‘Teen Mom’ Season 9 Episode 11 Recap: A Crappy Business Meeting & An Absentee Mom

“I suggest you install a Porta-Potty in your driveway– Farrah-style—before we come back!”

Welcome back to TeenMom-ville, where the MTV money is flowin’ and the drama keeps growin’ by the episode!

This week’s episode will be a doozie…er, I mean a dookie… because someone poops in a garage.

No, seriously.

We also have Leah verbally bitch-slapping AmberCheyenne raging with pregnancy hormones and Tyler talking crap on Brandon ‘n’ Teresa, all packed into one fun-filled hour! 

Let’s get this party started!

We kick things off in Florida with Mackenzie. Ol’ Joshy is still back in Oklahoma getting his wall spackled (or something), so it’s just Mack and her pack ‘o’ feral children left to terrorize the Sunshine State. While Mack’s youngest, Bronchitis (?), is normally quite undomesticated, the sudden departure of Josh has left him positively beastly. 

Anyway, Bronchal is acting up– screaming these primitive (and honestly quite terrifying) screams, and punching the BeJesus God Leah out of his siblings and friends.

Who says the ‘Teen Mom’ shows no longer help to prevent pregnancy? This is all the birth control anyone should ever need…

Mackenzie’s other two kids— Ganana and Jaxis— appear to be over their brother’s feral behavior. They are shown literally cringing in the car as Bronchitis screams from the depths of his soul. (They are giving Bronchitis the same look Josh has on his face whenever he’s listening to Mack talk.)

Mackenzie has a big meeting with her boss, but she doesn’t have a babysitter/zoo trainer to watch the kids, so she’s forced to drag them along to the meeting, which is taking place at her boss’ house. A few of the kids arrive to the meeting sans shoes (naturally).

As Mack is busy talking about what flavor of Kool-Aid (or whatever the hell powder she’s hawking) will sell best, the kids are off destroying the house room by room. Suddenly a loud, ear-piercing screech is heard from the garage and the home owner looks positively terrified, wondering which of the rooms of his house will have to be fumigated after the kids leave.

“Should I call a cleaning service or animal control?”

Mack is obviously stressing, thinking about all of the things that could have caused that scream. Unfortunately for her (and the home owner), it’s worse than she could have even feared.

Producer Anne Marie (who will likely go straight to her hotel room and bathe in Lysol after this film sesh ends), informs Mackenzie that Bronki “has diarrhea” in the garage. No, that doesn’t mean that he was in the garage and suddenly realized he needed to use the restroom. 

He legit sprayed his diarrhea ALL OVER THE GARAGE.

“This mask is the only good thing to come out of COVID. Now I can’t smell whatever stench is coming from your kids!”

He pooped in the garage!


I need a moment. 

Me right now.

Producer Anne Marie asks Mack if she would like to stop her meeting and go “take care” of Bronty’s diarrhea.

What is the other option? Like, can she say no and just leave the watery, poopy mess that her four-year-old deposited in the garage? Mack’s boss looks disgusted and, honestly, a little terrified. If this kid is willing to just drop trou and spray literal crap in a stranger’s garage, who knows what else he’s capable of!?

The owner offers to bring in “some tools” to help clean up the mess. 

“I think I have a net in there. I reckon we’ll have to catch the lil rascal first.”

Thankfully, MTV has spared us having to actually lay eyes on the poop pile. However, we get to listen to the audio as Mack surveys the damage. We hear her instruct poor Gannon to clean up the mess. (REALLY?!!?!) Mackenzie says she’ll capture Broncilious, who is just screaming at the top of his lungs. 

The owner of the house comes out to look at his garage-turned-outhouse. What he sees turns his stomach.

“That’s disgusting, man,” he tells Bronxxx.


I mean, this show has always been s**ty, but I think we’ve reached a new low today. When cast members– regardless of age— are just pulling down their pants and crapping willy-nilly wherever they want— I think it’s time to flush the whole damn show…

Next we head over to Tennessee. It doesn’t appear that anyone is pooping in any parts of Maci‘s MTV Mansion other than the restroom, so that’s a plus. 

Maci, Taylor Bentley and the Oopsie Babies sit down for pizza and a “fun” game of “Who’s the Smartest in the Family?” Naturally, all of Maci’s sports-playin’ youngins’ believe that they are the smartest Oopsie Baby in the Bunch, to which Maci swoops right in and reminds them that she and Taylor get that title by default. 

“Alright, y’all wrestle for the title over there on the floor and whoever wins gets to break their trainin’ diet with an extra slice of pizza.”

Bentley tells Maci that it’s Papa Larry‘s 60th birthday party this weekend, and he’ wants to go. (I mean, he doesn’t want to be a party-pooper which is, for the record, much better than a garage-pooper.)

Maci immediately asks if Ryan and Mackenzie will be at the party and Bentley confirms that they will be attending. (How wonderful Ryan was able to get the day off work to go…haha, just kidding!)

