‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Ryan Edwards Calls Taylor McKinney a “Punk B**tch” After Taylor’s Reunion Fight with Larry Edwards; Says Being Let Go from Show Was “Blessing in Disguise”

“Don’t let my hat fool ya; I’m no Taylor fan!”

Things got tense during Tuesday night’s Teen Mom OG Reunion, with Taylor McKinney and Larry Edwards nearly getting into a physical fight on stage (just as The Ashley told you a month ago they would). Larry’s son, Ryan Edwards, was at the center of the verbal argument, even though he wasn’t present at the Reunion. Taylor told Larry and his wife Jen that their “piece of crap son” had never been there for his son Bentley.

Watching his parents fight with Taylor and Maci Bookout at the Reunion– which continues next week—has apparently angered Ryan, who unloaded on Taylor in a new interview with The Sun.

 “I think Taylor is a punk bitch,” Ryan told the site on Wednesday.

Ryan stated that he thinks Taylor’s behavior at the Reunion was a way of getting attention.

“People do that because they feel incompetent, threatened or less than whatever makes him feel that way,” Ryan said. “He could be like my one-year-old that does stuff like that for attention.”

“It’s all about Maci. When is my turn to shine?! I need attention too!”

As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, Ryan and his family has been feuding with Maci and Taylor for years. During Season 9, their conflict exploded over Ryan’s relationship with Bentley (or lack thereof) and the amount of time Bentley spends with Jen and Larry. In March, The Ashley broke the news that Maci had gone to network execs and basically stated that she wouldn’t continue with the show if the Edwards family remained at the center of her storyline. Ryan, his wife Mackenzie and his parents were all let go from ‘Teen Mom OG’ after that.

In his interview with The Sun, Ryan addressed his being let go. He stated that, despite losing his family’s main source of income, the firing has been a “blessing in disguise.”

Not to be confused with THIS disguise, of course…

In fact, Ryan compared the bliss he’s now feeling to how he felt in the days before he started popping pills. (Ryan has struggled with a substance abuse problem for years and says he’s maintaining his sobriety; however, Maci and Taylor stated at the Reunion that they feel Ryan is no longer sober.) 

“We are so happy that we are no longer doing [the show],” Ryan said. “This is the happiest I’ve been since before I started taking pain killers. It makes me real happy to see my wife so happy so I couldn’t ask for much more.”

Ryan’s statement echoes a statement Mackenzie made to her Instagram followers earlier this month. She claimed that she and Ryan had been contemplating leaving ‘Teen Mom OG’ for a while.

“We had been having this conversation for a long time but it’s hard to pull the trigger on something like that,” Mackenzie said. “So, we got the phone call saying we’re not going to be doing ‘Teen Mom’ anymore, and we both kind of felt this peace.”

Mackenzie said she will be launching an online fitness program next month, while Ryan has stated he plans to open his own garage.

“Mackenzie’s doing her thing with her business and I am starting my own fabrication business building off-road race cars and racing them as well,” he told The Sun on Wednesday.

You can watch a clip of the the Reunion fight below.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. No one forced him to continue on the show, year after year. He could have not signed the contract at any time. Once a loser, always a loser!

  2. Ryan and Mack are the worst liars on planet Earth. If being on the show was such a burden and being let go was such a weight off their shoulders, they would have walked away themselves and not waited until they were fired. What a joke.

  3. Who or what will Maci and Taylor use as a storyline now? She has used Ryan and Bentley’s relationship for years. She may have just signed her own pink slip too. No one cares about her PCOS. They have absolutely nothing else going on. Now that she can’t use her kid as her storyline, what will she do? This show needs to be canceled. It is long past its expiration date. Maybe then she will have time to clean off that disgusting piece of furniture in her breakfast room with all the junk on it. What a pig!!

