of the police report.)

It has been rumored that Josh’s shaved head during one of the family’s TLC specials was due to his attendance at the notorious Gothard ALERT camp for boys.

In Touch claims that the case was opened again in 2006, when the Duggars were supposed to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. After a woman emailed Harpo Production, informing them of Josh’s alleged molestation history, the producers faxed the Department of Human Services, which caused Springdale police to reopen the case.

“When police asked Jim Bob to bring Josh in for an interview in 2006, he attempted to hire a lawyer and refused to produce his son for questioning. At least two lawyers refused to take his case,” In Touch reports. “Det. Hignite received a voice mail from Mr. Duggar stating that [redacted, Josh] had hired an attorney and would not be coming in for an interview.”

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the police report narrative is that it basically states that Josh’s alleged victims were his younger sisters. Although the girls’ names have been blocked out, it states that alleged victims “live with their parents Michelle and Jim Bob.” So…unless there are other girls in Sprindale, Arkansas with parents named Michelle and Jim Bob, unfortunately, that probably means the alleged victims were the Duggar girls. (Click here to see that particular part of the police report.)

The alleged victims were all brought into the police department in 2006 for questioning and allegedly admitted to having been touched inappropriately. (Click here to read that part of the police report. Obviously, the victims’ names have been blocked out, as they were minors.)

One victim appears to be someone who lived outside the Duggar household. In the police report, one victim is indicated as a Fayetteville, Arkansas resident (the Duggars live in Springdale), who was at the house babysitting when the alleged touching took place, according to the other victims’ conversation with police in 2006.  All of the alleged touching incidents happened while the Duggars were living at their house on Johnson Road, the victims stated.

Josh had allegedly admitted to the molestations multiple times, including once to church elders in March 2003.

The police report also revealed that the Duggars allegedly used a rod to spank their children when they were bad. One of the victims told the police investigator this in 2006. (Click here to see that page in the police report.)

The Ashley would like to note here that she understands that a lot of Duggar fans will not believe this story. However, she would like to point out that, while she can’t confirm or deny its legitimacy, these are actual police reports, and no media outlet would risk the enormous lawsuit that would result from a fabrication of a story of this magnitude.

Josh has not commented on the allegations, and the entire Duggar family has kept silent so far. The magazine asked Amy Duggar, Josh’s cousin, to comment but she refused.

(Photos: TLC, Twitter)


  1. I don’t condone Josh Duggars actions. But is this what happens in a restrictive, repressive Christian home? The kid never had a normal life, like other boys his age. No chance to look at a Playboy and be “normal”, because that is a SIN. Everything was sinful. The kid acted out. And what should have been done? He was removed from the family, sent to a camp. At age 16, should he have been sent to prison?

    He is obviously delayed, socially, emotionally, and probably mentally. Slow, and uneducated. Basically a deficient adolescent who acted out.

    What is interesting here, is how much unsupervised time he had with his victims. And were any of them willing? We don’t know.

    Maybe his marriage helped him.

    1. Wow. Where to begin. Let’s start with your questions.

      1. Potentially. Most crimes can be connected to an atypical upbringing. Ted Bundy had mommy issues and his girlfriend dumped him, so he killed 33 women, that’s just what happens! See how those dominos don’t line up?

      2. Yes, he should be sent to prison for committing a crime. He wasn’t six, he was sixteen. He knew it was wrong because he did it while the girls were asleep, yet did it again and again and again. At what point does it go from “kid playing doctor” and “close-minded curiosity” or whatever the hell tabloids fed as excuses, and just become a CRIME.

      3. NO. No one is EVER WILLING to be MOLESTED!! What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

      Argck I tried to do that calmly.

  2. Clearly reality at it’s best. No one is perfect or near perfect, but they surely played the part. I am mostly disappointed and really hurt these Christian parents could have better handled this situation rather than try to cover the sky with their hand while making their lives public. They should have pulled out of the show from moment of learning about this and handled it privately, but to continue as if life is all but wonderful in the Duggards family not honest nor productive in any way. A teachable moment turned fiasco. Even parents with good morals , education that seem to have it all together make mistakes. The children were obviously not protected . What makes one think we’ re excluded from malice , evil, and other things because we serve GOD? Mostly concerned about daughters and other victims. TLC should have pulled out before threats of law suit. Shame on you TLC and parents continuing with show once learning of facts.