Bentley talked about the party in his latest therapy session with “Dr. Ed.” (Shockingly, Maci didn’t sneak a microphone into the session so she could get audio to blast on the show.) Bentley tells Maci that Dr. Ed gave him a business card to pass along to Ryan that weekend, which will hopefully motivate Ryan to put on his best powdered wig and start going to therapy with his son.

“I just hope he remembers to shower before we have to be seen together in public.”

Maci tells Bentley she’s proud of him for being courageous and for being the adult in the situation. (Ya know, because he had a choice and everything.)

Bentley is nervous because it’s “been forever” since Ryan grunted in his direction and he doesn’t know if it will be awkward to be around him. 

Over in Los Angeles, Cheyenne undergoes genetic testing to determine whether her and Zach’s unborn baby with have VLCAD – the rare disease Ryder was diagnosed with shortly after birth. After getting her own results, Cheyenne tells Zach he needs to go in for testing as well. 

Cheyenne apologizes to Zach for just throwing him into this “situation,” but he assures her that everything will be OK. Cheyenne isn’t convinced and won’t be until she has the results in her hands. 

“Consider this your warning.”

Zach tells Cheyenne to stay positive and focus on the upcoming gender reveal party.

Later on, Cory drops off Ryder (with an iPad covered in bubble gum) and talks to Cheyenne about the results of her genetic test. Cory reminds Cheyenne that she knew her test would come back positive for VLCAD to which Cheyenne tells him that her doctor already told her not to freak herself out or to “become a Google Doctor.” Cory tells Cheyenne she should take that advice. 

Cheyenne’s response to Cory coming back from ‘The Challenge’ and immediately handing out life advice.

While waiting to hear from his doctor, Zach reveals to his friend that his results have been delayed and it’s starting to worry Cheyenne. Zach says he understands Cheyenne’s concern and is trying to ease some of her stress by helping out around the house, but one wrong move and Cheyenne goes full-blown “Carrie on Prom Night” on everyone. 

“The next thing you know, me and R are fighting over the best hiding spots in the house to try and stay out of Cheyenne’s line of fire.”

Zach says he didn’t really think about the possibility of his child having this disease before Cheyenne got knocked up but he knows Cheyenne obviously thought about it a lot more, having gone through everything with Ryder. He also says Ryder’s disease is confusing because most of the time, she doesn’t appear to be sick, has a ton of energy and is basically “a perfect child.” Still, he knows they have to “prepare for the what if.”

In Michigan, Cate and Tyler are sitting in the Octagon ‘o’ Triggers, thinking about a storyline their first daughter Carly. Catelynn is trying to get sperminated but has been unsuccessful so they “can’t help but” think of “the one that got away,” Carly. 

Cate tells us that “because of COVID” (and, you know, how busy they have been wrangling wayward family members, searching for business spaces that they’ll never use and changing hair colors), she hasn’t seen Carly in two years. (Luckily, the kid has that awesome scrapbook that Cate threw together in three minutes last time they saw her. That will help tide her over until the next visit.) 

They call in Adoption Counselor Dawn (and her perma-smile) to talk about all things Carly.

“Well, I got a stable 9-to-5 job, went back to college and worked on my issues. Haha, just kidding. But I did get a new hoodie so we’re really excited!”

Adoption Counselor Dawn reminds Cate and Ty that Catelynn was very unsure about the decision to place Carly for adoption, while Tyler was very sure. We hear that dreamy music so we know we’re about to be treated to a flashback clip. We watch the scenes from Cate’s 16 and Pregnant episode and see them give Carly to Brandon ‘n’ Teresa.

Cate says that their relationship with Brandon ‘n’ Teresa has “always been complicated.”

“Well, it’s ‘complicated’ because you won’t stop talking about us on TV like we’ve asked and you constantly make clickbait about our daughter so…”

Adoption Counselor Dawn asks Ty and Cate if they’ve been reaching out to Brandon ‘n’ Teresa to ask for pics of Carly, or Facetimed or even just checked in to see how Carly’s school year is going. Tyler says they haven’t but, you know, they’ve “been busy” working er… going to school um…volunteering in their community. Well, I mean, they have all that clickbait to post so it’s understandable…

They talk about what Carly is like today as a 12-year-old and Tyler says that they don’t really know what she’s like now.

“That’s kinda by design, guys…”

Cate says she feels like Brandon ‘n’ Teresa don’t want them “super involved” in Carly’s life. 

Um…no, it’s probably that they don’t want your TV cameras involved in Carly’s life. ‘Member how they asked you literally years ago to stop talking about them on-camera and yet, here we are…?

Tyler starts to get a little pissy. He asks Dawn if he’s supposed to drop what he’s doing all the time (LOL) and reach out constantly to Brandon ‘n’ Teresa to ask about Carly, knowing that they may shoot down his request to talk to her or see her. Adoption Counselor Dawn seems a little surprised by how whiny Tyler is being but she keeps that perma-grin on her face, bless her heart, and explains to him that you can’t be both a whiney lil biotch and an active part in your biological daughter’s life.

