‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9 Finale Recap: Some Therapy Insight & A Kid Who Bites

Me, 30 minutes into this episode…

Hey-o! The Ashley is aware that this Teen Mom OG season finale recap is later than Catelynn‘s period after an afternoon hump session with Tyler, but she still wanted to post it. She is definitely aware of how many recap-able moments this week’s Reunion episode had and she will be recapping that one too. 

But until then, let’s make fun of some MTV breeders, shall we?

We kick things off this time with Amber, who is chatting with her therapist about how Leah hates her and how it’s all Gary and Kristina‘s fault! Due to COVID, Amber’s appointments are now taking place on video chat, so she’s able to do them while remaining firmly planted on the couch. (Seriously, the pandemic was legit the best thing to ever happen to Portwood.)

Anyway, back to that dern Gary and Kristina…. Amber tells her therapist that, normally when someone called her out, she’d blame her bad behavior on her bipolar, but now she can’t even do that. The therapist suggests she instead blame her crappy mothering on her own childhood trauma, and Amber agrees that is the best route to take.

“Keep talking, I’ve got about five more minutes before I have to change positions to prevent couch sores!”

Elsewhere in Indiana, Gary meets up with his mother Carol (who is sadly not wearing her signature gift wrap ribbons in her hair). 

Carol says she’s come bearing gifts. Gary worries that it’s another one of Carol’s thrift store scavenges.

“At least buy stuff INSIDE the store. I’m still picking the fleas out of that Barcalounger you found ’round back in the dumpster!” 

Luckily for Gary, Carol is not gifting him anything that will need to be fumigated. Instead, it’s a full-on 1980s Glamour Shot portrait of Leah when she was younger. (Please, God, tell me that Carol also got herself made up that day and had Glamour Shots taken of herself wearing the feather boa and/or the leather jacket look. And please let those photos surface at some point during this episode. Amen.) 

“I’m pretty sure she’s using her Glamour Shots as her bio pic for her Farmers Only bio.”

Gary starts explaining to Carol about “the Amber situation.” Gary pours his heart out to Carol, as she digs into whatever deep fried item MTV shelled out for. He explains that Amber thinks it’s his fault that Leah doesn’t like her any more.

Carol surfaces long enough to tell Gary that Leah shouldn’t have to make nice just to please her mom, who, as she reminds Gary, has let Leah down many, many times in the past. She even brings up the multiple times where Leah was left waiting at the door for her mom, after Amber said she was coming to pick her up, and Amber no-showed. 

“Then she looked at you and started to cry because her mom didn’t show up,” Carol said, adding that she’s surprised at how long it took Leah to call Amber out on her crap.

“The kid’s a ding-dang miracle child with the patience of Saint Kristina!”

Gary says that Amber’s trusty, cryptic phrases like “You’ll understand when you’re older” aren’t cutting it for Leah anymore, and she’s just plain tired of dealing with Amber’s mind games and excuses for why she’s a trashbag mom. 

Next, we head to Florida, where Mackenzie is still surely scraping the human waste off her Keds, after last week’s garage dookie experience. Josh is still back in Oklahoma where his job got “extended,” so he hasn’t had much time to check in with Mack and The Pack. Mackenzie claims that whatever God-forsaken town Josh is working in “doesn’t have good service.”

Sure, Jan…

Mack is still trying to tame Bronkini. The lil’ rascal is still gnawing on his classmates and even recently bit his teacher again (as you do). When Mackenzie brings this up to Bruncks, he giggles hysterically. Even after she makes it clear that the teacher actually got injured (and most likely had to get a rabies shot?) the kid thinks it’s funny.

“Please tell me that is cookie in your teeth and NOT human flesh!”

She informs his that he is “way better than a kid who hits.” (Um…shouldn’t she be more concerned that he’s pretty much become the vampire of the Sunshine State’s elementary school system?!) 

Mack asks Broncholio why he listens when Josh tells him something but not when she does. 

