Jenelle Evans Reveals She Pulled Her Kids Out of “Not Safe” School Because “They Need a Break”; David Eason Reacts to Jenelle’s Plan to Homeschool

“All y’all kids don’t need no school. Everyone’s just being dramastic!”

Jenelle Evans‘ kids are now officially students of the Little School on The Land.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star revealed on Wednesday that she pulled her children out of school and now plans to homeschool them.

“Life update: I have pulled my kids out of school for the rest of the school year, and I’m going to be homeschooling them,” Jenelle said in a video posted to social media. “Why? Because I found out that their school is not safe.”

Jenelle confirmed in the comments of her TikTok video that it’s only Kaiser and Ensley being homeschooled, and that her oldest son Jace will remain at his current school, as he “hates” being homeschooled.

Jenelle insisted that— despite the kids being taken out of school— they’ll still be getting their “learn” on, courtesy of Jenelle and some educational field trips.

“I’ve been takin’ them to do educational stuff every day!” Jenelle declared, adding that the kids’ summer was scheduled to start in about 30 days.

“Until then, I want to keep them safe,” she said. “I want to keep them home, I want to keep my eye on them,” she said. “I think that’s what is best for them right now.”

She went on to explain that, with everything going on in their lives right now (which includes Jenelle’s separation from David Eason, her court dates and shaking her rump on TikTok), Jenelle said they all “need a break” from attending public school.

“This teachin’ and learnin’ stuff is exhausting!”

“Life has been way too stressful for us and I feel like they need a break,” she said. “So, we’re gonna do homeschooling. It’s gonna be fun!’ 

This is not the first time The Land has been used to homeschool an Evans/Griffith/Eason kid. Back in March 2018, Jenelle and David pulled David’s oldest daughter Maryssa out of school and Jenelle filed the required paperwork to operate a home school in North Carolina.

Jenelle responded to nay-sayers, writing on X at the time that she was very qualified to teach Maryssa.

“Myself of all people have went to Early College High School, graduated Hs early after having Jace, went back to college and graduated medical school, finished Scuba certification, CPR class, Nitrox Scuba Class, uhmmmm [sic]…. so you were saying?!” Jenelle bragged.

All of us reading that tweet…

(Maryssa eventually returned to regular public school.) 

The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle is currently listed as the administrator of a home school registered in North Carolina as “Port City Homeschool.” 

According to the North Carolina Department of Administration website, a parent wanting to homeschool their kids must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

(Jenelle– who is the wordsmith behind such vocabular masterpieces such as “dramastic” and “electronical”–is eligible to teach homeschool because she possesses a high school diploma.)

A homeschool administrator must also file a “Notice of Intent to Operate a Home School” with the state; operate the school on a regular schedule for at least 9 months of the year, excluding holidays/vacations; maintain attendance records for each student; and administer a nationally standardized achievement test each year to every student for the subjects of English grammar, reading, spelling and math. 

“I can’t wait to make these kids more smarter!”

According to The Ashley’s sources, Jenelle became aware that, since there is currently no protective order/no-contact order in place to keep David away from his daughter Ensley, he would be able to show up at the school and pick her up, as there is no set custody plan in place at this time barring him from doing so.

“That’s what Jenelle meant when she said the school isn’t ‘safe,'” the source said. “The school can’t technically keep David away from Ensley without a court order in place.” 

After his court hearing with Jenelle on Thursday, David jumped on TikTok Live to beg for donations so that he can get an attorney to fight Jenelle in court. During his Live, David was asked for his thoughts on Jenelle pulling the kids out of school. 

“Jenelle does not know how to homeschool,” he said. “She doesn’t help with the kids. That’s my job…lots of things aren’t going to be done because I’m not there.”

As for why Jenelle chose to open her little school on The Land, David expressed that Jenelle did it out of laziness. 

“She ain’t so hardworkin’ as I am! For instance, I’ve been out on this corner, tap-dancing for spare change, for over 10 minutes now!”
“The only reason she’s taking them out of school is she doesn’t want to wake up in the morning and get them ready…she doesn’t want to drop them off, make their lunch or pick them up. She doesn’t want to do nothing,” he said. “You think I don’t know her? I know her better than anybody. I know her better than she thinks I know her.”
UPDATE! In follow-up comments on social media, Jenelle stated that she did a “background check” on the school and found that the school is “dangerous.” 

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50 Responses

      1. @ MY NAME THIS is why I come here! I LOVE you for this! Life can be a bloody bear at times but I’ll be smiling and chuckling to myself about this for the rest of the day!!! lol Thank you.

        The other one that I really loved was when someone asked what Bar or Barki meant (Bar and Ashley) and someone replied “It’s French for four eyebrows”. Can’t remember if that was also you.

  1. re: the update ~ how long had the kids attended this school? like, was this a new school for them?
    if not, how ‘convenient’ for lazyass swamp queen ?‍♀️ to suddenly deem it dangerous after years of being A-OK with it.
    as many others have commented, she just doesn’t want to get up and moving for the morning school run. and wants to avoid that pesky mandatory reporting, of course.

