‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9 Episode 10 Recap: Daddy Issues & a Daughter’s Revenge

Me, trying to make it through yet another painful episode of this horror-show…

Howdy trash TV lovers! It’s time to take a peek back into the lives of those wacky gals from Teen Mom OG! With mama/daughter drama brewing, uteri swelling with Oopsie Babies and deadbeat family members, you’d think we’d get a more interesting episode than this but…hey, The Ashley did the best she could with what she was given.

Let’s get started!

We kick things off in Tennessee, where Maci is reflecting on The Great Gas Station Shootout that her car she was involved in. (To show this, they have Maci gaze out the window in deep thought while solemn music plays.)

“Don’t bring those orders for leather-pocket T-shirts to me! I’m reflecting!”

Maci talks to Taylor about her feelings post-shooting. She says she sometimes gets to a place where she feels she’s worked through the trauma, but then all of a sudden, she finds herself “in a ditch of crap you don’t wanna be in.”

“I can relate. Once I had to call Mimi Jen to come roll me out of an actual ditch.” 

Maci says she’s triggered by certain sounds now, like a balloon popping. She also reveals that she’s been having a lot of dreams about guns, so she decides to go to counseling.

Later, as the kids are wraaastlin‘, Maci again reflects on “the gas station situation.” She says that hearing the noises of her kids trying to beat each other to bloody pulps have jump-started her sweat glands and now perspiration is pouring out of every orifice of her body. (I hope those TTM shirts are built to stand up to torsos full of sweat!) 

Seeing his wife turn into a scared, sweaty heap has worried Taylor, so he calls up Maci’s pal Katie to see if she’ll take Maci out for a night of slugging down beer. After Katie makes sure Taylor can offer up free babysitting services for her kid (which is likely going to be some poor production assistant wrangling the Oopsie Babies & Co.), she agrees to have a night out on MTV’s dime.

Next we head to Michigan, where Catelynn and Tyler are hosting Ty’s mom Kim for dinner at the Octagon ‘o’ Triggers. Since Catelynn doesn’t have a new career this week, and no one is peeing into Tupperware, they have nothing going on in their lives. Luckily, they have a whole dumpster of trainwreck relatives to discuss if they need to. For this episode, they are talking about Tyler’s sister Amber, who has apparently fallen off the wagon.

That moment Tyler realizes he’s gonna get stuck paying for yet another round of rehab…

Apparently, Amber (Tyler’s sister) has something in common with the other Amber on this show: both have daughters who aren’t speaking to them. For Amber (the one without the machete), her daughter isn’t speaking to her because she’s started drinking beer again, despite having a long period of sobriety.

(During that period of sobriety, Amber was living in Texas while her kids were in Michigan, so Amber’s daughter isn’t so keen that her mom was away for three years, just to be slugging back Bud Lights again like she’s Maci.) 

Kim says that, because Amber’s not sober anymore, she should at least come back to Michigan where her kids are and be a trainwreck there.

“Using this screenshot will never get old…

Amber’s situation reminds Kim of the pickle she got into after giving Butchy the ol’ pickle tickle years ago: he was making kids he couldn’t be there for because he was too busy drinkin’, smokin’ and snortin’. 

Tyler said that as a kid, he did feel like Butch chose to spend his time with his drugs and drinks, rather than with him. 

“Why do you want to go get high?” Tyler said he would ask Butch.

(At the mention of ‘get high,’ Cate gets this really shifty look in her eye, almost like she’s trying to remember if she left her bong off-camera so she could go hit it without being seen on-camera. Don’t worry, though: it’s a therapy bong!) 

Next, we head on over to Indiana. Amber tells us that her daughter Leah is mad because their plans “fell through” a few weeks ago. 

Um…no, Ambie. They did not “fall through.” YOU cancelled the plans. Falling off your couch does not count as “plans falling through.”

Because of that, Amber is in the doghouse with Leah. Still, she has hopes that Leah will want to see her because it’s Leah’s birthday. Because Leah shot out of Amber’s hoo-ha 12 years ago, Amber is hoping that Leah will feel obligated to let her be there when she blows out the candles.

Over at Gary‘s farm, Leah tells Gary and Kristina that she wants a birthday party with her family. This proves to be a predicament for Gary, because he doesn’t know what to do about Amber.

Just at the mention of her mom, Leah scrunches up her face like she was just told she has to eat Gary’s sweat sock. 

