Jenelle Evans Files to Legally Separate From Husband David Eason; Claims He Excessively Spends Her Money & Makes Her Life “Intolerable” with His Drinking (A Breakdown of the Court Documents)

“In the words of the great Amber Portwood– I’M DONE!”

After seven years of marriage, numerous 911 calls and plenty of online bickering, Jenelle Evans is saying she’s done with her marriage to David Eason.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star has reportedly filed to legal separate from her husband. In court documents obtained by The Sun, Jenelle provides a laundry list of reasons she wants out of her marriage to David, including what she claims is “concerning and disturbing behavior” spurred by his “excessive alcohol use”; his habit of excessively spending her money (because he refuses to work); and drinking and driving on the regular, to name just a few things.

Jenelle also pointed out that David cost her income from numerous jobs (including her job on ‘Teen Mom 2’) and that her standing by him has “degraded her public image.”

Here, The Ashley will break down Jenelle’s court filing.

What Jenelle Filed For:

Jenelle filed for “legal separation” in late February which is the first step in getting a divorce in North Carolina. (As The Ashley has previously reported, couples wishing to divorce in North Carolina must live separately— at different residences— for one year before they can file for divorce.)

Jenelle confirmed that, as The Ashley previously reported, David has been living on the couple’s broken boat, which is docked in a nearby marina.

“I don’t know how much longer I can live this barnacle life!”

In the filing, Jenelle said she and David officially separated on February 16, “with the intent that the separation be permanent.”

(The Ashley can confirm, though, that the couple was still getting along up until late last week. Jenelle was still actively defending and meeting with David up until an incident a few days ago.)

Anyway, Jenelle is asking that the court grant her primary physical custody of their daughter, Ensley, and order David to pay child support. 

David realizing he may have to sell his body for medical research in order to get some cash…

As for the couple’s shared house and property (aka “The Land”), Jenelle is asking that it all basically be awarded to her.

“[Jenelle] is in need of the sole use enjoyment and possession of the property for the benefit of [Jenelle] and the minor children and hereby request this court to enter an order sequestering the property for the benefit of Jenelle and the minor children.”

She is asking for the court to grant her legal possession of the home, and noted that David has stated that he will not let her have the house willingly.

“It ain’t fair! Don’t you know how much time I’ve spent rakin’ them woods!?”

“[David] has made several statements that [Jenelle] cannot keep him from ‘his’ home,” Jenelle stated.

David received a copy of Jenelle’s filing but, according to The Sun, has not yet filed a response.

Why Jenelle Wants a Divorce:

Honestly, just showing this photo to the judge should have been reason enough…

In her filing, Jenelle claims that being with David has damaged her in numerous ways, including financially and emotionally.

She lists David’s “concerning and at times disturbing behavior towards” her as a main reason she wants the split, bringing up the fact that David currently has pending child abuse and “assault by strangulation” charges pending against him for his alleged physical attack on her son Jace in September. She also notes that, in 2019, David shot her dog Nugget, causing them to split for a period of time afterward.

Jenelle Claims David Has Not Been a Good Parent to His Daughters: 

In the court docs, Jenelle states that, after she asked him to leave their home in February so that Jace could come back and live with her, David has not made any effort to parent his daughters, Ensley and Maryssa (whose mom is David’s ex-wife). 

A ‘pitcher’ of the…um…”happy” family early last year…

Jenelle stated that, since leaving The Land, David has not asked about Ensley and, instead, “has been spending his days drinking liquor at a bar near the marina.”

She also claims that— just as The Ashley previously confirmed— she had to boot Maryssa from her home after David left because she needed Maryssa’s room for Jace.

Jenelle slammed David for not coming up with a plan for Maryssa’s care following his departure from the home. (As The Ashley told you, Jenelle was the one who contacted Maryssa’s mom and stepdad to ask that Maryssa move in with them, and that act angered David.) 

“[David] developed no plan for ensuring both of his biological minor children were cared for and offered [Jenelle] zero support and assistance with any of the minor children during this time,” the court docs state.