    1. This whole story is saddening. I don’t hate this family, however, I am disappointed to hear about the sexual touching that went on. It is too bad that CPS will be involved but at the same time child welfare is their purpose and in this situation I support CPS. I just pray that the other boys who are currently in the home are being appropriate and that the girls feel safe when they sleep. My heart goes out to everyone involved.

    2. I agree, yes none is perfect, and we will see and hear of cases like these and worse. Years a go I watched a couple of episodes, the one thing that I never found consistency was the fact they claimed not to watch TV and yet they had a TV SHOW, I am not a big fan of TV bmyself but I thought this show would be worth atry, when I saw that statement of “watching very little tv, and the only Tv they had was a very tiny one hidden in a closet, just reminded me of the absurd of watching then. It is true we are in no position to judge others, but we can judge the actions, for me what this boy did was sad, and whatever the family and everybody did around the case , probably OK, what for me the unexcusable thing, is to continue with the show, making money out of that when they should have change the course of their lives and show true humbleness in renouncing to this making money business they had with the show.

    1. Rita I thought the same thing, something like this destroyed the family and the one I’m afraid of committing suicide is Josh, He did things as a teen and now they have come back to haunt him and his family and that just may be something hard to swallow. And ALL THIS HATE SPEECH AND COMMENTS MAKE YOU THINK THAT THE FAMILY COMES OUT TO SAY THAT JOSH COMMITTED SUICIDE AND THAT IS A HUGE POSSIBILITY.

  3. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Josh made some mistakes in his live and I believe he is truly sorry. There are probably scars left with the victims of this situation but come on they don’t pretend to be sinless, because we all sin every day! We have all made mistakes. Grow up people this happened years and years ago!

    1. Mistakes?? Fallen short?? Let me assure you molesting FIVE sisters … FORCIBLY… Far exceeds the limits of mistake making and falling short. As a victim of familiar molestation myself let me just say that the real travesty here is that the parents have utterly failed to protect those girls and I am reasonably certain did not get any professional counseling for them. Sexual assault is not damage that you can ‘pray away’. This whole thing is just sickening. Shame on those parents and that young man.

    2. “grow up it happened years ago”?! I cannot even express how disgusting and offensive that is to say.

  4. Let’s see if TLC FINALLY takes their show off the air. They dumped “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” quickly after it came out “Mama June” was dating a sex offender. The Duggars are despicable hypocrites. But I suppose there will STILL be people in denial about this Quiver cult clan.

  5. You’ve misread the report. The person who described the beating with a rod was a boy, and they had not been touched. It was probably the other older boy, the twin.

    1. I read on FreeJinger, years ago, that he was caught groping a girl who was staying at his house. One he was, supposedly, in a courtship with (we’d know her last name, but I’ve forgotten it. It was one of those ‘political families’, too. Someone will know, I’m sure). She called it off, and her family has had nothing to do with the Duggars since.

      I believe it was the real reason Anna and he got married so fast, without us seeing a courtship. To hush up his ‘issues’.

  6. I can’t believe half of the comments are condoning in some way that it’s OK that josh touched his sister’s and other little kids…yet it’s ok?! Haters gonna hate!?? Wtf! What josh did was TOTALLY WRONG! He should have been punished, just like any other person! Period! Bye Bye TLC paycheck!

    1. Ugh agreeed. If Mama June can be the cause of the cancellation of Honey Boo Boo because of a morality clause, then these people should too.

    2. They already made millions on the show so its no big deal if they lose future paychecks. They will make more big money doing interviews thanks to people like you who have built the story up so much. You judge, but you have probably done worse things. Most people who act like vengeful idiots usually have.

