Attempted Deportation, Divorce & One Last Trip to the DR: TLC Releases Trailer for Final Season of ‘The Family Chantel’

It’s the end of an era.

The Family Chantel is back for a final season of family feuding. 

TLC announced the upcoming Season 5 premiere of the 90 Day Fiance spin-off, which will follow former couple Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno as they meet face-to-face for the first time in nine months and put the final touches on their divorce. 

“Going through this divorce has been the hardest time of my life,” Chantel says in the just-released Season 5 trailer. “ … I will never forget how it feels to be betrayed by someone that you love so much. And now, he’s going to get what’s coming.” 

Chantel, commenting on her marriage and TLC paychecks (unless she can snag a spot on the ‘Single Life’ spin-off, of course!) 

As fans of ‘The Family Chantel’ may remember, Chantel and Pedro announced in Season 4 that they were separating after more than 5 years of marriage and a whole lot of drama. (Pedro reportedly went on to file for divorce in May 2022.)  

Despite no longer being married, the drama is far from over for Pedro and Chantel, thanks in large part to their respective families. 

“The goal of the Family Chantel is to ruin my life in America,” Pedro says in the upcoming season. “F**k them. F**k all of them.” 

“…and move on to another spin-off.”

While Pedro may not be free of his ex and her family just yet, Season 5 will show him taking full advantage of his newly single status–- a move that infuriates Chantel’s family. 

“I’ve had it up to here with seeing how hurt Chantel is,” Chantel’s mom, Karen, says in the clip after seeing a photo of Pedro and his new lady friend on social media. “I have to protect my baby by any means necessary.” 

“Chantel, go fetch Mama’s taser please!” 

Karen will enlist the services of a private investigator in the upcoming season in an effort to teach her former son-in-law a lesson. 

“I’m meeting with the PI because Pedro has really hurt Chantel and I don’t think that he should just walk away scot-free,” she says.

“I’m not going down without a fight…or as much screen time as I can possibly get.”

Later in the clip, Pedro claims Karen has been “chasing” him and trying to get him deported for over a year. 

Viewers will also see the return of Pedro’s mom, Lidia, fresh off her appearance on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise. Much like Lidia never supported her son’s relationship with Chantel, Pedro isn’t a fan of his mom’s new boyfriend, Scott, with the two even coming to blows after a heated argument. 

Some families things never change. (Sadly, no one is wearing a wig that can be snatched off, though…)

Because no season of ‘The Family Chantel’ would be complete without some international travel and a side of pure chaotic confrontation, viewers will also watch as Chantel & Co. hop a plane to the Dominican Republic to end things with Pedro and his family once and for all. 

“All of the lies and all the deceiving, this all ends now,” Chantel says. 

Season 5 of ‘The Family Chantel’ premieres Monday, November 6 on TLC. Watch the trailer for the new season below!   

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube) 


11 Responses

  1. Karen must not be very tired of seeing her children hurt or she would stop hurting them. She enjoys the attention and has made the most of it and used them for financial gain, so maybe that’s why she causes so much trouble, to harvest the dollars as she puts it. That whole family needs lots of therapy and some good head meds.

  2. I initially wished both of them the best, and hoped that each would find their own true happiness. I had actually forgotten about them, and am now shocked to see yet ANOTHER season of this is coming up soon.

    If Pedro and Chantel are truly done with each other, NO amount of TLC money should make them want to be around each other for two seconds — let alone to film for MONTHS for cash. That also goes for their families who also supposedly hate each other’s guts.

    Flying to the DR? For what?

    I swear I’d rather watch paint dry than this.


  3. Why is she hiring a private investigator? The marriage is over he can & is dating.
    Hurting someone’s feelings is not a crime.

    I really think he tried, they both did but her family is so involved & so horrible, if she only set some boundaries she would still be married

  4. Two negatives do NOT make a positive in this case.

    I wonder if they know that you don’t even have to see the other person to have a divorce. Yup, you dont have to hire a P.I., or fly to another country and yell and scream, to have a divorce.

    Just sign the fucking papers and move on, all of you toxic weirdos.

    1. Pedro’s mom and sister are trash. I think Pedro went into this honestly-ish. But fake Chatel and her psycho “we are better” family are too much.

    2. “I will never forget how it feels to be betrayed by someone that you love so much. And now, he’s going to get what’s coming.”

      Let that sink in and then tell me who is the trash in this situation.

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