Maci Bookout Says She & Husband Taylor McKinney Are Discussing When They Should Leave ‘Teen Mom OG’

“I don’t want you youngins stealin’ my spotlight!”

Maci Bookout just finished a stressful season of Teen Mom OG, where her son Bentley’s relationship (or lack thereof) with his dad Ryan Edwards and his family was the main focus of Maci’s segments. Maci was heavily criticized for using Bentley’s personal issues for a storyline, and it appears that those critiques have taken quite a toll on her and her husband Taylor McKinney.

In a new interview with the Dad Up podcast, Maci revealed that her days on ‘Teen Mom OG’ may be limited— or, at least, her kids’ time on the show.

Here, The Ashley breaks down some of the most interesting parts of Maci’s interview.

On whether or not she will leave the show any time soon: 

“Why leave?” 

Maci was asked if she plans to continue with ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and she stated that, recently, she and Taylor have been talking about when they should make their exit. 

“It’s a season to season decision but I think right now, definitely more than ever, we’re leaning more toward deciding when the right time to move on is. And, if we do move on from the show, would it be to maybe stay in TV and just kind of go in a different direction, or do we want to kind of leave TV behind for good?” 

As The Ashley previously reported, Chelsea Houska left ‘Teen Mom 2’ last year because her oldest daughter Aubree is a pre-teen and Chelsea didn’t want to put her private moments on TV as Aubree got older. It appears that Maci is thinking among the same lines regarding her oldest child, Bentley, who will turn 13 this year.

“Really, it all depends on how it affects our children, especially since Bentley’s in middle school, which is a tough age in general…it is getting to that time, especially for our kids…”

On how much she’d like the kids to film: 

“If we don’t film, we can still have unlimited whipped cream squirts, right Mom?”

Maci said she would prefer for her kids not to be a main focus of the show anymore.

“If we were able to film and kind of leave the kids more for the B-roll and the funny stuff, I think we’re OK with continuing with the show,” Maci said. “But it really just depends.” 

On her relationship with Bentley:

“Just remember who keeps ya clothed, fed, and involved in all 27 of your sports, OK?”

“I’ve always made it a point that he can share everything and anything with me,” Maci said. “He will never be in trouble for it…Even if it’s something where he’s mad at me. I need to know those things and I want to know those things. But it’s really just about trust and respecting how he feels, and how any of my kids feel, really.

“But with Bentley, [in his early years] it was always me and Bentley against the world and we’ve always just kind of held on to that,” Maci continued. “Because it was such a major time in our lives. We kind of grew up together.” 

“He was always with me, even if I was hanging out with my friends, like if we would go bowling or something,” she said. 

Raise your hand if you by ‘bowling’ you mean ‘parties.’

“I always treated him a little bit older than he was and talked to him like he was a, not like he was a baby,” she said. “We always just had conversations. So I think that his ability to speak for himself and have mature conversations and kind of see things from multiple points of view really just comes from when he was younger, and being in my pocket all the time.”

You can listen to the full podcast episode below. 

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

44 Responses

  1. Yeah she is not going anywhere before the show is cancelled. She will never be able to get a paycheck like that again and they don’t have any other income to live of (they had those horrible pocket shirts but I guess that died) Its kinda sad to see someone selling out their child for a big check.

    Acutally the only ones I think will be abæe to maintain their lifestyles is Chelsea and Kailyn. Papa Randy was/is a smart guy and hepper Chelsea and Kail (who I really dont like) is a traumachild, kids like that is smart with money and always save for rainy days.

  2. OMGGG when is The Ashely gonna do their recap of part 2 of the reunion??? It been like 2 or 3 weeks

  3. From the looks of her house, she will transition to an episode of ‘Hoarders’ quite seamlessly.

  4. Everybody is saying the show should have ended already but somehow everyone ends up not just reading but commenting on articles about it. Somebody is still into it!!

    1. People also watched and commented on Mama Junes Road to Redemption also but those people will watch anything.

  5. **insert eye roll** I like Maci, but lets all be real here, she knows that she has a nice check coming in with MTV and will never make this kind of cash again (TTM isn’t going to be sold in Bloomingdale’s anytime soon…probably never). Maci isn’t stupid, and she’s not going anywhere, and as long as she’s on the show her family is going to be on the show too. She is probably gonna have a hard time with a new storyline next season though, just because she got rid of the Edwards…That blow up at the reunion was the perfect segue into the next season for her, and I think it’s safe to say the audience is totally jaded by her PCOS storyline.

    1. I agree, she isn’t going anywhere. Their situation is much different than Chelsea’s. Chelsea had multiple streams of income outside of Teen Mom plus her husband has an actual job. Neither Maci nor Taylor have a job. Their t-shirt business failed so their income consists of Teen Mom and social media. Without Teen Mom they will have to get very good jobs to continue living the way they do which will be tough with not much work experience. They are riding the Teen Mom train to the end. I just hope these people have saved their money because they had to know it would eventually end.

  6. Off topic but can anyone tell me what that tattoo is that Maci has that looks sort of like a small cape draped over her shoulder? It’s so awful looking.