  7. WOW at all these duggar supporters in these comments. The Ashley has been hijacked, and those hijackers seem to condone sexual assault! For those that think this is normal teenage boy behavior… NO. It is normal to fool around with girls but not while they are asleep and unable to consent ! For those that say ‘don’t judge!’ What is wrong with you??? You really think we shouldn’t judge sexual predators? For those In the ‘that was ten years ago!’ Camp- I was molested 20 years ago and guess what? It still effects me. For Jim Bob to have gone to the police and risked a public scandal he must have felt there was serious harm done. How sad that an incompetent police force blew this case. Josh has young daughters… I hope Anna will be protecting them.

    Duggar fans- wake up!!! This isn’t some old news that is no big deal being used to drag the duggars. This is SEXUAL ASSAULT

    1. First, sexually assault is NEVER okay. And as a victim of molestation as a child I struggle very hard to work with sexual offenders. But I do. do you? I’m guessing no. Not only do I deal with sexual offenders I deal with child sexual offenders. Which it is obvious Josh is. What I am sure you don’t know, is that if a child sexually abuses someone and sees treatment, they almost never offend again. And that most children that offend do not carry the term sex offender in to adult hood, I’d the legal issues are cleared up. So in that aspect, I don’t think it is fair for anyone to judge Josh the adult for actions he computed in his youth. It’s s struggle certainly to not believe once a sex offender always a sex offender, the difference is this was done as a child. He did receive help and neither one of us knows for sure if that help was enough. I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting him watched around their kids, from my own past, but he very likely will never commit the act again. I encourage you to push yourself and grow, learn more about sex offenders. It’s hard no doubt, but in the end the cycle of abuse is the same, whether it’s emotional, physical or sexual. I’d be surprised if Josh isn’t a victim himself.

      1. But that’s the thing, he didn’t get help. Michelle admitted that they sent him to a family friend that was redoing a building. He was sent away for 4 months to work construction. 9 months later it happened again. That is when Jim Bob took him to the police station where he got a ‘stern talking to’.

      2. We have no idea what kind of help he received, but I can see why they would not go to the police. They are a high profile family with good morals and a lot of people look up to them. It is really none of our business how they handled it and if the girls that he allegedly molested had come forward, they would have had their day in court. And from experience, I can yell you that involving CPS and the police don’t always help stop molestation.

        1. no it is our business. it is society’s business when sexual assault is happening and going unreported. you think these girls had a say in what happened with the police? first, they were all pretty young when this happened, early teens. two they have no agency!!!! these girls arent allowed to do anything without their dad’s approval. you think one of the girls could have just been like ‘hey dad i know you said we would not be doing anything else with the police but im actually going to go report this on my own even though i cant drive or use a phone w/out permission or leave the house unattended and i dont go to school and there are no trusted adults in my life to tell that wouldnt tell you right away’

        2. When they decided on becoming the family of High values and morals for the world to watch on TV their lives became our business.

      3. i dont work with sexual offenders but i did work as a crime victims advocate so i am aware that josh is probably a victim himself….but you have to be kidding me if you think he got any help!!! when they say ‘they got help’ they mean the were counseled by their fucked up church. come on

    2. I wonder if Anna knew this before she married him. If she did, why would she marry him? And if she didn’t, now that she DOES know, of course she’ll stay with the dirtbag.

      1. I wonder if anyone is concerned about Mackynzie because she is the same age her Aunt Joy was when Josh did the molesting? I would watch out for Mack and her new little sister because what their father did was reprehensible and it was criminal!

  8. The police report makes it very clear that his victims were his younger sisters. I have no real interest in their show and disagree with their chosen lifestyle and beliefs, but it’s really heartbreaking that the parents did not effectively protect their daughters.

    1. Their cult makes it all the girls fault. SHE must have done something to make the boy molest her, you know like show her ankles, or smile at dogs frolicking.

      I’m not even being snarky. These people are wackos.

    2. I think it’s equally heartbreaking that it’s so obvious they were the victims. No victim deserves to be outed at this magnitude.

  9. I like the Duggards when people are successful people always find fault. There’s not enough money in the world to go through all this negative mess. Money is the root to all evil.

    1. So successful people who molest are just being put a pon are you out of you mind? Her molested multiple, multiple girls and got nothing done. If a non rich reality person did that they would be in jail.