Jenelle Claims David Recently Took Stuff From Her In Order to Harass Her:

In the filing, Jenelle claims David refused to give her back the key to their mailbox, despite knowing that Jace’s medications were in the box.

She also states that David stole her car.

“For the purpose of harassing or annoying [Jenelle], [David] took [Jenelle’s] vehicle without her permission and told her to kill herself among other vile insults, which [Jenelle] filmed the interaction for her safety,” the filing reads.

She added that this occurred on February 22, when there was an active no-contact order between Jace and David. Jenelle states that David showed up on The Land anyway.

Tori and her drumsticks need to show up if David makes anymore surprise visits to The Land…

Jenelle Claims David Refuses to Work, Drinks Excessively & Spends All Her Money:

Jenelle told the court that, despite David’s refusal to work (for the majority of their marriage), he still spends money “recklessly.” Jenelle notes that she is the only one earning an income in the family.

“[David] recklessly spent the party’s money which [Jenelle] solely earns, and in other ways to be shown at trial,” she writes. “[David] has further committed marital misconduct in that he excessively uses alcohol and has not maintained consistent full-time employment for a number of years.”

“He says that any time anyone mentions employment he breaks out in hives!”

Jenelle also states that David’s “excessive” drinking is often the cause of his “erratic” behavior.

“During the marriage of the parties, [David’s] excessive use of alcohol was burdensome and rendered [Jenelle’s] life intolerable,” she writes, adding that David allegedly shells out a ton of money for booze, despite him not earning an income.

“[David] would regularly drink and drive and spend excess money on alcohol– money which he does not earn and which could otherwise go toward the financial well-being of the minor children,” she wrote, adding that her former swampy soulmate “recklessly spent [Jenelle’s] earned income while refusing to earn consistent income to contribute to the family.”

Speaking of money, Jenelle states that David has cost her jobs and income from those jobs. (As fans know, David was fired from “Teen Mom 2′ after going on a homophobic rant on Twitter in 2018. Jenelle was eventually also let go from the show due to David shooting the dog and Jenelle’s refusal to film without him, among other things.) 

“[David’s] conduct has caused plaintiff employment compensation and degraded her public image,” the court docs state.

Jenelle States That She Was a Good Wife to David & That She Has Caught a Ton of Flak for Supporting Him

“What was I thinking?!”

“[Jenelle] has been a faithful and dutiful spouse to the defendant and has stuck by the [David’s] side through the criticism of millions of people across the world on social media, who voiced concern regarding the [David’s] behaviors,” she writes.


David has yet to speak out about the filing. The Ashley will be updating this story with more information soon. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. I don’t really believe they are divorcing… Plus, divorce doesn’t mean you cannot reconcile later… Even if they do, she’ll be on to another dude within 30 days. Guaranteed. Jenelle is one of those girls I cannot stand, that just cannot be alone. She HAS to have someone. It would be great if this WAS true and she actually focused on her kids and herself, and didn’t get dickmatized by the next jobless loser. However, I am super confused… A) I thought she was NOT medicating Jace. B) I don’t know about how it works in her state, but in California, you cannot send a controlled substance in the mail, which almost all ADHD medications are (All of the stimulant type medication is anyway). Here, you have to physically go into the pharmacy and sign it off and physically pick up the medication and many times it’s a struggle to receive a few months worth of the medication. That’s really neither here nor there but yeah. And Jenelle- the bank WILL cancel the cards he has that is allowing him access to YOUR money. You DO have options…

    1. Just because she’s not giving Jace his ADHD meds doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to HAVE his meds, if you know what I mean.

    2. I had that thought too. It may either be non-stimulant ADHD medication or something unrelated, like an inhaler.

    3. It may not be ADHD medicine maybe it’s something for depression or bipolar or anxiety you know what I mean? My husband takes Zoloft and they mailed that.

  2. Damaged her public image!?!? My goodness that ship sailed long before her relationship with the Swamp Thing. Spends her money excessively? What money? You’ve never had a job! You let cameras follow you around as you went thru men, substances, marriages and trips to the pokey. How many times has she left the Swamp Thing, gone back to him and covered up for him? Time will tell if this divorce filing is just another publicity stunt.

