It’s Over! “1000-Lb. Sisters” Star Michael Halterman Officially Files For Divorce From Wife Amy Slaton

“You’re filing against me? That’s interesting…”

It’s over for Amy Slaton and her husband Michael Halterman.

Michael officially filed for divorce from the 1000-Lb. Sisters star last week, with The Sun reporting that the filing happened on March 13. Although The Sun is reporting that Amy filed, The Ashley can confirm that it was actually Michael who filed for divorce from Amy and not the other way around.  

In court documents obtained by The Ashley, Michael is listed as the Plaintiff, while Amy is named the Defendant in the filing, meaning Michael was the one to file the documents.

This comes just weeks after it was reported that Amy had moved out of the home she and Michael had shared with their two young children, sons Gage and Glenn. Amy and the boys have reportedly been living in the home of Amy’s sister Tammy Slaton.

According to court records, Amy and Michael are scheduled to meet in court on Wednesday for a motion hour (when family court business is generally handled for divorces, custody cases, etc.)


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Amy recently removed nearly all the photos of Michael from her Instagram account. However, neither Amy nor Michael have mentioned the divorce publicly yet.

According to a previous report by The Sun, a lot of the tension between Michael and Amy was due to Michael’s lack of involvement with the kids, and the couple’s disagreement over whether or not their young sons should film for “1000-Lb. Sisters.”

“[Michael] doesn’t want the kids to be on the show, but Amy disagrees,” the site’s source stated a few weeks ago. “They have been fighting over this for months.”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available.

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  1. And notice how Amy moves in with Tammy instead of staying in her own house where her sons have the better environment??
    Because she doesn’t want the responsibility of being a single mom and doing the work.
    Now she has Tammy to help even though you have 2 adults and 2 toddlers in a small two bedroom house.
    Tammy and Amy can now continue their toxic codependent relationship.

  2. We are only hearing her side. It’s hard to believe that a woman who couldn’t seem to keep a small house clean, constantly complaining about how tired she was even before the birth of her second child and didn’t work outside the home, still always looked a mess as far as dirty clothes and the confessing to eating takeout…
    So whose lazy? She’s not cleaning, not keeping up with laundry, not cooking regularly.But she’s tired.She is eating anything she wants.
    She also complains about the stress of Tammy but Tammy had been in rehab so she wasn’t having to do anything for her any more.
    So I don’t quite buy this is all Michael’s fault.
    Maybe he’s tired of her not doing anything.

  3. Shame that kids are almost never protected by the other parent before a divorce and the pettiness that follows.

    This guy and Andrew Glennon had no issues filming and happily received the money before break up with the baby mama.

    People will recognize the mother and father and approach them and the child in public anyway. There’s very little use to refuse filming for the sake of their safety.

    1. Not wanting your child on the show, versus not wanting yourself to be on it, are two different things. Michael has always said he didn’t want their son-now sons-to be on the show, form the beginning. The show isn’t about the children and they really shouldn’t be filmed for it. It doesn’t matter if people recognize them or know them in public. Children shouldn’t be fodder for their parents’ celebrity-real or imagined-status. She only wants them filmed because they’ll make more money if she does. That is the ONLY reason. He even said he didn’t want to do the show anymore before the first one was born, and said the same thing then.

      It’s not just for their safety, though I can understand why it would play some role. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you should get to do whatever you want with them or their lives-no one human is that special. Let them decide later in life when they’re older, for themselves. That’s why this whole idea surrounding children being part of reality tv has gone downhill in recent years. People are waking up and realizing how asinine it is and how terribly it can affect them as they grow up. It’s bad enough for the kids who aren’t filmed, but have parents on reality tv. Kids aren’t their parents’ play things, or an extension of them.

  4. While I love watching them they were both equally dirty. He at least had a job. I’m not picking sides and again I love the show but they both have their issues.

    1. Well,Amy is not a supermodel either.He is not lazy,he has a job.SHE is the one who is lazy.Hadn,t you see her previous house with cockroaches….

    1. He works and she sits on her fat ass making money off a tv show, barely taking care of her children and wants them to be filmed for the show so they can make more money. They are nowhere near the same.

      I’m not a fan of him either, I’ve never liked him, but he’s not anywhere near as lazy as she is. She does absolutely fuck all for her family. As far as ignorance is concerned, they all are, she isn’t any less ignorant than he is. She’s pure trash and SHE isn’t the one that wanted to end the marriage, he is. That’s more telling than people realize. They’re both better of without each other, but she wants to use her kids as pawns to make money, that’s messed up.

  5. He should definitely be involved in the care of his kids and those kids should definitely not participate in a reality TV show. No kid should.

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