EXCLUSIVE! Inside Cheyenne Floyd & Zach Davis’ Demands For Their Wedding Guests: Photos Banned, Black Tie Required & More

“If I don’t make rules, Cory will come in wearing a T-shirt that has a photo of himself on it!”

Cheyenne Floyd is not playing when it comes to her upcoming wedding to Zach Davis.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom OG couple has set some strict rules for the guests who attend the nuptials and reception. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Chey and Zach are tying the knot on September 29 in Pasadena, California. The couple has stated that they plan to invite 300 guests— including many of their fellow MTV reality stars from shows like ‘Teen Mom,’ The Challenge and Are You The One? 

Cheyenne’s other baby daddy, Cory Wharton, and his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge will be attending the nuptials, as will ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, according to Cheyenne.

Cheyenne and Zach’s official wedding website spells out the rules for those planning to celebrate at the wedding and reception. The couple states that they expect their guests to be decked out in formal attire. Men are expected to wear a tuxedo, while women should don a floor-length evening gown.

“We hope our wedding is an excuse for you to wear your favorite Black Tie attire. Men: Tuxedo | Women: Floor length Dress,” the website states.

Tyler…trying to decide if a sideways baseball cap could be worn with a tux…

Once the well-dressed guests enter the ceremony area, Cheyenne and Zach expect them to listen up— and put their cameras and phones down!

The couple told their guests that they are not allowed to take photos or videos during the festivities.

“We want you to be fully present with us to experience every moment and therefore this will be a completely unplugged ceremony & reception,” the couple stated. “The photographer and videographer will be the only one expected to take photos & videos.” 

“Just do what she says, guys. Please.”

Cheyenne has previously stated that this will be an adults-only affair, and that the only children present will be her own and her godchildren. The guests will be treated to an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour, followed by an indoor reception at the venue.

As The Ashley previously reported, Cheyenne and Zach have created an extravagant wedding gift registry to help guide their guests when they are choosing presents for the happy couple. The couple’s registry includes high-ticket gifts such as $170 marble wastebaskets, a $600 blender and a $200 toaster.

“Any chance you’d settle for a signed Cory Wharton ‘Challenge’ shirt and a smile?”

It’s unknown if Cheyenne and Zach’s wedding will be filmed for a ‘Teen Mom’ show, though. While Chey said she is inviting her film crew and producers, she isn’t sure if they will be filming that day.

“We are open to it. My parents are not…I have asked that our normal crew can attend our wedding,” she told E! News in May. “I don’t want them to work that day. I feel like they’re such a big part of our relationship and our family. We want them there to celebrate with us.”

Based on their other registry— which allows guests to purchase activities and food for Chey and Zach to enjoy on their honeymoon— it appears that the newlyweds will be vacationing somewhere tropical after saying “I do.” 

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. I’ve been watching Teen Mom since they started filming & I’ve watched all the children & Families grow it’s been amazing I’m glad that Cheyenne & ur Beautiful Family Are on Teen Mom OG’S i want to say congratulations on ur Beautiful Day and love u & Zack and May y’all have a blessed safe wedding and prosperous life today And praying u heal from ur surgery & what happened to u & ur beautiful family and that he pays for what he did and that u & ur beautiful family are safe & for ur PTSDI had it bad after someone shot in my house it came through my wall and bathroom door which I was using the restroom I was so scared & very jumpy and couldn’t sleep or eat but praying for better days love u guys Love Always #1Fans Jessika Brodie 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. I find it ridiculous all the “high class” demands they have made for their wedding! Where are the going to put that expensive trash can, toaster, etc.? Also demanding men where tux and ladies long dresses!!! I guess she thinks it will make it look like she is higher up on the food chain. It makes her look really stupid when everyone who knows her knows her lifestyle is far from classy! Watch out folks! She must have amnesia and everyone is afraid to tell her who she really is!

  3. I don’t like this couple but… I don’t think their requests are THAT extreme… And shoot, I always say that as an adult who hasn’t had a reason to wear something fancy, that I wish I did have a reason to so I would honestly be more than fine with their requests.

  4. She needs to get the hell over herself, with them fake ass boobs.. And move on with her wedding as should be. She was never a teen mom,and never will be… So go have your wanta be extravagant wedding by yourself. Who the hell owes you anything????? With your$200 toaster….hahaha. Good luck with having any guests coming, unless of course you’re paying them to attend 😆

      1. Hi Cheyenne! And everyone can be racist. I’m Mexican and when a black guy called me a “wet back” that wasn’t racist…or uneducated because I’m not from Cuba? I’ve gotten racist remarks from white and black people in America in equal measure. Stop with your fairy tale. Humans suck in general. People of color aren’t going to get far with people like you in our camp making us sound like the uneducated fools who take no responsibility for our actions that racists like to paint us as. We have issues in our communities just like everyone else and you damn well know it. We need to own it. We aren’t fighting to be above anyone! We are fighting to be equal. Equal means equal punishment in my book. I have dark skin but that doesn’t give me a right to hate white people because guess what? Most are pretty damn decent people. You’re just as bad as the racists you think are only white.

        You know Cheyenne or you are her based on your comments here, you enabling coward. The days of “black people can’t be racist” are OVER. Cheyenne should know that after being vocal on twitter about her own racism. Now run along and plan another party because that’s all that family knows how to do. 🙄 LOOK! I have an eyeroll emoji too that I’m using like a middle schooler while talking about a serious topic.

        Now excuse me while I try and find out some of this site’s advertisers to point them to the hateful, bigoted comments that are being left up by the Ashley…like half of the comments on the Leon Brown story. Its gotten real bad recently and you’re part of the problem.

  5. I honestly don’t think it’s “demanding” to state the expected attire for your wedding and to request that guests get their noses out of their phones for a day.
    None of these “wedding rules” seem weird to me.

    1. It’s basically signing a piece of paper and people do it all the time. Getting married is not some Herculean feat. If someone cures cancer or AIDS, then they can tell me how to act at their celebration.

  6. if her kids are there others should be allowed—and the attire?!?!? get over yourself!!! telling people they have to be ‘fully present’ they are GUESTS!!! WOW!!!! teen mom my a**—these girls are nothing but over paid divas!!!!

    1. You don’t get to tell someone else that your kids should be allowed to be at their event they pay for. 🙄 bit entitled there

    1. Right?

      Most of the guests are reality trash. Folks who put all their business on TV for a few dollars.

      Like C&T? Oh god. High class for sure.

    1. Hopefully he will be wearing stripes. Multiple DUI? He is risking innocent peoples lives. Does she allow him to drive her kids under the influence? Probably not, just other people s kids at risk. Oh yeah, there are certain babies she wants to kill anyway.

  7. she has good taste! if you can afford an extravagant wedding then go for it who the hell cares if that’s too much it’s not like the haters are personally paying for it

    1. She had terrible taste. She is marrying a criminal & a fraud. And she had a kid with Corey.

  8. So glad I’m not their friend.

    I feel like people should just be happy that others have shown up to celebrate your day.

    My brother got married during a massive storm. Oddly, the only grid with power in the city included the church they were married in and their condo. No one else had power to get done up so most of us showed up looking like we’re at a BBQ. Reception was all by candlelight except for the back patio where a neighbor let us use his generator for dancing. The wedding was on the 10 yr anniversary of when my family were on a cruise that went straight through hurricane Katrina. They loved how it ended up turning out. They didn’t care what anyone wore (which is also nice because I don’t wear dresses).

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