Justin Duggar’s Fiance Claire Spivey Insists the 18-Year-Old Paid for Her Engagement Ring & Says He’s “Prepared to Be On His Own”

“Do I look like the kidn of guy who would ask my dad for engagement ring money? Lunch money, yes, but ring money? No!”

Counting On fans may be skeptical that the barely-18-year-old Justin Duggar is ready for marriage, but his new fiance, Claire Spivey, doesn’t appear to be worried.

Justin proposed to Claire last month, one day after he turned 18. In the time since the engagement news was announced, some of the show’s fans have left the couple comments on social media, asking how Justin was able to afford an engagement ring (and if he’s old enough to support a wife and all the blessings Claire would surely be shooting out soon).

Earlier this week, Claire responded to one fan who asked who paid for the ring, informing them that Justin bought the ring all by himself!

“Thanks Jim Bob…errr, I mean Justin!”

“Justin paid for the ring!” Claire wrote on Instagram in response to the question. “Not a dime of it was someone else’s money.”

The fan also asked what Justin does for a living and if he is still in school. (As ‘Counting On’ fans know, the Duggars are homeschooled.)

Claire informed the fan that Justin is “super motivated” and has “been graduated” (um?) for quite a while.

“‘Been graduated?’ Wow, you sound like a graduate of the Duggar Homeschool Academy!”

“[Justin] is super motivated and does well at his job,” Claire wrote. “He’s been graduated for quite a while and has a full time job. He also worked part time while in school, so he’d be prepared to be on his own.”

Claire’s mom, Hilary Spivey, previously defended Justin and the other Duggars after fans accused Jim Bob of arranging his kids’ marriages, as well as Justin and Claire’s courtship. At the time, Hilary argued that the Duggar kids were capable of handling “lots of responsibility at a young age, unlike most in society today.” 

But why does every photo of them together look like it was taken at a middle school dance?

“Jim Bob has never once arranged a marriage,” Hilary wrote. “All of those kids have been equipped well for life. They can handle lots of responsibility at a young age, unlike most in society today. “Justin’s daddy told him that he knew he would marry young cause he was so responsible. Trust me…we’ve been blessed to know [the Duggars] for years.”

Justin–who began courting Claire when he was only 16—has stayed in the background of ‘Counting On’ episodes over the years, but will now get his turn in the spotlight with the engagement and wedding planning. (We all know the Dugs love to dedicate full seasons to wedding prep!) 

TLC has yet to reveal when ‘Counting On’ will return to the air.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)


  1. He doesn’t even look 18 but more like he’s still going through puberty.

    In today’s world, 18 just doesn’t sit well. Many years ago, 18 to 20 was very common to get married and have a baby right after that(during my parents generation).

    I was 22 (2 weeks shy of being 23 when I married and my husband had just turned 26. That was back in 1993. Fast forward today, I would say we were pretty young considering how much older people are when they get married today.

    Girls mature faster than boys, both mentally and physically. He may be 18 but his brain and body really makes him about 15. I don’t care what she or his family say about his maturity, jobs, schooling, etc.

    As for her mother putting down other kids in today’s society, I say STFU……and go back to the only society you know….Duggar Society.

  2. He’s too young. I know he just wants to have sex, and who can blame him, but this is such a huge decision for his whole life! His brain hasn’t matured enough yet for him to make a considered decision. Her brain is not mature enough, either.

    Even back in 1960, my 20-year-old dad had to have his mother sign her permission for him to marry my 19-year-old mom, because a man had to be 21 years old to get a marriage license in California! 21 years old would be a lot better than 18! (Though I told my kids if you haven’t graduated from college don’t even think about getting married! So far so good!)

  3. I personally think the more kids that came along the less effort Michelle put in to teaching them! They get progressively dumber!

  4. You don’t “court” someone for two years. Not in Duggar land. More like the marriage has been arranged for two years. They just had to wait until he was old enough to see a vagina. 🙄🙄

  5. The fact all the Dugger children are able to shoulder a lot of responsibility at a young age is very sad to me. At 18 they should be irresponsible and learning about life and independence, not getting married and getting ready to homeschool a dozen children. That girls mother is a bellend.

  6. They don’t get the point! It’s not about the money and who bought the ring and whatnot, the problem is his lack of spending time with ANY OTHER girl besides Claire since he was 16! How in the world could you know you will marry someone at that age! Yes, people CAN find the one at that age but most of them don’t get married until they’re like 23. You are setting him up to be a first time father at 18 while other teens of his age are experiencing heartbreak, high school graduation and preparing for college. He won’t experience any of these things because he grew up SHELTERED! Imagine if he is attracted to another lady at like 22 when he already has two kids with Claire at that point (probably more). Josh married at 20 and we all know how wonderful that marriage ended up being!

  7. At the time, Hilary argued that the Duggar kids were capable of handling “lots of responsibility at a young age, unlike most in society today.”

    My bro is ready to “handle” those titties

    stay lit young horned toad

  8. So Justin has been dateing Claire for 2 years, her mom said. That is the longest courting in Duggar history,good for you guys for taking it slow. I love the show but i really feel he is still to young. But what ever works for them congratulations to you and Claire’s.

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