  2. She’s worried he will pick their daughter up from school. No court order and no custody agreement so he can legally do it.

  3. Now that the narrative suits her.I can’t wait for all the abuse.Stories to come out now for her to tell us what we’ve already known all of these years.

  4. It says a lot about how sorry of a “mother” Jenelle is that Lurch was definitely the more attentive parent and that I actually believe him about her true reasons for pulling them out of school. Makes me feel icky to have to say that. These poor kids.

  5. At this point just drop the kids off in a gorilla cage and let them figure things out from there. They have a better chance of survival than staying with either of these two clown shoes!

  6. “Myself of all people have went to Early College High School, graduated Hs early after having Jace, went back to college and graduated medical school, finished Scuba certification, CPR class, Nitrox Scuba Class, uhmmmm [sic]…. so you were saying?!” Jenelle bragged.

    ????? Years later, this tweet still makes me laugh.

  7. “Myself have went “ says everything I need to know about her abilities to teach a pickle…. Ugh, she’s so insufferable

  8. First I definitely think she is also trying to avoid the children see mandated reporters so less CPS reports are called on her. Or so she can hope.

    Second can you even do a background check on a school? Forgive me if you can and I’m just stupid. But…

    1. I must be stupid too because I’ve never heard of a background check on a school or any place. Jenelle also said she graduated medical school too though & we all know she didn’t.

  9. So now this crazy broad is concerned about the kids’ safety??? What a joke! David is awful, but I think he is spot on about her reasons for doing this.

  10. Oh dear, I am semi-retired. I have stumbled upon more than one home schoolin’ lesson in the grocery store. It’s “interesting”. Now some people legitimately sign their children up for home schooling programs and athletic leagues to socialize their children but I am afraid her children will be juggling avocados in the produce section at the local Piggly Wiggly as part of their real life home schoolin’ experience. Saw it with my own eyes.

    Surprise, surprise, the broken boat Sasquatch can not afford an attorney, who didn’t see that coming?

    These poor children. They have been raised in a dysfunctional, chaotic dumpster on fire in the middle of a crap storm.

    1. Lol. Wow, you have a higher opinion of Jenelle than I do. I don’t think she leaves the house for groceries or food.

      Jenelle is so lazy, that she probably gets Walmart to deliver them, and doordashes the rest.

      Those kids probably will leave the house only once every 3 months.

  11. They are being ‘homeschooled’ now and she still can’t get up in time to make them a decent breakfast before she takes them to the museum, which is clearly a cop out of ACTUALLY having to do any home-schooling.

    My heart breaks for Kaiser, he needs some good nutritional food and exercise.

    1. His idiot dad makes sure that he (Nathan) gets plenty of exercise for himself and supposedly watches what he eats (although that’s probably offset by copious amounts of alcohol). Weightlifting and drinking have always come before Kaiser for that loser.

  12. School was the only place these kids would get socialization, a definite meal or 2, and education.

    Yes, school in NC is done very soon, like before we know it (yay!), but why do I think she’ll have an excuse in August to not send them back.

    As great that it is she left this creep, he was her child care provider. I fully believe he did the cooking and the tending to, as Jenelle has not a maternal bone on her body.

    1. Jenelle complained in the fall that the school kept calling her every day because the kids didn’t have a lunch. Jenelle said she set a daily reminder to order Subway doordash to the kids’ school.

      1. @dramastic ~ wow, just wow. talk about the epitome of a trashy ?️, lazy, wasteful joke of a ‘mother’.

      2. WTF! Lol! She literally couldn’t figure out how to do a 5 minute job or make sure they both had money to buy hot lunch?

      3. Are they in a charter?

        A public school would provide breakfast and lunch and since she’s unemployed, it would be free.

        I assumed they did public. The article says public but charter is public, when compared to Catholic or private, I suppose.

        Charters down here outsource to restaurants, Chic Fil A, Jimmy John’s, Moe’s.. you can order those in, which is totally stupid, but.. ok.


  13. And poor Kaiser’s other useless POS “parent” / sperm donor just got released from the clink the other side of the country and probably can’t leave Nevada for awhile. That kid just can’t catch a break – so sad.

  14. I️ don’t believe for one second she is keeping Ensley away from David because it’s “not safe”. Those kids have never been safe in that house and she never cared. I️ honestly do believe that David was the primary caretaker of the kids. Not a good caretaker by any means, but more so than Jenelle. Jenelle couldn’t be bothered to do much of anything as long as she had David around. I️ remember seeing a video of Jenelle screaming at toddler Ensley to get out of her room and leave her alone. Since she’s left David she’s already posted multiple videos of her in her she-shed alone and laying in bed alone “not feeling well” all during hours the kids would be awake. She was perfectly fine with David caring for her kids through evvvverryyything until she decided to leave him. Now it’s about control and keeping Ensley away from him just to spite him.

  15. having only read the headline ~ what a f*cking piece of trash. ?️
    such a gross, lowbrow mindset ~ “my kids need a break from that durn pesky schoolin’ and all them fancy talkin’ words, yall”.
    off to read the article now! ??