“And, no, getting a new ‘Carly’ tattoo does not count as ‘trying.'”

Dawn tells them that they “can’t expect a relationship” unless they “make the investment” of their time.

Finally, we head to Indiana to check in on Amber. She’s sporting her fashionable rantin’ turtleneck while chatting on the phone with her mom Tonya.

“Gary’s currently pressure-washing my couch so this dining room chair will have to do for now.”

Amber’s still talking about Leah’s birthday party. She tells her mom she didn’t go because she wanted to do a one-on-one thing with Leah, but Leah shot down that idea. (BUT WHY COULDN’T BOTH THINGS HAVE HAPPENED?!) 

Tonya explains how smart Leah is and Amber basically takes credit for that, stating that she’s “there looking at her homework sometimes.” 

UM…??! When was that Ambie? In between giving Matt a lie-detector test and mail-ordering yourself a Belgian boo? I don’t seem to recall a lot of Amber/Leah study seshs.

“Unlike Matt, Leah is capable of passing a test!”

Amber insists that she was there for Leah but Leah was too young to remember.

You know what kids do remember? When they are seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve years old. If you were there at that time, she would remember. 

Amber says she’s not going to wait too long for Leah to realize how wonderful of a mother she has. She’s got things to do, guys! 

Hahaha, I made a funny!

Amber wants to teach Leah a lesson and have her feel what it’s like to miss having her mom around. Amber says Leah has peeked at Amber’s Snapchat pics which kind of makes her mad.

“You’re still lookin’ at my pictures when you don’t wanna be around me?” Amber says.

“I like to check in and see how your couch is doing every so often, OK? It’s been there for me all these years!”

Later, Gary talks to Leah about the Amber Situation. He says he knows Mommy Dearest “didn’t show up” to Leah’s birthday, but wants to know if Amber reached out to Leah.

Leah tells him that she did…on Snapchat.

Gary’s face basically shows how all of us watching felt realizing how little effort Amber put in…

Leah says Amber told her she knows Leah would rather do a one-on-one activity with Amber. Oh, and Amber told Leah that her birthday party was “fake.”


As Leah explains how Amber told her she is “too young” to understand all the fakery going on with the birthday party and such, Gary looks like he wants to take his “Indiana Fear Farm” ball cap off and shove it down Ambie’s throat. He knows his child is being manipulated by a woman who is far less mature than his 12-year-old. He’s angry but, bless his heart, he still tries to encourage Leah to let Amber into her life.

“I get that Mommy has said she’s gonna do stuff and she didn’t. I get Mommy hasn’t been around the way she’s supposed to be, but we can’t just write her off,” Gary tells Leah.

“If she shows up to my school play wearing that weird paratrooper costume, I swear I may go ‘Menendez’ on her, Dad.”

Leah says she’s not ready for a one-on-one Ambie experience. However, whenever she is ready, she wants to start small, like having Amber come over or going to get ice cream.

“I know that I don’t want to ever stay the night,” Leah says.

Gary– A SAINT— probably knows this will hurt Amber when she sees this clip, so he insists that Leah said that because she doesn’t want to stay in Amber’s rental house

“If she had her house it would be a different story, right?” Gary asks hopefully.

“Nice try though, Dad!”

Leah says Amber gets opportunities to hang out with her, but if it’s not exactly how Amber wants, Amber is a no-show. Leah “Boo Boo” Shirley is DONE.

Leah says as far back as she can remember, she only remembers Kristina acting like a mom to her.

“Kristina is my mom,” Leah tells Gary, who has this look on his face like, “WTF do I say?” He knows every word of what Leah is saying is true, and that Amber was off being a “rill woman” for her man-of-the-month instead of being a parent to Leah. Amber occasionally came over for the “fun” stuff but was never there to actually be a mom to Leah.

“Being a mom isn’t just like, ‘I gave birth to this child,'” Leah says. “It’s like taking care of the child and actually being the mom.” 

“You’re totally right and everything but…could you look at the camera and just say ‘April Fool’s’ for me?”

Meanwhile, back in Florida, Mackenzie’s boss is sitting at the table, regretting his decision to hire D-list reality stars to promote his products. She marches back to the meeting, announcing, “Well, my son took a crap in your garage” like it’s a normal, everyday thing for your spawn to s**t on the floor of strangers’ garages. 

“Ah, that’s OK,” he tells her.

Is it? IS IT!?

The boss—obviously still in shock from the s**t bomb that he witnessed— manages to grumble that having two or three kids is “a lot.” (Um, yeah, especially when they have exploding bowels!) 

We then learn that spraying s**t isn’t the only bad habit lil’ Brinkx has. Mackenzie casually mentions that he has other “behavior issues,” such as, you know, biting the teacher to the point of drawing blood. She then launches into a tirade about how Josh won’t answer his phone to talk about the kids because he’s off hunting. Her boss just sits there slack-jawed.