“Because I love my daddy!” he says.

“Yeah, you and every bimbo at every honky tonk in Oklahoma, kid!”

“You don’t love me?” she asks.

“NO!” he replies while laughing.

Tough day for the moms of ‘Teen Mom,’ ain’t it?

Over in the Octagon of Triggers, Catelynn has a psychic meeting planned for the day.


“Shouldn’t you be focusing on your microblading/vet tech/baby food making career?”

Before she gets all into her Psychic Friends Adventure, Catelynn throws a positive pregnancy test on the counter in front of Tyler!

It’s official: she’s sperminated. She no longer has to piss into Tupperware containers!

Tyler is speechless. For someone who “wanted” a baby so badly, he seems oddly unhappy about the spermination.

You didn’t go to ItsYourSexLife.com, bro. Dr. Drew has been telling you to do that for a damn decade!

Cate buys a T-shirt that will reveals that she’s pregnant once the people around her read it. She plans to wear it to dinner that night with their moms.

Later that night, Catelynn is all suited up in her pregnancy reveal T-shirt. Unfortunately, though, April and Kim haven’t noticed Cate’s attire. (They probably just think the shirt is another Tierra Reign masterpiece or something…although it lacks crushed velvet so that couldn’t really be the case.)

She just stands there, sticking out her chest hoping someone will read her damn shirt. Just before she’s about to run into the kitchen and grab a Tupperware, pee in it and dunk a Clear Blue Easy into it, Kim mercifully reads the shirt.

“Are you s**ttin’ me?” Kim replies.

File this under “Classy reactions to pregnancy announcements”

Catelynn tells the excited moms that she’s four weeks pregnant. They express how excited they are to tell people about the pregnancy.

“That AOL dial up Internet’s gonna be burnin’ hot tonight!”

Over in Los Angeles, COVID is still running wilder than one of Mackenzie’s kids. However, Cheyenne is determined to not let it rain on her gender reveal party parade.

As a tradeoff, she’s toning things down for this fiesta and keeping everything super low-key.  Of course, this is Cheyenne and her crew, so a “low-key” celebration will most likely require a dozen catering trucks, a few circus performers and a cake with at least one person popping out.

“We’re toning things down so we cancelled the second helicopter. Gotta flatten the curve, ya know?”

Cheyenne complains to Cory that gender reveal parties have gotten out of hand (UM?!?!) and that she doesn’t understand why they can’t just be simple, to which Cory says its people like her that have made them the spectacle they are today. After he realizes Cheyenne isn’t joking about the helicopter idea, Cory shoots his shot and proposes adding a little something extra to the gender reveal… and by extra, he means himself. 

“Not gonna lie Chey, this would be a great opportunity for me to get a head start on my training for the next season of The Challenge.”

On the day of the reveal, Zack announces to the (toned down) 75+ person crowd that he and Cheyenne are “praying for a ding-a-ling” – the only thing that could make us cringe harder than the couple’s “Here For The Sex” party decor. As the Floyd family and the… whatever Zack’s last name is family all pray for peni, it starts to get uncomfortable.

Luckily, the (toned down) helicopter goes on to drop a ton of blue powder. 

It’s a ding-a-ling!

Chey’s sister, R You Gonna Name This Baby After Me, is really doing the most this season…

Finally, we head to Tennessee, where Maci tells Bentley that he’s been in Dr. Ed’s therapy for six months. Ryan apparently hasn’t had any Dr. Ed sessions yet, and Maci talks to Taylor about how disappointed she is that Ryan’s had Dr. Ed’s number for over a month and still hasn’t set anything up with him.

They talk about how Ryan’s a horse who can’t be led to water…or something.

“Not drink…haha, that’s a good one!”

On the other side of town,, Ryan suddenly decides to use the card with Dr. Ed’s number for something other than picking gunk out of his teeth. He tells Mackenzie that he’s made a phone appointment with Dr. Ed, but he’s nervous because he ain’t one for talkin’ ’bout himself and such.