    1. I wondered the same thing. My guess is she will still use him for a storyline he just won’t be on the show. I don’t think it was a good move on her part because now that he is not being paid to be on TV he probably won’t want Maci profiting from trashing him constantly. He will want to be out of the public eye. He could potentially go to court and get a gag order like Amber and Andrew have and then her storyline is done.

      1. Right!! Ryan is a huge POS and will do all he can to sabotage Maci. She has no other storyline besides Ryan and Bentley. Like you said, Ryan is not going to allow them to use him anymore as her storyline, so I think Maci shot herself in the foot demanding they fire him. And just like Ryan, what is she going to do without the MTV money and exposure? What will any of them do once these shows end. None of them have ever worked a real job a day in their life and are not trained to do anything. Podcasts are so saturated that no one wants to hear from another former teen mom. I thought Maci was smarter than that. She was mad and made a knee jerk reaction and didn’t think through the repercussions to her by having Ryan and his parent’s fired. I think she made a huge mistake for the future of this show, thereby, her income.

  4. It’s a horrible life being a step-parent when the bio mom or dad is a dramatic piece of shit. Taylor deserves a lot of credit.

  5. Sooo, Taylor is a punk B!tch, the guy that not only shows up but volunteers (coaches) to be involved in Bentleys activities. What would that make a mamas boy that shows up late when he decides to show up (rarely). Even when he lived qt home he rarely saw his son when he visited with his parents.
    The grandparents see him more than the father

  6. Being fired is a blessing in disguise because he won’t be able to pay the dope man anymore. He thinks that will keep him clean but he’ll just pawn everything he owns.

  7. Ryan is the punk bitch. He is the biggest tool of all time. Lazy good for nothing dick, that just sits on the coach and gets stoned all day. He is beyond disgusting. No doubt he will have to pimp out his bimbo wife to get a job to support his drug taking all day long.

  8. Well… hasn’t mommy always bailed him out? You remember a while back larry said he hated Ryan and wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire! Yet daddy is gonna jump all bad and try to fight someone half his age for simply saying Ryan needs to be a dad!!! They are some swamp trash enablers tbh

  9. I wonder if he even knows how dumb he sounds 🤔 how is he going to ridicule Taylor for having HIS sons best interest in mind!?!? Oh your a punk for speaking truth gtfo

  10. For me, Taylor appears to be a good step-dad and reasonable person, so I’ll admit that it saddened me a little to see him completely lose it and challenge Larry Tuesday night.

    That said, if grown ass man Ryan had been sitting on that stage face-to-face with Maci and Taylor HIMSELF instead of constantly sending mommy and daddy to wage his battles, it never would have happened.

    Which begs the question: Who’s “really” the punk bitch here? I’m just asking.

  11. Ok I’m confused Ryan said “He could be like my one-year-old that does stuff like that for attention.”. Soo does that mean his 1 year old knows he’s a deadbeat and calls him out on his bullshit too? Little young but I believe it.

  12. A lot of people are wondering why this show continues. I pointed out the reason this show exists years ago and got a bunch of down votes, but I wasn’t wrong. I’ll give it to you again and I’m sure I’ll get the same reaction but that’s fine.

    This only reason this show ever existed was to encourage teen pregnancy and that’s exactly what it did. It glorified it by rewarding these girls. The show continues because the purpose of MTV is to break down American tradition and culture. If you’re aware, you know that the powers that be are pushing America off the cliff and into full govt dependency and full govt control. Dysfunction, in the real world, leads to failure and failure leads to govt dependency. A dependent population ensures govt control. Normalizing dysfunction is the small but not insignificant role MTV plays in pushing America off the cliff (all of Hollywood is tasked with this). This also explains why the bar drops ever lower on these shows as time goes on.

    Not one person could come up with a reason that this show is still on. But there is a reason, and believe it or not, it’s exactly the reason I gave you.