This poor, poor man. All he wanted to talk about was what color of label he should use on his protein powders and he’s already had his garage turn into septic tank, has had to listen to this chick rant about her absentee man and has to worry that Broncs, The Vampire Kid, will bite through his jugular. 

“I mean, he could have blown up the house. Wait– he doesn’t have any dynamite on him, does he?”

Mack’s boss advises her to look into getting some help for Bronchial because he clearly needs it. 

Later, Josh takes a break from shootin’ deer and such to call up Mack to make sure the kids are still alive. Mackenzie insists that Bronchial needs therapy, but Josh says that the kid will grow out of gnawing on the teacher… and stuff. Just then, Josh’s phone magically “cuts out” and hangs up. 

Mackenzie decides to call a therapist anyway and ask if having her son crap in someone’s garage is normal. 

She informs the therapist that she gets calls every day from his school, saying that he’s 


biting the other kids to the point where they have gnaw marks all over them. 

The therapist tells her that Brontosaurus is “regressing” due to all of the changes that have taken place in his life recently. 

“Do you want to hear the whole story, starting when he impregnated me as a teen?”

Together, Mack and the therapist vow to get the kid the help he needs to prevent him from turning any more people’s garages into outhouses. 

Back in Los Angeles, Cheyenne’s sister, R You Paying Me By The Hour? offers to take Ryder to their dad’s house to give her a break for a few days so she can relax, but Cheyenne insists that she “can’t take a few days” and does not “have that option” – even though R literally just gave her that option.

On top of everything else, Cheyenne’s legs are itching like crazy and she’s within moments of losing her mind. 

“Are you done scraping the gum off of my iPad? I need to FaceTime my dad and get outta here… you’re bumming everyone out, mom.”

Back in Tennessee, the day of Larry’s big 6-0 has arrived, along with Bentley – Dr. Ed’s business card in-hand. During the party, Bentley doesn’t appear to talk to Ryan much, but the two do have a moment of father-son bonding time while holding Larry down to shove cake in his face, which is pretty much a Hallmark movie moment compared to what we usually see from this bunch. 

Family bonding over thrown baked goods is better than no family bonding at all, we suppose.

After Bentley returns home from Larry’s party, Maci and Taylor are “curious” to find out how things went – aka anxious as hell for Bentley to spill the tea – but Bentley tells them things went well. 

“Well damn, I owe you twenty bucks.”

Bentley tells Maci and Taylor that he gave Ryan Dr. Ed’s card and that Ryan said he would have Jen call Monday to set up an appointment. Maci and Taylor pretend to be happy for Bentley and Maci adds that Bentley did “much more than should have ever had to be done.”

Meanwhile, Mackenzie and Ryan talk about the time they spent with Bentley at the party and Mackenzie cheerfully reminds Ryan that, while it’s good that he and Bentley will be going to counseling, she still thinks Bentley is being manipulated. 

“Dern that manipulating Maci!”

Ryan says he knows “for a fact” that Bentley is being manipulated and even reveals that he told Bentley during the party that he believes he’s being lied to. 

Anyone wanna take a guess on how many times Ryan “doesn’t know what’s going on” on a daily basis? Anyone?!

Ryan tells Mackenzie that he doesn’t trust the counselor Maci picked because he doesn’t trust Maci, but still, he calls Dr. Ed and leaves a voicemail, reminding the doc that he’s “available anytime” (except for Ryan’s naptime from 1pm to 6pm, natch).

Over in Michigan, it’s a few days after Catelynn and Tyler’s talk with Dawn. Cate says she texted Teresa and asked if they could send Carly a digital picture frame to put in her room. Um…that’s not “investing time,” guys. Seeing a collage of photos of your mugs (with the occasional Butch or April glamour shot thrown in for good measure) isn’t going to help Carly know you any better. 

Teresa agrees to the gift, so they vow to send one for Christmas. (If it’s anything like the scrapbook, Carly will get the frame somewhere around Easter 2045.) Cate says she’s going to write a letter to Carly and send stamps and paper in case the kid wants to write back. 

“I wonder if Teresa would mind if we sent an MTV camera crew to film Carly as she writes back?!”

Tyler is pissed off that Cate is fine acting like nothing is wrong in their relationship with The White Breads. Catelynn says that Tyler is mad because he feels like he can’t act like “his authentic self” (aka be a whiney biotch) and not anger Brandon ‘n’ Teresa. He has to censor his temper tantrums and abrasive behavior a bit so he doesn’t frighten Ma and Pa Whitebread. 

Tyler’s mad that he has to “tame himself” and watch his language when he’s talking to them.

Um…yeah. It’s called acting like an adult, Ty. Try it sometime!

“I’m one bad Son of a Butch!”

