“1000 Lb. Sisters” Star Amy Slaton Splits From Husband Michael Halterman; Reportedly Already Moved Out of Their Shared Kentucky Home

“See ya, Mikey!” 

There’s about to be a single Slaton sister!

The Sun broke the news on Monday that 1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton Halterman has reportedly split with her husband, Michael Halterman, with whom she shares two young sons.

The site reports that the couple has been having trouble in their relationship since last year. That “trouble” is apparently serious enough that Amy has reportedly already taken two-year-old Gage and seven-month old Glenn and moved out of the Kentucky home she and Michael once shared. They are currently staying at the home of Amy’s sister, Tammy Slaton, who recently got out of rehab.

While Amy has yet to file for divorce, The Sun claims that it’s just a matter of time before she does.

“Amy says Michael is lazy, and has been jealous of her attention toward the kids,” the site’s source stated.

Fans saw Amy’s frustration with her husband on the most-recent episode of the show, in which Amy returned home from the hospital after Glenn’s birth. Amy— who is recovering from a C-section during the scene— is upset when Michael doesn’t help her with the kids at a barbecue, leaving Amy to care for both Gage and Glenn as Michael enjoys his food.

Later, Amy tells the cameras that Michael doesn’t help out around the house and instead just plays video games. 

“Daddy ain’t doin’ s**t. Sometimes I feel like I got three kids,” Amy said during the episode.

Michael and Amy have yet to publicly comment on The Sun‘s report of their split.

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  1. You have to have known not to get pregnant by this cave man. He didn’t just start exhibiting these behaviors, cmon Amy! Another family growing up with divorce. Amy you had to have seen this lazy bum a mile away.

  2. Tammy is very strong, but it took her so long to find love I can understand why she waited so long to remove this person from her life. I hope she goes forward to start anew with her beautiful children, keeping her strength and pride intact.

  3. That’s sad but with two kids, you have to work on it unless there’s something else I don’t see this as sufficient to leave.. my husband doesn’t do a lot either but if I just left him that would be harder on my kids long term. My parents were divorced and even now, birthdays and holidays with my kids are awkward. I hate it.

    1. If he’s not going to step up & being a dad, she & the kids are better off without him. He’s supposed to be a role model to his sons & he isn’t doing a very good job of that if he can’t get off his butt & help to take care of his kids after their mother is healing from a c section!

  4. Poor Amy all she ever wanted in life was to have a family to be a good mum to have the mum,the dad and the babies and I did feel sorry for Michael for few seasons because he had to push Tammy’s fat ass everywhere and you could see at times both Amy and Michael were pissed they didn’t want to do it and you could see it especially in Michael’s face he just wanted to say no I thought once they moved and had their own little family but Michael’s still not getting the attention he wants well Michael you dipped it you knew after gage what was expected so all I have to say now is you lazy ass poor Amy do you know what pain she’s in emotionally and from the c-sec she shouldn’t even be doing as much as I saw in the video while you stuffed your face you know what get a wash a shave and take care of that woman you supposedly love to me everyone takes the mickey out of Amy and she’s to nice to bite back but I want to know they’ve all got mouths on them we know that they eat enough why didn’t Chris open his mouth cos for sure if tammy was there Michael would have been called out grr Amy you’re lovely you’re a great mum and you’ll get there honeyxx

  5. Michael only got Amy because she had low self esteem.

    Now that she has lost a lot of weight, has some minor celebrity, and is making much more than him. She’s finally grown a spine and isn’t taken his sh*t. Why raise three children? I’m glad she kicked him to the curb.

    Never saw what she saw in that man.

  6. so your source for this info is the sun which is a tabloid paper known for misinformation. SMH. Fake news. How pathetic. Anything for attention.

  7. I wanted to reach through the TV and slap some sense into Michael in last week’s episode. For him to sit there while his wife was trying to comfort and attend to 2 children, never mind her very recent c-section was inexcusable. I hate that for Amy, but maybe this will knock some sense into him.

  8. Good for her for recognizing that Michael is a useless piece of shit. Not only can you barely understand what he says on the rare occasion he decides to string a sentence together, rather than one or two word responses, he doesn’t do anything! It’s sad that he rarely participates in the care and upbringing of his own sons.

    Also, where does Tammy live now?? I thought she lost that duplex house.

  9. I will say that I was furious during the last episode. Amy was recovering from a c-section, suffering from postpartum depression and trying to take care of both kids. Her siblings stepped in to try and take care of both boys. Meanwhile Michael is shoveling food in his mouth, didn’t blink, didn’t even look up while both kids AND Amy were crying. Amy made a little joke about it and snickered about having “3 boys” instead of 2. But you could tell it really bothered her & she felt completely unsupported.

    1. I have 5 kids. My oldest two boys are 19 mos apart. I actually cried when I watched this, because I could understand her frustration. It’s so sad and nobody deserves a lazy spouse like that. I don’t blame her one bit for leaving. I feel that Amy has really worked to be a good mom and better herself.

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