“1000-Lb. Sisters” Star Tammy Slaton Forced to Move In With Brother Chris Combs Following a Series of Fights With Sister Amanda Halterman

“You’s fixin’ to run outta sibling sofas to crash on, sis.”

Tammy Slaton has a new roommate and a new place to call home. 

According to The Sun, the 1000-Lb. Sisters star had to move in with her brother Chris Combs back in November after getting into one too many fights with her half-sister Amanda Halterman, who owned the Kentucky home Tammy had been renting.  

The outlet reports that Tammy was forced by Amanda to vacate the home, due to the pair’s inability to get along with one another.  

“Don’t let the door hit ya, girl!”

“They fight worse than cats and dogs,” a friend of Tammy’s claimed, with other sources noting that the sisters have had “multiple intense arguments” in recent months, including a squabble at the funeral of Tammy’s late husband, Caleb Willingham. 

(As The Ashley previously told you, Tammy’s husband passed away in July, just days after his fortieth birthday.)

Tammy began renting the Sturgis, Kentucky, home owned by Amanda shortly after leaving the Ohio rehab facility she called home for more than a year. 

“Welcome home! Just don’t go and get yourself too comfy, now.”

Chris’ home, where Tammy currently resides, is located about 38 miles from Sturgis; however, Tammy reportedly has her eyes on a property near Chris’ home, where she plans to move later this winter. 

“Wanna lend a hand in haulin’ them boxes, bro?”

As you may recall, Tammy’s other sister Amy Slaton moved in with Tammy back in February amid her split from ex-husband, Mike Halterman. The Sun reported earlier this month that Amy’s new boyfriend, Tony Rodgers, moved in with Amy over the summer, though it’s unclear if the couple is residing in the home owned by Amanda or if they are living elsewhere. 

As you know, this isn’t the first time a Halterman/Slaton family feud has made the news in 2023. Back in July, filming on the new season of “1000-Lb. Sisters” came to an abrupt halt after Tammy, Amy and Amanda got into an argument that turned physical. (Chris was also involved in the sibling squabble, though he reportedly did not take part in the brawling portion of the feud.) 

“Dang y’all, I still can’t believe Chris missed out on all the fun.”

“The film crew was present, but they felt uncomfortable working with them because of the way they were behaving,” a source said of the incident. 

Due to the severity of the on-set sparring match between the sisters, the show’s crew decided to take an extended break from filming to allow the cast enough time to simmer the hell down calm down from the altercation. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Amanda doesn’t put up with Tammy’s BS and that’s why they’re always butting heads. Everyone else tip toes around her and Amanda is the only one who tells her what’s up.

    Tammy needs intense therapy so she can finally grow tf up and stop demanding her family take care of everything for her.

  2. Wait, Amy’s husband was Michael Halterman and Amy and Tammy’s sister is Amanda Halterman? Did they marry two brothers or what?

  3. Tammy is a grown woman, why is it anyone’s responsibility to take care of her?

    I thought the whole point of her losing weight would mean she would become more independent.

    Grow up and get your own apartment. Isn’t she making money on this reality show. I mean Amy was able to buy a home with her money. What’s tammy doing spending on UberEats and alcohol to make people like her?

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