Catelynn also starts a new group text thread with Teresa and includes Tyler in it. Tyler is again all pissy because now he has to contribute. (That “hi!” text will require quite the effort.) He tells Cate it’s “safer for him not to” communicate with The Whitebreads and Carly because if he can’t be his biotchy self, then he doesn’t wanna talk to them anyways!

Tyler says that he’d be sad if they cut Carly off from them completely, but he says he’d handle it better than Cate. He knows that, if that were to happen, some sort of therapy farm animal would be on its way to the Octagon before Cate even hung up the phone.

It’s nice that Tyler is willing to keep his big trap closed to make sure he doesn’t screw up Cate’s chance of a decent relationship. I guess…

Catelynn wonders if Carly will want anything to do with them when she’s older, and if she will invite them to her wedding someday.

“I better start working on her wedding scrapbook now if I want to have it done in the next decade or so…”

Finally, we check back in with Amber. She’s calling up Gary to bitch about how she should be priority in Leah’s life (REALLY?!?! This chick’s got bigger cahones than Starburst the Horse!) She demands she get the one-on-one time with Leah she deserves. (UMMM?!) 

Gary finally gives it to her straight. He tells her that Amber and Leah have never had “girls’ days” before and now that she’s decided that she wants to, it’s not up to her anymore. It’s up to Leah.

“You don’t like going out of the house,” Gary said. “You don’t like going out to eat.”

Naturally, Amber blames COVID for her hermit-like ways. 

“Like, it took me years to get this couch indentation to perfectly fit my butt. You think I’m gonna get up and let it close up? Hell no, honey!”

Gary tells her that what she feels and what he feels doesn’t matter because it’s all about Leah. 

That, of course, pisses Amber off because she can’t come back with an excuse. Instead, she throws out her trusty line that she’s been using since she kicked Gary down the stairs with her ridiculously overtanned foot that fateful day over a decade ago.

“I’M DONE!” she yells as she hangs up on him. 

Gary goes to speak to Kristina about Amber’s latest tantrum. He tells her that Amber is now saying it’s Gary and Kristina’s fault that Leah can’t stand her, because they’ve “hindered” her relationship with Leah.

Gary’s like, “Um…lady, where ya been the last 12 years? Sending a Snapchat once a week ain’t parenting.” 

Kristina brings up the fact that, ironically, Gary is the only thing keeping Amber in Leah’s life because Leah is like (to quote her mother) “I’M DONE!” 

Kristina is tired of Amber’s crap, and she tells it like it is. She reviews the last 10 or so years of Leah’s life, in which Leah was used as a tool by Amber to show that she’s a “good mom,” in between gel, drugs, and pickle-tickling men from all over the United States who came to her couch for D-list fame.

“There wasn’t even ROOM for Leah on the couch anymore! She had to sit on the floor!”

“Amber wasn’t there as a mother and now she feels it’s somebody else’s fault,” Gary says.

Kristina insists she’s never been there to step on Amber’s toes as a mom. In fact, Amber’s toes have been far, far from Leah most of the time, kicked up on the couch while she squawked at whatever dude she was calling her soulmate that year.

Kristina says she wishes Amber was a little more respectful and grateful for all the normal “mom” things Kristina does for Leah while Ambie snoozes on her Lazy Boy, like taking Leah to the dentist and to school.

“I mean, if we needed someone to teach Leah to rant on Instagram, Amber would be our go-to gal!”

Kristina serves up a steaming plate of the truth.

“If it wasn’t for me, Leah wouldn’t have a mom in her life still!” she tells Gary, who agrees. 

Gary thanks his wife for being such a great role model to Leah, and for taking her in as her own daughter and for, you know, not going to prison and doing drugs and playing mind games with his daughter and stuff.

That’s all for this episode! To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ click here

(Photos: MTV) 


  1. Im surprised by the fact that I can still be surprised about how toxic Amber is. Like god damn womanchild, your child is telling you “YOU fucked up!”
    And who the F talks about their child like that? Like some argument you have with a friend, like are you really gonna be that petty to the child you put through all that shit?

    Thank god for Gary (and Kristina!) Leah is a smart Young girl. Im so sorry she have to deal with Amber in her life.

    The L.A girl is so boring I even jump over the Ashleys recaps of her segments.

    That child of Mackenzies .. He is def in pain … And shame on MTV (and Mack) for putting the poop-episode on national tv, what a crappy (no pun intended) move to do to a 4-year old child …

  2. Mackenzie’s children also ripped a ferret in half at a pet store! She laughed about it and said,”Boys will be boys!” Now her youngest son is literally taking a dump in her bosses garage and laughing hysterically that he bit his teacher! They better get a handle on their sons now before they get bigger and stronger.

    Amber is a sorry, lazy no count person. I won’t give her the privilege calling her a mother because honestly, who does she mother? She has a better relationship with her couch than she does with her children. Her mentality is like a teenager. She is going to “stay away” from her own daughter so her daughter will “miss her”. I’ve got news for her, Leah is done.