“Honestly, if it’s that or spending a few hours with Portwood…I’ll take the sock!”

Gary, bless his Dad Bod heart, is trying his best to get Leah to include her mother, but Leah Boo Boo has seen and heard all she needs to about Mommy Dearest, apparently, and she is not having it any longer.

“We don’t really have that bond like that,” Leah says. 

But she is not done, NO SIR!

“Twelve years and she hasn’t really done anything!” Leah says of Amber. “That’s kind of been Kristina’s spot.” 

This was the scene we all knew was coming when, years ago, we watched Amber put Leah down in a crib (with no sheet, but plenty of Taco Bell cups) as a baby; or when Amber let some creepo from Walmart change her; or when Amber booted Gary down the stairs, or when Amber went to gel, or when Amber… I mean, we could go on and on…

We always said “someday Leah will know” and, by God, that day is today, y’all! 

Kristina, bless her heart, tries to insist that she is just a “bonus mom” and that Ambie is Leah’s true mother. 

“All she did was give birth to me!” Leah protests.

The fact that Kristina did not smile when Leah said this— after all the crap Amber’s put her through— proves that Kristina is a true saint…

Gary tries to insist that Amber did take care of Leah— you know, when she wasn’t being a “rill woman to her man,” chasing people with weapons, licking Fentanyl patches or going to prison. Leah’s not buying it.

Still, she seems to want to make Gary happy so she says Amber can come to the family party. (When she says that, she literally cringes and looks like she’s just been sentenced to 10 years of watching this horrific show.) 

We next head to Los Angeles. Cheyenne sits down with her friend Shanan and sister R. You All Ever Gonna Get My Name Right? to talk about starting a podcast.

This franchise needs another podcast like Amber needs another baby.

The three of them decide that with COVID, they have “a lot of time to think” and “a lot to say,” so after settling on a name – Think Loud Crew – everything is a go.

Well, almost everything…

If Farrah Abraham can figure it out, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Later on, Cheyenne explains that repeated injustices against people of color and the Black Lives Matter movement inspired her to want to start a podcast. She also reveals that when she attempts to show her support on social media, her posts are “met with a lot of hate and judgment,” which she says only makes her want to do more with her platform. 

Before starting the podcast, Cheyenne tells her sister she’s reached out to an organization called the Color of Change to talk about ways they can get more involved and use their (aka Cheyenne’s) platform for a good cause. Cheyenne’s sister, mom and baby daddy Cory decide they want to participate in the conversation with the organization, as well. 

Cheyenne and her sis then mull over whether to high-five over getting the ball rolling on their podcast. 

“R U Gonna Leave Me Hanging Or What?”

Down in Florida, Mackenzie is still riding high off of the minimum effort Josh put into her birthday, so her sister and friends decide to come down for a visit and knock some sense into her. Before their arrival, Mackenzie sits down with Josh for yet another “what are we?” conversation. 

“Umm…better than when you asked me yesterday, but probably a lot worse once your friends get here.”

Josh tells Mackenzie he wishes they could “have a restart” and Mackenzie agrees, but notes that it’s unrealistic. 

Realizing this marriage talk is going nowhere, Mackenzie randomly reminds Josh that her best friend Cayla doesn’t support their relationship. Josh acknowledges Mackenzie’s statement with a grunt and then says he’s heading up to Oklahoma soon to do a drywall job, but plans to come back to Florida afterwards… .

Mackenzie’s Oklahoma squad finally arrives in Florida, screaming and raising all kinds of hell, just as this rental home has grown accustomed to at this point. 

Moment of silence for the owner of this home, for having to witness it become a zoo on national TV.

As the wild animals children run loose, Mackenzie greets Cayla, Whitney and her other friend Thaylia before heading out to the park for a picnic. 

“…literally wherever you want. Trust me, the owners don’t mind!”

During the picnic, Mackenzie’s crew starts asking about Josh’s drywall disappearing act and Mackenzie admits that Josh had the “screw you, I hate Florida” mindset before coming to Florida, but now he likes it and wants to stay. Still, she tells her friends and sister that she has no idea when he’s coming back. As Mackenzie updates the group on what’s going on, they all awkwardly exchange glances and (probably) wonder how much sun exposure this girl has gotten since her arrival. 

