‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Confirms She Is Now Homeschooling Her Stepdaughter: Get All the Details!

“Get them readin’ books, girl! It’s time for yer schoolin’!”

UPDATE! Jenelle has responded to Radar’s article about her homeschooling her stepdaughter! Scroll to the bottom for the latest info! 

Grab your book bags–and your swamp boots–because Jenelle Evans and David Eason have just opened up their very own Little Schoolhouse on the Land!


The Teen Mom 2 star confirmed earlier this week on Twitter that she is now personally homeschooling her 11-year-old stepdaughter, Maryssa. In a now-deleted tweet, Jenelle seemed to be sending a message to her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star (and nemesis) Kail Lowry, while also confirming that Maryssa (who is David’s daughter by his first wife), has been pulled out of the North Carolina private school she had been attending.

“While you’re over here podcasting away, tweeting pure bulls**t about me, or posting #FakeNews… I’ll be over here homeschooling my stepdaughter and minding my business,” she wrote.

A spokesperson for the Non-Public Education Department of North Carolina confirmed to Radar Online earlier this week that, back in March, Jenelle filed the required paperwork to operate a home school in North Carolina. Jenelle chose “West Croft Leadership Academy” as the name of her school. (Is anyone else a bit disappointed she didn’t go with “The Land University” or “Little School in the Swamp?” Just The Ashley? OK…)

Jenelle– who is the wordsmith behind such vocabular masterpieces such as “dramastic” and “on-tray” (#NeverForget)–is eligible to teach homeschool because she possesses a high school diploma. (In North Carolina, you are eligible if you have a diploma or GED.)

Maryssa had been attending a private school in nearby Leland, North Carolina, and seemed to be excelling there. Back in May, David posted a photo of Maryssa holding an academic award she had received at school.

According to Radar Online, David chose to pull Maryssa out of the school due to “a cross-dressing staff member.”

(The Ashley has not been able to confirm or deny this part of the story, so please consider it a “report” for now.)

“Someone at her school was apparently dressing, or dresses, like a girl,” a source told Radar. “David said something to the school staff and they said they couldn’t do anything about it.”

Radar states that David tried to enroll Maryssa in another nearby private school, but she was not eligible due to where The Land sits.

“The other school ended up telling David she couldn’t attend because their address is not in the school zone,” Radar‘s source claimed. “She would have to go to the public school for their address, which David feels she’s too good for.”

“I wonder if I can get a job at that school teaching gym class?”

In recent weeks, David has made it very clear how he feels about the LGBTQ community. One day after Jenelle defended David’s homophobic rant from February (which, by the way, got him booted from the show and MTV), David posted a series of photos to Instagram, letting everyone know that he is proud to be straight…and white.

“Straight Pride, it’s natural, it’s worked for thousands of years and you can make babies,” the post read.

Currently, Maryssa is the only student on The Land. Jenelle recently posted that Kaiser had started another school year at his school. Jace remains enrolled in his regular school as well.

Kail had a hilarious reaction to Jenelle’s admission that she is now a homeschool teacher.

“Is her stepdaughter sitting ‘a crossed’ from her at the table?” Kail wrote, referencing a previous tweet of Jenelle’s in which Jenelle told a fan on August 23 that she “walked a crossed a cool creek” in a video she had posted.

UPDATE! Jenelle has responded to Radar‘s article and, on Saturday, came out swingin’ (via Twitter), attempting to assure everyone that she’s more than qualified to teach Maryssa her readin’ and ‘rithmatic!

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star even claimed that she has “graduated medical school.”


Unfortuatently, that claim and the poor grammar  used in Jenelle’s tweets only seemed to make her the butt of more jokes.

“You have NO IDEA why she was pull out of school,” Jenelle wrote. “Don’t want to put anyone on blast either. And no one has to give me permission to do anything with Kaiser, lol.

“Myself of all people have went to Early College High School, graduated HS early after having Jace, went back to college and graduated medical school, finished Scuba certification, CPR class, Nitrox Scuba Class, uhmmmm…. so you were saying?!”

“Attending high school on a college campus was pretty sweet tho. Lunch was always great!  #Memories #SchoolDays,” she added.

Jenelle did, in fact, actually graduate early before the birth of her son, Jace. Her claims that she “graduated medical school,” though, are completely ridiculous. Jenelle is likely referencing the medical assistant classes she took at Miller Motte Technical School.

Miller Motte is a technical school, not a “medical school.” In reality, she graduated in 2015 from the tech school with a certificate of completion for the school’s Medical Office Assistant Course. (Multiple outlets have stated that Jenelle has yet to pass her state board Certified Medical Assistant test, however.)

