$200 Toaster & $170 Trashcans: A Look at ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Cheyenne Floyd & Zach Davis’ Extravagant Wedding Registry (Exclusive)

“Gimme stuff!!”

Cheyenne Floyd and her family are known for their over-the-top parties and… well, everything, so it’s no surprise that the Teen Mom OG star (and her fiancé Zach Davis) went a bit over-the-top when it came to putting together their wedding gift registry.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Chey and Zach are due to say “I do” on September 29 in Pasadena, California. Although the wedding is still 90 days away, the couple already has several gift registries made up with some very big ticket items on them.

While The Ashley was able to locate three different registries for Cheyenne and Zach, only one was linked to their official wedding website, so The Ashley is only focusing on the confirmed registry.

(The other registries contain gift requests such as an $1800 queen bed, an $850 brass mirror and an $800 area rug, just in case you were wondering.)

“Can I get you a gift that’s not on the registry, Sis?” 

Cheyenne has stated she plans to invite around 300 guests, including some of her ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars, to her wedding. If her co-stars are looking for the perfect gift for Chey and Zach, perhaps they’ll want to consider buying the $275 candlestick set, the $200 toaster or $600 Vitamix blender.

Cheyenne’s dad, after realizing his daughter will also expect a gift in addition to this big elaborate wedding…

For guests who want to give the happy couple some very expensive spatulas and slotted spoons, there is also a $329 stainless steel utensils set.

Chey’s ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars may want to gift the couple the two $170 marble trashcans they’ve requested. (Chey and Zach want one in white marble and one in black marble, natch.)  The trashcans— which are actually small wastebaskets that would go in your bathroom (not heavy duty outdoor trashcans)— match the $70 bathroom soap dispensers and $80 tissue box holders the couple has also requested. 

“We invited everyone,” Cheyenne told E! News in May. “There are people from ‘Teen Mom’, The ChallengeAre You the One?Ex on the BeachBlack Ink Tattoo. We covered all bases. “Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are definitely coming.”

“I’ll go to the wedding but there ain’t no way I’m spending almost $400 on marble trashcans!”

It’s unknown if Cheyenne and Zach’s wedding will be filmed for a ‘Teen Mom’ show, though. While Chey said she is inviting her film crew and producers, she isn’t sure if they will be filming that day.

“We are open to it. My parents are not…I have asked that our normal crew can attend our wedding,” she told E! News. “I don’t want them to work that day. I feel like they’re such a big part of our relationship and our family. We want them there to celebrate with us.”

“…be cheap but I can only afford to get you one of the trashcans, man. My apologies.” 

Before Zach can enjoy his wedding (and wedding gifts), he will have to make an appearance in court. As The Ashley revealed earlier this week, Chey’s fiancé recently pleaded not guilty to five charges stemming from his 2020 DUI arrest and, as of press time, will be going to trial.

A pretrial conference/trial setting hearing has been set for August 12, just over a month before Zach and Cheyenne tie the knot.  

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(Photo: MTV; YouTube) 


  1. I figure she is probably one of those girls who gripe about the way they are getting fuc$ed. she has a caboose that looks great, but her attitude is just meh!

  2. Zach is a WEIRD dude! Won’t last, she’s settling but she’s a racist so I don’t care

  3. Don’t you get a discount if the couple buys items off the registry after the wedding that guests don’t buy?
    Maybe they don’t do that in the US?
    A few department stores where I grew up had this and so couples put all sorts of items on the list not really expecting the big ticket items to be gifted

  4. Geez, I just checked out their wedding website.

    No kids.
    Black Tie (men have to wear tuxedos, women have to wear floor-length dresses).
    No one is allowed to take photos or videos at ANY of the events, including reception.
    No transportation between the hotels & venue provided, have to get your own Uber or Lyft.

    Sounds like a blast lol.

    I’m sure it will be a gorgeous wedding, but part of me thinks all the rules are just so they can control it all to get an Instagram-perfect day to post on social media. How sad. Wouldn’t you want everyone to have fun taking selfies and group shots and fun candid shots so you can see everything that went on? Instead of just having perfect pictures from the professional photographer? I’m sure she’ll get the best of the best photographer, but damn, there’s nothing like seeing everyone’s fun pictures from a big event.

    Also if anyone knows them, let them know there’s a ton of spelling mistakes on their website. None of my business, but I’m sure Chey wants it to be perfect.

    1. It is weird to do such an over the top wedding and not provide transportation to the different locations….
      However the no kids rule doesn’t really bug me (I had parents at my wedding who let their kids shove their hands into my wedding cake before the ceremony even started…. was just a little frustrating).
      I also had an “unplugged” wedding and asked guests to stay off their phones until the dancing started. I think my MIL is the only one who ignored that request and was seen bent over her screen during the entirety of dinner (why?) but the whole point was to have everyone be present and I love that! I’m sure you’re right that that may not be Chey’s main focus but to each their own. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. I feel like they need to be pumping the brakes, possibly even postponing the wedding and getting Zack’s court stuff situated.

    Does she really want to be married and spend the first year of marriage with her husband either fighting in court or in jail? Good lawyers are several hundred dollars an hour just to do the leg work for a case like this is gonna be thousands they need to be re-assessing what priorities need to happen right now.

    1. Her family is loaded. They can afford both the wedding and and a great attorney at the same time. They’re too wealthy to have to prioritize lol. As for if she wants to be dealing with the court stuff, idk but she always seems to get her way, so I’m sure if she wants the wedding on September 29th, the wedding will be on September 29th. He’ll have a great lawyer and will probably get off with a slap on the wrist anyway. Sadly money talks.

  6. I think they would be better off asking guests to donate to the legal retainer fund they will both need to pull from when they get a divorce. (or use for bail) There is no way these two will remain married to each other or anyone else.

  7. Girl, you are marrying a drunken criminal, you don’t need no marble trashcan, you need a worthy husband

  8. Do you need a toaster while in jail for drunk driving? Is jail a “bring your own toaster” kind of place?

  9. Well Cheyenne seems used to getting everything she wants. Probably they have a bunch of wealthy friends who will buy this stuff. More power to her if she can pull it off. If I went, I’d be taking the $22 digital meat thermometer from the registry! Ha!

    1. Right? Maybe add a $25 grocery store gift card so they can get the meat to stick it in – I love a theme gift lol

  10. I have a white marble trash can and a black marble trash can from Walmart. They’re plastic and they do a fabulous job of holding trash. Just a thought.

    Also, what do Cheyenne’s parents do for a living? Who taught this girl that she deserves an $1800 bed from someone she knows just because she decided to get married? 🤔🤔

    1. Her family and probably most of her & their friends are all wealthy. That’s what wedding registries look like in those circles. To them those aren’t expensive items, I’m sure they’ll get most of it.

  11. Hey MTV, you want to know why Teen Mom OG Teen Mom2 are losing viewers, look no further than that racist pig Cheyenne who said she wants to kill all white babies, Amber the felon for DV, Maci and Tylers racist tweets, there you have it, until they are gone that show is in the crap tank.

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