Back at her rental home, Mackenzie hands all of the kids some sticky ass popsicles to run around with indoors while she and Cayla step outside to chat. That should work out nicely…

Mackenzie tells Cayla she was frustrated to not have her support after getting back together with Josh, even though she knows Cayla witnessed the dumpster fire “rollercoaster” the two went through not long before that. 

“…stop embarrassing yourself for the world to see.”

Cayla explains that she supports Mackenzie, but is nervous that she and Josh jumped back into things before working on themselves as individuals. She also says she’s worried that the two of them will end up repeating past mistakes because they’ve failed to address their issues and make a plan to move forward. 

Cayla acknowledges that she’s pretty much the only person that tells Mackenzie like it is, to which Mackenzie replies, “If I was my friend, I wouldn’t want me to be with Josh.” 

“What can I say? I have a weakness for men in patriotic tank tops!”

Over in Los Angeles, Cheyenne goes to lunch with her sister, dad and stepmom to talk about the podcast. Cheyenne says talking to her dad, Kyle, before she records the first episode is important because she loves the way he raised her and R to embrace their race. Kyle says he’d love to do a podcast, too, but it would be up to Cheyenne, because he doesn’t know how to do it. 

Have we got news for you…

Cheyenne goes on to explain how important it is to have conversations about race to help others understand and mentions that when Ryder has playdates with kids who are white, she “peeks around” to see if they have any dolls that are brown. She also notes the conversation people of color have to have with their kids compared to conversations white people have to have with their kids, calling it “two different worlds.” 

Kyle tells Cheyenne he raised her and her sister the way he did because he knew more times than not, they were “gonna be the minority in a situation.” Cheyenne says R in particular will have to have certain conversations with Boz, as a young Black man. Kyle encourages Cheyenne to not get mad, and instead, use that energy to educate others. 

Later on, Cheyenne, R, Cory, and Cheyenne’s mom Margaret hop on a Zoom call with Arisha, the Color of Change representative. During the call, Arisha answers questions the group has about how to be a better ally, how to create exposure to states that are predominantly white – something Cory mentions that he experienced growing up in Michigan – and more. 

Before the end of the episode, we see Cheyenne and R not only effortlessly pull off that high-five they talked about earlier, but more importantly, record their first podcast episode. 

“Nailed it!”

Back in Indiana, the drama over Leah’s birthday party has exploded. Leah calls up Producer Townsend to insist that she enjoys doing things with Leah “off-camera” (but not “off-couch,” obviously) and that the whole birthday party situation is “a bit odd for me.” 

Amber— forever making it all about her— says that she’s worried she’ll feel “uneasy” being around Leah, Gary and the hibachi chef that’s apparently coming to prepare a feast for the gang.

WTF, Amber? You got an invite by the skin of your teeth. Show up, bring a gift, eat your teriyaki chicken and shut your damn mouth.


Amber seems to forget that she’s talking about her 12-year-old daughter, and not some Instagram troll. She says she wants Leah to “stop making excuses for seeing me.” 

At Gary’s farm, Gary “breaks” the news to Leah that Amber is once again gonna be a no-show to the big hibachi dinner party.

“I.am.shocked. This is my shocked face.”

Gary says that Amber wants to have a private dinner with Leah another night. Leah is very clear that she doesn’t want to have a one-on-one meal with Mommy Dearest. 

That night, Grandma Tonya shows up (you know she ain’t gonna miss out on fresh-cooked teriyaki chicken with all the fixins!) 

“Just hand me a fork and show me the free food! Feet don’t fail me now!”

Leah opens her presents and, at the end, Kristina says she has a special gift for Leah.

“I did not give life to you, but life gave me you,” Kristina tells Leah as she presents her with a special necklace. “I never knew I could love someone else’s daughter like I can love you.”


Leah begins to cry, and Tonya looks down (surely thinking that she wishes her own daughter was less of a selfish creepnozzle and more like this saint of a woman right here.)

“Amber’s head is gonna explode when she sees this footage. Kristina better start wearing protective armor!”

Later, Amber is sitting on her couch (natch) alone feeling good about her decision to not attend Leah’s birthday party. She calls up her brother, Shawn Bubby and THANK THE BABY JESUS GOD LEAH she is not wearing her slutty paratrooper outfit for this call. (I hope someone told her it was offensive/disturbing/possibly illegal to wear that outfit while talking to your brother.)

Anyway, Amber tells Shawn Bubby that she and Leah weren’t getting along because Leah’s mad about some stuff “she doesn’t understand whatsoever.” 

