Mother of Justin Duggar’s New Girlfriend Claire Spivey Denies That Jim Bob Duggar Arranges His Kids’ Marriages

“I just told them how well Duggar weddings do in the ratings, that’s all!”

The mother of Justin Duggar‘s new girlfriend recently came out swinging in defense of Justin’s father Jim Bob Duggar, after nay-sayers accused the Duggar Family patriarch of arranging his children’s marriages.

After it was announced last week that 17-year-old Justin Duggar is in a courtship with 19-year-old Claire Spivey, Counting On fans voiced their opinions– with some stating that Justin and Claire were probably matched by their families and didn’t have much say in the courtship, but Claire’s mom clapped back at that statement.

On her Instagram account, Claire’s mom Hilary Spivey posted how proud she is of the couple.

“What a joy it’s been to watch the Lord at work in their lives this last year!” she wrote on Instagram. “Sweet Justin has already been a special part of our family and we greatly love him! 

Hilary responded to a person who claimed in the comment section of the post that Jim Bob was pulling the strings behind the Duggar kids’ courtships. Hilary denied those claims and stated that Justin (and his siblings) are more mature than most teenagers, which is why she believes it’s OK for Justin to court at 17.

“Jim Bob has never once arranged a marriage,” Hilary wrote. “All of those kids have been equipped well for life. They can handle lots of responsibility at a young age, unlike most in society today.

“Justin’s daddy told him that he knew he would marry young cause he was so responsible,” she continued. “Trust me…we’ve been blessed to know [the Duggars] for years.”


Still, fans were not convinced, questioning the courtship in the comments of the post on Hilary’s Instagram.

“Was this really God that brought these two together, or a brokered deal with Jim Bob?” someone posted.

“So odd. Guess Jim Bob arranged this one too,” another person wrote.

Fans of the show have long suspected that Jim Bob has a big part in choosing his kids’ mates, although this theory has never been confirmed.

“No…our dad didn’t arrange our marriage…at all…yeah, that’s it…”

Anyway, Justin and Claire have been seemingly courting for a while. Photos posted by the Duggar Family on social media show Claire attending the Duggars’ Christmas party with Justin in December 2019 However, the courtship was only officially announced last week.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)


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    I think what they have done is amazing. God truly has a hand in the relationship! We don’t know every detail, but I highly doubt that Jim Bob and Michelle are arranging their kids relationships. I know many couples who were long distance, or family friends, and are happily married and whose parents have no interference in the situaion. And, I think everyone who is watching this amazing family’s every move and trying to find something bad from it should take a chill pill. They are a normal conservative and religious family (though large), and have become very successful. They are mature, and even know they may not know answers to some interview questions on their show makes me realize that they are protecting themselves from the dangers of this horrible world. So from now on please respect them as I’m sure they would for you.

  2. Hilary: Blink if you are reading the cue cards held by Jim Bob and Michelle that you must read in order to get on the “Duggar Fame Train” now that your kid is marrying into the family…

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Does anyone else think they look alike? Literally they would pass as brother & sister…

  4. If they didn’t still have a TV show to promote, would they be courting/marrying off these kids so young? Let these kids live and learn about life and themselves first.

  5. Yeah, they can handle responsibility just fine…daddy pays the bills and they do what they are told. Newsflash Hilary: Most girls your daughter’s age are MORE prepared for life than she is. Most 19-year-old girls work and/or go to college. They don’t have a “man” to do things for them. What if your daughter becomes a widow while young with small children? What’s she gonna do with no work experience or education? Men aren’t always forever. How about you teach your kid to pull herself up by her bootstraps instead of teaching her that her husband should do it for her.

    1. Yes, because a two year age difference is surely the work of satan. Wonder if you’d be saying that if the genders were reversed

  6. Claire looks like Jana. Ever notice how most of the grandkids look like Jim Bob and/or Michelle? Justin is a child. Even though he will he 18 soon. Jmo

  7. That is the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever heard! Those kids can’t even answer a simple question during producer interviews. I have a sack of bricks more mature and prepared for life than any of those kids. Just watch them on tv and it’s obvious. Does she think we’re dumb and blind. It’s way too obvious Jim-Boob paid her to say that.

  8. These children are absolutely NOT equipped to handle real life. They have absolutely no exposure to anything outside of their cult and they marry the very first person who gives them any attention. It’s very sad that they will never really get to know each other before they are pushed down the aisle and then begin to push out babies. God luck, kids, because you’re going to need it.

  9. So even her mother sees no problem on her daughter marrying and probably getting pregnant at 20. I mean, even if we try to ignore the fact that he is bloody SEVENTEEN! (met her at 16 and apparently immediately said he will marry her…if I married whoever I was having a crush on at 16…I just remembered who it was, it would have been cringe) She is also very young. Next Kendra in the making. Hilary needs to stop acting like this is some big love. It’s teenage hormones…but because they can’t act on those hormones until they are married, they will marry and realize in 10 years what the hell they did. But then it will be too late. Because they will have 10+ kids by then.

    1. The guy I had a crush on in high school was popular, smart, and athletic … and now he sells tie-dye shirts, incense, and beaded jewelry on the internet.

      In conclusion, I’m glad I got over that.

      1. LOL mine has animal bones woven into his dreads and plays in a drum circle. How did this happen to us? Thankfully I only catch glimpses of him at the park and we don’t interact.

  10. “All of those kids have been equipped well for life” LMAO!!!!! You mean the kids who have no education, job skills, social awareness, etc etc etc??? These kids are completely incapable of living independently from their parents (except Jill and MAYBE Jinger, but they would both be totally lost without their headships, i mean, husbands, so i don’t think that counts…

  11. I haven’t watched the show since it was 16 or 17 kids or whatever…. but have any of the kids courted more than one person? Or did they end up marrying the person they were announced to be courting? Just seems so weird…. and I disagree that those kids are well equipped for life. They were homeschooled by Michelle (Jana) and some of the older girls. They probably did the basic curriculum in whatever backwoods state they live jn.

    1. Josiah had a courtship when he was only 18…but Marjorie was 17 at that time and then Josh scandal happened so that might have been the culprit…also rumor was floating around Josh was courting that Holt girl but they broke up in silence. And then there’s Jana who admitted to being at least interested in few guys but nothing progressed. So yeah, some of them didn’t marry the first person but most of them did.

  12. Poor kids can’t even go on a date without their parents ‘chaperoning’ AKA cockblocking. How awkward and embarrassing.

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