“I’d rather talk about the dern biotch, Maci Bookout…or, like, how to style wool hair…”

Ryan heads inside and makes the call to Dr. Ed. He emerges from the bedroom a few hours later, surprised at how much he actually enjoyed speaking with The Doc. 

Ryan says he wants to get the truth out to Bentley about everything.

“Once you hear it you can never unhear it,” Ryan tells us. 

That’s deep…

Ryan, describing his hair during Season 1, Season 8 and currently…

Ryan vows to keep having sessions with Dr. Ed and hopes that, eventually, he and Bentley can attend one together.

Meanwhile in Florida, Dr. Emily has arrived to try to tame Broncos. She comes in with arms full of toys (and most likely gnaw-proof body armor under her clothes.) After a brief chat, they all go into Bronchial’s room for the session. (Kudos to Mack for not airing out the kid’s personal feelings unlike somebody on this show…looking at you Maci Bookout!) 

The doctor says that she sees no evidence of Bronkiki being on the autistic spectrum. Instead, he just needs some one-on-one time (and maybe a chew toy?)  She also confirms that the kids are probably mad at Mackenzie from moving them away from Josh. 

“Those are some of the strongest chompers I’ve ever seen. That kid could bite through metal!”

Speaking of Josh, he grunts his way though a convo with Mack later about Bronco’s therapy session. He still insists that the biting is just a phase, and that the kid’s fine. Eventually, though, he agrees to come and grunt in Florida for a while to help the kids.

Back in Indiana, Amber is preparing to bring her son James over to Gary’s Farm to visit Leah. She’s nervous to see the kid, so she wraps her head in one of those long receipts from CVS and Zoom-calls the leader of an organization that helps moms rebuild their relationships with the kids who don’t want anything to do with them. 

“Before we get started, I’ve got a coupon for toothpaste and a 50 percent off deal on nail polish here, if you’re interested…”

Amber admits that her own mom, Tonya, was also missing in action most of her childhood, but that she wasn’t brave enough to tell Tonya she sucked, like Leah told her. 

After that statement, we think Amber is going to be a bit self-aware and respectable, but she immediately turns back into “Amber.” She tells the lady that Leah is just angry, and it’s “not even about me.”

The lady isn’t putting up with her Portwood Shenanigans, though. She immediately snaps back, “But it is.”

She reminds Amber that Leah being mad is entirely about her.

Amber, being Amber, then tries to throw Kristina under the bus, claiming that she has bonded with Leah in the place Amber should be. 

“I offered to let her borrow this sick head wrap but she declined, that lil ingrate! What more does she want?!” 

Amber admits she misses Leah, and even misses Gary and Kristina. She’s not nervous to see them, even though she trashed them online just a few days prior. 

The lady reminds Amber that it may take years for Leah to forgive her. In fact, the kid may not even accept her apology until Amber is on her deathbed….er, couch…


Later, we get the black screen, informing us that MTV wasn’t allowed to film Amber’s visit to Gary’s Farm, due to James being present. (Amber’s custody arrangement forbids James from being filmed, btw.) Later, Amber tells Producer Townsend that she wishes Leah would forgive her the same way she forgave her own alcoholic father. Producer Townsend sits there, in her Hannibal Lecter mask, just watching Amber sob and it’s really weird.

“I wonder if TLC is hiring…”

Back in Los Angeles, Cheyenne and Zack talk about how excited they are to welcome a baby boy into their family and to add to their good news, Cheyenne gets the results of the genetic testing the following day, which reveals their son will not have VLCAD. 

Cheyenne tells her sister she thought she’d be more excited to receive the results, but she can’t allow herself to get too excited when Ryder still has VLCAD. Still, she says it’s a weight off her shoulders knowing her son won’t have to get “poked and prodded a million times.”

Later on, Cheyenne expresses her feelings about the results to Zack and jokes that now she’s free to “have breakdowns about other things.” 