“This is CLEARLY Leah’s fault but I might be willing to forgive the kid…if she asks nicely!”

Amber says that Leah told her that, because she’s turning 12, she’s independent, which she says is ridiculous.

Um…Ambie? I think she just wants to be independent of you

As per usual, Amber is making this all about herself and how upset she is. 

Finally, Shawn Bubby has had ENOUGH. He’s about to sit Amber down on that couch (oh wait…she already did that) and give her a piece of his mind!

Shawn Bubby brings up the fact that this poor kid has had to deal with the pain of having a mom who’s been absent for 12 years, getting into trouble, putting all her attention into random men, and, you know, buying slutty paratrooper costumes to wear on TV.

Naturally, Amber blows up at this. She insists that she was never absent. In fact, she says she “took care of her my damn self…before I went to prison.” 

Oops sorry… “f**king prison” I mean…

“I mean…there were days I scored my drugs EARLY because I knew that kid was coming over that night. COME ON!”

But Shawn Bubby is not done! He brings up the entire Andrew fiasco and the fact that Amber hardly had time to hang out with Leah, what with all the falling instantly in love with a rando guy, getting knocked up, throwing up in plastic bags on the bed, having a baby, machete-chasing, getting arrested and whatnot. It was quite the whirlwind. 

Amber is really rolling now. She’s singing that familiar jingle– “I Was a Good Mom!”— with all her might.

“I was there a couple times a week! Or every other week!” she insists.

“Every other week, huh? Good thing kids basically take care of themselves the rest of the time. Oh…wait…”

Shawn Bubby suggests that perhaps Leah doesn’t feel like she’s getting enough attention from Amber. 

Umm… I think attention from Amber is the last thing that kid wants at this point. Maybe a few years ago, when Amber was spending her time screaming on Instagram Live, banging rando men she met online and giving lie-detector tests to people, Leah might have wanted her mom’s attention. But now she’s pretty much over it. 

Shawn Bubby says Leah told Gary that she wanted to see her mom without an entire crew of MTV cameramen present. Amber says– well, actually she screams— that she wanted that too, but Leah said no.

Now, Amber is in full rage mode. She tells Shawn Bubby that Gary and Kristina have been feeding Leah lies about her. 

The moment Shawn Bubby realized he’s been defending the wrong person all this time…

Finally, Shawn Bubby hits Amber with a bullet of a statement.

“It takes a lot of work to make up for 12 years,” he tells her.

Work? Well….I think that pretty much ends things. Amber would be better off calling up Dimitri, flying him over, getting knocked up by him and starting over with a new Leah. Because this ain’t happening…

Trust me, Amber. You do NOT want to hear the answer to that question…

Meanwhile, in Michigan, Later, Tyler wonders how Amber can be a deadbeat to her kids, after she grew up with a deadbeat dad.

Nova is nearby and hears the conversation. She asks Tyler why he didn’t have a dad.

“Pull up a booster seat and grab some chocolate milk, kid. Have I got a story for you!”

Tyler sums it up by saying that his dad broke the law a lot.

“Oh, well that’s stupid!” Nova says.

Butch’s parole officers have been telling him that for years, kid. But hell, maybe he’ll listen to your logic because you’re not wrong!

Tyler says later that he wants to get rid of the anger and bitterness he feels toward Butch for being such a trashbag all of his life. Becoming a father himself has made him realize that Butch was an even bigger trashbag than he originally thought he was.

Tyler decides to go to counseling to make sure he doesn’t end up being a Hefty Bag-of-a-Dad like his old man.

I think that’s nice…

Back in Tennessee, Taylor is letting the Oopsie Babies get out of their usual practices for The Sports and is taking them to a restaurant so that they can meet up with Maci’s gal pals for her surprise night out. Maci is unsure she wants to go because she’s afraid one of the Oopsie Babies will use the restaurant fork to poke their sibling’s eye out or something.

She finally agrees to go and, as they arrive at the restaurant, Maci spots her gal pals standing there waiting to get their drinks paid for by MTV for Maci. 

Maci is thrilled to escape the Suburban ‘o’ Oopsies, and tells Taylor she owes him, a debt she will pay when she gets home.

She means The Sex, in case you didn’t catch that. Taylor better hose down his junk, because Maci’s going to come home drunk and ready to hump! 

