Judge Grants Motion Allowing Josh Duggar’s Past Molestation Case to Be Used in Child Sex Abuse Trial


As the second day of Josh Duggar’s child sex abuse trial kicked off Wednesday, Judge Timothy L. Brooks granted a motion to allow the 33-year-old’s past molestation scandal to be used as evidence in court. 

The judge’s ruling came just two days after a pre-trial hearing was held to determine whether or not Josh’s molestation history would be part of his current trial, for which he is being charged with receiving and possessing child p0rnography. 

Joshy’s muggy from earlier this year…

“ …the Court finds, based on the Government’s proffer of evidence at the hearing, that the prior acts of child molestation allegedly committed by Defendant in 2002 and 2003 against four child victims are clear and compelling,” Wednesday’s ruling states. “ …the Court finds the Government’s evidence is probative of Defendant’s propensity to commit the child p0rnography offenses with which he is charged.

“The child p0rnography victims in this case are approximately the same ages as the victims of Defendant’s hands-on child-molestation offenses. Accordingly, the prior act evidence is probative of Defendant’s sexual interest in underage children and his propensity for exploiting young girls.” 

As you may remember, it was revealed in 2015 that Josh had molested four of his sisters and another young girl beginning around 2002, when Josh was a teen himself. Josh admitted to (and allegedly received counseling for) sexually molesting the minor females, though he was never formally charged for his crimes. 

“And I won’t be charged for these crimes either, right dad? …DAD?!”

The molestations were documented in a 2006 police report after Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were asked to take Josh and their daughters to a police station to report what Josh did. In Touch Weekly exposed that police report in 2015, leading Josh, Jim Bob, Michelle, and two of the victims– Jessa Duggar Seewald and Jill Duggar Dillard– to speak publicly about what happened. (Two of Josh’s other sisters, Jinger Duggar Vuolo and Joy Duggar Forsyth, later came out as victims in the lawsuit, while the fifth victim has never been publicly identified.) 

Jim Bob and Duggar family friend Bobye Holt took the stand at Monday’s pre-trial hearing, during which Jim Bob claimed to have little memory of Josh’s previous acts of molestation, however, Jim Bob’s “selective lapse in memory” ultimately didn’t seem to affect the judge’s ruling. 

Jim Bob right now… probably.

“The Court found Mr. Duggar’s selective lapse in memory to be not credible; he was obviously reluctant to testify against his son,” court documents state. “In any event, his testimony is not necessary for the Government to introduce … evidence at trial; Mrs. Holt’s testimony is sufficient.” 

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  1. Jim Bob needs to be investigated. He’s still standing by the ‘man’ who molested his daughters. Who knows what else has gone on in that house.

  2. I read BobbYe Holt’s testimony and I wish I hadn’t. What he did to his sisters was way worse than “inappropriate touching.” I feel so bad for Jill and hope this guy rots in prison for the rest of his life. Shame on the Duggars for not protecting those girls! It must feel like another violation for Jim Bob to conveniently forget about what that scumbag did!

  3. Does this mean the girls will be called to testify? As happy as I am that they’re taking the old case as evidence, I do feel horrible for the girls. It must be a nightmare to relive this.

      1. Can Jill sue her parents in a civil case for all of this crap they have put their daughters through?
        I say Jill because don’t believe the others would actually do it.

        1. She can, and she actually should. Statues might limit whether or not she can sue them criminally for their actions(inactions really), but not civil. She can sue them until the day she, or they, die, and still have perfectly solid ground. In fact, boob’s testimony in this particular case (not to mention the current charges), and the judge’s comments about it, will go a long way to aiding her and any other of his victims in winning a case.

          I wouldn’t normally encourage a more litigious society, but in this case, it’s warranted. They should ALL sue their parents, as should the fifth victim if she ever decides to make that choice. The grounds for a case are VERY strong.

  4. I bet Jim Boob is possibly regretting being such an asshole to Jill the past year or so…since she has been called to testify. Let’s hope he hasn’t been able to get to her with any veiled threats or confusing choking clouds of hairspray to get lost in.

    Let this perv be in prison before the new year!!!!

  5. As they should. If they didn’t it’d be clear where the trial was heading. Let’s prevent any future victims and lock him up for life. Pedos are lucky to be able to keep theirs as it is he should at least spend it behind bars.

  6. Hope his political ambitions are dead in the water, i wonder if jimblob is hiding a dark secret too??? I have bad vibes about him.

    1. He has some shady investments with the church that had made him “very rich”. Like Nene “very rich” lol.

      But the fact he defends soneone who hurt his own flesh and blood.. Yeah. Terrible vibes.

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