‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Stars Dimitri & Ashley Snowden Face More Abuse Allegations From Another Former Sister Wife; Dimitri Files For Divorce From Christeline Peterson

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife recently dodged restraining orders filed by their former co-star and sister wife Christeline Peterson, but now the couple is now facing similar accusations from another former sister wife. 

According to Starcasm, Ariadne Joseph, who was previously in a relationship with the Snowdens, revealed to John Yates in an interview that, like Christeline, she was also allegedly abused by the couple. However, despite reaching out to TLC to express her concerns during the first season of ’Seeking Sister Wife,’ Ariadne claims the network ignored her requests for them to yank the Snowdens off the show.

This news comes the same week that Dimitri officially filed for divorce from Christeline, who apparently was his legal wife.


Ariadne explained that she met the Snowdens in a Facebook group about eight years ago, at which time she was pregnant with her third daughter. Two years later, Ariadne reconnected with the couple online and eventually, Ashley traveled to New Orleans to visit Ariadne. Though the visit didn’t go well, Ashley went on to contact Ariadne a year and a half later, and this time, Ariadne traveled to the Snowdens’ home in Georgia along with her youngest daughter. (Her other daughters later joined them.) 

Once she arrived at the Snowden home, Ariadne claimed she was greeted by Ashley at the front door, completely naked. Dimitri was also often naked, she said, to the point that she had to ask him to put something on when he was around her daughter. The Snowdens were also allegedly living in a two-bedroom apartment where the adults were expected to sleep in the same bed and Ariadne was not allowed to leave without Dimitri or Ashley. Still, on the day of her arrival, Ariadne accepted Dimitri’s marriage proposal. 

She went on to detail the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of Dimitri, which she claimed occurred after she confronted Dimitri about a woman sleeping on their couch. Ariadne said Dimitri put his hands around her neck, punched a desk and pushed her onto a table that had multiple guns on it, which she said caused a laceration on her back.

(Ariadne reportedly mentioned the presence of guns because she claimed “Dimitri is a felon” and is not legally allowed to own a gun.) 

An alleged text from Dimitri regarding the incident detailed above…

The incident between Ariadne and Dimitri continued to escalate and Ariadne said she and her daughters ended up locking themselves in a room. According to Ariadne, Dimitri later asked to talk to Ariadne and apologized multiple times and also asked her not to call the police. She went on to talk about another incident in which Dimitri allegedly entered the bedroom when she was asleep and sexually assaulted her. 

Ariadne, who said she has spoken with three of the women who have appeared on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ with the Snowdens (as well as other sister wives the couple had before the show), claims Christeline’s experience with the couple was worse than her own.

She also said Vanessa Cobbs, who married the couple at the end of Season 2 only to part ways shortly after, left the Snowdens because she “was running for her life.” 


All of this could have been avoided, Ariadne claimed, if TLC would have listened to her warnings and removed the couple from the show.

She allegedly spoke with a legal representative from Discovery and was told the information she provided would be looked into; however, she said she never heard back from anyone and the Snowdens continued to appear on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ along with new potential sister wives.

Ariadne’s alleged email exchange with a representative from Discovery Communications…

“It’s awful because they knew,” Ariadne told John, who was joined by Sharrell of Sharrell’s World for part of interview. “They knew.” 

Ariadne believes Dimitri did not provide his real social security number to the show during the required background check, preventing the network from finding out about his alleged history as a convicted felon. In another part of her interview, she claimed Dimitri obtained a credit privacy number (CPN), which is formatted like a social security number, from a woman who used to do his taxes that he was allegedly sleeping with – the same woman that Ariadne previously found sleeping on the couch and whose husband alleged in 2017 that his two children were missing and had last been seen with Dimitri. (This is discussed in John’s first ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ video regarding the Snowden drama.) 

Ariadne said she believes Dimitri’s actions could very well result in jail time. 

“[There’s] absolutely no way he can evade this, unless there’s a miracle,” she said. 

Ariadne also claimed the Snowdens started using NDAs – something Vanessa eluded to by liking a comment on social media recently – for potential sister wives because of her own outspokenness.


She added that Christeline’s NDA may be voided due to her filing criminal charges. (Starcasm reported Wednesday that Dimitri officially filed for divorce from Christeline.)  

Ariadne also claimed to have messages from Ashley admitting that she, too, was abused physically and emotionally by Dimitri. In one of the texts, Ariadne confronted Ashley about Dimitri sleeping with other women – including the woman from the couch; however, Ashley only responded by accusing Ariadne of being the reason women are unable to escape “the sickness of patriarchy.” 

Ariadne said she refuses to watch ‘Seeking Sister Wife,’ though she’s seen clips and finds it “disgusting to see Ashley pretend to be something she’s not.” 

“ … What woman allows other women to be victimized? I just, I don’t understand it,” she continued. “I don’t understand it, and yes, I think she’s a monster. I think she’s a monster just like [Dimitri]. There’s no way if you love and you’re about sisterhood that you would allow women to be destroyed right in front of you and that’s what she’s doing. She’s contributing to their destruction.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC; John Yates/YouTube) 

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  1. Something is very, very wrong with the Snowdens. The fact that they have little kids in their House of Depravity is horrifying! As we often say in The Ashley’s comment sections, where is CPS???

  2. TLC, the virtuous network, that is home to the (abusive) Duggars and the (abusive) Kate Gosselin ignored warnings about domestic violence? ? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. ?

    1. Oh! I didnt even catch that it was the Mama June and Duggar network!!

      Yeah they condone almost as much as MTV does.

      1. I forgot about Mama June! Yeah, her too. Are MTV and TLC owned by the same people? They have no standards or morals.

      2. Mama June’s show is on WE network and Seeking Sister Wives is on TLC as is the Duggar’s show.

        Years ago when June was carting Honey Boo Boo around to the child exploitative beauty pageants, that show used to be on TLC. When June went off to have her own titled show, TLC didn’t want anything to do with her and she landed at WE. I don’t think WE is owned by Discovery which owns TLC and many other networks.

  3. So the meeting didn’t go well, dude was inappropriate around the children and she still stayed, and brought the rest of her kids???

    Dude and wife are DEFINITELY in the wrong but what is this woman thinking? No red flags popped up? Is she desperate or blind?

    I understand that its hard to find someone’s past when everything is a lie and coverup, but his/ their behavior should have been enough. He/they told these women who they were, in no uncertain terms, and they didn’t listen.

    Its one thing when its just consenting adults but ffs stop bringing your kids around dangerous weirdos.

    1. I think they prey on women who are in difficult circumstances. She was a single mom of 3 probably struggling to makes ends meet. Tayler seemed like she was homeless given that she wanted to stay permanently after visiting for a few day. And for Christeline we all know how difficult life in South Africa can be I am sure she saw this as a wonderful opportunity for her and her girls. So they put up with it until they can’t anymore.

      1. That’s such a shame. We would think in 2021, women would have better opportunities for themselves than resorting to this.

        Oh they definitely prey on single moms and women they can have some power or control over. Ridiculous.

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