‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Premiere to Dismal Ratings: A Look at the Numbers

That face you make when the bad reality show you’ve been milking for over a decade is sinking fast…

Things have gone from bad to worse in regard to the ratings of the Teen Mom shows!

New seasons of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant premiered last week and, despite MTV putting out drama-filled trailers for both shows, the ratings are in…and they’re bad.

The Ashley can report that Tuesday’s premiere episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9B was the show’s lowest-rated episode ever, and by a lot. Sadly, ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ fared even worse.

The premiere episode of the new season of ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’— which featured new girls Kayla Jones and Madisen Beith (of 16 and Pregnant fame)– had only 260,000 live/same day viewers. No ‘Teen Mom’ episode has ever had ratings that low except the last episode of Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, MTV’s pathetic, cancelled-after-six-episodes attempt at another spinoff. 

“Y’all want me to take care of this baby AND save your sinking show? Geez!”

While ‘Young and Pregnant’ never had the viewership that its older sisters, Teen Mom 2 and ‘Teen Mom OG’ had, the show was bringing in decent ratings during its previous seasons. ‘Young and Pregnant’ premiered on March 12, 2018 with 666,000 viewers, and even managed to get its numbers into the high-800ks during Season 1.  Ratings dropped by Season 2, though, with the Season 2 finale bringing in 470,000 viewers when it aired in February 2020.

While the first episode of the new season of  ‘Teen Mom OG’ brought in better ratings than the ‘Young and Pregnant’ premiere did, its viewership has plummeted to new lows. Only 405,000 people tuned in to watch the hijinks of Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Cheyenne FloydCatelynn Lowell and Mackenzie McKee on Tuesday.

“Only 405,000? Y’all, me and Taylor got more beers in our fridge than this show’s got viewers!”

The show— once an absolute ratings magnet for MTV— has seen its viewership fall over the last few seasons. Season 9A got off to a somewhat decent start— with numbers in the mid-to-high-600,000s, but ratings quickly fell into 500,000s.  The April 6 episode (which had been the lowest-ranked episode ever) had 501,000 viewers.

“I ain’t stressin’….that’s the beauty of being on every single MTV reality show, I guess…”

(To put things into perspective of how much the ratings have fallen, the pilot episode of ‘Teen Mom’— which aired in December 2009— premiered with 2.1 million viewers. By the end of the first season, ratings were at 3.6 million viewers. By the Season 2 finale— which aired in October 2010— the show had an astronomical 5.6 million viewers!)

“I have one word for you, MTV– Farrah, Farrah, FARRAH!”

As The Ashley previously reported, a new spinoff special is being put together featuring girls from all of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise shows. That special is being filmed this month in San Diego, California. The Ashley will have more details on it shortly!

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(Photos: MTV)

31 Responses

  1. I quit. I earned a degree and work make less than them and it’s sickening that I’ve been responsible and they have not been and are millionaires. I’m so over their trashy asses. ?

  2. I’ve got to wonder how important these rating even are – who watches live TV anymore? Yeah the ratings were great back in 2009 – that’s how people watched TV back then. Do not most people stream now? That said, the show has gotten incredibly boring.

  3. A lot of viewers like me stopped watching after the second domestic violence incident. I wish nothing but the best for Amber but we can not keep her on TV. If the was a male repeat offender no one would allow them to be on TV making excuses.

  4. If people didn’t like and are refusing to watch teen mom OG, teen mom 2, teen mom 3, teen mom young and pregnant, and teen mom young moms club, then why on earth does MTV thing that *THIS* new teen mom show (starring the exact same girls that people are already refusing to watch on their own various failing teen mom shows) is going to be some kind of amazing new show? Take the hint, MTV, your first 5 Teen Mom shows failed. The sixth one is not going to miraculously perform better.

    1. I think they did (6 years ago).

      TM was on from 2009-2012, but fans wanted it back so in 2015 they brought it back with the same 4 girls.

      When they fired Farrah the following year MTV should have left alone with 3 OGs but no, they were afraid of falling ratings so they had to bring Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd to the mix.

      I’m kinda glad Cheyenne stayed but I was so glad Bristol didn’t come back, her whining and crying was almost as irritating as Farrah’s.

  5. We’re over it. Especially watching millionaire moms pushing 30 who continue to exploit their children so they don’t have to work.

    1. MTV is all “but would you watch them in a box? Would you watch them with a fox? Would you watch them with a mouse? Would you watch them in a house? Would you watch them here or there? Would you watch them anywhere?” Like they juuuust haven’t quite gotten the exact right combo of girls in the exact right combo of locations doing the exact right combo of things yet for the franchise to be successful, but by golly, they’re going to keep trying!

  6. I only tune in to MTV to watch Ridiculousness! Seriously, I LOVE The Ashley’s recaps, so I need the low-rated train wrecks to continue!

    1. I’ve never been a TM: Y&P fan so I’m not surprised it got low ratings.

      The only thing about that show that surprises me is how it’s made it this far…3 seasons!!! Hell, I tuned out after 3 episodes!!!

      And I firmly believe it was Cheyenne’s “pregnancy hormone” scream fit that sank the first episode!!

      I like Cheyenne, I think shes a great mom. But even I was like “DAMN, GET THAT GIRL AN EXORCIST!!!!”

      I only halfway tuned into it because it was mostly of her and her rant.

      She’s usually the only one I care to watch (with the exception of Maci and SOMETIMES Mackenzie McKee)

      I like Mackenzie’s Oklahoma family and I ESPECIALLY liked it when Angie was alive!!!!

      1. I was full on Zach with that argument!!

        Chey was 100% in the wrong letting JC hear Ace’s heart beat I mean he ain’t the baby daddy and JC was stupid for bragging about hearing the heartbeat instead of Zach, he should’ve kept his damn mouth shut!

          1. She should have turned it off.

            The only people that should have had access to that was Chey, Zach and the technician performing the ultrasound.

            She promised Zach she facetim him. She didn’t.

        1. So, those appointments go fast. They really do. You’re in and out in like 15 minutes. But Chey has been through this before, this isn’t her first pregnancy. She knows how quickly these appointments go. She should have facetimed him as soon as she got out of the car or into the doctors office to check in.

          It doesn’t feel like a “missed moment” to her, but it is. And communicating that rather than screaming at each other (mainly Chey) would have been better.

          Zach, in my opinion, didn’t do anything wrong.

          1. Exactly.

            I’m usually a Cheyenne fan, yes shes annoying sometimes, but she seems as a mother to have her head on fairly straight.

    2. The Ashley is the reason for the viewer drop. We can all read the recap without having to waste an hour of our lives watching this drivel. Love the recaps, sure, but the comments are lit.;)

  7. Ive not wached since the machete mad amber wasnt fired, teenmom 2 im not bothered about, i skipped thru many segments.

  8. When TheAshley does recaps and it’s 20x more entertaining than the show- that’s why the ratings are circling the drain. That, and the fact I don’t have to actually listen to them bitch and moan, is a plus.

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