‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Sandoval Says He “Might Have To” Start Bartending at SUR Again

If this keeps him from singing in public, he has our support.

A familiar face may soon be back at SUR, slinging cosmopolitans and pumptinis. 

In a recent clip from the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 After Show, Tom Sandoval joked (we hope) that he might have to resort to bartending at his former employer SUR again, presumably due to his current financial situation. 

“I literally cannot get rid of these people.”

Sandoval made the remark on the After Show during a conversation with Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz– the former of whom used to pretend to bartend at SUR, as well. 

As viewers saw on this week’s episode (Episode 13) of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ Jax– who now stars on The Valley– had an awkward face-to-face with his former employer, Lisa Vanderpump. The tense talk between the two prompted Schwartz to ask Jax on the After Show if he plans to ask Lisa for his bartending gig back at SUR. While Jax laughed off the suggestion, Sandoval claimed that he might be forced to do just that. 

“I might have to,” Sandoval said of a potential bartending comeback, to which Schwartz added, “I know, me too, dude.” 

(As fans of the show may recall, Schwartz was technically never employed at SUR– as a bartender or otherwise– and only worked part of a shift at Lisa’s now-shuttered restaurant PUMP. He and Sandoval are also junior partners in Lisa’s TomTom establishment.) 

Schwartz and Sandoval didn’t provide additional context for their comments, though the Schwartz & Sandy’s owners have opened up about their respective finances recently on ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

In Episode 12, Sandoval revealed that he was having second thoughts about keeping the Valley Village home he purchased for $2 million in 2019 with then-girlfriend Ariana Madix, despite previously offering to buy her out of the home. 

Sandoval explained that by keeping the home, he would have to refinance, which would cause his monthly mortgage payment to more than double. After coming to this realization, Sandoval proposed to Schwartz that the two of them live in the home together, with Schwartz expected to contribute $6,000 in monthly rent. 

“I can not in good conscience put [$6,000] toward something that I’m not going to get a return on,” Schwartz said of the offer. “I’m not building equity in here.” 

On this week’s episode, Schwartz– who moved into an apartment after he and ex-wife Katie Maloney divorced and sold their own Valley Village home– doubled down on his comments. 

“[I] can’t afford that,” he told his friend and business partner. “Dude, [Schwartz & Sandy’s] almost ruined me.” 

Later in the episode, Schwartz said he wanted to make “sound financial decisions from here on out,” before, again, mentioning the financial strain that his and Sandoval’s bar put on him.  

“I mean, the last high-stakes venture I did with Sandoval, you know, it’s kind of still haunting me to this day,” he said. 

Schwartz even opened up to Ariana on Tuesday’s episode about Sandoval’s proposition, admitting to her that he “can’t afford it.” 

“After Tom refinances, it’s a huge loan,” he told Ariana. “It’s like 10 percent.” 

“…not to mention, super pathetic.”

Nevertheless, Ariana seemed supportive of her ex and his BFF shacking up together in the house she referred to earlier this season as her “dream home.” 

As The Ashley previously told you, though Sandoval and Ariana remain in a legal battle over their Valley Village home, Ariana recently threw down $1.6 million to purchase a “dream home” of her very own in the Hollywood Hills. 

The backyard of Ariana’s new place, where Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras will never be invited to perform.

New episodes of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ air Tuesdays on Bravo. 

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(Photos: Instagram; Bravo)

2 Responses

  1. I think the show might actually be more interesting if they started bartending again. We started watching them as broke bartenders/SURvers not rich people buying houses and going on vacation. It would go back to the roots.

  2. Maybe Tom should sell the home if he can’t afford it.

    Also, wasnt he claiming he was paying all the bills anyway and Ariana owed him a bunch of money?

    There’s nothing wrong with going back to bartending. It sounds like he lost a lot of money on the failed restaurant.

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