    I do still watch trash TV, but not TM. I quit watching when they added the girl that lives in FL with her trashbag family. They were too disgusting. I already had a hard enough time tolerating Kail. And I had already stopped watching the other TM. I still watch 2 of the Real Housewives shows (NJ and NY) and I love MAFS. Other than that I’ve mostly switched to real crime stories on ID or HLN or cooking competitions (Top Chef, Chopped, etc).

    1. Here’s the thing about conspiracy theories: they take a tiny grain of truth (dysfunction *can* lead to failure, failure *can* lead to dependency) to draw you in, and then drop you down a deep, deep rabbit hole. Come up for air, friend.

      1. Conspiracy theory is becoming just as misused and meaningless as racism. Try virtue signaling instead. It explains the whole reason MTV exists.

  13. Its interesting how incredibly defensive some people are when their inability to be what they claim they are come to light and get called out. We are seeing this play out time and time again with Amber too. Never taking accountability for their own actions, rather its always someone elses fault for their shortcomings.

  14. Rhines absolutely right, being fired from the show will be a great blessing in disguise for him. Mr. Holier Than Thou wont be able to afford $40k a month on drugs. It might save his life.

  15. Imagine being a total deadbeat and calling the man actually taking care of your son a punk. Literally no one thinks Ryan is better than Taylor. No one. Go away now, Ryan.

    1. Trying to fight someone Larry’s age was extremely immature. He is a grandpa. Regardless of Ryan’s history that doesn’t mean Taylor was right.

  16. Larry came in there with an attitude even toward Dr. Drew. Larry started the confrontation with Taylor by repositioning himself and posturing to look threatening. It wasn’t until then that Taylor became defensive.

    Amber is a mess. I am sick of these reunions where these overpaid bullies get asked a tough question and have to storm off stage. Part of their contract is to go to the reunion and they all high and mighty acting before they have to storm off stage.

  17. Taylor is upset because down deep he knows the Ginger Minge still wants my boy Ryan, and he is only there because she can’t have him. All that rage of being the lesser man boiled over on national TV highlighted by him trying to fight a senior citizen, what a tool.

    stay lit tuff guy

  18. Oh grow up Ryan! You spent all season (not to mention the past 9 seasons) saying deplorable things about your child’s mother. You have blamed your addiction and lack of sobriety on Maci. You have called her an evil, manipulative bitch because she saw through your bull. Maci has raised your son to be a kind, smart, hard working and dedicated young man with almost zero help from you. You want to run your mouth and have no consequences for your words or actions. That’s not the way things work.

    I don’t think any parent should be considered manipulative by encouraging and facilitating therapy for their child.

    PS—Amber was a mess on the reunion. I don’t know if she wasn’t sober or in the throws of a psychological episode but she was definitely not fully present at the reunion. Accusing Gary of being inappropriate with you? Attacking Kristina for having the gall to be a full-time mother to Leah?! Seriously?!?! I really hope Dr Drew and Shawn really see what seems to be happening with Amber and get her some help. I don’t think Amber is much of a parent to Leah (or James) but it would be damaging to both if Amber died or went back to jail.

    1. Dr Drew will never help her, he is awful. He is such an enabler, he never actually calls her out on anything.
      He asks a question about something that’s happened, she cries, says she’s a damn good mum and he agrees.
      He is useless.

      1. I just watched the reunion and ,when Dr. Drew saw Amber, he asked her if she was okay. He said it in a way like he was asking her if she was okay bc she looked high. I could be wrong and it could have just been a simple question but it seemed to me that he saw her and right away knew something wasn’t right! But, of course, he didn’t call her out on it!

        1. I haven’t seen this reunion because it hasn’t aired here yet, but I’ve been watching old episodes (clearly I have too much spare time) and some of the old reunions are awful.
          They show footage of her being physically abusive, for example to Gary and Matt, being verbally abusive etc.
          And EVERY TIME with out fail Dr Drew goes “I can see how far you’ve come well done”???

