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“Fire her next, Bravo!”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this week!

Racism Rant! The Hollywood Gossip: Former ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Says He Has Proof That Patricia Altschul is a Racist

Not Exactly Unexpected! Starcasm: Former ‘Unexpected’ Star Tylor Strawmyer Files For Divorce From Wife Laura Barron

Public Apology! The Sun: Christy Teigen Apologizes to Courtney Stodden; Says She’s ‘Mortified’ & ‘Ashamed’ For Telling Courtney to Kill Herself Years Ago

It’s Over! Santa Monica Sun: Ellen DeGeneres Announces End of Her Talk Show After 19 Seasons

Doctor’s Orders! The Blast: Dr. Drew Pinsky Gives Nik Ritchie Advice Following His Split From ‘Bachelor’ Wife Shane Lamas

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  1. Southern Charm follows some of the most privileged, affluent, wealthiest, oldest families in Charleston…of course they’ve got some racist roots…it’s South Carolina…we know what we sign up for when we watch the show, and I personally am a fan of the show (wish they’d bring back Naomi Chelsey and Cameran, but I think that’s a pipe dream of mine, plus I love Patricias one liners “Madison deserves Budweiser”)

    Thomas is acting like he’s dropped some sort of bombshell, meanwhile how is he going to call Patricia racist and not look at himself? It’s like Thomas, just say you’re upset you didn’t get away with rape and harassment and crawl back into the hole you keep trying to escape from.

  2. It is beyond time for Chrissy to apologize to Courtney. Courtney has been saying for YEARS, with proof, how Chrissy abused her. Chrissy has stayed silent the entire time. What was it about this time that made her apologize? I’m truly shocked that it finally came. I don’t believe it’s sincere and think she’s trying to save face. Otherwise, this apology would have come a long time ago.

      1. 100% her deals are the only reason she’s apologizing. And I’m glad Courtney pointed out that Chrissy lied about contacting Courtney directly.

    1. I agree. Courtney made a public interview about a month ago describing how Chrissy tormented her for the past ten years. Even going so far as to DM her and harass her and tell her she should kill herself. Courtney ended the interview noting that Chrissy has never in ten years apologized. Now all of the sudden Chrissy has a conscience? I highly doubt it. She is trying to save face and save her public endorsements.

    2. Chrissy was outta pocket for bullying that CHILD the way she did. People forget Courtney was a child bride…she was groomed at what? 14 or 15? And 16 when she got married to a pedophile…I’ve always had sympathy and empathy for her, every single adult that’s been in contact with her has used her, abused her…it’s sad. And as much as I want to believe Chrissy’s apology is genuine since she “left” Twitter because she was experiencing the same thing (bullying) it isnt my apology to accept, so if Courtney feels it’s disingenuous then she’s entitled to that.

      1. I had sympathy for Courtney too. She was on some show with Doug and people were making comments about what a slut she was. They were awful to her. All I could see was a teenager that was groomed by a creepy dude that her mother didn’t protect her from. Then her mother encourages the relationship and signs for her to get married! I think Chrissy is full of shit and Courtney has called her out on her apology, I’m proud of her!

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