  7. “I’ve always made it a point that he can share everything and anything with me,” Maci said. “He will never be in trouble for it…” I’ll just share it with the whole world for ratings! Also, is that clothing site of theirs still around? I’d be surprised. Bentley’s shirt in the header photo looks like the logo was painted on with stencils like kids do for charity car washes.

    I’ve realized that while not all are as bad as others, I’m just completely over these self involved headcases. Cancel this crap MTV! Most of us don’t even watch, we just come here because the Ashley takes the bullet for us so we don’t have to.

  8. She’ll probably leave when the money is not so good or the show gets canceled. She’s on this gravy train as long as possible.

  9. It’s time Maci! Like Chelsea, u found your happily ever after in a good man that loves your son and parents him as his own. Your useless baby daddy doesn’t deserve the platform and $$$ he’s got from being a deadbeat off of you, and Bentley clearly wants his privacy now that he’s older. I hope she was good with her money also, I hope she’ll quit. Good luck to her family!

    1. Chelsea’s situation is different. Chelsea has multiple streams of income. Plus Chelsea’s husband has a job. Maci and Taylor have Teen Mom and social media income. Their t-shirt business failed. They don’t have the luxury of quitting like Chelsea did unless they saved a lot.

  10. Okay, but let’s be real, Maci will never leave this show. This was good PR to try and quiet the criticism she has gotten for making Bentley the focus of her storyline. This was a “See I’m a good mom” interview. But she has nothing to fall back on if she leaves.
    Also Chelsea married a man with a job… who continued to keep his job after being on the show. She will be just fine without MTV money. Maci.. not so much.

    1. You nailed it. That is what I have been saying in the comments. Chelsea has a husband with a job and she also has multiple streams of income like we have seen on the show. Maci and Taylor don’t have jobs. She just did this interview to make herself look better given recent criticism.

      1. WOW!!
        Are you personal friends with her?
        Apparently she can’t win with you!
        If she was a mom who neglected her kids you’d be all over her but because she’s a good mom who keeps the line of communication open with her tween son, she must be the worst!
        Ever think she asked Bentley if he wanted to air this? Maybe he thinks it’s important (because it is) and told his mom it was ok.
        I feel like she would NOT air anything her son didn’t want her too.

        1. You make good points. I think Maci appears to be a good mom. But there is a point where I think you need to step back and stop exploiting your kids. And what kind of an example are they setting for their kids? They certainly are teaching them anything about the responsibility of holding down a job. That was one thing I always admired about Corey and Jeremy. They didn’t immediately quit working when they were with Leah

  11. After “Teen Mom”, Maci and Taylor could always go open up their own brewery if the t-shirts aren’t selling. If they paid taxes appropriately and properly invested money, they might be able to live on interest (if their home is paid off). Last I heard, the moms made $400k a year.

  12. It’s always funny to me that all these no-talent women think they have a future in TV. Doing what?? Maci, hon, you’ve already been on “Naked and Afraid!” “Teen Mom” is the end of the line for you.

    They seriously need to figure out how they’re really going to make a living. They’ve acquired expensive tastes. But “Teen Mom” has got to stop. The only draw is seeing the kids, and they’re old enough that it’s really not fair to them anymore. It must be hard when maintaining your gravy train requires that you damage your child’s mental health!

    1. Porn. Farrah has already shown them thats the only way they can make anything remotely close to a Teen Mom paycheck a combination of porn and yatching. These women are in the finicial 1%. They make more money on Teen Mom every year than most surgeons make. Did Maci ever finish her associated degree? She is going to need it after TM is cancelled.

        1. I know. They make over $400,000 a yr. MTV was paying them $400,000 years ago. They make more now. Add to that the paid endorsements, speaking appearances, book deals, and the $15,000+ a month for click bait and slim tummy teas and you have women making close to a million a year. For Tyler and Catelyns taxes to UNDERPAID by over $800,000 should be a hint that they are in the 1% or 5% max. They didnt get hit for tax evasion so that means they were paying some taxes and still owe close to a mil.

  13. None of the women are teenagers, the show should have stopped a long time ago. It isn’t fair that their kids who are at pre-teen age have to worry about their lives being broadcast.

    1. The annual taxes, maintenance, landscaping, utilities,and HOA fees, on a $600,000 house with a pool probably average around
      $35,000-$50,000 yearly. Between 3 kids and multiple all terrain vehicles she will still need to earn at least $100,000 yearly to maintain the lifestyle.

  14. Before you quit, make sure you have all your taxes paid up.

    And a real source of income lined up too.

      1. Seriously, who is buying those dumb overpriced T-shirt’s?? I have never seen anyone in real life wearing them, only TMOG cast members!

  15. I don’t think it’s just Maci that needs to move on. They all should. All of their kids are preteens now and having their personal family drama aired on TV can’t be an easy thing for them at that age.

  16. what other storyline does maci have other than her pcos and ptsd from the shooting? and now she doesn’t even wanna show the edwards and her kids? she should really leave already

  17. Sounds a lot like when she “quit” when they brought Farrah back. They won’t be able to pay for their palatial estate with leather-pocket t-shirt money, she’s going to ride the TM train for as long as she can.

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