Babies, Biting Kids & Baby Daddy DNA Tests: MTV Releases Trailer for New Seasons of ‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’

I’m sure dozens of people are excited for another season of these shows…

The girls from Teen Mom OG are back, ready to bring what appears to be yet another snoozy season to their dwindling fanbase.

As The Ashley exclusively revealed on Monday, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant will return on September 7, but on Tuesday, People announced that ‘Teen Mom OG’ will also return on September 7. MTV released a joint trailer for the new seasons of both shows. 

The Ashley will summarize what each show’s portion of the trailer showcases, starting with ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Cheyenne acting like she didn’t instruct Zach on exactly which ring to purchase.

Cheyenne Floyd‘s storyline will focus on her engagement and pregnancy with son Ace. (Cheyenne’s baby daddy Zach Davis proposed to her in April. MTV cameras were rolling, as the proposal took place at Cheyenne’s baby shower.)

“Oh my God, it’s huge!” Cheyenne says in the trailer while admiring her ring.

Cory, once he realizes Cheyenne is NOT talking about him…

As for Mackenzie McKee, she is still dealing with her youngest son Broncs terrorizing his classmates. The youngster— who famously pooped in the garage of Mack’s boss during the last season of ‘OG’— is biting and hitting kids, and Mackenzie is concerned. 

“But he hasn’t crapped in anyone’s carport lately, so there’s that…”

Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra are expecting their fourth child (after Cate filled up Tupperwares of pee to dunk pregnancy tests in last season). The couple— who are already the biological parents of three daughters— find out that they are having yet another girl…of course.

In the trailer, Tyler and Catelynn don’t even try to hide their disappointment. Tyler distorts his face and appears to say, “Oh s**t,” while Cate sadly declares, “It’s another girl.”

Tyler looks genuinely scared to let that pink confetti touch him…

Poor Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood don’t get any real footage in the trailer. Amber is shown for a second (on her couch, natch), but doesn’t even say anything on camera. However, People reports that Amber’s storyline will focus on her going back to school to get a degree in Psychology and working “to rebuild her relationship with her daughter Leah.”

As for Maci, with her baby daddy Ryan Edwards and his family now off the show, there doesn’t appear to be much content to include about her this season.

“Maci is working to cope with her PTSD while juggling her family life,” People reports.

Next, we move on to the gals of ‘Young & Pregnant,’ starting with Rachel Beaver and the rest of The Beaver Bunch.

Rachel is shown screaming about something that she “wants to do with my life!” 

I’d like to see the rest of that sign and find out what these people aren’t allowed to do with the geese…not sure I even want to know…

Rachel will have some baby daddy drama as well. 

“Rachel’s relationship is flipped upside down when her daughter’s father is suddenly arrested and ends up back in jail,” People reports.

(Don’t ya when that happens?!) 

Next, they “reveal” (after The Ashley revealed) the two new moms joining the show, Kayla Jones (aka Kayla J) and Madisen Beith

“Sooooo..when do those MTV checks start to arrive?”

We see Madisen— who first appeared on the sixth season of 16 and Pregnant— asking her father for support.

“I’m 17, I still need help,” Madisen says in the trailer. 

“I’ve already achieved the ultimate young mom goal: getting myself on an MTV show! What else do you want from me?”

The Ashley hears that the new season will also cover Madisen’s on-and-off-again relationship with her baby daddy Christian Wilson. In the new season, Madisen accuses Christian of cheating on her repeatedly. 

Life doesn’t appear to be going so well for Kayla J. either. As The Ashley previously reported, Kayla J. had her daughter, Mecca, with a friend using donated sperm. That friend, named Makel, is now dating other women, which angers Kayla J.

“You lied to me the whole f**king time,” she tells him.

That moment you realize you probably made a huge mistake putting yourself on this dumpster fire show…

As for the other Kayla— original girl Kayla Sessler— she is dealing with the mother of her baby daddy, Stephen Alexander. In the trailer, Kayla is shown shoving money at Stephen’s mother and telling her she’ll never see Izaiah (the son Stephen and Kayla share) again.

People reports that we’ll even get some DNA testing drama! (Hopefully that means we’ll get some scenes filmed at Gary Shirley’s trusty testing facility, Any Test Now!)

“I enjoy going to Any Test Now for all my testing needs!”

“Kayla’s boyfriend, Luke, is considering adopting her son, Izaiah, but one of her exes makes an unexpected return and demands to have a paternity test.”

(So…basically, someone Kayla slept with around the time she conceived Izaiah is wondering if Izaiah is actually his son, instead of Stephen’s.) 

Brianna Jaramillo and Kiaya Elliot will “navigate their relationships with their own motherly figures” this season, the magazine reports.

The Ashley hears that Brianna’s storyline will center around her desire to move out, while Kiaya will have some issues with her former girlfriend Teazha. (The Ashley is unsure if Kiaya’s arrest earlier this year will be discussed on the show.) 

Both shows premiere September 7 on MTV! 

You can watch the double trailer for the new seasons of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ below!

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. F**k Catelynn and Tyler, seriously. They are such disgusting excuses for parents. It is appalling that they are disappointed that they are having “another” girl. They make enough money that they could have easily afforded an IVF cycle where they chose the gender of their child. Instead, yet another one of their daughters will be subjected to watching her parents disappointment that she is a girl.

    And even if they had their “perfect” boy, what if he didn’t like traditionally male things? What if he is gay, or even Trans? These people are trash and should have never procreated

    1. There was a discussion in the comments awhile ago about the fact that Tyler isn’t hyper-masculine so his obsession with having a boy is kind of odd. Although I have a relative who also isn’t hyper-masculine, was also obsessed with having a boy and said out loud how disappointed he was that he had two girls. His wife underwent IVF so he could get his prized boy for #3 (don’t get me started).

      It is impossible to take Cate and Tyler seriously. The show failed them more than anyone else. They talked a good game early on but never came anywhere close to following through – they’re all too happy to just keep on collecting those MTV paychecks while continuing to do nothing. Oh, except for the clothing line…

    2. Their daughters are going to see those reactions one day and it’s going to be devastating. They’re not good people.

  2. So which show is MTV trying to save by having them on the same night? I imagine OG? Although I know Y&P hasn’t been doing stellar, which is weird as I’d way rather watch them than the complete ridiculous snooze fest of OG & 2.

    1. Yes I guess this entire season will be Maci and her “PTSD”…..instead of PCOS…instead WILl she manage this?..btching about Ryan and his family..oh wait..she will still do that…

  3. It seems wrong to call it OG when now there are more “non-OG” than OG. I’ll say I’m a little happy Maci has no real storyline bc it seems she’s just living her life and not about the drama. Amber, no surprise and Mac… good lawd that chick is a mess. Even if all her drama is made up for attention, she’s still a mess and needs to get her priorities straight.

    Cate and Tyler have been the biggest letdown by following their story from the beginning. I *thought* they made a wonderful choice with adoption and had high hopes for them getting away from their toxic environments. Now thier story seems like a horror show in the making, especially when you know it’s all going to implode when the show ends.

  4. pretty sure maci and amber were barely on the new trailer because they both have no storylines

  5. Whyyyyy is tmog still on?!! Dear God. They’ve nothing to film about. Except Cheyenne. Stick a fork in Maci.

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