Amy Duggar Talks About Imprisoned Cousin Josh: “He Deserves Every Second in There”

A cousin moment not to be recreated.

Amy Duggar King is continuing to bluntly speak her truth about her family and its most notorious member.

In an interview with People published this week in multiple installments (check out part one, part two and part three), the estranged niece of Counting On star Jim Bob Duggar talked about her cousin Josh’s imprisonment for possession of CSAM.

“I hope every day there is absolute torture for him,” the she said. “I really hope that because what he watched and what he was viewing for his own fulfillment is those kids experiencing torture.

“He deserves every second in there, and I hope he gets a longer term,” Amy she added. “I hope he messes up again.”

Inmate #42501-509

Josh was originally sentenced to 151 months in federal prison in December 2021, as The Ashley —who was in court for Josh’s trial — reported. The father of seven had time added to his original sentence after being caught with a cell phone.

“I want him to stay as long as he can because he can’t hurt children,” Amy said. “He can’t view that disgustingness and his kids hopefully are safe as well.”

Amy has long shared her concerns about Josh’s children, even offering help to his wife, Anna, that she’s yet to accept. The last time Amy saw Anna was at a funeral for family friend, an interaction she and her mother, Deanna, recounted on TikTok.

“That was the last time. I wasn’t really expecting to see anyone there, and I was shocked to see her. I just looked at her and I said, ‘Anna,’ and she was like, ‘I just need space.’ That’s all she said to me,” Amy told People.

“I wanted to say a whole lot. I wanted to say tons of things, but in that moment it wasn’t obviously the right location,” she added. “It was a ceremony, a viewing actually, at a funeral, and yeah. It wasn’t the right timing and I didn’t want to make a scene and I didn’t want to do that or draw attention to anything and clearly respect her so I didn’t.

“But if you ask me, I think she is mad. I do. I think she’s just really, really mad.”

Not giving space.

While she’s open to connecting with Anna, Amy has no interest in having a relationship with Josh because of the multiple abuses he’s been convicted and accused of.

“I have not spoken to him, and I will not. I will not,” she told People. “When you just cross those evil lines like that, there is no coming back. I just think there’s no coming back.”

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14 Responses

  1. Although I agree with Amy’s opinions about Josh, I am so sick of her popping up every few months to express them. She didn’t need a 3 part series in People to say the same shit she has said since he was locked up . Stop trying to be relevant , no one cares .

  2. Amy is insufferable. Why a three-part series? Her only claim to fame is talking about Josh and her cousins’ beliefs which she does all the time.

  3. Oh Amy…gotta stay in the limelight, right?! We all know your cousin is a SCUM. (who was enabled by his parents, esp Jim Bob for YEARS) I don’t think there was any need for you to have another interview saying things we all know? No wonder Anna didn’t want to talk to you. She knew you will immediately make a TikTok about it. At least her brother Daniel was genuine in his intentions of getting her out. (before the scumbag was arrested but Ashley Madison and home scandal came to light)

  4. No shit Anna doesn’t wanna talk to you Amy, you’ll just run to the biggest publication that will have you.

  5. Wishing he would never be released, filthy disgusting nonce, Jim blob is also seriously creepy too.

    1. I think his oldest daughter will be 18 by the time he is released (even though I hope he gets more time added) but I fear for his other daughters considering what he did to his underage sisters…once a creep, always a creep. (Also, I hope Mackenzie will renounce him as her father by that time)

  6. No effing sh*t, Amy! Why was it necessary to do a three part interview, but anything for attention.

    We all hope Josh rots in prison for his atrocious crimes.

    1. That man is revolting. However, how long is Shamy going to milk this story to bolster her Z list reality “star” status?

  7. i know it seems like she’s dragging it but the stuff josh was watching was 1000 times worse than what u can imagine so i agree with her 100%

    1. Nah, she’s dragging it. She wants to be relevant so much. We ALL know what Josh did was despicable and deserves the worst the world has to offer, we don’t need another interview by her to be reminded of that

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