“90 Day: The Single Life” Season 4 to Feature Returning Singles, a Former Couple, a “90 Day” Divorcee & More: See the Full Cast & Watch the First Trailer

Raise your hand if you’ll be shameless tuning in for another season of this trash heap…

Get ready to watch another group of unlucky-in-love ladies and gentlemen from the 90 Day Fiance franchise hit the dating scene and attempt to find love when 90 Day: The Single Life returns for a new season next month. 

The singles diving head first into the dating pool for Season 4 include two returning singles, a former engaged couple, a catfish victim, a divorcee from the “90 Day Fiance” franchise and more.

Check out the full cast list for Season 4 of “90 Day: The Single Life” below!

Natalie, 39, Ukraine

Natalie’s take on any and all “90 Day” spin-off appearances…

Returning for another season of ‘The Single Life’ is Natalie Mordovtseva, who is actually making her third appearance on this spin-off for singles. In Season 4, TV Insider reports, viewers will watch as Natalie relocates to Los Angeles to be with her long-distance boyfriend Josh. While Natalie hopes to build a life with Josh in LA– one that will eventually include children– she starts to question if Josh can really give her what she needs.

Veronica, 37, North Carolina

“I’ll be damned if I waste my best years hanging on the couch with my pal Tim.”

Also returning is Veronica Rodriguez, whose relationship with boyfriend Jamal will reportedly take a complicated turn this season. 

“I’ve never dated somebody younger, but I think it’s worth the risk,” she reveals in the trailer. 

Despite this “complicated turn,” Veronica isn’t giving up on love, and once again this season, she’ll have her trusty BFF (and former fiance) Tim Malcolm by her side for support– for better or worse.

Tim, 42, North Carolina 

Let’s hope that Tim has better luck in the dating world than he does at the barber shop.

…and speaking of Tim, the former “90 Day Fiance” star will be making his debut (as a single) on the spin-off this season. Just as he intends to do for Veronica, Tim hopes his bestie (and again, former fiancee) will help him find love of his own.

Chantel, 32, Georgia 

“…want to miss the opportunity to exploit that for another TLC paycheck.”

Chantel Everett is single and ready to mingle join another spin-off! Following her tumultuous divorce from husband Pedro Jimeno, The Family Chantel star is joining Season 4 of ‘The Single Life’, where viewers will see her take control of her love life by taking a girl’s trip to Greece. 

“I’m single, I’m ready to mingle and I’m not wearing any panties,” Chantel reveals in the Season 4 trailer. 

While celebrating her newly-minted single status, Chantel starts to wonder if she’s ready to open her heart up to love again, and with memories of Pedro still fresh in her mind, she also wonders if she’s ready to fall in love with another non-American.

Tyray, 33, California 

“…someone who isn’t a man.” 

On the upcoming season of ‘The Single Life’, fans will watch as Tyray Mollett sets off on a journey of personal growth and transformation, while trying to overcome being catfished by his online girlfriend of four years, Carmela. 

“After being catfished by Carmela, I was heartbroken, but now I’m ready to find love and to take the next leap,” Tyray says in the trailer. 

Helping Tyray navigate his fears (and the concept of dating IRL) this season are his brothers, who have quite the task in front of them if they’re hoping to nab their brother his dream woman, Hillary Clinton.

“She’s a scorpio,” Tyray says in the Season 4 trailer. “So she’s probably a freak in the sheets.”

Debbie, 68, Georgia

“Here’s to keeping it honest and no longer dating men who are young enough to be my grandson.”

While things didn’t work out between Debbie Aguero and her (much) younger love interest Oussama on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, she is moving on and this time, trying to find someone more age-appropriate. This season, fans will watch as Debbie leaves her comfort zone to begin searching for love again, along with the unsolicited help of her police officer son, Julian. 

John McManus, 40, of Nevada– who fans of the “90 Day Fiance” franchise may know best for sharing his opinions about his brother Patrick’s relationship– is stepping out of his comfort zone (and out of his bachelor lifestyle) and into a relationship with a woman who lives in Texas. The new lady in John’s life reportedly has her eye on marriage, children and seeing John relocate to The Lone Star State. Viewers will watch this season as the former bachelor transitions from living carefree to living a life of commitment. 

“90 Day: The Single Life” Season 4 premieres January 1 on TLC. Watch the new trailer below. 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube)



  1. Why do they keep forcing Natalie on us? She is a spoiled brat and not fun to watch. Tim and his incessant whining and Veronica attempting to be sexy (cue preview of her trying to seductively gnaw on her own fingernail😂) is not appealing either. I’m not too keen on seeing Chantel with her apparently no wearing panties exploits. I’m kind of indifferent to Debbie. I couldn’t stand her in her entire season but at the tell all I actually started to change my mind. Having Tyray on just feels exploitative to me. The cast choices seem to be getting worse.

      1. I cannot *stand* Natalie. The fact that she’s still here boggles my mind. She is up there with Leida as one of the worst people to ever come across my screen on this show. 🙅‍♀️

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