“Can you at least hold off until we start filming for the next season?”

Zack and Cheyenne then begin discussing potential baby names, with Zack fighting hard for “Ace,” explaining to Cheyenne that it has something to do with tennis – a sport Zack’s father made a career out of. Cheyenne, like us, spaced out during Zack’s lengthy explanation, so she just agrees to go along with whatever Zack proposed. 

“Sure, whatever… but I get to plan all of his birthday parties!”

Over in Michigan, Catelynn explains that she woke up bleeding and she miscarried the baby. Obviously there’s nothing funny about that, but Cate says that her mental health is in a much better state than it was when she had her first miscarriage a few years ago. We’re just going to skip right along here…

Finally, we go to Tennessee one more time. Bentley tells Maci that Dr. Ed informed him that Ryan finally called. Maci makes sure to express how shocked she is that Ryan actually called, and Bentley barely utters two words, knowing that MTV car cam is 5 inches from his face.

Back at Maci’s MTV Mansion, Maci informs Taylor that Ryan made the call to Dr. Ed. 

That moment you realize you can no longer complain about your ex not doing therapy with your kid so you’ll have to come up with something else to bitch about…

Maci says Bentley is trying not to get his hopes up that Ryan will come through this time. 

Taylor insists that Ryan be forced to take a drug test before going into a session with Bentley and Dr. Ed. Maci doesn’t agree or disagree, but is still worried about Bentley. 

That’s all for this episode!

To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode, click here!

(Photos: MTV) 


  1. Don’t care if it’s late these recaps are the best!

    Also Maci sucks, she can’t be supportive of Bentley without trashing on his Dad to him all the time. Even though Ryan is trash, it’s hurtful for a kids to hear that. Butted up against how well Gary and Kristina handle a similar situation, makes it even more obvious how much Maci sucks.

    1. Whilst I do agree that parents should not bad mouth the other parent in front of their child, i sympathise with Maci as she is lumbered with a man-child drug addict for a baby daddy and his enabling family of weirdos. Hard to put a positive spin on that and Bentley is not stupid. She should not to do it on camera though, although she has no storyline without Ryan, that’s probably why she does it.

  2. Thank you Ashley for these recaps that are HILARIOUS and 10 times better than the actual show! The CVS receipt reference, the variation on Brocolli’s name, and many more….thanks for the laugh.

  3. Actual question. I’m not sure when this was actually filmed, so I may be way behind, but did Catelynn get pregnant again after this miscarriage? Didn’t I read something about a third girl? I’m not making light of a loss, but I’m confused about the timeline!

    1. Yes the timeline is strange, she says she was 4 weeks pregnant (which IMO is too early to announce it, but that’s just me) and then announced that she had a miscarriage and then 3 months later announced that she was 12 weeks pregnant. No insult intended for those going through real life infertility issues, just strange the way it always seems to be for Cait.

  4. Someone pls tell me what coat Maci has on in that pic. I’ve been tryna figure it out since this aired. Help! Thanks community ☺️

    1. Once you said something about her head being wrapped in a long CVS receipt, I can’t unsee it lol

  5. I have three former foster kids that I’d LOVE Amber to meet. They don’t grow out of hating you when they grow up and, yes, sweetheart Leah is angry at YOU. How do I know this? Those kids come to my house for holidays, summers, and birthday love, not their biological parents. Kids have minds and emotions of their own and you CAN’T dictate how they should feel.

    Also, The Ashley, I loved this line: “she wraps her head in one of those long receipts from CVS.”

    1. Yes, it’s bizarre how she’s trying to convince herself that Leah is just going through changes and she’s not actually angry about her absent parenting. It’s like now Leah can speak her mind she has to come up with a reason for her child feeling that way (it can’t possibly be HER), it didn’t matter so much when Leah was too young to tell the truth. It may also be too late to repair this damage, especially if she doesn’t even try and continues to scramble around for excuses and argue with strangers online that she is a ‘damn good mom.’

