‘Teen Mom OG’ to Return in January for Season 9: Here’s a Look at Each Girls’ Storyline

“Same old storylines on 3! 1…2…3!”

Teen Mom OG is back for year another season.

The long-in-the-tooth MTV reality show returns in January with the same girls— Amber PortwoodMaci BookoutCheyenne FloydCatelynn Lowell and Mackenzie McKee—but with new storylines…kind of.

MTV announced today that ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9 will premiere Tuesday, January 26. In a press release posted to the network’s website, a tidbit of each girls’ storyline for the new season is given. 

“From changing relationships to big moves, the women are showcasing what it’s been like to be a mom in this current ‘new normal,'” the press release reads.

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans will recognize the storylines, though. Someone is pregnant, someone is fighting with their baby daddy and someone is threatening to get divorced— business as usual. However, there are a few interesting new pieces of info given about what we can expect to be covered during the upcoming season.

“Got a spare couch I can use, Gar?”

Amber is apparently struggling with her relationship with her daughter, Leah. Their strained relationship causes Amber— who has been living in a rental house for the last year or so— to consider moving onto the property of her ex, Gary Shirley, to be closer to Leah.

Cheyenne gets back together with her ex, Zach Davis, and soon finds herself knocked up with her second child. (She announced the pregnancy yesterday on social media.) Is it even a season of ‘Teen Mom’ if someone doesn’t have an Oopsie Baby?

Catelynn‘s storyline will apparently revolve around the miscarriage she suffered in November, which she recently talked about on social media.

Maci, ever the martyr, will put “her personal feelings aside to support Bentley,” who apparently wants to improve his relationship with his father Ryan Edwards. Fans have seen Maci be resistant to Ryan— who is now sober— being with Bentley in the past, so this season will really touch on that. (More on this later…) 

Raise your hand if you know Maci’s somehow going to end up turning this into HER trauma…

Mackenzie is, as always, threatening to divorce her husband Josh McKee. Mackenzie and Josh– who are really the “Rachel and Ross” of this show— find their marriage once again “crumbling,” so she moves the family to Florida. 

MTV has yet to release any footage of the new season. 

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21 Responses

  1. I wont be watching teen mom og’s. Pr any teen mom .bravo it difently have dou le standard. Especially when it comes to the girls .amber should of been fired. Long time ago .but you chose to keep her aroud. So iam not

  2. I have to admit, I do want to see the conversation where Gary explains to his wife how he wants to move his ex, a convicted felon who struggles with mental illness and substance abuse, onto their property. Keep in mind that Gary is one of those guys who probably shouldn’t speak to anybody, ever, without the advice of counsel.

  3. Booooring. Never watch, only read here.

    Gary, keep Nutball Amber off your property and away from Leah as much as possible. I think Leah has earned the right to be free of Amber! What does she even do or contribute that’s a positive for Leah???

    Leah’s also at the age where she’s figuring things out, like how much DNA she shares with her mother. It does weird things to you when you’re a teenager, makes you think that it’s your destiny to be bananas, too. Leah needs to live her life with her normal family, and be a happy, well-adjusted kid. Away from Amber!

  4. These TMOG storylines are always on a lather, rinse, repeat cycle…I can’t believe I’m saying this because I’ve been a fan of the show for so long, but if this is all they have to offer us now, then it’s time to pull the plug. I’m sick of these girls crying about the same things over and over, and not doing anything to fix them.

  5. I highly doubt Ryan is actually sober. He doesn’t have an ounce of discipline in him, yet he’s going to just quit hard drugs cold turkey? On his own? Puh-lease.

    1. Maybe the whole pandemic when they weren’t able to see each other, cooled things off between them? I haven’t seen him mention her in months.

  6. Yawn. I’m not gonna watch just like last season. This show supports abusers and enablers, and is boring af. I would gladly see, however, what these airheads would do if the show ended. Few months, maybe a year of flat tummy tea insta posts, onlyfans and clothing lines until it all crumbles due to no management skills and financial knowledge and lack of paying taxes. And THAT’S when the real show starts!

  7. If Amber was my mom, I’d have a strained relationship with her too….I’m surprised Amber isn’t blaming Gary, but I guess she’s in mandated counseling now due to her machete throwing and still trying to redo her public image again.

    1. I think Gary may be the only reliable person left in Amber’s circle. If she chases him with a machete, then she’s truly alone. That poor Leah.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Amber is always feeling sorry for herself. The fact she just assumes that Leah is going to have a close relationship with her, after she’s been embarrassing TF out of that little girl from the time she socked Gary in the face on national TV and went to gel, to chasing Andrew around with a machete, just proves how selfish she is. I wouldn’t want to be around her either if I were Leah.

  8. Let it go, let it go
    Can’t hold it back anymore
    Let it go, let it go
    Turn away and slam the door
    I don’t care what they’re going to say
    Let the storm rage on
    The cold never bothered me anyway

    stay lit

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