‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Sandoval Launches ‘Everybody Loves Tom’ Podcast, Months After Scandoval Affair

Immediately no.

Just when you thought singing was the worst thing Tom Sandoval could do into a microphone, the Vandepump Rules star reveals he’s launching a podcast. 

The Schwartz & Sandy’s part-owner took to social media Wednesday to warn announce the big news, which comes just seven months after he and former ‘VPR’ co-star Rachel Leviss were outed for having a months-long affair behind the back of Sandoval’s long-term girlfriend, Ariana Madix. 

“The past 7 months have been wild, but – today I’m so excited to announce my brand-new podcast, Everybody Loves Tom,” Sandoval shared on Instagram.

“I’ll be talking with my friends and celebs about EVERYTHING from my personal life to fashion, music, mixology, BTS of ‘VPR’ & Special Forces and lots more.” 

“Do yourself a favor, Tom.”

…and because Sandoval plans to assault the eyes AND ears, he noted that episodes of his podcast will be available to watch on YouTube. Sandoval’s super fans can also subscribe to Patreon for access to exclusive content.

Ariana, pointing to the one and only Sandoval super fan in existence.

In the promo video for his new venture, Sandoval makes light of the many nicknames he’s earned post-Scandoval, though his performance is something that can only be described as over-the-top and cringe-inducing, not unlike like his music endeavors. 

We can only imagine what the Everybody Loves Tom intro song is gonna sound like…

Sandoval also uses some insults thrown his way by celebrities on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live in a montage that Andy (unfortunately) applauded in the comment section.

The timing of Sandoval’s podcast announcement is interesting–- something we most likely won’t be able to say about the podcast itself–- as it was made a day after Ariana made her debut on Dancing with the Stars. 

The Everybody Loves Tom news also comes just a month after Rachel revealed on Bethenny Frankel’s Just B podcast that she plans to SURve up a podcast of her own.

“…and even MORE people make podcasts.”

“I feel like it would be a great way to share my side of the story and bring on experts that really understand the psychology behind [affairs],” she said. “I feel like, you know, this is an area that’s untapped because nobody really wants to talk about being the other woman. And for as many people who were hurt by this affair, there is equally as many people who have been [the other person].”

While Sandoval may have beaten Rachel to the punch, he’s certainly not the first ‘VPR’ cast member to dip their toe into the podcasting world.

Ariana previously (and briefly) hosted the Earth to Ariana podcast and in 2020, Katie Maloney launched You’re Gonna Love Me, though her podcast has since ended, too. 

Currently, fans of ‘VPR’ can listen weekly to Scheana Shay‘s Scheananigans with Scheana podcast, as well as Lala Kent‘s Give Them Lala.

There are also a handful of former/fired ‘VPR’ stars with their own podcasts, including Kristen Doute (Sex, Love…and What Else Matters), Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright (When Reality Hits) and Stassi Schroeder.

Stassi and her husband, Beau Clark, co-host The Good The Bad The Baby on Patreon and in 2022, Stassi relaunched her solo podcast, Straight Up with Stassi, after a two-year hiatus. 

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8 Responses

  1. WHYYYYYUH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Also, No! No one wants to listen to this worm with a mustache pontificate. Or sing. Or do anything other than say “have you decided what you would like for dinner tonight?”

    Please, please, please stop talking. ????????

    Thank you.

  2. Wow! This guys head is so far up his own ass, it’s scary. The delusion is thick with this one. Why do these morons have a platform? None of them actually contribute anything useful to society. Cockroaches are not useful.

  3. Just another example of why it’s exhausting being a good, kind, sweet person.
    It gets us nowhere.
    Meanwhile the most problematic people can make easy big money every time they turn around.
    What a world.

    1. Not if we don’t consume their content. At least that’s what I’d like to tell myself to not become jaded.

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