‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd is Engaged to Boyfriend Zach Davis: See Her Engagement Ring

“Imagine how many helicopters we’ll need to rent for the wedding!”

Cheyenne Floyd is engaged!

The Teen Mom OG star accepted a proposal from her boyfriend (and future baby daddy) Zach Davis on Sunday. MTV cameras were rolling, capturing the moment for the show’s 9B season when Zach proposed to Cheyenne— who is currently pregnant with his child, a baby boy they plan to name Ace.

Zach posted a photo on his Instagram Stories of the giant engagement ring he gave Cheyenne.

He also “proposed” to Cheyenne’s four-year-old daughter, Ryder, whom she shares with Cory Wharton. Ryder was given a ring by Zach that is an exact replica of Chey’s ring, only smaller. Ryder was included in the proposal.

Cheyenne and Ryder show off their new bling…

It appears that Cheyenne had no idea the proposal would take place at the baby shower she and Zach were having to celebrate Baby Ace’s upcoming arrival. In video footage of the proposal, Cheyenne looks shocked and can be seen crying happy tears as her family screams and claps. 


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After Chey accepted the proposal, he presented her with a framed family photo that said “We said yes!” 


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Cheyenne and Zach have discussed getting engaged on recent episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ with the couple even checking out rings via Zoom during one episode.

“Ever since we announced our pregnancy, my family has made it clear that they want us to get married,” Cheyenne said during an episode that aired in March.

Although Chey and Zach have dated on-and-off for years, they became official again shortly before announcing in December that Cheyenne was pregnant.

This marks the first engagement for both Cheyenne and Zach.

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20 Responses

  1. So the chick on Teen Mom who was never a teen mom is getting married because her man was pressured and proposed to her with a ring she probably bought with her own money and cameras were rolling the whole time. Two questions: why is this show still on the air? When are they going to stop calling it “reality” TV?

  2. I hate the amount of pressure Cheyenne’s family put on Zach to get engaged to her. I get it, they are having a child together and were together off and on for many years. That’s why I’m not as supportive because I don’t know whats coming from genuinely being excited and wanting to marry and whats happening from pressure.

    Also, I’m just curious, but did Cheyenne ever issue an apology for those racist tweets about hurting white babies she posted prior to being cast on the show? MacKenzie needs to be held accountable, absolutely, but Cheyenne shouldn’t get a free pass.

  3. Ryder is absolutely adorable. While I’m here…. how many times can you throw parties for yourself/have parties thrown for you about yourself. I get that she needs a storyline, but I think if I were one of her relatives I’d push ignore when I see her name come up.

    1. Seriously…now next season she’s going to have an engagement party, bridal shower, and then the following season an entire wedding. It’s like good for her, but come on. That’s all she does every season.

  4. Glad she got what she wanted and is finally engaged, so congrats to them…but like I said before, Cheyenne’s storyline (yet again) is going to be her planning and throwing another party (this time a wedding). Unless these girls come up with something new, this show has got 1 maybe 2 seasons left. Yea, we talk about the show, but there were times Ive legit forgot the show was even airing until I got on YouTube and saw the Grace Report posted something about the show, or The Ashley did a recap.

  5. not surprised but good for her. at least now corey won’t see her as a back up plan when things don’t work out between him and taylor

    1. I’m so happy for them, he has been in love with her for years! I hope she is equally in love with him. Giving Ryder a ring as well was absolutely precious, it shows his understanding that he’s asking the whole package for their hands in marriage.

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