‘The Family Chantel’ Episode Sneak Peek: Watch Pedro Jimeno Tell Chantel Everett He Wants a Separation

Correction: “Things never been good.”

The (further) demise of Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett‘s marriage will play out on next week’s episode of The Family Chantel, as Pedro explains to his wife that he wants a separation, despite her objections. 

In ET‘s exclusive clip of Monday’s episode, viewers get a sneak peek of the separation conversation that went down between Chantel and Pedro–- one we’ve since learned resulted in Pedro filing for divorce in May. In the clip, Pedro explains to Chantel that separating is the “smart thing” to do, given their constant fighting. After hearing Pedro’s explanation, Chantel tells him she doesn’t agree that separating is the answer to their marital issues.  

“I mean, you’re entitled to do what you think is best,” she says. “I don’t want it. I’m not even gonna lie, I feel pathetic. Because essentially I feel like I’ve been begging for affection and begging for attention that I never get. As a woman, it makes me feel pathetic … .” 

Remind us again why Chantel wanted to remain married? (Besides securing the future of this spin-off, of course.)

In response to Chantel’s comments, Pedro accuses his wife of making everything “worse,” to which Chantel again argues that separating will not improve their relationship. 

” … I don’t know anyone who’s separated and gotten back together, baby, I don’t,” Chantel says. “How is separating going to help us? It’s ignoring the problem and drifting further apart.” 

Viewers then see Pedro claim in an interview that things between him and Chantel changed once he started working in real estate, going out and meeting new people. (On the most-recent episode–– and earlier this season— Chantel expressed concern over Pedro’s close friendship with his co-workers, specifically a woman named Antonella with whom Pedro carpools.)

Raise your hand if your friendship is putting you at risk of coming face-to-face with Karen Everett’s taser, Shocky…

Pedro says the time away from his marriage will allow him to “realize what I want in life” and determine whether or not he and Chantel can make their relationship work.

“You know you need to find your own happiness sometime,” he says. “Maybe I need to have my own future without you.”  

“And you know, maybe my own show while we’re at it.”

As The Ashley told you earlier this month, Pedro filed for divorce in May, though he and Chantel reportedly separated the previous month. The same day Pedro filed to end his marriage, he filed a motion claiming Chantel withdrew $275,000 from their joint account and transferred it to an account in her sister’s name. According to Pedro, the transfer occurred five days before he and Chantel separated. A mutual restraining order was filed that same day in May, as well. 

In response to Pedro’s divorce filing, Chantel accused Pedro of adultery and “cruel treatment.” She also accused him of committing “physical violence” and causing her “mental pain.” 

A new episode of ‘The Family Chantel’ airs Monday on TLC. 

Click here to watch a clip from next week’s episode.

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10 Responses

  1. Pedro causing Chantel mental pain ??? Her and her family have been causing Pedro and the viewers mental pain since they came on the show.

  2. The way Pedro evaporated when Chantel came to the bar. He said she could come but didn’t think she actually would. Him and Antonella are sneaking around.

  3. Chantel was a hard person to be with, but PAY-dro has turned into a giant asshole, showing his true self this season, that I am finally watching the actual show, which I swore I never would! Nonetheless, Pedro is as mean and vicious as his evil mamacita and sister. He has pulled off the plan his evil, disgusting mamacita and her demon spawn planned all along. They found a vulnerable, desperate Americana, namely Chantel, convinced her that PAY-dro loved her, got him to America to get that almighty green card, then the work permit, staying with Chantel long enough to make any deportation nearly impossible, now time to leave Chantel destroyed and high and dry, and begin the “chain migration’ of bringing Mamacita and evil sister over. Mission accomplished. In a recent episode, in her loud and whiny manner, Chantel flat out asked him, “Did you just use me for a green card?!?” Of course, he sat there with that stupid look he gets on his face all the time and she, of course, left the room before he could even try to answer. Remember when, on 90 Day, we used to all root for this little user/con man who pulled this off masterfully? Well, no longer. He is a big shit and a gigantic asshole. Mean, self-serving and entitled, just like Mamacita and evil hermana. Move on, Chantel. Only problem is you signed a legal and binding contract with the federal government that makes you responsible for PAY-dro’s income remaining ABOVE THE NATIONAL POVERTY LEVEL for however long he remains in the US. That’s right, Sweetie. YOU have to, financially, close any gap, for whatever monetary amount, how income does rise him above the poverty level. Good bye. Good riddance. Watch out for Karma, folks. She’s coming full force, eventually.

  4. Let’s say he was in it for love, I would not be able to deal with her family. I feel like they pushed them apart. I wouldn’t be happy dealing with the doubts and the constant drama.

    But it’s really beginning to seem like he wanted the green card. He dipped so fast after finally being able to work.

    1. You’re right, but Pedro’s family is just as bad. Everyone on the show is completely toxic.

  5. I give him credit for putting up with his constantly whiny wife AND her family!
    Not to mention his money hungry mother and sicko sister!
    I’d say he paid his dues!
    (Although they’re all 50 cent short of a dollar!)

  6. Well I’m done. I refuse to watch Pedro’s disgusting mother and sister on TV.
    It was hard enough to watch Chantel mom. But I draw the line with his family. Can’t wait till he brings them to the US.
    I will just keep up from The Ashley.

    1. I haven’t watched it in a few years, but what always cracked me up was Karen plan to be well educated and using phrases like,”more stupider.” I think I just lost several IQ points just by typing that.

  7. Come on, you all know this P.O.S. Just wanted to come to the U.S. and get his green card. That’s all and he is gone.

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