    2. Yeah, money was the reason he fingered his sisters while they were sleeping. There is no amount of “praying” or nonsense religion beliefs that can change a sexual predator.

  10. Haters will hate. Most of all the negative comments about the Duggars is nothing but jealousy. God bless the Duggars. Most of us love you!

    1. Nope. Wrong. Most of us do NOT love misogynists and parents who by negligence allow their minor children and other minors be molested under their watch. Please speak for yourself.

    2. Ahhh yes…people are just being haters/jealous of them, that’s it. It has nothing to do with him molesting young girls, that isn’t where the hate is coming from. I have always said “I don’t care what you do behind closed doors as long as it’s not to unwilling participants, children or animals” Josh is a sick SOB plain and simple.

    3. I’m not jealous of children who are punished by being spanked with a rod. I am not envious of the Quiverfull method of hitting a toddler if she attempts to crawl off a blanket. I am definitely not upset that I wasn’t prevented from taking a class/getting an education or making a male friend unless chaperoned by a male family member. I am not jealous that I could have been brought up as a Christian who is not allowed to accept a homosexual family member. I’m not jealous that because of my gender, I would be assigned at birth family tasks of cooking or car repair and not given a choice. That’s just me though. I’m sure all these other haters are just jealous of their success.

  11. For God’s sake why don’t you people find something worthy to write about. Also why not knock on your own back door, leave him alone, go report on some true sequel scandals and stop hating. No wonder I hate news and magazines especially nothing good to do say about anything or anyone, only things you need to drag up thar are ridiculous especially at a teenager level.

    1. Something worthy to write about?? He molested 5 girls! Being molested isn’t something that you just get over. It is a lifelong wound that never truly heals. He put 5 girls through that kind of hell. He Altered their lives forever and you think that isn’t worth talking about?

    2. How would you feel if these were your daughters or if it happened to you by your older brother? A 14 year old knows right from wrong. Read some of that police report. It IS a true scandal.

  12. No one is perfect, therefore, there are no perfect families. This alledged offense happened 10 years ago. I believe that most young people “make out”, I am by no means condoning nor am I judging this behavior. I believe that the Duggars ask God forgiveness when they stray from the word of God. Once you ask for forgiveness, the Lord forgives and does not remember your transgressions, and I am so thankful that in the end He is the final judge and not society.

    1. Forgiveness can happen and people can change, but we have yet to have proof that Josh hasn’t repeated these behaviors or is fully reformed-that’s largely why people are freaking out. Why jump to defend him instead of preaching about compassion for the girls-likely his sisters-that he touched? For the sake of safety, we can’t assume (as of now) that he won’t do the same to his daughters or other people’s daughters. It’s not about hating on the Duggars as much as it’s being worried out about what’s been done and making sure it’s not happening again by him. What about the girl’s safety? Making sure the girls are OK over forgiving him seems more Christ like to me… This is also indicative of much larger issues that forgiveness does not even begin to cover because he very well may be ill and needs psychiatric help over forgiveness. I’m just super concerned for all of those involved and hope it wasn’t pushed under the carpet because that will do way more harm than good for years yet to come.

  13. It is like people can’t wait to find all the faults in this family. I don’t think they claimed to be better then others. They were fascinating because of the size of the family. So go ahead cast your stones at them since you’re so perfect and have nothing in your closet.

    1. Skeletons versus sexual assault are two wildly different things. I’d be relieved to find out that the Duggars weren’t as perfect if it were run of the mill pre-marital sex, drinking, etc. I wouldn’t judge them for that. Touching your sister’s genitals, regardless of one’s family or fame, is something that I will never, ever, EVER defend.

  14. Come on the kid was 16 years old,who cares?All the things that i did when i was 16….i am glad that my dad only grounding me and not bring my to the police.But here in the Netherlands we don’t care much about age between two bedpartners as you Americans do.As long it is not a young 15 year old girl with a 30 year old man,we don’t make a fuss out of it.