  6. Thought it was funny on the Tell All when Amber was upset and said she would be mature and end things on a positive note. She complemented Gary for being supportive and encouraging Leah to develop a relationship with her psycho deadbeat bio mom, but them immediately trashed Kristina for allegedly usurping her role as Leah’s mother. So much for ending on a positive note!

  7. I thought the same thing! Her inability to keep her eyes open and trying to speak clearly said it all. Ryan and her need to share a couch!

  8. Amber has talked to Gary about Leah, her mother, her brother, a therapist(about time!), her 90day fiance BF, and countless strangers on her IG Live….all about her problems with her daughter. Maybe it’s time to realize they are all saying the same thing….

    Amber, YOU are the one who has to go the distance, your child doesn’t have to meet you halfway.
    You can give up on a lot of things, but never, EVER give up on your child. You’ll miss everything great. Stop being the victim and be the hero!!

    Ashley….That CVS receipt line was everything in that recap!!!

  9. Did anyone else notice that Broncs had like silver teeth or something?? What’s going on there? Is that normal?

    I’ve had my suspicions that Amber hasn’t been sober for the past few episodes based on how she was acting, but her little appearance at the reunion the other night pretty much confirmed that. There is no way she is sober. The way she was acting and barely keeping her eyes open, it was pretty obvious. I’ve been watching old seasons of TM and she has not changed one bit. Nothing is ever her fault. Same goes for Ryan. It’s so maddening and I really feel for Leah and Bentley.

    1. I wonder if the ex BF
      (forgot the name of this one already)James’ daddy will petition the court for supervised visitation now that Amber has been seen on camera so high.

    2. Silver fillings are typically cheaper than white fillings. Sometimes parents will choose those for economic reasons, especially with baby teeth.

      1. I think Amber is trying to convince everyone around her, as well as MTV viewers, that she’s not a bad mom and that it’s everyone’s fault but hers. I think Amber is well aware of her rotten, abusive, absent parenting and when the spotlight is on her she deflects and lies; she does anything she can to take the focus and blame off of her and onto anyone else in firing distance. Anytime Amber has been faced with adversity, whether it’s of her own making or not, she’s tried to deflect and shift the blame to others.

        Yes, Amber has mental health issues, but I think I’ve missed, until now, recognizing that she has a bigger problem and that’s lying. IDK which caused the other one, did mental illness cause the lying, etc, but thinking about all of the issues Amber has faced over the years – rather than accept responsibility for her part of any conflict, she’s tried to shift the focus and blame to the other party by lying. Whether it was a partner dispute or child custody or conflict with another teen mom — Amber has lied.

        IMO, she’s a compulsive liar, in addition to being lazy, having anger problems, etc, or course. Armchair diagnosing on a Saturday afternoon, lol, I think the child therapist she sees should be addressing all of her lying – for a start. She needs to start accepting responsibility for her actions and her relationship with her daughter would be a nice place to start. Pretty soon, if it’s not already passed, she’ll be out of time.

    3. All of his baby molars had caps/ crowns on them. Which means that they were so rotted that there wasn’t enough tooth structure left to hold a filling. Those teeth need to be retained until he is about 10-12 years old. It’s a very sad situation and usually in a child that young, the child needs to undergo anesthesia so that the dentist can do extensive restorations. This is a direct result of putting a baby to bed with a bottle (Baby bottle caries), keeping the child on a bottle for too long, and giving them sugary crap in the bottle. (BTW, this can also happen when you put a child to bed with milk. There are sugars in milk too.)

      1. Silver “fillings” are never used any longer due to the mercury content in them. Those were crowns made of an alloy of chromium, nickel and iron. Yes, they are cheaper for baby teeth than a “white” crown used for permanent teeth.

      2. This is really sad. How bad must it be for a four year old to get caps on his baby teeth! I guess they don’t brush at all? Yikes..

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