Lindsie Chrisley Says She Will Not Appear in Upcoming Chrisley Family Documentary: “I Respectfully Declined”

“If you want to hear MY voice, please tune in to one of my podcasts. That’s right…I have more than one.”

A Chrisley family documentary may be in the works, but Lindsie Chrisley wants nothing to do with it. 

The former Chrisley Knows Best star took to social media this week to “address a rumor floating around about a possible documentary” being made about her family, and explain why she has “respectfully declined” an offer to participate in the project.

“I respectfully declined and do not plan to participate in any project that doesn’t allow for everyone’s voice to be heard,” Lindsie explained in an Instagram post. “We all have a story, there’s always multiple sides and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.” 

Lindsie noted in the post that “some family was approached” to participate in the documentary–- a project that would presumably focus largely on the legal issues involving her father, Todd Chrisley, and stepmother, Julie Chrisley. As The Ashley previously told you, Todd and Julie were sentenced to prison in November for tax evasion and fraud crimes and are currently behind bars.

“I mean, they could always focus on our blindingly white teeth and blond hair instead.”

While Lindsie was estranged from her father and the rest of the Chrisley family for years, the Coffee Convos co-host stood by her dad and stepmom in 2022 as the couple were found guilty and convicted of their crimes, even taking the stand during the June trial in support of her father.    

Lindsie went on to record podcast content with Todd, Julie and younger sister Savannah Chrisley in October, during which the family opened up about their past estrangement, and in April, Lindsie confirmed that she has visited her father in prison.  

Though there is no word on when (or if) a Chrisley family doc will be released, the Chrisley family might be returning to reality TV in the near future.  

Savannah revealed on her Unlocked podcast in May that the family–– those willing to participate and not currently imprisoned, that is–– was “filming a little something,” however, she did not reveal many details about the project, including whether or not it was another reality show.

“I’m ready when y’all are!”

In December, Todd stated that he and his family were working on a documentary that he said would give people “a whole new perspective of the Chrisley family.”

“You are going to get to go through the ups and the downs and everything that we’re going through,” Todd said before going to prison. “You’ll get to hear the whole story… The documentary that we’re working on right now is going to be very telling and we hope that our fans will embrace that.”

It is unknown if the documentary that Todd was talking about is the same one that Lindsay says she declined to participate in. 

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  1. Is she still trying to drum up sympathy for her criminal parents? I don’t care how sad it makes her to take her kid to see grandpa in jail, maybe the Chrisley’s shouldn’t have broke the law.

    Sorry. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, and don’t ask for sympathy in the end – you won’t get it.

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