    I’m tired of Cate and especially, Tyler bitching about Carly. They have put in zero effort and shit talk Carly’s parents, who are Brandon and Teresa constantly. I feel like Cate never wanted to give her up for adoption but did it anyway so she could keep Tyler.

    1. I met wasn’t a real ferret, it was a freaking dog toy. There’s no telling how many people let there dogs play with toys and put them back on the shelf. That thing was probs about to bite the dust anyways!!!

      Ferrets are illegal and no one carries them anymore.

      So, grow…up!!!!

      1. 1) You can buy ferrets at PetCo in Oklahoma
        2) It was a real ferret. She admitted it was a real ferret.

        So….do your research.

  3. Tyler acts like Brandon & Teresa owe him something for placing Carly for adoption, when in reality, he owes them. They stepped up and have given her a wonderful life.

    The problem isn’t “Tyler can’t be his authentic self” it’s that he’s demanding and entitled and has no sense of boundaries. He has said on camera on numerous occasions that he doesn’t give a single fuck what B&T have requested in regards to THEIR daughter. THAT’S why they keep Carly sheltered from Cate & Ty.

    1. He also needs to stop referring to her as HIS daughter. She is Brandon and Teresa’s daughter. He is only the biological “father”. Nothing more. They signed their rights away (thankfully so!) when the gave her to her real family. They are clearly only using her for a story line, like always. If they did actually care, it wouldn’t take Cate forever to barely complete a not so well thought out “gift” and they would respect their boundaries. If I were Brandon and Teresa, I would try find out a way to cut them off completely.

      1. Same. Honestly, I’d see about getting a court order to prevent them from discussing Carly or themselves on Teen Mom and another one preventing them from posting clickbait articles about Carly or themselves. And then I’d find a way to close the adoption, possibly a restraining order, change my numbers, probably move, and put an end to the nonsense once and for all.

  4. Bronx is the only kid of McKenzie hat bites? They all look like they do. Ill bet if you pulled up to McKenzies property, one kid would be hanging off a fence post and the other ones would be throwing clumps of dirt.

    In all seriousness, I feel bad for Bronx, he’s only 4, moved to another state, and isn’t seeing his dad or other relatives. Of course he’s stressed. Kudos to McKenzie for getting him professional help.

  5. I feel bad for broncs he isn’t getting the help he needs. He’s a child he cannot articulate or understand his feelings so he’s reacting. So much change in his life in such a little time and who knows if he has bigger underlying issues that are only adding to this. However I’m disgusted at his mother’s lack of responsibility/mothering. She should’ve told her boss this meeting would have to take place via zoom no reason she had to take them to his home other than mtv drama. Then to ask her other child to clean up bodily fluids IS NOT OK. I hope broncs and her other children actually get the help they need and she gets some serious parenting lessons.
    Gary should NOT push Leah to have a
    Relationship with Amber just to save face and not upset Amber. Ambers happiness not Leah’s responsibility. It’s a good opportunity to teach boundaries and how to deal with relatives mental health issues in a healthy way. Leah is a smart and graceful child the way she articulated her feelings.
    I have no comments on maci and the Edwards it’s a sad situation and I hope Bentley gets good therapy and support. Off camera it shouldn’t be aired.
    I don’t pay enough attention to Cheyenne to know what’s happening she seems to bring major drama to any situation. Why not get the genetic testing before getting pregnant? If it’s such a concern?
    Cate and ty are stunted at 16. They haven’t done much except make excuses. They could write Carly everyday if they wanted. B&t have done nothing wrong. Grow up already. So tired of the pity party over something they did to themselves. Carly is safe and happy leave her be.

  6. Cate & Ty have not tried to have a relationship with Carly. They’ve been too lazy and acting like it’s someone else’s fault. You put your own feelings aside about her adoptive parents and you reach out for HER. You make a bond with HER. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing the little amount of effort they’ve put in.

    Same goes for Amber. You chose your couch and gross old men over your daughter and put in zero effort. That’s not just something Leah is going to shrug and move on from.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Cheyenne yelling at R and telling her that “no one cares about you!” when she was just trying to commiserate about the itchy legs. No hormones can excuse that rudeness.

    1. Omg ya, the thing with Cheyenne was so uncomfortable she was so rude for no reason! I hope she apologized to her sister..

  7. Does anybody else remember McKenzie doing a YouTube channel where Josh actually drove the truck to her house in Florida and moved in ..and then she goes on to say that he and she redid their old house together and posted pics. And here they are pushing the narrative that he came weeks later. He literally drove the U-Haul truck and parked it in front of her house got out and unloaded the furniture it was on her YouTube channel.

  8. I have 2 kids. I understand that, sometimes, getting them out of the house is a major pain in the ass. However, I do always make sure my children, at the very least, are wearing shoes!!!! Especially if I was going to a meeting at MY BOSS’ house!!! JS….

  9. So Amber is essentially playing “hard to get” with her own daughter? This is your daughter, not some random guy you’re trying to bag Amber. You have to actually put in effort to have a relationship with your kid and if you don’t, they feel neglected. It’s really sickening to watch.

