EXCLUSIVE! Meet New ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Kayla J; Plus Find Out When Season 3 Will Premiere & More

“Our mugs are FINALLY going to be coming to a TV near you soon!”

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant is finally coming back…and The Ashley has details on when the new season will premiere, as well as who will be on it!

As The Ashley told you back in May, 16 and Pregnant Season 6 star Madisen Beith will appear on some of the Season 3 episodes, as well as a girl named Kayla. (That will make two Kaylas on the show, as original cast member Kayla Sessler is also returning for Season 3. The Ashley hears that they will be calling the new Kayla ‘Kayla J.’) The Ashley has the scoop on Kayla J, as well as the new season of ‘Young and Pregnant!’

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that MTV has pushed back the premiere date for Season 3 from August until September 7. 

Several of the ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls have complained over the last few months about MTV pushing back the airdate, and not telling them when they can expect the season to premiere.

“Honestly, they jerked these girls around so much regarding the premiere date this time,” one of The Ashley’s production sources tells her. “The season was supposed to premiere in May, and the girls are paid quarterly for the episodes they appear in, so there has been a huge gap in payment for them.”

(Kayla and Madisen are not in all of the Season 3 episodes.) 

When you find out that MTV cash ain’t exactly going to be rolling in like you thought it would…

The first trailer will be shown during the airing of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion on Tuesday and, another one of The Ashley’s production sources who has seen it tells her that this season will actually bring the drama this season, unlike the most-recent snoozefest seasons of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG.

“Everyone has drama,” the source said. “There are really no boring stories this season, since there was so much time to film. Kayla [Sessler]’s storyline is crazy, and so is Rachel [Beaver’s]! MTV may not include all of the good stuff, but there is definitely interesting stuff this season.”  

As The Ashley previously reported, Kayla J and Madisen were beamed into the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10B Reunion a few months back, talking to Nessa and Dr. Drew Pinsky during a segment with Kayla Sessler so the viewers could learn more about them. 

The Ashley can reveal that “Kayla J.” is Kayla Jones, the mother of a nearly three-year-old daughter named Mecca Amani. Mecca was born in September 2018. (So, for those of you keeping track of the ‘Teen Mom’ gals, we have Kayla Sessler, Kayla Jones and Ashley Jones!) 

“I can try, but I will probably never reach the Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham level of trainwreckery…”

Kayla is 22 and lives in Maryland. She is originally from Washington DC.

Kayla comes from a big family– she is one of 11 siblings— and is an entrepreneur who owns her own lingerie/booty short company. She also works for the post office.

Mecca, the newest ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise kid!

Mecca’s father is a friend of Kayla’s named Makel. (To The Ashley’s knowledge, they did not have a romantic relationship. Makel donated the sperm.) 

The Ashley will have more info on the new season– stay tuned!

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  1. Can we just send everyone involved with this off on a garbage barge and let the first iceberg they bump into deal w them?

  2. How was Lexi dropped for being boring, but Brianna is still on here. She brought absolutely nothing to the show last season.

  3. Where were these trainwrecks 10 years ago?

    Why not pump the TMOG/ TM2 money into this show?

    I have a feeling this group will never ever be the “New money” type girls like Kail and Co.

    1. I think MTV realizes what monsters they’ve created with the giant paychecks for the OG & TM2 crew, not to mention the ill will they’ve created with fans of those shows. They’re purposely holding back with this cast to try to keep things more real, IMO (or at least as real as MTV ever keeps anything).

  4. i wonder what happened in kayla’s storyline now that stephan is completely out of the picture. wouldn’t be surprised if his crazy mother had something to do with it

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