“1000-Lb. Sisters” Crew Goes on Filming Hiatus After Tammy Slaton, Amy Slaton & Amanda Halterman Get Into Physical Fight While Filming

“Dang, y’all…I reckon’ we done got ourselves put in a time-out.”

Filming on the new season of 1000-Lb. Sisters has reportedly abruptly come to a halt as the result of a family fight that turned physical.  

According to The Sun, while filming a trip to Florida for the new season of their TLC series, sisters Tammy Slaton, Amy Slaton and Amanda Halterman– Tammy and Amy’s half-sister– got into a sibling squabble that ultimately turned physical.

(Tammy, Amy and Amanda’s brother, Chris Combs, was also reportedly involved in the argument, though it doesn’t appear that he took part in the brawling portion of the feud.)

All of us mentally picturing this fight…

“The film crew was present, but they felt uncomfortable working with them because of the way they were behaving,” a source told the outlet, with a friend of Tammy’s claiming the argument turned physical and the family “really got into it.” 

Due to the severity of the on-set sparring match between the sisters, the show’s crew is reportedly taking a six- to eight-week break from filming, in the hope that it will allow the cast enough time to chill the hell out calm down from the brawl. 

“Our schedules just opened wide up…wanna call a truce and extend the trip?”

Producers originally decided to take the cast to Florida so the family could enjoy some time together (on-camera, of course) now that Tammy has lost enough weight to travel comfortably without any major issues. 

“…and by ‘splurge’ I mean beat the ever-loving mess outta each other.”

The Florida getaway took place just weeks after the sudden passing of Tammy’s husband, Caleb Willingham. As The Ashley reported earlier this month, Caleb died just days after his 40th birthday. 

Though Tammy had reportedly split from Caleb earlier this year, the 36-year-old recent told her TikTok followers she was “having stages of grief” in the wake of Caleb’s passing.

“Yeah, we were having problems but I loved that man and I still do,” she said. “I miss him like crazy.” 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)

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    1. I’m sorry: I know death is, like, sad and stuff, but, “having stages of grief” will never not be funny.

    2. @karmenkarma ~ there was probably only one deep-fried turkey leg ??left…chaos ensued. ??‍♀️?

  1. I’ve never watched this show, but aren’t they all kinda known for temper tantrums and bitch fits? And now all of them can walk. I’d almost pay to see what happened that made the crew take a month and a half off. They’re probably dying laughing.

    1. oh, and good for the crew/production company for not rewarding these lowbrow antics.

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