“Taylor ain’t even ready for what’s about to come his way later tonight…”

Maci then launches into a convo about The Great Gas Station Shootout. She tells her friends that she believes there’s a reason that she was in that gas station that day (other than to pick up a couple of cases of Bud Light and a bag of Fritos). 

She does say, though, that she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to go into a gas station again. 

“So I guess I shouldn’t even ask you if you’d like to meet me at the WaWa?”

That’s all for this episode of ‘Teen Mom OG!’ To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode, click here!

(Photos: MTV) 


  1. Does Amber and her publicist actually believe they can reignite a losing fashion company that never even started because it was already bankrupt?

    Perhaps she would do better selling Machetes instead.

  2. Hi typo alert fyi

    Leah calls up Producer Townsend to insist that she enjoys doing things with Leah “off-camera” (but not “off-couch,” obviously) and that the whole birthday party situation is “a bit odd for me.” 

    Obviously leah isn’t going to call a producer and takes about doing stuff with herself but then again it is teen mom🤣

  3. Leah is 12 years old. She’s not a baby nor is she an adult. One thing I believe is that she is of age where she knows the reality of her situation up until this point. She realizes, knows it, and now has feelings about it. Those feelings are hers and hers alone. While I think it’s awesome how Gary and Christina try to keep Amber in her her life, I think Leah is old enough to have a little more say on the situation. I know they mean well but I just wish they would stop trying to push Amber down Leah’s throat or calling Amber to remind her of her motherly duties all the time. Gary and Christina went above and beyond with what they could do. Not everyone would have. Kudos to Christina for loving Leah the way Leah needed to be loved. Now I think it’s time for Gary and Christina to step back a little and let Amber deal with Leah on her own. It’ll backfire on them if they don’t and as we can already see, it has started already. Always be there for Leah but let her start making some important decisions about her mother on her own. You can’t force someone to have a relationship with someone else. That goes both ways. Amber with Leah and Leah with Amber.

  4. Leah is such a smart girl. While the situation is awful and something no child should have to go through, i am so proud of her that she can articulate her feelings so clearly and that she knows her mom’s behavior is unacceptable and she doesn’t need to deal with it. There are some *adults* who still haven’t learned that. Gary and Kristina are amazing parents. It is hard to belive that Gary ever got roped into a relationship with Amber!

  5. Gary and Kristina are damn good parents to Leah. Every episode this season has left me more impressed by their devotion to raising a kind, articulate, mature young woman. I full on got tears hearing Kristina’s birthday comments to Leah about loving her the same as her biological daughters. That was an honest and beautiful moment between mother and child. I honestly felt second-hand embarrassed for Tonya. How uncomfortable must if have been for Tonya to hear those beautiful comments and see the love between mother and child, knowing that HER child (Amber) was completely dropping the ball at parenting Leah. And I LOVED that Shawn called Amber out on her behavior. Shawn is the one person able to get through to Amber.

    I have a very hard time believing that Gary and Kristina, or Maci and Taylor, are trying to keep the biological parent away from their child. What does Gary have to gain by having Leah parent-divorce Amber? Sure, there would be less time spent driving Amber to anger management, or showing up to support her at domestic violence court appearances, but instead, Gary is actively encouraging (without pushing) Leah to maintain a relationship with her mom.

    Gary and Kristina are good people and Amber owes them a huge debt of gratitude—not Insta rants. Amber, you aren’t hurting Gary and Kristina. You are hurting Leah and pushing her further away. You need to change your behavior (and probably your meds, cuz you don’t seem ok).

  6. My guess is that all this with Amber is ramping up to a suicide attempt. She’s not getting any good lovin’ from some dork man, and Leah has told her to take a hike. Gary is on his last nerve with her…She’ll ‘teach’ Leah to dismiss her! A good ole fashion suicide attempt will get everyone’s attention! Either that or she’ll go over to Gary’s with an ax…

    1. It’s so sad that we already know she’s going to pull a stunt like that to shame Leah or “teach her a lesson” for telling her how she feels about her.

  7. Wait what’s with the Maci/gas station story? Where The Ashley crossed out her name and said it was her car? Was Maci not actually at the gas station?

  8. ha ha great review, i laughed, I cried, I think I threw up in my mouth a little. so much better than atcually having to watch the episodes any more. thank you!

  9. Now, do I have this right? Amber was invited to the BennyHannaGaryKristina party, but didn’t show, but her mother showed? (That was Leah’s grandmother, right?) And then when they were supposed to get together one-on-one, she also didn’t show?