“Lemme guess, ya want us all ta call ya ‘Docta Eason’ now, don’t ya?”

Jenelle also tweeted that she has no idea where Radar got the name “West Croft Leadership Academy” as her school name.

So…there’s still a chance the school can be called “Little Schoolhouse on the Land?”

The Ashley went ahead and dug into some public records and discovered that it appears Radar made a mistake in its reporting. “West Croft Leadership Academy” was actually a name chosen by a woman with a similar name to Jenelle’s. However, it is not the name of Jenelle’s homeschool.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Twitter)


  1. So when Maryssa goes to college or the workforce, are they going to pull her out of it because of LGBT ppl around? Do they think it’s contagious? I’m sorry, but ppl who have over the top reactions to the LGBT community make me think twice about their internal reactions. Now this girl is practically around to druggies all day, when at least she had a chance to be around normal people for 6-8 hours a day previously. Where is her mom?!

  2. What?! Why would the state of North Carolina let her homeschool this child? I would not let her homeschool a goldfish

  3. This is what ruins homeschooling for the rest of us. In addition, her even being allowed to do so is a mockery of “education”!

  4. Is this the “charity” she’s wanting to use to boost her image? I don’t think there is anything to help. As long as her husband keeps showing ignorant postings and she has to fiercely defend him, we are gonna see the same crap show she said was sooooo edited to make her look bad. If your still willing to pick up that paycheck she needs to sit down and shut up. Her only image would be if she left David and showed the struggle of actually caring fir her kids on her own but we all know that will never happen.

  5. The fact that this moron can’t tell the difference between actual medical school, and a technical school, further shows that she has no business tutoring anyone.

  6. I read on Crazy days and Nights that UBT pulled Maryssa out of school to cover his tracks of sexual abuse towards her. He’s worried she will blab.

  7. This is why I don’t trust homeschool education. They’re being taught by someone who doesn’t even hold a college degree in education. Having a high school diploma to teach is a joke. Some of the dumbest people can obtain a diploma.

    1. I agree. I’ve met many army wives who homeschool their children (I’m also an army wife) and none of them have any education beyond high school. The requirements should definitely be higher than that.

    2. Many homeschooling parents do hold a degree. Even when they do not, however, many are still capable of homeschooling their child. Janelle, now….not so much, in my opinion.

    3. Oddly enough, I have a friend who has a degree in education and does homeschool and all the state cared about was seeing her high school diploma. The education degree was not considered acceptable.

  8. He pulled his kid out of school, because a transgender goes to the school? He’s that disgusted with the LGBTQ community, that he has sacrificed his daughter receiving a proper education. He’s such a shitty human….As anti LGBTQ David is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was trapped in the closet himself….someone who pays that much attention to something that’s so “irrelevant” to their lives, is probably secretly obsessed with it.

  9. Apparently, her mother is a huge drug addict. that being said I really don’t understand how David got custody from Maryssa’s grandmother. The poor kid is just doomed now.

  10. Perhaps they’re just out of money? Unfortunately, Jenelle got signed for S9, but their lifestyle has certainly changed. When was the last time they went on vacation or a trip? Due to their drug abuse, they’re slowly but steadily running out of money. Private schools aren’t cheap. The transperson at Maryssa’s school might have just been an excuse to pull her from there without losing face.

    1. I feel terrible for Maryssa. Clearly she was thriving at school. Now, she doesn’t have a chance. She looks so happy in the picture.

    2. This was my first thought. Even though Jenelle makes $ from TM that is solely their one and only income for a family of 5, if not 7 if child support is paid on David’s son and Jace.

  11. No wonder MTV wanted to film Jenelle so bad; she is an endless goldmine storylines. You can’t make up the stuff she does. I would watch a whole broadcast of Jenelle trying to teach Maryssa about ANY subject in school.

  12. Where is Maryssa’s biological mom?

    I ask this, because the fact that David with his criminal record and at one time a restraining order against him regarding his son, says to me that her mom must REALLY have some issues if he (along with much arrested and mugshotted Jenelle) wound up with sole custody of this child.

  13. Ugh. I feel bad for her, she seems smart, smarter than her father and stepmom. (LOL but like that’s hard) Anyway, I sincerely hope she isn’t homeschooled for long, it will not benefit her being taught by someone who can’t even speak properly. (Again, Farrah and Jenelle were both born with the English language and I can hear foreigners, myself included, who speak it better than they can!) So yeah, it’s gonna suck for her because who is Jenelle to be teaching a 12(?)-year old girl anything. And where is David in all of this?! Oh yeah, I guess he thinks “teaching is just for women”, I bet he is one of those dudes. Or he is beating the cr*p out of Kaiser. Someone needs to intervene and FAST, they will destroy their kids’ future!

