EXCLUSIVE! Josh Duggar Released From Prison Special Housing Unit (SHU) Early After Living with Transgender Cellmate

“I was sweatin’ like a homophobe in a cell with a transgendered person, I was!” 

Josh Duggar time in his prison’s punishment area is over, but his problems are just beginning!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that the disgraced former 19 Kids & Counting star was officially released from his prison’s Specialty Housing Unit (SHU) on Tuesday, March 14, after spending weeks locked up in 10×6-foot cell for getting caught with an illegal cellphone earlier this year. Although Josh was supposed to stay in “The Hole” for more time, he was released early due to overcrowding.

Josh is now back in general population, and according to The Ashley’s sources, was “thrilled to be released,” as the person he had been locked up with in the SHU was hardly someone Josh would have associated with in his pre-prison days.

“Josh had it particularly bad because he was locked up [in the SHU] with another prisoner who is one of the nastiest people in the unit,” one source tells The Ashley. “[This person] is known as ‘Joe Dirty’ because of his poor hygiene and his general gross demeaner. ‘Joe’ is also transgender, so, given Josh’s beliefs, that was probably not fun for Josh.”

(As “19 Kids & Counting” fans know, Josh once worked as the Executive Director of the Family Research Council Action, a group that is notoriously against same sex relationships. In his pre-prison days, Josh himself was an outspoken opponent of all things LGBTQ.) 

The former inmate says that, like most prisons, there are a lot of transgender inmates at Seagoville. (The prison even added makeup items to commissary to accommodate the transgender inmates who wanted them.) 

“But this person he was locked up with is downright crazy and nasty,” the source told The Ashley. “That’s who Josh spent his 35th birthday with.”

(Josh “celebrated” his birthday on March 3.)

“Needless to say it was NOT a happy birthday.”

Although he’s back in general population, Josh’s punishment continues. He will not be allowed to have visitors for 180 days, and can’t use the phone. He is also not allowed to have commissary for that amount of time.

“That means Josh can’t talk to his wife [Anna] at all for 180 days,” the source said.

“What.A.Bummer. I am so sad…yeah, that’s it…”

But that’s not all.

“Cell phones are hot commodities in [prison],”one former prisoner of FCI Seagoville— the Texan prison Josh is currently locked up in— tells The Ashley. “Certain inmates get them and then basically rent them out to the other guys. If they’re caught and the phone gets taken away, the guy who rented it is responsible for paying the owner for it. That would usually be around $1800-$2000. So it’s possible that Josh would need to figure out how to pay it back.”

Josh is currently on what is called “maintenance pay” and is only making $5 a month, due to having been in trouble.

As The Ashley previously reported, Josh’s release date has been changed, due to his getting in trouble. Although he was originally supposed to be sprung from the Big House in August 2032, his release date is now listed as October 2, 2032.

In the meantime, Josh is still in the process of appealing his 151-month sentence. Last month, Josh’s attorneys faced off with prosecution in the latest attempt to overturn the former reality TV star’s conviction and prison sentence. That appeal is still pending.

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40 Responses

  1. He cried every day probably, got the pity pass.

    Sociopaths do not do well in jail, David Evans (- n Eason) cried and feared a lot too.

  2. To everyone that thinks we’re bigots, we’re not, we’re allowed to have our opinions of disagreement of these people, just like those that agree are. Deal with it.

    It’s pathetic that people that disagree with us think their opinions are somehow more important and should be the only opinions voiced and that ours shouldn’t.

    Free…country!!! We ALL can say how we feel!!!

      1. People have different opinions, how is what I said hypocritical?

        My point is, we ALL have a right to say what we want.

        Can you imagine how this world would be if we all felt one or the other about EVERYTHING??

        What a boring world that would be? Having different opinions and being able to voice them is what makes the world go round.

        1. so you get your opinion but other people don’t get theirs?
          you can have the opinion that lgbt are bad that’s your opinion and my opinion is that your a bigot see how that works?

          1. You know what…if disagreeing makes me a bigot then so be it, but I honestly don’t see how disagreeing makes me one?

          2. And I never said they were bad, I said the actions are bad.

            I’ve met some extremely nice people that live in a way I don’t agree with.

