“90 Day Fiance: The Single Life” Star Big Ed Brown Says He’s Betting Colt Johnson & Vanessa Guerra’s Engagement Won’t Last Six Months

“I’m still hoping they ask me to be the ring bearer if they do make it down the aisle!” 

Colt Johnson and his friend/cat-sitter-turned-fiancé Vanessa Guerra are officially engaged, but Colt’s 90 Day: The Single Life co-star Ed “Big Ed” Brown doesn’t see the couple having a happily ever after. 

Not only is Big Ed skeptical of Colt and Vanessa’s engagement, he’s even betting on the pair breaking up within six months – something fans will get to see during the May 16 Tell-All. 

But more importantly, viewers will get to see Colt make THIS face while arguing with Big Ed.

“I have a six-month wager on that,” Big Ed told Us Weekly. “My feelings on that is he’s an interesting character. We didn’t get along at all – big surprise – and his mom almost, like, wanted to jump out of her chair and smack me around. But I wish anyone success in a relationship.” 

While Colt and Vanessa have been engaged since November, “90 Day: The Single Life” viewers didn’t get to see the (full) proposal until it aired during Sunday’s episode. Colt has since gone on to officially announce his and Vanessa’s engagement on social media. 


“The cat is out of the bag,” he shared on Instagram, along with a photo of himself, Vanessa and Vanessa’s new bling. “I’m very happy to announce Vanessa as my fiancé. I can’t wait to see what happens next.” 

“I fail to see the humor in the use of the phrase ‘cat is out of the bag.’ Also…meow.”

Vanessa has shared some engagement content on Instagram as well, including a photo of matching “I’m Getting Meowied” glasses, that are as cringey as they are fitting for any marriage involving Coltee. 

Feline puns aside, Big Ed claims Colt and Vanessa’s pasts make him hesitant to root for the couple. As fans may recall, Colt previously admitted to cheating on his ex-girlfriend Jess Caroline with Vanessa, while Vanessa only finalized her divorce from True Maudsley in November 2020. 

“I just think I don’t hold a lot of stock in that on both ends because I have this belief that things always end as they begin and it started out with both of them cheating on each other and I just don’t think it’s a good situation,” Big Ed explained. “I’m an architect; when you build a house, you start with the weak foundation and the house is going to fall down.

“So, I wish them luck. I hope they can find happiness for their sake. But I don’t know. Let’s wait and see.” 

When anyone from the cast of a show called “90 Day: The SINGLE Life” starts giving out relationship advice…

Someone who IS excited about Colt and Vanessa’s engagement, however, is Colt’s mom/BFF, Debbie Johnson. (We can assume Colt and Deb’s cat, Cookie Dough, is also thrilled.) 

“I was nervous about that one,” Vanessa said. “I was like, ‘Oh, what’s she going to think?’ She was very, very happy.” 

“I’m gonna throw her the best darn cat-themed bachelorette party the world has ever seen!!”

Assuming Colt and Vanessa do make it down the aisle, this will be Colt’s second marriage since joining the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, as he was previously married to Larissa Dos Santos Lima. 

“90 Day: The Single Life” is now streaming on Discovery+. 

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(Photos: Discovery+; Instagram; TLC) 

8 Responses

  1. Vanessa reminds me of one of my old middle school friends with that permanent putaface, always looking conniving, like she had something up her sleeve, ready to talk shit at any moment. I think these two are morons, but just smart enough to create their own storyline on this never-ending show. Ed acts like he isn’t taking notes! ??

  2. I find Colt so creepy. He thinks he’s incredible and clearly thinks a lot of himself constantly sending ? pics ? Hes very rude, a liar and can’t see that his mum and his relationship is odd. I’m very lucky, as I’m close to my son, as we get on well, lots in common, same sense of humour etc. HOWEVER, when it comes to dating, that’s his choice. Whenever I see coltee and Debbie, I think of Norman Bates ??

  3. Colt and Vanessa are messy, but I think they have a decent shot of it working because they were friends for awhile first, both like cats, and Vanessa and Debbie get along.

    Big Ed shouldn’t be talking about about anyone else, he’s a vile and repulsive human being who’s never going to change.

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