‘The Family Chantel’ Stars Chantel Everett & Pedro Jimeno Are Divorcing; Pedro Accuses Chantel of Taking $275K & Chantel Accuses Pedro of Domestic Violence & Cheating

We’re shocked! These two always seemed so happy. (And by always, we mean maybe twice.)

One of 90 Day Fiancé‘s happiest couples have called it quits. 

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, who made their debut on “90 Day Fiance” before going on to star in their own spin-off, The Family Chantel, are ending things after Pedro filed for divorce in May, according to ET.

” …being married to Chantel.”

While Pedro did not file until May, documents obtained by TMZ claim he and Chantel had separated the month prior. Pedro is seeking an equitable division of all marital property. 

The site also reports that on the day Pedro filed for divorce, he filed a motion claiming Chantel withdrew $275,000 from their joint account to an account in her sister’s name. Pedro claims this transfer took place five days before he and Chantel separated. 


Pedro reportedly asked a judge to make Chantel transfer the cash back to a joint account until it can be divided in the divorce; however, the judge denied the request for an emergency hearing. Instead, the judge stated that the court would set a hearing for another date to resolve the issue.

ET reports that a mutual restraining order was filed the same day in May, as well.   

In her response to Pedro’s divorce filing, Chantel accuses Pedro of adultery and “cruel treatment.” She states that Pedro is guilty of committing “physical domestic violence” as well as causing her “mental pain.” 

In legal papers filed on Thursday in Georgia, Chantel writes that her marriage to Pedro “is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.”

According to ET, Chantel asked the court to equally distribute their material debt. She also wants Pedro ordered to return her cell phone, as well as the backup storage devices for her phone and computer.

News of the husband and wife’s breakup comes after a history of ups and downs, many of which involved Pedro & Chantel’s respective family members.

Looks like Nicole is finally getting her wish.

Fans of ‘The Family Chantel’ have seen the couple continue to struggle during the currently-airing season of their show, with recent episodes showing Pedro accusing Chantel of being lazy, and Chantel raising concerns about a female co-worker of Pedro’s. 

Raise your hand if Chantel doesn’t trust you to go to the nail salon together…

The legal separation of the two was also teased in a preview for Season 4 that aired last month, with Pedro and Chantel discussing the possibility of going their separate ways. 

As of press time, Pedro and Chantel have both remained silent on their split. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. He has always had an attitude n his lowly family always wanting money from him n her . What ever money he earned he sent to his family ! He should be sent back to DR without anything of Chantelle!! He is a user and abuser as are his Ill mannered sister & no morals mother who demonstrated her morals by having children by a married man ! Very low morals n taught her children those very same ways ! To cheat !

  2. Of course he was cheating, who’s he having sex with when he hasn’t had sex with wife in 3 months. She should of never married him, he just like his family looking for greencard and free ride.

  3. Glad she took money she one who worked for majority of money. Always thought he was in it for greencard then when time passed this is exactly what he was going to do. She’ll be better off in long run without his dumbass

    1. Can’t move his mom till he is a citizen, which now he is divorced means he has to be a green card holder for five years before he can apply then it takes a year and then about a year or two to sponsor the mother. The sister can be sponsored by him (15 to 20 years) or if she isn’t married by the mother once she becomes a green card holder (5-7 years) or if she is married by the mother once she is a citizen (5-7 years after mother becomes citizen)

  4. I honestly felt their relationship started in a good place, they loved each other and wanted to be married. The families were just terrible and annoying. After the first season I found everyone to be difficult to watch and grasping at dramatic scenes to continue their 5 mins of fame. We all knew they were headed here, I hope their show ends.

  5. I think he used her from the beginning. Their families were toxic in their relationship regardless. At least they were smart enough to not have children.

  6. I think he is having an affair with the not very pretty (I am trying to be nice) girl in the office and I also believe he used her for a green card. Can he still be deported?

      1. Until he works 40 quarters, becomes a citizen, leaves the us and gives up green card, or dies. If he doesn’t work enough to earn full quarters it can take longer to get to 40 quarters than 10 years.

    1. Nope, if he has his green card he could only be deported if there was concrete proof that he commuted fraud to obtain the green card or fiancé visa. If it was just they had a crappy relationship then it’s just one of those things that happen. If he had been married less than two years when he got his green card then he has a conditional green card but he can get an unconditional (ten year) green card on a divorce waiver – no biggie just show you are legally divorced and that it was a bonafide relationship when they got married.

  7. That woman is just terrible.
    From the very beginning she played the victim-let her husband take all of the blame for her inability to be honest with her family.
    Idk what has happened since then because I skip passed their segments. 🤷‍♀️

  8. They never should have gotten married to begin with. Both of their families are crazy and involve themselves way too much. Pedro and Chantel talk to each other horribly as well.

  9. Chantel’s family was beyond crazy although his wasn’t so sane either. Thank God they don’t have children they would be another Paul and Karine

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