    It’s interesting to see both Leah and Bentley come to their own realizations that Amber/Ryan ain’t shit, and Both Amber/Ryan have the same excuses on why they’re not involved in their child’s life. Apparently it’s all Gary/Maci’s fault, and they are being manipulated. I really hope they watch the show to see how ridiculous they look, unfortunately that would take an iota of self-awareness, which neither Amber or Ryan have. Also, neither of them seem sober.

    1. Amber is going to be surprised and horrified because Leah doesn’t want to get caught.. Leah could care less if she sees Amber or not … actually it appears to be her preference to not see her .. Leoh was dropping truth bombs left and right ..Her playing hard to get is only going to look more negligent if that’s even possible.

  10. Sadly for Mackenzie, this is what it is like to be a single mom in America if you want to work. You have to choose (1) to stay home with your kids when you don’t have daycare and risk losing your job. (2) Go to your job, drag your kids with you, if your boss allows it and hope they don’t embarrass you and risk losing your job (3) Pay for daycare that is more expensive than college and takes more than half of your pay. Single parents do not earn that MTV paycheck.

    How many shitty parents have been on this show? Adam, Farrah, Josh, Amber, Jenelle, Courtland, Nathan, David, Chris, Luis, Sean, not to mention all the absentee dads from Unexpected and 16 and Preggos. This is just a microcosm of all the shitty parenting and baggage that these kids have to go to school with every day.

    1. I know plenty of single moms with less money and more kids than Mackenzie and their children don’t brutalize teachers or act like literal animals. It’s not about being a SINGLE parent. It’s about being a GOOD parent.

      1. Pretty sure AmberHater was speaking specifically on having to bring her children with her to this meeting, not Broncs’s actions during the meeting. THAT is the reality of single mother.

      2. My point about Mackenzie is not about her kids misbehaving. It’s about not having a choice in what to do when you have NO daycare and have a job. I was a single mom and my kids were well behaved. But it is hard to figure out expensive daycare options. I never mentioned anything about her children. Re-read

  11. One of the sad things about hearing Leah is that you realise not all kids turn out like her.
    She is so mature, dealing with everything so well and it seems like she’s going to turn out great.

    Where as Jace is totally different. Their mums are pretty similar – absent (more so when Jenelle was younger), in trouble with the law, history of drug abuse etc. But the poor kid has issues. There is no denying that it is fairly likely he could end up not finishing school, getting arrested, doing drugs, having attachment issues etc. I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen but you have to admit it wouldn’t be surprising.

    It shows the BIG difference having a stable family has. Leah has a great, normal family home with a step mum that she admits she sees as her own mother. Where as Jace only has a single parent or the alternative of a disfunctional & abusive household, where he legally has to get sent to because of their custody agreement.
    Incredibly sad.

    1. You’re right. I think the difference is that Leah has a happy, stable home with her father and step-mother. Jace has been surrounded by chaos his entire life and although I think Barb means well, his life has not had any stability. It’s very sad to watch and it’s hard to think about what Jace is going to be like as an adult.

      1. Yeah I don’t think there is a big problem with Barbara, it’s just a 60 (?) year old, single grandparent won’t help as much as a good set of parents and 2 siblings

        1. Yeah, as much as I like Barbara, she raised Jenelle very poorly and was always screaming at her while Jace was there. Her heart may be in the right place but is it so surprising that her poor grandson is turning out the same as his mother did? That’s how she parents, it seems to be all she knows. I feel so sorry for Jace.

  12. Gary needs to let Leah set her boundaries with Amber and stop trying to force the relationship. Those boundaries are going to be healthy for Leah as she gets older.
    Amber is like a tornado that rips through town, creates chaos, and takes off as fast as it came in, leaving Leah to pick up the emotional pieces.

  13. I wonder, in hindsight, if Cate and Ty should not have done open adoption. It just seems to be re-triggering her and he feels ENTITLED to something. I’ve NEVER been in their shoes, not judging…but I just wonder if they would’ve figured out a coping mechanism if ties were cut at beginning.

    Amber and Ryan…2 very delusional parents who cannot take responsibility for the having no relationships with their kids. Macy doesn’t trigger Ryan…his guilt does, self-entitled man-child. And Amber’s self-absorption is the reason she has no relationship with Leah. Both Amber and Ryan have arrested development…they act like pissy tweens, their kids are more mature than they are. sad.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Cate and Tyler. I’m beginning to think that in their immature minds (when they were 16), they thought that they would have way more access to Carly, kind of like B&T would just be Carly’s babysitters/guardians that let them come and go as they pleased until Carly turned 18. Honestly the one important take away I think people can get from Cate and Tyler’s story is open adoption doesn’t seem like the best idea…Cate and Tyler seem to be very difficult to have a relationship with, because they don’t seem to understand boundaries.

