MTV Announces ‘Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In’ Featuring ‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast Reacting to Episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’

When MTV gives you yet another job that doesn’t require you to leave your couch…

Despite the dreadful ratings the Teen Mom franchise has been pulling in recently, MTV has announced a second spin-off premiering January 11 in addition to Teen Mom: Family Reunion. 

Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In will feature Teen Mom OG moms Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Cheyenne Floyd reacting to Teen Mom 2 episodes, similar to TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk, according to Starcasm.   

“Ever wondered what the Teen Mom’s really think of the moms on other series?” the MTV press release reads. “In Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In, the ladies from Teen Mom OG will watch episodes of Teen Mom 2 and unleash their personal opinions on the biggest moments from the episode. From laughing at the kids’ tantrums to sympathizing with their parenting struggles, our cast will speak on everything from Jade’s Brazilian Butt Lift to juggling co-parenting relationships.” 

Let’s throw a trigger warning on these scenes the second time around, MTV…

Along with Amber, Maci, Catelynn and Cheyenne, ‘Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In’ is set to feature some “surprise appearances.” (Keep an eye out for Cate’s therapy horses and Amber’s couch puppets!) 

“It’s showtime, girls!”

Viewers will have to tune in to find out if one of those “surprise appearances” will be ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Mackenzie McKee; however, given Mackenzie’s recent feud with Cheyenne and Maci, her involvement in ’Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In’ might not be a good surprise as far as her co-stars are concerned. 

Sorry Mack, looks like you may have to stick to pillow fights.

The new show is produced by the same company as MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and will reportedly have a similar feel. The show will air weekly in 10 one-hour episodes. 

‘Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In’ premieres Tuesday, January 11 at 9/8c. 

(Click here to watch the preview for the other ‘Teen Mom’ special– ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’– also premiering January 11.)

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  1. Why hasn’t Amber been fired yet??? She is a disgrace of a human being, mother, and to anyone suffering with mental illness – not those “victims” who use it as an excuse to be a piece of trash human.

    Get rid of that trash bag, MTV!!! Listen to your viewers!!!!

  2. Thirty-year-old women with multiple children still being referred to as “teen moms” while ripping off TLC’s Pillow Talk.

    Um, yeah. That’ll work.

    Good luck with it, MTV.

    *Insert huge eye roll right about here*

  3. Do they expect this to get higher ratings? I think they are copying “90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk” for this format. Both shows used to be way better.

  4. MTV is trying to do whatever it can with ANYONE they have under contract! Why would anyone choose to watch a group of women they don’t like critique ANOTHER group of women they don’t like?? You can only hate-watch so much “Teen Mom” swill! (But The Ashley’s recaps are superb!)

  5. i don’t like mackenzie but why do they keep excluding her???tv’s been doing doing that even before her beef with cheyenne and maci and that’s been proven but also because mackenzie revealed she wasn’t even invited to be on the new teen mom show and that was before things got heated and since when does mtv not like the drama? this is also the type of stuff that’s rubbing the show to the ground

    1. I can’t stand her, but I do agree that it’s weird that they keep excluding her. Instead of doing all that (I can see how that might make one feel bad, to be so blatantly excluded), they just need to terminate her contract early.


  7. Why???? If only my daughter would have been pregnant at 15 and raking in money now instead of going to college and working normal job. Insert sarcasm here.

  8. But nobody wants to watch teen mom 2 the first time, why would they want to watch it a second time through the eyes the teen mom og girls?

  9. At this point I can only assume MTV is on an economy drive and put a clause in the middle aged mums contracts that they have to do many, many spin off shows to fill the air time. I mean it’s not like the ratings are earning their keep right now. Next week they will be hosting a teen mom pet show.

  10. Sorry you have to miss a paycheck, Mack. Chey the racist doesn’t like you.

    I expect a ton of fake fakery bullshit. Lots of compliments and very little opinion.

    Which, really. Amber and Cate should have ZERO opinion on anyone’s parenting.

    Chey will see her bizarre world twin, Kail. Both are entitled and self centered awful awful ppl..

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