          1. I too have been watching old episodes. Drew is the WORST! Remember when Kail wanted to divorce Javi and Drew was like …b-bb-but itll hurt isaac. WTF?!? Ya, stay in your abusive relationship for a 5 yr old’s sake

      2. Dr. Drew never helps anyone. Look at the death toll from Celebrity Rehab. He’s an internist, not a shrink or addiction expert so why the HELL he’s on all these shows acting like he has that training is beyond me.

  19. One major question for “Punk Bitch Ryan” why was your daddy & mommy on stage fighting your battle and you refused to be on stage yourself ? To me that’s a huge PUNK BITCH move you little weakling, spoiled ass brat right along with your POS “wife” who talk big in the media but are afraid to say it face to face. Taylor is & will always be Bentley’s Dad leaving you just the pathetic sperm donor.

  20. The moment Taylor said “Our son” was all I needed to hear. There is no denying the fact he loves Bentley as a son. Period. And what’s Larry’s comeback? “Where you the first three years of his life?” Maci pointing out how Taylor lived in Texas and didn’t even know them then plus pointing out Ryan wasn’t there either like he should have been was priceless.

    Larry and Jen know their son is a fuck up. They are ashamed at how it makes them look. I will never forget the pressure and guilt Jen tried to put on Maci around the time they broke up. “Are you sure it can’t be worked out?” I think Maci saw what was going on with Ryan during the brief time they lived together and she was one smart mama to get herself and her son out of a home with an addict.

    1. Yep, 100%

      Rhine and Amber are so similar…..they’ll never see their biological child’s POV and hurt cause they have no empathy.
      I feel bad for the younger kid/s they have….they’re gonna walk Bentley and Leah’s path, no doubt.

  21. So Larry & Ryan & Mackenzie get to run their mouths all the time to the media and on the show and call everyone names, but when Taylor defends his family he’s a punk bitch? Yeah okay Rhine. Saying that from the safety of your heroin den. He’s the worrrrst (maybe Amber is the worst?). Cancel this show. It’s detrimental to the children and I doubt it’s made the tiniest dent in teen pregnancy.

    1. Teen pregnancy is alive and well an on a new network now (TLC).

      They glamorized teen pregnancy – sure, 16 and Pregnant might have shown tough times, but Teen Mom shows a constant rotation of new cars, big houses, fancy clothes, etc. I’m willing to bet that your life is real tough in a McMansion and riding around in a $75,000 SUV.

  22. Let’s just touch on the fact that everyone of these pieces of shit are low life losers. They’re famous for poor decision making, that continues to this day.
    Not one of these craptastic humans have tried to improve themselves, unless it means they dont have to lift their asses from the couch. Ok, the broodmare got a degree, but the multiple unplanned pregos, cancel out that small achievement. Teen mom should be renamed idiot mom.

  23. During the Reunion Part 1 when Larry was heated up, I heard him say something like. “I’m going to the tabloids.” That’s a problem. Although we are watching this shit for entertainment, there is an actual real-life boy at the center of that familial dilemma.
    The thing with addiction is that often times the things an addict does and the choices they make while under the influence are so painful and humiliating, they leave an emotional hangover that can be cured by one of two things- intense therapy with a calm, solid support system, in a private setting, OR, picking up and using again, immediately. Seeing the way Larry and Jen point fingers like Middle Schoolers leads me to believe that Ryan keeps making the choice that doesn’t bring Bentley back. This stuff is also going to be available online FOREVER, and Bentley has about 70 or so more years to be reminded of this, whether he likes it or not. If Larry really have a hoot about the child, he wouldn’t run to the media with this vile venom that will be printed on the covers of magazines at Bentley’s eye level each time he runs into Quicky Mart for a Gatorade.