    1. Who cares!?! WHO CARES!?! Did you read the entire article? IF he molested his sisters or any other child then that makes him a sexual predator regardless of his age. Molested another individual while they lay asleep is a crime.

    2. So in the Netherlands you can grope your younger sister without her consent just because you’re 16 so everyone’s fine with that?

      …you realize this isn’t about “kids fooling around” as much as it’s “incest” and “sexual assault’, right?

      1. Exually yes.No not everyone is fine with that,but we don’t make a big deal out of it.When we talk about sexual assualt or incest then we mean Rape(or oralsex,or real sex),and not just touching.Touching your siblings is not normal but not so bad that we call the police.I think that we in the Netherlands are more open minded.I see a lot of Dr.Phill shows and i heard that when a 15 year old girl have sex with a 20 year old boy,that the boy can be prosecuted for rape in the USA.We here think thats really grazy.I was 17 years old and i dated(and have sex) a 27 year old youngman,and no one cares about it,not my parenst, or anybody.Today i’m still married with the same man after 24 years.My point is not to sugercoated but to say he did not rape the girls,he is now a lot older he learn from his mistakes give him some credit.I think you can not hunt any one for ever for the things he did as a child.

        1. You understand that this ‘touching’ is a teenage boy fondling girls in their sleep, not a 7 and 9 year-old innocently ‘playing doctor’ or whatever, right? Because in that context, yes, it is a private family matter and a good time to discuss boundaries and private areas and the like. What Josh did was predatory.
          I’m really, really glad that I went to school with a Dutch family who did have parents who *did* instill values and raise four kids of strong character who had better things to do in grad school than look for minors to have sex with (although they weren’t at all religious either, that I ever saw, and would probably have been more relaxed than my own parents about a healthy sexual relationship provided they were being safe about it) or I’d be really creeped out by Dutch people about now.

        2. You’re talking about two totally different things. Age of consent and statutory rape have some admittedly flaws in the US judicial system. I don’t think 18 year olds who have consensual sex with 16 year olds should be on a sexual predators list for the rest of their lives, fair. But that’s not what us Americans are freaking out about when it comes to this story. Nobody should ever have their genitals touched without their consent. And regardless of cultural differences you speak of, psychological studies about victims of rape and molestation across the board in every country say that it’s psychological damaging…especially the younger you are. Quit trying to condemn us for wanting to live in a world where people have rights to their own bodies and want people to grow up without that excess and unnecessary psychological damage. This isn’t a matter or Americans being prudish but having actual facts to back up that what he did was fucked up on many levels.

    3. I got a name for you…Joran van der Sloot. Between that case, and your post, I question the morals and ethics of anyone in the Netherlands.

      1. Celine really misrepresented the Dutch law in this case. 16 years old is the legal age of consent. Which has nothing to do with this case because this is about abuse. Your comment about morals and ethics in the Netherlands is ridiculous.
        I believe the usa has it’s fair share of psychopaths. We don’t judge Americans for that so don’t do the same to us.

        1. Noted 🙂 This American read between that lines that she was speaking from a personal bias as opposed to speaking on behalf of her nation anyway. There’s people falsely representing their country in every country.

      2. And I got a lot of American names for you to…(America has a hugh list of serialkillers)come on please…When you saying your questioning the ethics and morals in the Netherlands you have a point.Yes we are different on a lot of things.Is America better?Well in some things maby yes and on some things maby not.Please forgive me for having another opinion.

        1. You can’t even speak English. Go away with your opinions. 16 is almost an adult! Its not normal its sexual assault!

  15. The story that I have always heard is that Josh did something to one of his younger siblings, more specifically one of his younger brothers. This is the reason that he stayed in his own room and didn’t stay in the boys room.

    1. It was always a little suspicious that Josh got his own room while the rest of kids slept in what are essentially dormitories.

  16. How old was the “young girl” that this supposedly happened to? For his father to turn him in to police I’m picturing a way younger girl but maybe she was only a year younger!?!

    1. Only 5 Duggar girls were born before October 2005. It was most likely the four eldest whom he molested. There were alledgedly 5 victims. The last did not live at the Duggar home and has not been identified by the media, as far as I know.

