Savannah Chrisley Fires Back After Sister Lindsie Chrisley Reveals She Was Told Not to Attend Parents’ Appeal Hearing: “She Should Probably Worry About Her Own Disastrous Life”

The Chrisley family conflict continues…

The Chrisley sisters are at it again– and by “it,” we mean each other’s throats. 

The latest public squabble between sisters and former Chrisley Knows Best stars Lindsie Chrisley and Savannah Chrisley kicked off this week after Lindsie spoke publicly about parents Todd and Julie Chrisley’s April 19 public appeal hearing and the reason she didn’t attend. 

Lindsie, thinking about all the courtroom OOTD pics she missed out on last week…

As you know, Todd and Julie are currently serving prison time for tax evasion and fraud crimes– 10 years for Todd and six years for Julie, following the couple’s sentences being reduced in September. The pair are currently appealing their criminal convictions and had their case heard in oral arguments last week in Georgia. 

On this week’s episode of her podcast, The Southern Tea, Lindsie said, although she doesn’t talk about her family regularly on either of her podcasts– ‘The Southern Tea’ and Coffee Convos– she wanted to touch on her parents’ recent appeal and explain why she wasn’t present to support her dad and stepmom. 

“I do feel that it was in the best interest for me and everyone else,” Lindsie said of her absence, before going on to tell listeners that Savannah had privately relayed the message to her that her presence was not wanted in the courtroom. 

“ … And it was shared with me that if we were there, there would be issues and that we would be asked to leave,” Lindsie continued. “And it was just a little bit mind-blowing to me because I personally feel that I was kind of used at the trial and then things changed once the conviction came down … .” 

(As The Ashley previously reported, despite previously being estranged from her father and the rest of the Chrisley family for a number of years, Lindsie took the stand during the June 2022 trial in support of Todd.)

Lindsie said she hopes everyone can just “move along with their lives as they see fit,” including herself, before acknowledging that her siblings had encouraged the public to attend Todd and Julie’s hearing, while asking that Lindsie not attend the hearing herself. 

“Looks like you’re persona non grata, sis.”

“ … it was open to the public, but we were privately asked not to attend,” she said. “I also just want to state that in a public hearing, for what it’s worth, no one has any control on who can attend or who cannot. It’s mind-blowing to me, the control and manipulation. It very much alarms me and I’m just going to leave it at that. Onward and upward with my life.” 

Following the release of ‘The Southern Tea’ episode, Savannah took to her Instagram Story to responded to Lindsie’s comments, telling followers she hadn’t planned to address the topic publicly, as she didn’t feel that there was a need.

“ … [but] since Lindsie felt the need to go on her podcast and discuss this in order to help get her ratings, I will address it,” she said. “I most certainly told her privately to not attend. I told her that she was not wanted, that my dad did not want her there and that he didn’t care to have a relationship with her. So, I said all these things, I am more than happy that I said them, and it’s my parents’ appeal, they have the right to say who they want there and who they don’t.” 

Savannah– who claimed in her Instagram Story that Lindsie has threatened to “sue” her– went on to explain that, given Lindsie’s alleged “involvement with the government” in aiding in their parents’ conviction, Todd and Julie did not want her to attend their appeal. Savannah then took issue with Lindsie discussing the recent incident on her podcast, claiming it just “goes to show who she is and the depths that she will go for a little bit of fame and attention.”

Todd, revealing where his children learned such behavior.

Ironically, Savannah then plugged the TV project she and her family are reportedly working on, telling followers it will be “less of a reality show and more of a show that is true crime and discusses our case in depth.” The project, which Savannah first spoke about last summer, will reportedly provide an outlet where the Chrisley family– sans Lindsie– will be able to “set the record straight” on her parents’ case.  

“There will legal analysts on there discussing [the case] and it will also touch on all the prison reform advocacy work that I am doing, along with some lawyers of mine,” she said, before going on to give her sister a not-so-friendly piece of advice.  

“God bless her and she should probably worry about her own disastrous life before discussing me on her podcast, because I can do the same.” Savannah said, adding that she is “trying to be the bigger person here,” but if that fails, her next step will be posting screenshots of “the most vile text messages” that she allegedly received from Lindsie regarding the appeal hearing drama. 

As you know, while Lindsie and Savannah (along with Todd and Julie) had reconciled prior to Todd and Julie going to prison, Savannah revealed in September on Nick Viall’s The Viall Files podcast that she and her sister were once again on the outs. Savannah stated on the podcast that she and Lindsie were no longer on speaking terms and that their sibling relationship had always been tense. Lindsie– through her attorney– went on to respond to the comments, claiming she had “no ill will” towards Savannah and suggesting that her younger sister was using her as a “punching bag” and “lashing out” due to the amount of stress she’s under. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Savannah was made the primary guardian of her younger siblings Grayson and Chloe while their parents are behind bars. Around the time she made the statements about Lindsie on ‘The Viall Files,’ Savannah had also just lost her friend and ex-fiancé, Nic Kerdiles, after the 26-year-old was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Still, Savannah doubled down on her decision to distance herself from Lindsie, telling People the following month that she doesn’t “do well with constant lies and victim mentality.” 

“I have realized that as an adult, it’s my responsibility to have healthy relationships and cut out unhealthy ones,” she continued. 

Listen to Savannah’s full response to Lindsie’s podcast episode below. 

Savannah’s IG Story recording re Lindsie
byu/cShoe_ inChrisleyKnowsBest

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(Photos: Instagram; USA Network; Reddit) 

10 Responses

  1. So Todd told one daughter to tell the other daughter that he doesn’t want her there? Great parenting. But, what can you expect from a criminal who foisted two minors on Savannah and still managed to convince her that he’s the true victim in all of this.

  2. Hahaha they most certainly DO NOT have the right to say who can and can’t be in the courtroom for their appeal hearing ? that’s so funny that she said that, it’s freaking public!

  3. I find it funny that Savannah is saying that Lindsie has a “disastrous life” when she’s the one in charge of her minor siblings because her parents are a couple of convicted criminals who she keeps defending

  4. You cannot go on about victim mentality and then say “Lindsie’s alleged “involvement with the government” in aiding in their parents’ conviction”…baby girl your parents committed a crime, they are not victims!

  5. Don’t know either, listened to Coffee Convos for a little while, never watched the show. These people are criminals and Savannah likes to call it “our case.” Honey, be careful about keeping your ties with the two who are in prison. For being upset about your sister making it about her, you sure bring it full circle back to yourself in that bitter dissertation of yours.

  6. Did her father falsely accuse her of being the one who report him to the feds?

    And Savannah for a time was saying the same shit her father told her to say. So I get that Lindsee was like keep lying about me and I will sue, it’s not true and stop saying it.

    So yeah, I get why she’s just done.

    This whole things just seems so stupid. Their parents are guilty they did it, and they are just trying to get out of jail as soon as possible. And they’re mad that they can’t and are lashing out instead just doing the internal work to realize they did this to themselves, and they should be lucky that because of the lies that got them a reality show, Savannah does have the means to raise her brother and niece.

  7. i actually don’t really know (or care to bother to learn) the difference between these two ~ but the one who has the podcast w/kail ? (lindsie) very obviously has questionable judgment in the company she keeps. ???
    that said, the podcast has been around for quite a while, so apparently SOMEONE is listening…??‍♀️

      1. @anita ~ oh, i meant i didn’t know the difference between the two chrisley sisters. kail ? is definitely very, um, distinctive, shall i say? ???‍♀️

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