‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Ashley Snowden- Longtime Partner of Dimitri Snowden- Reveals She’s Left Dimitri: “Single and Grateful for Life”

From Seeking Sister Wife to the single life.

Another woman has reportedly fled the Snowden family of Seeking Sister Wife; however, this time it’s not a sister wife, but rather family matriarch Ashley Snowden, longtime partner of Dimitri Snowden.

Ashley announced on social media Wednesday that she is now a single woman.

Ashley’s split from Dimitri comes just months after two different women who had been in relationships with the couple accused both Dimitri and Ashley of abuse.

“My truth, because misinformation is harmful: I’m single and grateful for life,” Ashley— who shares three children with Dimitri— wrote on Instagram.


She seemed to be hinting that she had experienced trauma. In her caption, Ashley shared some tips to “make this world a kinder place for everyone, especially people who are experiencing trauma.” Those tips included refraining from asking people personal questions and approaching people privately if you are genuinely concerned for their wellbeing. She also encouraged people to normalize “pausing” and allowing others to “share personal things if THEY choose.”

Ashley also addressed nay-sayers who will argue that Ashley put herself on TV, so she has no right to privacy.

“ … To the ‘you’re a celebrity so you signed up for this’ crowd: that’s an outdated excuse to harass & insult people you don’t know,” she wrote. “Cyber bullying is harmful. It also lets me know that you, too, may be hurting, and I have compassion for that even if it’s not reciprocal. We are all human, trying to figure life out. I’m no different. I condemn the slander against me as malicious, and I don’t support the slandering of others, ever.”

Ashley— who has been with Dimitri for over 10 years but never legally married him— also appears to have wiped all photos of Dimitri from her Instagram, while Dimitri deleted all of his posts. His profile photo now features only his and Ashley’s kids.


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Less than three months ago, Dimitri’s legal wife Christeline Petersen, who appeared on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ with the Snowdens, accused Dimitri and Ashley of domestic violence. Christeline filed for a restraining order against the pair, though a judge ultimately denied the orders, claiming Christeline did not provide enough proof.

In May, Dimitri filed for divorce from Christeline as he and Ashley faced more abuse allegations from Ariadne Joseph – another former sister wife.

Ariadne, who was previously in a relationship with the Snowdens, revealed to John Yates in an interview that, like Christeline, she was also allegedly abused by the couple. However, despite reaching out to TLC to express her concerns during the first season of ’Seeking Sister Wife,’ Ariadne claims the network ignored her requests for them to yank the Snowdens off the show. (You can read more about Ariadne’s claims here.) 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)


  1. Well, all I can say is it’s about time. BUT, also, she’s not that innocent either. She stood by him all these years and whether she was mentally influenced by him or not, she went on the ride with him. She may be a victim herself, but she also played villain right along with him. Her post speaks volumes as she’s looking for the sympathy of others and playing the victim part.

    I feel sorry for the kids that these 2 brought into this whole mess. They are the victims here.

    As for Dimitri…..she accepted him and stayed with him even though it’s quite obvious that having a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th wife wasn’t for any religious purpose but for the purpose of him to have a harem of women for his own sexual pleasures. If anyone recalls, the first season these 2 people were on (before meeting Vanessa and “marrying” her), Ashley was pregnant and he was going out on a date with a supposed “wife candidate.” Well they went to dinner and then straight to the bedroom after meeting each other for the first time an hour before. He even told Ashley he went to bed with her since she asked him if he did. I’m sure if she didn’t ask, he wasn’t going to say a thing. Although, he could have lied to her but the point is that he’s just looking for sex and nothing more. This is why Ashley and Dimitri made a rule that he can’t sleep with anyone they are “courting” until they “marry.”

    I’m sure it sucks for Ashley to know that he married for real in this past season because that was the only way she could stay in the country. Still, it had to bother Ashley and she can say it doesn’t but lets be real here.
    This “sister wives” bs is just that….BS….no one ever wins except for the man who’s getting his sexual pleasures met by more than one woman and doesn’t have to hide it behind the other woman’s back.

    The kids are the ones who suffer at the end, as usual. Seems like nobody ever thinks about the children first.

  2. Glad she got rid of Problem #1, Dimitri, but there’s still a whole lot to unpack here. Years and years of Ashley’s poor decision-making. She needs to focus entirely on healing the children she dragged into this mess. She doesn’t have time for social media— all of her time and attention needs to be spent on the three little souls that she brought into this world. She needs to heal herself so she can heal them. Praying for those exploited little kids.

  3. Ashley is moving away from her part in the vile rumors…She’s trying to set it up as though she’s was a victim of Demetris’s too. I think it’s a little late for that one.

  4. Good for leaving the slimeball and all however lady, you did participate and benefit from all the fuckery.

    Im sure its easy now to cut ties and wash your hands and think that you can set rules on how ppl should approach you, but honey, you opened that door to begin with.

  5. I wonder if cyber bullying entered hwr mind when she was cashing those checks from the show. Sorry you signed up, don’t play victim now because it didn’t turn out your way.

  6. Blocking and restrictions are indeed dope tools but making it private or better yet deleting all social media is a more effective tools to pravacy. Its not other peoples problems if they want to know more about your life. Its yours for putting your life on tv and social media trying to make money to fund a weird lifestyle

  7. Ok so now we’re supposed to see her as this big victim so we’ll forget what she did to all of those other women? Nice timing.

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