      Jana – born 1990 – turned 15 in 2005
      Jill – born 1991 – turned 14 in 2005
      Jessa – born 1992 – turned 13 in 2005
      Jinger – born 1993 – turned 12 in 2005
      Joy-Anna – born 1997 – turned 8 in 2005

      1. Maybe, but it could of been the youngest ones and in my opinion it’s more likely it was the youngest ones since they’d be least like to understand what he was doing and tell anyone.

  17. People can talk about the Duggar’s if you want. Everyone is born into sin. If anyone can cast a stone without sin in there life then let them. I will say there isn’t anyone that can do that. I don’t believe in sexaul abuse, it is very wrong. If you don’t like the Duggar’s then don’t follow them. Remember we are supposed to pray for one another. We all sin daily it might no be the worst sins as some people say. But Sin is Sin. We have to ask daily for forgiveness. I feel if you speak bad to someone, you need to ask for forgiveness. JESUS FOR GIVES HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS.

    1. Not everyone is religious, by the by. Or at least, not everyone believes in the god you’re speaking of. Also, regardless of theological truths, I promise that whatever “sins” I’ve committed NEVER involved touching minors, without consent, who I was likely related to. Just saying…
      And I’ve said this above somewhere…jumping to forgive Josh without preaching about compassion for the victims is ridiculous. Plus, psychiatric help may be more needed than forgiveness…

    2. I am so curious about the people defending Josh Duggar’s behavior as ‘teenage behavior’ or otherwise saying it is normal and a private family matter. Neither of my brothers ever fondled me-nor put any part of their person near my genitals. I thought that was the norm. Apparently, the Josh defenders have lived a different life than me. I feel sad for you. BTW, the youngest victim was 4 at the time of her molestation. He was 14. Not normal at all. And, it is a crime-even if it is your sister.

  18. True or not…I’m curious if this is just the tipping point of more and more imperfect Duggar stories to start coming our way. They’re reached media saturation and have a “too perfect” image. Not rooting against them, but seriously, what comes up must come down. My guess is now more less than ideal stories-with a nugget of truth- will start coming out way sooner than later…

    PS- What the hell could he have done to prompt JimBob to take him to the police, the police to start an investigation, and then have Josh back in the family fold as if nothing happened? If this is part true even, we’re missing a huge puzzle piece!

  19. Thanks for writing about this because I was dying to comment!

    This article has provided much more insight than any other news outlets are offering. It does make sense that he was involved with a young girl who he may have been dating, but I don’t understand why his father would turn him in to Law Enforcement. I’d assume Jim Bob would just give him a lashing and then ground him for life (or send him away to an improvement camp, as he did), but not potentially ruin his life with sex offender charges.

    I really think he actually committed a sexual crime, not just teenage exploration, for his father to react the way he did.

    Either way, this family is no longer “picture perfect” and I’m very interested to see how they respond to this.

    1. I don’t know. This family won’t even kiss someone before they marry. It’s possible it could have been innocent “teenage exploration” to us and the rest of society but to the Duggars, any kind of physical sexual contact, even kissing, without being married is against their rules of conduct and moral code.

      1. Pretty sure Jim Bob wouldn’t drag his son to the police over Josh giving extra side hugs or kissing. Use your head, he knew it was serious and acted accordingly, which I give him major props for.

    2. Agree! Why the hell would Jim Bob take him to the police, if it was no big deal.. gotta be more to the story.

      1. From what I’ve read, the other theory ia Josh was caught touching one of his sisters. As horrible as it is to think of, it would make sense why Jim Bob caught John coming out of said female’s room, and why he took him to the police station then sent him away to the Alert Camp. If they didn’t sent Jill away for a front hug, it had to have been something more than some teens closed mouth kissing

  20. Knew this family had secrets.. they shouldn’t act so high and mighty..cause there Not. No one is. And there has to be more to the story if his father took him to the police.

    1. I don’t think they act hih and mighty, it’s people in this world that expect to much from them, they are still relatively people with real lives and have there ups and downs as we all do. People need to spend more time e looking at themselves.

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