  24. I think it’s safe to say that one thing we learned from part 1 of that reunion is that Taylor is the furthest thing from a “punk bitch”…Rhine was too chicken shit to face Taylor like a man, so he went and sent mommy and daddy out there to fight his battle…so who’s really the punk bitch? Cuz it surely doesn’t seem to be Taylor McKinney.

  25. Ryan didn’t even show up to the reunion because he didn’t want to sit on the opposite couch with Taylor and Maci. He doesn’t show up for his son either. That’s the definition of a punk bitch.

  26. I have so much second-hand embarrassment reading this. Ryan, shhhh. Anyone with your colossal disaster of a life should not be calling anyone else anything, let alone Taylor.

  27. Can we also talk about how Amber was clearly HIGH, HIGH?! She couldn’t even open her eyes for like the first 5 minutes of her segment.

    1. That girl was out of her freaking mind…she was sittin there with that same cracked out, dazed and confused look on her face, that Rhine had on his way to his 1st wedding to the black widow.

    2. WTH, even in the clip when she was eating out w/ her mom she was stoned.
      At the reunion she was stoned. And did y’all catch the part where she told Gary he better shut up. Bet he had flash back of her crazy a$$ hitting him.
      Amber just go on & become the crazy cat lady, we all know that’s your future
      No offense to kitty cats…….

      1. IMO, she’s beyond stoned. What I saw was someone deeply under the influence of opioids. Maybe she was stoned as well, but it usually takes actual dope like opioids for a person to be THAT high to where they keep their eyes closed for that long, yet keep talking like nobody is supposed to notice that their eyes are closed.

    3. Yes!!! Thats what I was thinking watching her … she was high out of her mind, babbling about Gary being there for her and not likin Kristina blah blah ..
      Not one thing has changed about Amber except her looks. She’s still doing drugs still irresponsible still puts men over her kids and takes no responsibility or accountability for anything she’s done.

  28. I think Taylor, Larry, AND Rhine all took the low road because it was easiest. Then again, NO ONE, including Dr Drew ever asks any important questions that deserve answers, or help these poor kids and parents come together, so what else can we expect?
    Pretty soon Dr Drew will be setting up Jake Paul to duke it out with Larry for clout.

    I get why Taylor was angry, but he let his anger get the best of him fast, and took his anger that he has for Rhine, out on Larry. Of course Larry was going to defend his son, he has to! Taylor has been a great stepfather, and doesnt need to stoop to that level on TV where it will live forever.

    If Ryan is now going to make and race cars….jesusgodleah, please stay sober!

    1. I feel like Larry started it with Taylor. He leans forward on the couch and starts pointing and talking aggressively to Maci and Taylor. Taylor has sat back for years and watched the havoc that Ryan has caused. And, we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but this season we saw Larry stoop to new lows. If Larry can defend Ryan’s ridiculous behavior then Taylor has the right to defend Maci and Bentley. Taylor isn’t perfect, he may have lost his temper but he was also protecting his family.

    2. If my husband doesn’t defend me the way Taylor defended Maci and Benny at that reunion, then i don’t want him. You don’t get to call someones wife all types of bitches on every single episode, and expect the person to “take the high road”. How much blatant disrespect do you expect someone to take? Taylor was 1000000000% correct IMO. Just like Jen jumped to her husband’s defense when Taylor called him a SOB, Taylor was defending his wife because their son and daughter in law consistently call Maci out of her name. The McKinney’s are fed up.

    3. I feel like I should just explain what I actually meant about the high and low road in my post…

      I just always think about those kids(in this case Bentley), who are getting old now, and are going to see all this. They love all these people involved, and so I feel bad for them, knowing this footage is out there forever.

      I definitely felt that Taylor should defend his wife! I also thought that the biggest ‘punk bitch’ of all was the chicken shit Ryan, who was too afraid to even show his face(virtually even!!), at the reunion!!

    4. Actually, Larry doesn’t have to defend his son. Ryan is a grown-up. Bentley is the one who deserves to be defended. That’s what Taylor did.

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