‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ Continue to Bring In Horrible Ratings: A Look at the Latest Numbers

“I told ya so!”

Things are not looking good in Teen Mom Land… 

Despite MTV currently airing new episodes of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant consecutively each week, ratings for both series continue to plummet. 

‘Teen Mom OG’ kicked off Season 9B with an unimpressive 405,000 viewers, and while those numbers fluctuated over the next 10 episodes, Starcasm reports that Tuesday’s episode managed to pull in just 395,000 viewers. 

In other words, the ratings are in the garage crapper. 

When life imitates art.

Despite once being a ratings magnet for MTV, ‘Teen Mom OG’ has seen its viewership continue to fall over the last few seasons– drastically so, compared to the early years.

Over 2 million people tuned in to watch the series debut in December 2009 and the OGs kept the momentum going, finishing Season 1 with an impressive 3.6 million viewers. The series went on to finish even stronger the following year, with the Season 2 finale bringing in a whopping 5.6 million viewers. 

While the OG’s are struggling to bring in big numbers, ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ is performing even worse. 

“Well dam damn.”

‘Young and Pregnant’ debuted March 12, 2018 with 660,000 viewers and even climbed into the high-800,000s in its debut season. Those numbers dropped significantly the following season, with the Season 2 finale bringing in 470,000 viewers. Unfortunately, things have only gone downhill for the series, as the current season premiered on September 7 with just 260,000 viewers. 

The series did go on to experience a small jump in ratings over some of the episodes that followed the premiere; however, it was short-lived, as the first episode in October saw viewership plunge to 161,000– reportedly a franchise low. 

“OK ladies, time to draw names to determine which one of us is gonna commit a crime or get knocked up by an ex…”

While viewership of both ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Young and Pregnant’ is less-than-stellar at the moment, Starcasm reports that networks and advertisers are more concerned with the percentage of viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 that are tuning in each week.  

‘Teen Mom OG’ has historically done well by this metric, but Tuesday’s episode barely made the Top 30 and ‘Young and Pregnant’ ranked 83. 

“Oh my god… does this mean I might actually have to leave this couch and start contributing to society?”

As The Ashley told you last month, MTV decided to green light 12 more episodes of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise’s “little sister” last month, despite the show’s abysmal numbers; however, it is believed that only four girls have been asked to return for the new episodes. 

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35 Responses

  1. Y&P being cancelled with be a shocker for these girls. Especially sunce Kayla Sessler seems to have developed a taste for YSL and Chanel merchandise.

  2. I can honestly say I haven’t been watching TMOG, and I haven’t missed it. The storylines suck and McKee is on there taking up airtime only to have people fast forward her segments. They need to go ahead and cancel this and do a catch up episode/reunion in a few years to get the kids opinions and thoughts on everything.

  3. I was a faithful TM OG and TM 2 watcher for years. I haven’t watched for 3-4 years because it’s just so boring. Every once in a while, I’ll watch an episode and I can’t get through it. Time to end the show.

  4. I am not watching due to Amber not only being included but featured. If she was a male domestic abuser she would have been removed years ago. I do not want to support domestic violence. On the occasions I see the show now I see zero progress in her story lines, she still considers herself a victim and while she talks a lot about her mental health it appears there has been very little progress. It’s a sad situation and not what I prefer to watch. With social media and so many options for recaps watching is not necessarily the only way to keep up with the other families.

      1. Thank you for acknowledging that Cheyenne is racist too. People like to think that if your bias is against white people, it’s not problematic when in reality it can be just as toxic.

    1. But the incredible tension and excitement seeing if her equally unemployed husband can manage, with help, to pick up THREE KIDS all in ONE DAY! Riveting television for sure! I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the outcome!

      1. Y&P is the only entertaining show left in the franchise. I’m not sure how it has even worse ratings than OG, but here we are. Though, I can’t listen to Kiaya scream at her partner anymore- it’s the worst.

        Even the Beavers can’t light a candle to the insanity of Jenelle or Farrah, so I think it’s safe to say we will never see that level of reality tv ever again.

        It’s time to cut the cord, mtv. That’s a wrap.

  5. This is a case of when the inmates run the asylum. These girls basically decide the edit, having become friends with the producers, especially once the fourth wall was broken. Thats when this show really took a turn. We aren’t watching life happen, we are watching what they WANT us to see, and its BORING AF. This show lost its mission many seasons ago and for some reason, MTV doesnt care at all.

    If they wanted more viewers, they would repeat the episode on different days, do publicity at the start of the season, etc. They couldn’t care less.

    Let’s hope these girls pay those taxes soon, cuz this could be the end!!

    Id be sad, because….ID MISS THE ASHLEYS RECAPS!!!!!

  6. I haven’t watched in years. Just the Ashley recaps. The onqly way I’d ever watch again is if there’s a “Where are they now?” special in 2031.

  7. I wonder if recorded episodes count? I never watch it as it airs.
    And so many stopped watching after Ambers machete incident.
    I’m surprise Y&P has lower numbers. At least they bring the drama.

    1. I am one of the folks that stopped watching after Amber‘s machete incident, ridiculous that she stays on with that behavior yet Farrah was kicked off for doing adult films, which is legal, (not endorsing Farah, she’s a total narcissistic sociopath)! But come on, there is nothing relatable about this show with 20 somethings driving new Range Rovers every season, buying or having mansions built every year, and going on luxury vacations every other month! I had to switch over to the Y&P girls, much more like the early years of TM! What doesn’t help is the fact that MTV only plays Ridiculousness, (which I do love), 23 hours a day, so you have one hour to catch any of the shows live. They used to replay multiple times during the week which made it easier to watch!

      1. My husband and I love Ridiculousness. It’s a great show to leave on as background “white” noise. Of course it would be nice if MTV had other shows besides The Challenge or Ridiculousness but I’ll take them over the TM shows at this point.

        I haven’t watched TM OG since it came back on after Amber’s jel break. I was fine with the show ending especially since TM2 was nuts at the time. Now like so many others here, I don’t watch any TM shows and live for The Ashley’s reviews. I can’t wait for the Where are They Now specials!!

    2. I’m assuming they ordered 12 more episodes of Y&P bc it’s inexpensive to produce, the talent is cheap, and MTV can sell it as prime time (only airs once) to advertisers bc it’s in a desired time slot (prime time) on their lineup. MTV makes money from their advertisers – not the actual shows.
      Young & Pregnant was decent the first 2 seasons…it lost me after that. But that show is much true to life than OG or TM2.

  8. I only watch Y&P on mtv.ca and have given up on OG. I can’t handle the boring crap anymore. At least there’s a bit of drama in Y&P and they’re not bitching about how hard it is to constantly vacation with their children.

    I’m confused about these numbers since cable isn’t really a thing for so many people anymore. Do these numbers account for online streaming? I think I’ve only ever watched online, even in the beginning.

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