    What kind of mother does that?

    1. Sort of. Amber was invited to Leah’s birthday party because Gary insisted Leah invite her. She declined with some excuse about how it’s odd (because reasons?) and because she would rather do a one-on-one celebration with Leah (never mind what Leah wanted). Leah rightfully didn’t want to spend time alone with Amber, so she said no. Amber’s mom was also invited to the party and she showed up like a decent person.

      I suspect that Amber knew Leah would say no to a solo celebration, so she has an easy excuse about this is Leah’s fault, not hers. Meanwhile, there is absolutely no reason Amber couldn’t have gone to the party and also suggested a solo dinner.

  10. Amber does not deserve that amazing little girl. Leah is so articulate and has Amber’s number. Amber is actively withholding love and affection from Leah to punish her and make her “miss” Amber. Leah probably stopped missing Amber years ago. She knows who her mom is. Amber can pretend that Kristina only spoils Leah, but it’s obvious that Amber has no clue what it takes to raise a child. School, doctors appointments, making meals, etc. Kristina has done all of that and more for Leah. Leah is very clear that Kristina is her mom and Amber is that person who gave birth to her. Amber can keep telling herself that she’s a “damn good mom.” Leah knows the truth.

  11. If you constantly have to tell others that you are a “damn good mom,” chances are, you are not a damn good mom.

  12. At this point, Leah should be able to decide that she doesn’t want to deal with Amber anymore. Amber doesn’t add anything positive to Leah’s life, she just causes problems. A 12-year-old girl shouldn’t be forced to deal with that. Neither should little James. That situation breaks my heart, too.

    I have always felt bad for Tyler. He has always been drowning in Other Peoples’ Problems. How exhausting. If I were him, I’d put my kids in the car and drive away and never come back.

  13. Amber needs to just walk away. Leah is better off without her. gArY aNd KrIsTiNa LiE tO hEr AbOuT mE. No, bitch, she sees your posts online and sees your segments on Teen Mom where you constantly belittle her parents and blame HER for YOUR shitty actions.

  14. I don’t watch this show anymore so I don’t know if Amber has partial custody. Once they’re old enough, a child’s own feelings are factored into court decisions. I hope Leah can free herself of the trashbag she has for a mom and be happy that she has a loving dad and stepmom. Then she could hopefully have an outcome similar to Chelsea’s daughter, Aubrey. It would be nice if Leah could shed the emotional baggage now instead of having it become permanent. I don’t see how having a relationship with Amber could ever be beneficial to her, just like Aubrey would never benefit by having Adam in her life.

  15. Amber is a piece of work. She’s blaming everyone else for her poor relationship with Leah except for herself. How can she not go to her own daughter’s birthday party because she’s upset that she’s not getting one on one time? Hey Amber, if you want to prove to your daughter that you’re not a piece of shit, how about actually showing up for her? Everything has to be on her terms. Kristina is truly a saint.

    “Octagon O’ Triggers” always has me rolling. It’s truly a miracle that Tyler turned out so well, honestly.

  16. I’ll never say that Amber is more or less disgusting as Jenelle, because they go tit for tat. One doesn’t outweigh the other IMO, they’re both horrible…but it is really gross how Amber, a grown ass woman, wants to sit there and passively aggressively blame Leah, a child, for their strained relationship. Bubby was stating nothing but facts, and Amber didn’t want to hear any of it, and that’s a big part of her problem. She can’t take accountability, she’s forever the victim, everyone’s always out to get her, and it’s never what she’s done. According to her, all the bad things she’s done are in the past, so all should be forgiven, but she’s too stupid to realize the stuff she’s doing right now is having a really bad effect on her kids. No matter how many times she tells her that weak ass mantra that she came up with “I’m a damn good mom”, AMBER. IS. TRASH.

  17. Leah talking about her egg donor was heart breaking.
    She’s had a wonderful mom, Kristina. ❤️
    She not blind & knows Ambien is a looser.

    This recap was great, Miss Ashley you are A very talented wordsmith. 😆😂🤣😆😂🤣🤠

    1. The episode from this week, Leah was so impressively articulate with her feelings towards her egg donor, it was honestly hard to watch. To see that kid hurting because her mom is a POS is so sad.

