Woman Files Lawsuit Against Lisa Vanderpump’s Rescue Organization Claiming She Got Worms from Adopted Dog with Records Falsified by Vanderpump Dogs

Not gonna lie… these details were ruff rough to get through.

Lisa Vanderpump’s dog rescue organization is in the, well… doghouse, for allegedly falsifying records and ultimately causing a rather traumatic experience for one of its customers. The new claims come just over a year after a former groomer at the facility filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Lisa’s business partner. 

The latest lawsuit involving the Vanderpump Rules star’s foundation doesn’t name a particular individual as the January 2020 lawsuit did, but rather the Vanderpump Dog Foundation as a whole. According to People, Lisa’s dog rescue is being sued for negligence and fraud by a woman who claims the non-profit falsified records of a dog she took home in 2019, leading the woman to get worms. 

“I mean…who hasn’t had worms at least once in their life…am I right?”

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, the woman claims to have visited Vanderpump Dogs in L.A. in July 2019 to adopt a small puppy. After hitting it off with a dachshund named Cassie, the woman was assured by staff that it was perfectly safe to hold and play with the puppy, despite the dog having not yet received her deworming treatment. 

The women spent a few hours with the puppy and went on to adopt her, with the adoption being approved the following day. The woman, according to the legal documents, said she asked several questions about the puppy’s health and was assured by Vanderpump Dogs employees that she was getting a “puppy in healthy condition” with all required treatments and shots. 

“Just put her in a velour puppy tracksuit, darling… she’ll be fine.”

The woman claims Vanderpump Dogs sent her home with a false immunization record as well as a false certificate stating that the puppy had been dewormed. This became apparent once she got the puppy home and s**t –- among other things –- basically hit the fan. The woman immediately noticed the dog acting odd, being less playful, and scooting across the floor. She then discovered the puppy was “expelling large live worms while defecating.” 

The woman said she contacted Vanderpump Dogs but did not receive an immediate response. She ultimately took the puppy to an animal hospital to be treated for a serious worm infection. 

(Here’s where things start to get graphic, so proceed with A LOT of caution…and probably don’t read below if you’re currently eating your lunch. ) 

While the puppy was on the mend, the woman allegedly began to feel ill over the next few days. To her horror –- and all of ours –- she says she began expelling “live worms and eggs from her mouth, vagina and anus.” 

The only acceptable ways to react after reading that.

The woman claims she was diagnosed with intestinal parasites and prescribed a strong medication due to the seriousness of the infestation. Along with making her ill, the woman said she’s been traumatized and still suffers from emotional distress, disgust and nightmares. 


She is seeking payment for her medical expenses and hospital bills, Reality Tea reports, along with the cleaning expenses required to rid her apartment of the parasites. 

Vanderpump Dogs and Lisa have yet to respond to the lawsuit publicly. 

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  1. To all of those hateful replies I go on my comment, so sad how hateful people can be because you don’t agree with them. Not everyone wants a pet. There are plenty of reasons why someone can’t have one or does not want one. For instance, I loved my fiancé’s dog, but unfortunately he suffered from epilepsy and we tried keeping him in his apartment before he moved in to my house (we were expecting a baby). His dog had seizures almost every day and during those seizures his bowels would be forced out as well as vomit. By the time he got home the dog had wandered all over the house in a daze and there would be diarrhea and vomit all over the house and furniture and bed. This happened almost weekly. He could not keep his dog out because he didn’t notify the manager he had a large dog, he wasn’t little, he was massive. He moves into my home and I suggested he stay outside in case he has an episode, I have two other children and I don’t think they would have liked poop and vomit everywhere, anyway, I swear to God on this, he NEVER had a seizure once he was allowed to be outside. He was cooped up in a small apartment for 9+ hours a day, having to hold his pee and poop in which I feel stressed him out so bad he went into an episode, at my house he had a doggy door, I bought him the biggest doggie bed, a heated blanket and he had access to the garage, which had a/c unit. He was never allowed to roam in a backyard at night in the apartment, he was never allowed to bark, he was told to be quiet and to stay inside even when he wanted to be outside. I didn’t like that. I still don’t want a pet inside, but I made sure he was well taken care of. He wasn’t stressed out anymore holding in his potty breaks for hours on end. Towards the end of his life he developed cancer, he was in the backyard one day and I literally counted him squatting to pee 20+ times in 10 minutes. I took him to the vet and we found out he had cancer. He was treated like a king until his last day. My fiancé thanks me for making him live his last year like a real dog, running around all night barking and talking to other doggies in the neighborhood. There was a time he got out and went next door and played with other dogs. He was never able to do that! So for everyone to call me a bitch over some comment of “I don’t want dogs in the house”, shame on you. You don’t know our situation. And it’s stupid I had to even share it but I was disgusted how upset people got. Btw he had worms once and we did see him rubbing his butt on the carpet, he was allowed inside with the family every single day but when he got sick, we let him stay outside to poop and pee on days he had diarrhea and couldn’t hold it. Good luck even having friends with your narrow mindedness and beliefs of everyone should feel how you feel. Awful people in this world, you all make me out to seem like an animal abuser. Gross.