  14. She’s 11 so that means 6th, possibly 5th grade. Let me tell you, the material they cover in those grades is no joke. My son is in 5th grade and over the summer I got him ready using a workbook that’s designed to bridge the gap between 4th and 5th grade. Despite the fact that I graduated in the top 10% of my HS class and have a degree from one of the top colleges in the country, there were things I struggled with simply because they’re taught differently now or it’s been a while since I saw it myself. You’re telling me the lazy ass who’s high all the time is going to be up to this task? Sure, Jan. She’ll probably do one of those online homeschools that Sophia is allegedly doing while Jenelle is getting high behind her locked bedroom door.

  15. Considering Jenelle puts all her kids into daycare basically the minute they’re born, I’m not even sure Maryssa’s alive at this point. Homeschooling sounds like a good excuse for her abscense. Not kidding. David’s capable of everything. Jesus.

  16. This really scares me. School is often the place where children who are abused at home can find solace or Where the abuse can be detected and reported. Now she’ll be just like Jenelle living on the land all the time. I see this entire family eventually going off the grid and living inside an electric fence.

  17. She’s too good for the public school, but not too good to be homeschooled by someone with a high school diploma who scraped by and was probably high all through high school?

    Is he going to pull her from any and all environments throughout her life and just keep her on the land until she dies? Because surprise David, no matter where she goes there will be people who are gay or transgender or black or Asian or whatever else you don’t like. Do you let her go to the mall or to the movies? Or no because there might be a gay person there?

    What did he think was going to happen between this person and his daughter? Did he think his daughter was suddenly going to turn gay or start dressing in boy clothes or get cooties?

    Say goodbye to college opportunities Maryssa. Make sure to thank your Dad.

    HOW is it allowed for a person with a high school diploma or GED to teach homeschool?? I’m a teacher and in our state all teachers are required to have a Master’s Degree. No Master’s by the deadline, no job. Yet JENELLE can teach all subjects, some of which she probably never took?

    Before they know it, that entire family is going to be cut off from the rest of the world and not allowed to leave the land. Turns out Jace is the lucky one after all to have escaped that nightmare.

  18. I doubt this will last long. It will be another addition to the trophy shelf of broken dreams she’s had. It’s just the next and newest thing until she loses interest or realizes that it’s actually work. Also, there has gotta be some regulation on whether a homeschooled student is progressing at the rate they should be based on retaining the material/concepts in the curriculum. This will be as short lived as everything else and maryssa will be back in school faster than she can say, “what the fuck, duuuude?”

    1. They will put that child behind a computer without supervision. David is going to monitor her scores and will make her re-do lessons until her score is high enough, to please God, so they both have their hands free to hold the bong.
      She won’t be allowed to interact with other children online cause they might be gay or have gay parents.
      Poor girl, as if it wasn’t bad enough to be raised by those two after school and on days she doesn’t go to school.

  19. How pathetic to have TWO stay at home parents and neither is willing to drive this girl to school. Private school zones my ass. Those don’t exist. I’m sure the school district wouldn’t bus her all the way from The Land and Jenelle and David are too lazy to do it themselves.

    Didn’t Jenelle always defend Kaiser being in daycare by saying he needs time to interact with kids his own age? I guess Maryssa is done with that at the ripe old age of 10.

    David proudly said he’s up at 5am everyday no matter what’s going on. Up at 5am and doing WHAT?? He can’t drive her to school, he’s not teaching her. What a joke.

    1. Exactly. I live on the border of AL/GA and we have kids who live in one state and go to a private school in the other state.

      Private schools don’t care where you park your trailer.

    2. I had the exact thought. I have never heard of a private school with zones, as long as the parent is willing to transport the child to school.

    3. Exactly. Private schools don’t care where a student lives. They just wanted someone else to drive her and the district wouldn’t do it.

      And isn’t it something that Kaiser still goes to a school/day care.

  20. Creepy. They are homeschooling her because she is old enough to talk about everything that goes down “on the land”. All is not well with this family. It just doesn’t seem right. They send Ensley and Kiser to daycare but they keep Marissa home ? c’mon. Very fishy.

  21. Maryssa is too good for public school, so David wants her to be taught by…Jenelle??? ??‍♀️

  22. So I’m sure a lot of Jenelle’s “lectures” will contain… “dude”, “omg”, And “dude omg…. and maybe some “babe” thrown in there when she talks about Lurch.
    Music class will consist of her saying how Kesha is her idol, and how it’s okay to miss a court date to see a concert.