      1. Very hard (sad) to watch. Leah is a sweet, smart kiddo.
        They need to stop with Ambiens story.
        She helps no one, just a payday for her.
        Then a social media rant.

        1. That is actually very well said and a very valid point?! Wasn’t the whole point of Teen Mom, in the beginning, to help others that may be going through the same thing?! Thats when the show was actually enjoyable. Now, the show just went in a completely different direction. Who can these 30 something mothers with boatloads of cash help now?? It’s not realistic!! Even more bothersome, is Amber! Who the hell is she helping?!? The best she’s doing for young viewers now is showing them EXACTLY what NOT to do and be. It does nothing but break our hearts every single week that we have to watch Amber blame that poor child for not getting over years & years of neglect right away! Kids are resilient when they are younger and do tend to forget the bad but, as they grow, not so much!! They are not so quick to forgive or forget!! I pray this is Ambers last season m. She does not deserve to be paid all that money to be a complete trash bag of a mother!! Not only that but I think Leah deserves to work through her issues without cameras in her face! Same as Bentley. We all know Amber won’t leave for the sake of Leah. She is too selfish by hopefully Maci sees the light and gives Bentley the privacy he deserves!!! This is not a good situation for any pre teen but especially those who have issues to work through!!!

    2. This really was a great recap. I didn’t watch the episode so I was shocked reading that Amber didn’t shoe up to the birthday party! Then I got a little teary eyed about Kristina’s gift to Leah.

  18. I think Amber is now the worst mom of all the franchise. She’s worse than Jenelle and that’s a lot. Thank God Leah has Gary and Kristina. I hope some day James will have a mother figure too.
    I’d be so ashamed to be Amber’s relative, especially her mom

  19. The last thing anyone needs is another podcast, and especially one from Cheyenne working through her self- inflicted anger.

    Amber is a waste.

    1. Wonder if Chey’ll address her past comments on caucasian people in her new podcast?

      Ambie is so far up herself she’s turned inside out. She can’t see past the end of her nose to Leah’s disappointed face.

      1. I’m glad someone else mentioned that because I’ve brought up the point of Cheyenne’s comments and her being racist before and got a bunch of down votes!!! But why?! I don’t condone racism of any kind but why is it right for her to say she wanted to kill white babies or whatever but not for people to be racist against her?! Neither is right and for this reason I skip over all of her segments bc I could give a shit less what that hypocritical racist has going on in her life!!! Plus, she should have been fired right along with Taylor!!!

    1. Don’t fall for that marital problems storyline. She blasts their fake marital “issues” all over the show, then gets pissed and defends Josh all over social media. Her marital problems with Josh are as real as that sex tape she claimed to have made a few years ago…Now the little one Broncs diarrheaing all over the garage floor while her boss was in the house, and biting his teacher like a rabid animal, that’s actually real, and something to feel bad for her about.

  20. I love Gary & Kristina for Leah. I just have a question. Leah saying “All she did is give birth to me” is that her true feelings or something she heard?

    I know Leah is old enough to see her mom isn’t around, but that statement broke my heart. Shame on Amber

    1. I can confidently say that at that age I think she’s capable of making that conclusion herself. I know my niece is the same age and has been able to communicate similar feelings about her mom. Not the exact same situation but the same level of understanding and it’s fucking heart breaking.

      Leah is a smart girl. Hopefully the fact she’s able to communicate her feeling helps her to overcome the hurdles her mother selfishly created. I hope she’s able to distance herself so she’s protected. I don’t see Amber changing since she thinks she’s a good mom and that apparently Leah is the issue and not Amber. Poor Leah will always just suffer where Amber is concerned.

      1. Does anyone remember when Amber and Matt bought all of those ridiculous princesses dresses for Leah for school instead of sensible school clothes. All she did was brag about how much money they were. She sounded so ridiculous and white trash. I don’t know why that popped in my mind. Leah looked like she was over her way back then.

        1. YES THANK YOU. This was in my head as well because of Amber saying Leah was spoiled by Kristina. No, Kristina spends TIME with her by enjoying a nice coffee date or a manicure together, and all I could think of was when she spent $900 on clothes for Leah and Gary & Kristina were like “uhmmmm this is not practical for school”.

  21. If amber loved Leah at all she would do the right thing and sign away her rights, leave her a trust fund, and let her actual mom Kristina adopt her

  22. I hope Bubby actually does wake up….and feels like a fucking moron for continually defending his trash bag of a sister.

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