‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Announces She’s Pregnant with Her Second Child; Calls Out Fans Who Exposed Her Pregnancy Early

“Attention. Yes, there IS a baby in my belly!”

After months of being the target of online pregnancy speculation, Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd has finally confirmed that she’s pregnant with her second child. 

Cheyenne announced her pregnancy on Thursday night, taking to Instagram to reveal her big news— and to call out her fans and haters who exposed her pregnancy before she was ready to discuss it.

“Coming Soon 2021,” Cheyenne captioned a video showing her, her boyfriend Zach Davis and Ryder–the daughter she shares with Cory Wharton— walking along the beach and showing off Cheyenne’s baby bump.

In a second post, Cheyenne revealed more about the pregnancy. 

“We are extremely blessed and honored that this little one has chosen us as parents,” she wrote. “We prayed for this moment and wanted to hold on to it as long as we could. The past few months have been life changing in the best ways possible. Ryder is so excited to be a big sister again and is already super protective over my bump. She prays for the baby every night and kisses my belly every morning.

“Zach, you have been nothing but supportive and there every step of the way. Thinking about how young we were when we first met and how far we have come, I could not be more proud of us today. My heart is so full. Let the next adventure began.”

In another paragraph, Cheyenne addressed those who constantly accused her of being pregnant (even before she actually was), and those who announced her pregnancy prematurely. 

“Our pregnancy was never some huge secret like many of you have assumed and exposed over and over again,” she wrote. “Many women wait for their first trimester before they announce. I showed a lot quicker this pregnancy. I have been getting asked and told I was pregnant for the past two years. Any sign of weight gain and I was being told I was pregnant.

“Please do better and respect women, their bodies and do your best not to diagnose them over a picture. You never know what is going on behind closed doors – health issues, fertility problems etc. We waited till we were in a safe zone and got all the testing back. I wish I didn’t have to address this, but we have to do better as women.”

Cheyenne got plenty of congratulatory messages from her family and friends, as well as her ‘Teen Mom’ family.

“Finally!! Dear Lord YES CHEY IS PREGNANT!” Cory wrote in the comment section of Cheyenne’s Instagram post. ” Congratulations Chey and Zach happy for you both. And Ryder Ms. Ryder K your gonna have another sibling!”

“Yayyyy finally!” Cory’s girlfriend Taylor Selfridge wrote.

Cheyenne has not yet announced when she is due, or if she is expecting a boy or a girl.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. haha I did a quick search because I had no idea who her ex bf because I haven’t really paid any attention to her segments other than when she was dating Matt. ANYWAYS, I thought it was Zach Davis, the outdoorsman/author/hiker and was like, whoa way to go Cheyenne. But it wasn’t.

  2. she clearly only did this because corey wasn’t an option to have a 2nd child with anymore. she treated this dude like garbage! now he’s useful though. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Really beautiful family. I like the video. It was really sweet. I don’t know anything about her, so I’m sending the positive vibes.

  4. I mean good for her….but I thought she at least wanted to be a wife before having another kid…but to each their own.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Zach the dude she was with when she first appeared on the show, and then they broke up? She then got with the dude who moved to LA and tried to move in with her? Now she’s back with Zach and pregnant? As you can tell, I really don’t keep up with Cheyenne.

    1. I watched the whole video just to get a look at the dad..
      I don’t follow anything about her or Cory ( he is soo thirsty!)
      I only knew of the other one, who moved across the country for her…..

  6. I remember reading they split up in October. I don’t get playing happy family because someone got pregnant. She seems like a great mom to Ryder. Congrats to her on the baby. I’ll hold the salutations on the relationship.

    1. I googled what was that about and yes, you are right. Why do people constantly do that?! Yes, it might work out the second time but like, here it is obvious he came back because she is pregnant.

    1. She isn’t married,
      just pregnant and after breaking up in October
      (as someone said above)
      they are
      “Doin’ it for the Gram”
      pretending / playing
      “Happy Family”
      *She does seem like a great Mom to Rider
      I hope it all works out for her, bc being a single mom is hard period!
      Then adding w/ 2 different baby daddies & sharing /splitting time & holidays etc..
      I can’t imagine

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