Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Are Reportedly Having “Deep Conversations” About Quitting ‘Counting On’ Due to “Horrible” Show Contract & Low Pay

“The only thing I’m Counting On is the two of us scoring a spin-off!”

Counting On may be losing a couple of cast members next season… 

According to The Sun, Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are considering calling it quits with the TLC show due to their “crazy contract,” despite having appeared on the series for years with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and Jinger’s many siblings. 

Fans began to speculate about the Vuolos’ departure at the end of November, after noticing that the couple didn’t go through TLC to announce the birth of their second daughter, as Jinger’s family tends to do with all major family announcements. 


When asked if the rumors of Jinger and Jeremy’s ‘Counting On’ exit are true, an insider told The Sun nothing is definite, however, “deep conversations about quitting” are happening.

“The contracts with the network are a bit crazy; they are very locked in and it stops them from making money in many other ways,” the insider explained. “They can’t do a lot of media or appear on other TV shows, the money is controlled, it’s horrible and they are trying to build their lifestyle brand now.” 

” …and no, that ‘lifestyle’ does not include denim skirts, 100 kids or Duggar Family Fun Nights.”

Jinger and Jeremy’s four-year show contract expires in 2022 and they are reportedly looking at options for the future – one being their Christian-inspired accessories line. The two, who currently reside in Los Angeles, are also interested in taking part in other TV projects, but as of now, are unable to do so.


“They’ve had discussions with family members and the network about leaving and they are unsurprisingly desperate to keep them signed on for years to come,” the source continued. “What they make an episode is also embarrassingly low, it’s just over $1,500 for each of them. And there’s definitely drama surrounding how the money is split up between members of the family.” 

“Whatever do you mean?!”

These claims are similar to those made in the past by Derick Dillard, the husband of Jinger’s older sister Jill. Back in 2018, Derick claimed he and Jill were not compensated for their involvement in ‘Counting On,’ nor the show’s predecessor, 19 Kids and Counting. 

Derick suggested at the time that his father-in-law was keeping the profits from the family’s shows and not sharing them with his adult children and their spouses – a claim he maintains to this day. 

“Come to the dark side, guys… We can throw on some jeans, crack open a beer and see who can do the best Jim Bob impression.”

Recently, Jill and Derick, who no longer appear on ‘Counting On,’ revealed that after “getting an attorney involved,” they were able to recover a portion “of what Jill should have been paid” for her participation on the TLC shows. 

Jinger and Jeremy have yet to comment on the rumors of their departure. 

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11 Responses

  1. It’s crazy that it has taken a TV contract and the resulting money for these kids to realise that their old man has been ripping them off left right and centre. I hope they all eventually get a grip on reality and rethink their outlooks on life.

  2. I hope they leave. Jim Bob has managed to work his way back in the show, which is disgusting, just so he can have full control again. I don’t like Jinger as much I used to anyway (Jeremy and L.A. have killed the sparkle she used to have), but hey. If it bothers Jim Bob, I’m all for it.

  3. Jinger and Jeremy should walk away and never look back. All the kids should! This is their DAD who is using them and ripping them off! And their MOM is either in on the scheme, or at the very least she ALLOWS it! What kinds of AWFUL parents are these??? Run, Jinger, run!!!

  4. Jeremy is a pig he said that jinger prays with him so he’s not tempted by other women. I think that’s why jinger changed her hair and how she dressed. I think jeremy is an abusive piece of trash. He thinks he is attractive but he’s as attractive as a duggar boys hairline. I think he only used jinger for fame.

    1. That is f*cking disgusting. Why even marry someone if you think temptation and being faithful will be an issue? Poor girl.

      1. Probably because Jeremy was the first guy to show interest in Jinger that wasn’t in IBLP and she knew she’d get to move away from Arkansas.

  5. LOL, as I said before, I am in no way surprised that Jim Bob is hiding money even from his adult children. If they leave, maybe others will follow too and the show will have to be canceled which is good. That greedy patriarch of their doesn’t need more money on the cost of exploiting his children!

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