  23. Monday’s Lesson: How to fire a gun.
    Tuesday’s Lesson: How to be homophobic racist.
    Wednesday’s Lesson: How to be 16 and pregnant.
    Thursday’s Lesson: How to be a junkie.
    Friday’s Lesson: Field Trip, Drive around and pull a gun on someone.

  24. Is David really afraid of these cross-dressing and gay people because he’s homophobic or because he’s gay himself? He sure gets his panties in a bunch quite frequently over them, no? And now his own daughter can’t get an education because there’s *gasp* a person who cross-dresses at her school? In all seriousness, this type of behavior sometimes stems from lack of acceptance of one’s own sexuality, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s harboring his own attraction to the same sex. Just an observation, I’m not trying to be crude.

    1. Courtland says David’s only friend in jail was gay.
      The other inmates didn’t like David cause he was crying and scared all the time.

      Jenelle had sex with Tori, she called her boyfriend and demanded to be allowed to hook up with Tori cause they were both drunk and horny. It wasn’t cheating cause Tori was a female according to her. David pretends that never happened so maybe he pretends his same-sex activities never happened either.

    2. Right. Look at all the politicians who are the most outspoken against gay rights that get caught in the bathroom stall somewhere. There’s something to that phrase about protesting too much!

  25. Hahaha
    Cheap doesnt abt to pay for step daughter private school, bet her kids won be home schooled. God help us all these people having children and them.self educating them.

  26. Seriously though, is she high (well…) After all the years that she’s been in the public eye doesn’t she know that her proud proclamation to be homeschooling her stepdaughter is going to get her absolutely laughed out of the solar system while simultaneously raked over the proverbial coals. The wires aren’t fully connecting here, I know she thrives on drama and she literally has nothing to do but put a can of spaghettio’s (w/ can opener) on the floor for the children and surf the net, but she seems to get genuinely pissed off by the reaction she gets to all of her jack-assery online. Oh to have gotten knocked-up at 16 and have made a battery of terrible choices for a decade….

  27. Is it considered kidnapping someone rescues Maryssa from the laaaand? Asking for a friend.
    In all seriousness, my heart breaks for this girl. I wish I could help her.

  28. Kail you didn’t like people talking about your kids but I guess it’s ok for you to talk about someone else’s child. Ok….. I guess kail has different rules for everyone else. Kail doesn’t start anything with anyone else.(BS)

    Where will Jenelle teach Maricia when the swamp swallows up the school house???

    1. She didn’t say anything about Maryssa, she said something about Jenelle, and her ability to teach another person. Jenelle is absolutely fair game here,

      Why do you work Kail into absolutely everything you say on this site, no matter the story(most of them having nothing at all to do with her)? Your obsession is growing worrisome at this point, lmao. Though there is plenty to say about Kail, she has a ton of faults. I’m definitely no fan of hers and haven’t been for years, but you’ve gone over that dislike line into seriously unhealthy obsession.

    1. Exactly bet her kids will go to a private school she is so cheap but can live a high(lol) life style(pun intented) and she has PTSD I have it from reading about her she is crazy a shit

  29. so janelle who puts her 6 week old baby in daycare and kaiser while everyone else has fun on the boat for the day because hes out of control is going 5o be home with marissa 24/7 to teach her….
    sure jan

  30. Wow – if Jenelle and David believe that Jenelle teaching is better than NC public schools then the schools down there must be more not well than in West Virginia. Maryssa will be learnin’ on life essentials such as credit card fraud and finding a good soulmate.

    As others have pointed out in the other article, she dumps her younger kids off at daycare even though she and David do not work so this doesn’t make sense. Will Maryssa actually just be doing chores around the house and land?

    What’s next Jill Duggar opening a culinary school?

  31. That poor, poor child. Now she won’t get an education or an escape from her abusive home on The Land. David is out of control with his controlling behavior, and it’s scary.

  32. Private school zones don’t matter, so I don’t believe she couldn’t go to the second school because of where the Land was located. Moreso likely that Jenelle didn’t want to drive that far

    1. Ummm… she is doomed. jenelle is about as smart as a bag of rocks. If she was teaching things like how to smoke meth or how to take care of an angry yeti jenelle would be a great teacher!

      1. Whilst I enjoy your sentiment, it’s just not accurate. Any child raised with those two swamp dwellers is already at a huge disadvantage in life, purely because of how unintelligent, uneducated, uninformed and bigoted they both are. And I feel like 99.9% of people are in agreement about that… So, that begs the question… David, is that you? ??

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