‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Stars Todd & Julie Chrisley Each Sentenced To Years In Prison For Fraud Crimes: When They’ll Surrender & What Prison They’re Going To

“They can’t do this to us! We’re famous!”

Chrisley Knows Best stars Julie and Todd Chrisley are both going to prison.

The reality TV stars were sentenced on Monday in an Atlanta courtroom for tax evasion and bank fraud crimes that they were found guilty of in June. 

As The Ashley previously reported, both Todd and Julie asked the court for leinency in their sentencing, something the federal judge gave them.

According to Insider, Julie was sentenced to seven years in prison, while Todd received a 12-year sentence. Both sentences are below what was estimated based on federal sentencing guidelines. (Todd was facing 17-22 years for his crimes, while Julie was facing 10-13.)

Both Julie and Todd were also sentenced to 16 months of probation following their incarceration.

Although Julie had previously asked the Court to allow her and Todd’s prison sentences to be staggered so that she would enter prison after Todd completes his sentence, in order for someone to be there to care for their minor children, U.S. District Judge Eleanor Ross denied the request, pointing out that many defendants are also in this situation and are not accommodated.  

“It is heartbreaking, but it has to be burdened by the defendants,” Judge Ross said, according to Insider.

Both Todd and Julie are due to surrender themselves on January 15, 2023.

“This all one big episode of ‘Punk’d’ right? RIGHT?”

According to Insider, footage of Todd and Julie bragging about how much money they spend was shown in court on Monday. However, both Chrisleys were emotional during the hearing.

The site reports that Todd became choked up when speaking about Julie being the caregiver for son Grayson and granddaughter Chloe. 

“My wife Julie should not be punished” he told the court.

Julie also reportedly broke down during Monday’s hearing, stating that Chloe had told her that she “doesn’t want to live” if Julie is put in prison. 

“To hear your 10-year-old say she doesn’t want to live if their mom goes away, no child should feel that way,” she said.

Judge Ross reportedly told the Chrisleys that their refusal to admit responsibility in the crimes played a part in the sentences they received.

“I’ve never heard any acceptance of any crime,” the Judge stated. “I’ve never really heard any admission to any wrongdoing or any remorse.”

She added that the Chrisleys’ tendency to flaunt their wealth was also considered.

“I have no reason to doubt that both Chrisleys have good hearts [but] I cannot ignore the greed and flamboyance in this case.”

“Flamboyance?! What flamboyance!?”

As for where the Chrisleys will be serving their sentences, Judge Ross has recommended that Julie go to the Federal Correctional Institute in Tallahassee, Florida, while Todd be sent to FCI Pensacola. FCI Tallahassee is about eight hours away from the Chrisleys’ Nashville home, while FCI Pensacola is about seven hours away.

Ross recommended that Julie Chrisley be allowed to serve her sentence at FCI Tallahassee and Todd Chrisley be allowed to serve at FCI Pensacola, as they asked.

Earlier on Monday, Peter Tarantino— the accountant who helped the Chrisleys in their schemes— was sentenced to 36 months in prison for his role. 

The Chrisley Family has yet to release any statements following the sentencing announcement. According to WSB-TV newscast on Monday night, members of the Chrisley family were in the courtroom for the sentencing and were “visibly upset” when they were leaving after the sentences were handed down. They have not made any comments to the media as of press time. 

The prosecutors in this case did, however, release statements to the media on Monday.

“Over the course of a decade, the defendants defrauded banks out of tens of millions of dollars while evading payment of their federal income taxes,” U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan said. “Their lengthy sentences reflect the magnitude of their criminal scheme and should serve as a warning to others tempted to exploit our nation’s community banking system for unlawful personal gain.”

“As this sentencing proves, when you lie, cheat, and steal, justice is blind to your fame, fortune, and position,” FBI Special Agent Keri Farley added.

To read about what else happened in court on Monday and beforehand, click here!

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  1. Not that I am defending the Chrisley’s , but how in the fuck does Todd get the same sentence as Josh Pedo Duggar ? That makes no sense to me. Disgusting , simply disgusting

  2. interesting they weren’t allowed to stagger like the Giudice’s were. I think Theresa and Joe admitted guilt though. also shorter sentences

  3. “Regular people” don’t have tens of millions of dollars obtained by fraud. Regular people ARE doing decades in prison for non violent drug offenses. The Chrisleys should’ve each run for President every 4 years. They could’ve evaded prosecution forever.

  4. So Savannah and Chase will be mom and dad to Phoebe now? I only feel sorry for Grayson and Phoebe. The rest profited off every dime they could spend.

  5. I am not a fan of this family but that sentence is ridiculous. Meanwhile a rap!$t will get a fraction of that time.
    A few years, restitution & enforce that law “can’t make money off of a crime” so interviews specials that mention it, proceeds go to the victim (companies they ripped off)

  6. I can’t find this information anywhere… Did they have to report to jail today? Sometimes in these Federal cases they don’t

      1. A regular person actually would have walked.

        A normal person typically only gets a slap on the wrist for first offenses except for murder.

        And most murderers only get life which to me is a slap on the wrist. Sitting in jail is NOT a stiff enough punishment for those crimes. They should fry their asses as soon as they’re found guilty…an eye for an eye!! If a person kills someone, they should die too!!

  7. Obviously they’re going to be appealing but Todd is going to spend like 10 years of that in prison. I personally wouldn’t want to sit around waiting for 10 years with my 7 yr prison sentence hanging over my head

    1. TheAshley said they already surrendered – did they even ask if they could spend one last holiday season with his mom and the kids before doing their time?

  8. That seems like a lot of time for financial crimes considering armed robbers, rapists and murders don’t get that long of a sentence.

    1. I agree

      I feel for the family (especially Faye), she dying and her son may very well never see her again.

      Absolutely ridiculous!!

      Josh Duggar only got 6 months longer (12.5 years) for his crimes.

      1. Technically they only prosecuted two counts for josh and the lesser was rolled in so could only sentence him for one count. These guys were being sentenced to multiple crimes that couldn’t be rolled together for sentencing.

        But yes it sucks josh didn’t get longer.

          1. From what I can find Todd was convicted of three charges and Julie was convicted of five charges – so Todd received an average of four years per charge and Julie received an average around one year and four months per charge. Much less than Josh (12.5 years for one charge) but theirs add up as they will run consecutively.

          2. But why wasn’t this Peter Tarantino guy sentenced to longer? 36 months, seriously, only 3 years?

            He should have gotten as long if not longer than they got because he was behind the whole thing!!!

  9. Last week it was Elizabeth Holmes and now these clowns. Good to see white collar crime doesn’t always pay and can have consequences.

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