    2. I think Cate and Ty keepping Carly would have been a disaster. The main reason they received their spot on MTV was that they put thier baby up for adoption. It highlighted a different aspect of the show. Had they kept her, they would have raised her in the same type of environment that they themselves were raised in. Would their life be the same as it is now had they not received the big paychecks? What if they had to get a job? Would they have they Octogon of hell and all the therapy animals? What about the expensive cars, the huge RV in their yard and all the trips to therapy?

    3. I honestly think the whole situation would have been immensely better if it weren’t for MTV.

      Without Teen Mom, Cate and Tyler would have had to have gotten real jobs, and they wouldn’t have all this time to just sit around and dwell on the adoption. They also wouldn’t have that little voice inside that probably whispers that they should have kept Carly, because they could have supported her just fine once the MTV checks kicked in. Brandon and Teresa would likely feel more comfortable having a relationship with C & T if they didn’t have to worry about every conversation, email, and photo being blasted to millions of people, either on TV or on social media. C & T wouldn’t have scores of fans telling them how wonderful they are, giving them giant egos, and encouraging them in their delusional thinking that B & T owe them everything (or telling them that Carly will show up on their doorstep when she’s 18 and want to live with them). The list goes on and on.

      Open adoption can be a great thing for all involved, and I really do think that these four could have had a good relationship on their own, away from TV. Also, if Tyler was a bit more humble, that would help (which he probably would be without all of the fans stroking his ego). I’d be very interested to see what sort of dynamic B & T have with their son’s bio mom. I’m willing to bet it’s much different than the one they have with C & T.

    1. Oh, Leah. I knew that Amber ignored her for months at a time, but to hear Leah say that she would never want to stay over at Amber’s— what a sad, sad relationship Amber has foisted upon Leah! I just cannot imagine it. That wonderful girl deserved everything from her bio-mom, and she got nothing. God bless her true mom, Kristina. Gary should back off on bugging Leah about Amber. Leah will let him know if she feels like it some day. Don’t hold your breath, Amber!

  14. I appreciate what Gary is trying to do but I think it’s time for Leah to have a say on if she wants to see Amber. I could understand if she was just absent but Amber is becoming abusive in the way she speaks to Leah and gaslighting her. A teenage girl has enough to deal with without being bullied by a mom that can’t even be bothered to show up to her birthday.

  15. It’s pretty sad and almost laughable how, 12 years later, Catelynn and Tyler still think that Brandon and Teresa owe them something.

  16. Don’t make fun of little Broncs! That must have been a very embarrassing situation for him.

    Also Gary and Kristina needs to get poor Leah of the show now. She should not be filmed while going through all this crap.

    1. I feel bad for Broncs too, there could be something seriously wrong that could be helped with therapy and his dad couldn’t give 2 shits about it!!!!

    2. Agreed.
      I think he may have some developmental delays. Why are people poking fun at a boy who clearly has some developmental delays, pretty fucked up.

        1. She’s not making fun, she wants to help him. His dad on the other hand just blows it off and says “He’ll grow out of it.”

  17. I cant with Amber. She’s never ever going to change. Same shit. Different day.

    What’s Tyler’s problem? Really?

  18. It was honestly hard to listen to Leah so articulately express her feelings about Amber, because everything that came out of that girls mouth was 100% accurate. Amber has not been a mother to her, and it’s gross how she treats Leah like she’s some expendable ungrateful friend that owes her something, as opposed to her daughter. Talking so much crap on her kid needing to “miss” her…why would she miss her when she hasnt been there for her in the 1st place? Amber needs to be selfless for once and go ahead and just sign over her rights, so that Kristina can adopt Leah.

    Broncs really took a runny shit in that man’s garage and has been biting people like an angry raccoon…I don’t think any child on a TV show has ever done that before. I’d much rather see how they get THAT under control as opposed to the whole “marital problems” BS storyline. Broncs is WILD. I might not have to fast forward her segments anymore if her kids are giving us this kind of content. If you ever think your kids are misbehaved, just remember they’ve probably never DIARRHEAED all over your bosses garage.

  19. Wow – the way everyone was talking I thought broncs was like 6 to 9 years, he’s only 4 so poop potty training isn’t always finished by then especially if they are a bit sick and no one is there to take them to the potty in an unfamiliar place.

    He knew not to do it in his pants but when there isn’t a potty there for him or no one telling him where the toilet is.

    Why couldn’t she do this meeting by zoom, or Skype, or you know any other way?

  20. Anyone else get the feeling Leah has been binge watching the early years? This day was always gonna come.
    It makes me a bit sad that Jace and siblings, probably Sophia also, wont get their moment to speak their truths (aka trash their incubators)

    1. MTV will come running back the day Jace and Sophia want to talk. “The kids tell all” very special episode.

      I think it’s about tine for most of the kids to start watching. They have Youtube and Netflix. They’re all like 12 now. That barrier that used to exist doesn’t. Next few years are going to be interesting, to say the least.

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