“90 Day Fiance” Star Colt Johnson Reportedly Proposed to His Gal Pal Vanessa Guerra As Cameras Rolled; His Ex Larissa Dos Santos Lima Reacts

“Cheers to me and Vanessa. Oh, and Mother, of course!”

Colt Johnson is looking for love– and apparently another wife!

Blogger John Yates broke the news over the holiday weekend that the 90 Day Fiance star got down on bended knee (again) and proposed to his friend/booty call/mother’s cat-sitter Vanessa Guerra recently— all while a reality TV camera rolled nearby. A fan of the show recognized the pair from “90 Day Fiance,” and captured the photo, which was reportedly taken at the California resort the couple (and film crew) were staying at.

Colt, Vanessa and Colt’s ever-present mother Debbie Johnson have stayed quiet about the potential engagement (so far at least). At this point, it is unclear if the proposal was captured on film for an upcoming season of “90 Day Fiance,” or if it will be used for the spin-off show Colt & Co. have reportedly been filming recently.

“They told me the resort wasn’t ‘cat-friendly.’ What a bunch of kitty litter crap!”

According to John Yates, Vanessa had only been officially divorced for one day when Colt popped the question. Her divorce was reportedly finalized on November 25, and the photo went viral on November 26 (which was Thanksgiving in the United States). It is unknown if Vanessa accepted Colt’s proposal or turned him down.

While Colt hasn’t commented on the alleged engagement, his ex-wife, Larissa Dos Lima Santos provided her thoughts on the proposal on Instagram. 

“Congratulations to my ex,” Larissa captioned a screenshot of the photo John Yates posted of Colt proposing to Vanessa. Larissa seemed to be happy for the couple, as she added stickers of an engagement ring and champagne flutes to the post.  

After the photo of the engagement was posted, many of the show’s fans expressed their skepticism that Colt really wants to marry Vanessa.

“He lost his job, he’s making sure he has a story to get the $$ .. this show has lot all authenticity,” one person commented. 

“How many proposals does it take to stay on ’90 Day Fiance?'” another person joked. “Larissa, Jess, Vanessa.. almost one a year!”

Others pointed out that Colt may have finally found a woman his mother Debbie will approve of, given that she is friends with Vanessa.

“Oh finally a woman mommy Debbie won’t act like a fatal attraction girlfriend and try to run off?” one person wrote. 

TLC has not commented on the photo, or confirmed that Colt is, indeed, getting a spin-off show. 

“Just letting you know, Coltee, that for the right price, I’ll tell what I know to the tabloids!”

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  1. Im just glad it’s cold weather so he has clothes on.
    Also Coltee proposed to 1 other person during all of this so there has been 4 proposals. After Jess & before Vanessa proposal.
    I will not watch anything this pig is in & that goes for his creepy Mommy Dearest too.
    Have you seen his pictures he posted on Only Fans? Laying on a rug in the living room, whip cream & nothing else on but ?, bubble baths with Mr Bubble on the tub. Why would someone pay to see these? His “manhood looks like ? in the blanket. Croissant roll with a cocktail weannie.
    If you like looking at men like this, save your money he will send them to you free.

  2. He’s such a creepy guy!! He pulls this “what me?” face whenever he gets caught sending a dick pic. He pretends he’s a naive geek, when in fact he’s a master at manipulating women. How does he get all these women??? Is it just me a that bets he dresses up as a giant baby during sex?! ??

  3. Why doesnt Colotn date women that look like him or Debbie? He stays going for women who are out of his league. A 4 out of 10 is out of his league. Any woman above a 5 that dates colton is doing it to be on tv

  4. Any girl that says yes to Dolt needs to pick up Benedryl for cat allergies, and water for all that thirrrrst.

    Seriously, gross.

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