  3. Without a Crystal Ball was reporting that Josh is having a “relationship” with a transgender. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    1. I highly doubt that. Decades of brainwashing isn’t going to disappear that quickly, especially to that extent. Also, Without a Crystal Ball is the least trustworthy YouTuber there is. She lies on a daily basis and does worse things than lie too.

  4. C’mon now. Dirty Joe is completely and totally sane!!
    Nothing wrong with Dirty Joe!

    I love that no one knows what Joe did to get in not only gel, but SHU.
    I’m gonna guess it wasnt jaywalking.

    But bc he claims victimhood, he gets a pass.

    Yeah that’s where we are in clown world.

  5. I do not completely understand. So was the person Josh locked up with transgender MtoF, i.e. identified as a woman.

    Side note: Does anyone know how to prison work with transgenders? I know they are less than 1% of the population, but I could see arguments made from both sides on which unit they should be put in.

    1. If he has a penis, he needs to be with men. Not women.

      Assuming Dirty Joe still has a penis.

      Frankly he can stay with them men if he’s as gross as the source says.

    2. I actually have the same questions so I started a little research. In some states, a prison will be housed with their preferred gender. So a man identifying as a woman could be placed in a women’s facility. I didn’t get far enough in my research to find out the rules for federal prison though.

      The states that allow the prisoner to be housed with their preferred gender (is this the right terminology? I truly don’t know and I don’t want to be offensive) have had some lawsuits and problems with men identifying as women in women’s prisons sexually assaulting biological women, which is a reason other states use to house inmates by their birth gender. States are kinda damned if they do, damned if they don’t, in terms of transgender rights in prison.

      I need to keep researching but considering that sexual assault is claimed to be commonplace in all/most prisons, I don’t know if the assaults by male identifying female in a women’s prison on biological women is of greater frequency than same gender assaults on other inmates.

      I’ll keep reading and if I come across a better answer, I’ll update on this thread.

      1. @Curious– this particular individual is bio male, and began presenting female while in prison. So this person is still in the men’s prison. -The Ashley

      2. In the Uk two men who identify as women were put in women’s prisons ( neither were placed in the same women’s prison ) but both men raped women inmates.
        Another man who identifies as a women, raped a young girl in a women’s bathroom.
        So bio men regardless, in my opinion should be in male prisons..

    1. Sounds to me like he didn’t wanna be a man’s bitch so he’s acting like a female so he can be moved, but I got news for him, he’s gonna be somebody’s bitch no matter where he goes!!

  6. Not gonna lie, my soul smiled a little when I read Josh’s consequences. I mean, he just seems to out-narcissist himself every article. How arrogant to think he wouldn’t get caught—especially while trying to appeal his conviction. To me, this would be the time to be on your very best behavior. Don’t poke the bear!

    But I also felt a sigh of relief knowing he won’t be able to speak with, or see, Anna or his parents. Maybe during this six months of true separation, Anna will face the reality of her situation and decide to step up as a mother. Clearly she has been brainwashed and manipulated by Josh, the Duggars, her parents and her church. Why else would she stand by her man in these horrible circumstances?!?!

    Anna, please, choose your children. Make your children your absolute priority and protect them (and yourself) from the monster you married. Being divorced as to be better than 13 years of prison visits. You can leave Josh and love a healthy and fulfilling life with the help of a therapist. Please, choose your children. It will be the most important action of your life.

  7. This makes me smile. Only wish the prev were in that tiny cell with Joe Dirty for years. The guards probably deliberately put entitled Joshy with Joe Dirty. Joshy’s days of being king son of the fundy family are long over.

  8. LMFAOOOOO ? poor little pedo had to spend his birthday with someone he was taught to hate. Boohoo ?

    He could’ve taken that time to speak with them and educate himself but I have no reason to believe he did. I’m kinda glad he can’t use the phone. Maybe Anna can use this time to reconsider leaving his crusty ass.

    The article wasn’t clear about how he got the phone (if he did actually rent it or not) but he’s about to find out real quick what happens when you’re in debt to another prisoner.

  9. damn overcrowding ~ this chode should’ve had to serve EVERY SECOND of his SHU time. ??

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