  2. Those women in Beverly Hills will try any crazy diet to lose weight….. ?

    Loosy Poopy Wormy Floozy, premiering on a Home Shopping channel deep in your cable box, and the dollar store!! Dont miss out!

  3. Pics or it didn’t happen. I think it’s just a money. However i don’t think that Lisa is making good money these days.

  4. Pets were specifically breed to be COMANIONS, you piece of shit. If you don’t want one then you should find an actual good home for them. And yes your comment did bother me enough to comment because I am a good human and treat my pets well and don’t like when people abuse them ?. I am truly happy my comment bothered YOU enough to comment back.

    By the way, there are ways to treat a pet well and not “make out” with them or even allow them on furniture. You are trash and so is your fiance for allowing it. Byeeeee ??????

  5. Pets were specifically breed to be COMANIONS, you piece of shit. If you don’t want one then you should find an actual good home for them. And yes your comment did bother me enough to comment because I am a good human and treat my pets well and don’t like when people abuse them ?. I am truly happy my comment bothered YOU enough to comment back.

    By the way, there are ways to treat a pet well and not “make out” with them or even allow them on furniture. You are trash and so is your fiance for allowing it. Byeeeee ??????

    1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. The puppy may have been sick and asking for money for those Bill’s makes perfect sense but the human got sick…not sure. The mouth and anus makes sense, it all one system. If you eat it, then it comes out. But the vagina? Uh not connected in anyway to the worms running through the digestion system. How do worms from a puppy get in the vagina? Ok, I need to stop thinking about that idea if true…gross.

  6. My worst nightmare. Reason ONE why I refused to let my fiancé keep his dog in the house. So gross ?

    1. Ew. If I were your fiance, I would refuse to keep you in the house. Pets are family and should be inside, you are a terrible person if you are allowing a dog to be kept outside 24/7

      1. Lol okay. So annoying when people are EVIL if they aren’t making out with their dog or sleeping with their pets. I think it’s dirty. My opinion. So glad it bothered you enough to comment ?? ??

      2. I enjoy a clean house. No animal hair or dander on furniture or the smell of animals in the house. Just a clean person. You must smell. Lol. Get over yourself. Tons of people keep the animals outside. Pets are animals, that’s my opinion.

        1. You are factually correct, yes dogs are animals. However, if you’re not going to give them a comfortable, loving home and provide the necessary healthcare for their ENTIRE life you just shouldn’t have one. Based on your lovely comments you should never be allowed near any pets. It’s actually offensive for you to imply that if you have a dog you have a dirty house, that’s untrue. FYI, I have a dog that lives in my house, he doesn’t jump on the furniture or the bed he’s very well mannered, he has beds on every level of our home so he’s content and comfortable. I vacuum 3-4 times a week so you’ll have a hard time finding hair around here and my home certainly doesn’t smell, unless you consider the scent of Tide unpleasant. Yes, we do extra cleaning to accommodate having an 80 lb sweet, lovely golden retriever living with us but the joy, love and laughs he gives me in return far outweighs the work. You’re the one missing out. You seem to enjoy the phrase “that’s my opinion”, so back at you, that’s MY opinion.

    2. I wouldn’t let you in the house. You’re super gullible if you think this woman’s claims are even close to true.

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