  16. I can’t believe Jenelle still claims that she graduated from medical school!!!! What a joke! Does she think the world is as stupid as she is, and that anyone would believe that she ever stepped foot into a “medical school?” You have to be a college graduate before you can even be accepted into medical school Jenelle!! Do you think the world is really going to believe that YOU, a two-bit, white-trash, welfare hillbilly would ever be accepted to medical school? LOL! You’d think she would be embarrassed to say such garbage! She’s like Farrah, who claims she went to law school and is a lawyer! Neither of these twits can speak or write a proper sentence!

    1. In 2015, Jenelle received an Associates Degree in Medical Assistance, which she never took the certifications needed, nor would she be qualified to work in any medical facility because she had been arrested in 2010 and plead guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia, then violated her probation by testing positive again for marijuana and opioids. And then arrested again in 2012, for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance. And then again in 2013, fail another drug test.

      She was a moron for ever getting that degree in the first place because anyone with two brain cells would look into seeing if you have multiple drug charges you will not be hired by any medical facility since they a liability. I know she wouldn’t be directly working with patients, but do you really think hospital or medical facility wouldn’t be doing a background check on their employees.

    2. It’s quite a stretch to call a medical assistant diploma mill “medical school” ?

      At least Farrah Abraham, ESQ can’t physically hurt anyone as a per law “law school graduate”. But Dr Janelle Evans – yeesh – lock up the pain killers!!

  17. as much of a loser david is i don’t think he’s lying on that last part ? hopefully she puts them back in regular school next school year because i just know she can’t handle having her kids full time everyday

  18. I’m so mad that they removed most of barriers to homeschooling in most states, and anyone can just “home school” they kids.

    I know the US school system has its issues, I’m not saying it doesn’t, nor am I saying that their aren’t cases where home-schooling makes sense. My brother was home-schooled for two years, but both my parents have doctorates, and my dad was a university professor. Even my dad struggled teaching a child because its different then teaching a university students.

    Schools allow teacher to see if kids are abused, and in Jenelle’s case that’s really scary. They provide structure, can anyone see Jenelle make lesson plans or sit with her kids while they use a online program. Making sure they do the work, helping if they are stuck. Jenelle probably sleeps until like 12. Kids need social skills and we know Jenelle isn’t leaving the land unless she needs to, those kids are going to be so isolated.

    UBT is a terrible terrible person, a monster. But I do believe him when he says that he was the one in charge of taking care of those kids. I don’t think that means he should be around them or take care of them, but I don’t think Jenelle is the best option either.

    1. Right.
      She just lost her mandatory reporters, which is probably on purpose.

      I can imagine the kids aren’t fed, bathed, clothed or attended to.

      “It’s only a month”
      Yeah, we’ll see.

      1. Leah Messer talks about in her book, that her mother claimed to homeschool her for years, so that her mother didn’t have to pay for child care for her younger siblings.

        Her saving grace is her mother didn’t graduate HS, so when Leah was about to enter HS, her mother tried to claim homeschooling again, the state said to Dawn that she didn’t graduate hs, so you can’t homeschool kids past your education level, which was 8th grade. Her mother never passed the 9th grade!!!

        When I read that I was like WTF!!! That was when the requirements in WV were harder.

        Leah said that she really struggled in school because she hadn’t been to school or learned anything in years.

        I hope Leah can call up Jenelle and explain how terrible this decision is.

        1. What? I didn’t know that bc Dawn always seemed gainfully employed in healthcare, but yes, getting married at 16, I can see her not finishing school.

          I doubt Leah will talk any sense into Jenelle.

          Pray this nonsense only lasts the next 30 days or so..

          1. Oh the book put Dawn in a whole new light for me. She was a monster.

            Dawn had Leah when she was 16, and her father was like a 25 year old preacher. She had three kids before she was 21. And then she got divorce, he wasn’t really a good guy. Surprise the 25 year old praying a child wasn’t a good guy.

            Dawn met Lee (Leah’s stepfather) at work. They were both Hospital Janitors, so I guess that’s working healthcare. I think you were just thrown off by the scrubs, maybe.

            Dawn forced Leah into losing her virginity, locked her in a room and refused to unlock it until she had sex with him. She was 13 and he was 18. She made Leah physically fight a girl. Like Dawn is a monster.

  19. Do I believe that David is capable of kidnapping Ensley to spite Jenelle? Yes I do.
    Do I believe David when he says that Jenelle is lazy and doesn’t want to go through the trouble of sending the kids to school everyday? Yes I do.
    Also it’s a joke that the only thing you need to be operating a “homeschool” is a HS diploma. Teachers go to college and study for years to be capable of teaching kids. South Carolina is pathetic

    1. My one saving grace for those kids, is Jenelle is LAZY!!! So once those kids start getting on her nerves because they are running around at 8 am or when she needs a break and for her kids to leave her alone, she will probably send them back to school.

      If Jenelle and David really do finalize their divorce, its possible David can put in the decree that the kids must be in a accredited school with a physical location.

    2. North Carolina but yeah, for once, David tells the whole truth.

      He knows bc I’m sure he did everything.. except bring in an income.

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