  3. Didn’t she just say that her husband didn’t try to sneak into her house? Why wouldn’t she use the right language if they’re splitting up? Something doesn’t add up here.

  4. I call bullshit. I feel like we have been through this before.

    Jenelle will be getting back together with David pretending that her own accusations were exaggerated and “not true, duuuude”. She will defend David (and fake cry while doing so) and say that he is the best father to all of the kids including Jace. He is the bestest huzzzband she could ever ask for. She just wants people to “Leave her alooooone and stop being so “dramastic” Why even bring up the 2019 murder of Nugget? It clearly didn’t bother her enough to not stay married to him.

    I also don’t think Jenelle realizes that her reputation isn’t tarnished just because of David. She is a horrible person that is also neglectful and abusive. She is manipulative and a pathological liar. She enjoys trying to control the narrative on social media while simultaneously gaslighting her own children and calling them liars. She blames her mother who she willingly signed custody to for everything.

    I’m kind of bored with her charade.🥱

  5. What about David texting his ex wife last year? Jenelle referred to the texts as “Criminal Conversations” lol.

  6. I hope this woman stays single, gets into therapy and heals. Truly heals. She needs it but, moreover, those kids need it.

  7. We all know Jenelle can’t be without a dude for long, I mean, what do you expect her to do? Parent her gaggle of kids? Ha!!

    Since Keiffa and his hoodie, Jenelle’s bf’s have gotten worse and worse. I’m terrified of the next swamp king she brings home from the local jail to play daddy.

    What’ll he do to Jace? That’ll he scream at Kaiser? Will he manhandle Ensley? All while Jenelle’s locked in the she-shed singing rhe katrst bf’s praises online 🙄

  8. So did she finally see things we were all seeing? We will see if she will actually stick to this, she can’t stay single even if her life depended on it.

    And if it DOES happen…this guy is scary and you never know what he is capable of. If she actually leaves him, he might rage at her, hopefully not at the kids (anymore, we all know what he did to Jace!)

    Also why the f did he come to the house if he is not allowed to be near Jace?! This guy is a straight up lunatic!

  9. All valid reasons for a divorce. Let’s hope she will follow through. David is about to show the world just how nasty he is. He will drag and blackmail. Dangerous. Was it him that was behind the burglary? Wanted Jenelle so scared that she wants him back? Being alone is better than being with David. She must have faith in herself.

  10. Sadly Janelle needs a guy. She can’t do anything by herself. Mostly because she’s lazy and a hypochondriac. She really doesn’t want to be a full time parent. She doesn’t want her mom to have Jace either. Janelle needs intensive therapy-which she’ll never get. Jace needs major therapy. It’s so sad to see how messed up that poor kid is. Sadly because Janelle is so selfish and never put any of her kids first they all will have codependency and major emotional traumas. It’s too bad Kaiser wasn’t court ordered to live with Doris. She seems normal. Poor Ensley, does she have any extended family that’s normal? Janelle is a lost cause but these kids deserve a second chance. Maybe a foster home would be better than the hell house they’ve been living in. Janelle and David should not be raising children.

  11. Let’s see if this sticks. This isn’t the first time Jenelle has said she’s done with David, filed legal documents stating all the horrible things he’s done and then within a month, she’s back with him acting like none of it ever happened.
    And isn’t it funny, Jenelle spent all of this time saying poor David didn’t abuse Jace and even going as far as blaming Jace and his mental health but now she wants to talk about his “disturbing behavior”?

  12. This part isn’t the flex she and her attorney think it is:

    “[Jenelle] has been a faithful and dutiful spouse to the defendant and has stuck by the [David’s] side through the criticism of millions of people across the world on social media, who voiced concern regarding the [David’s] behaviors,” she writes.

    Like, he beat your son’s ass. Being a “faithful and dutiful spouse” after that isn’t exactly a positive.

  13. I’d like to think Jenelle has finally had a hard awakening of her pitiful life, and that she is doing this truthfully.

    But I don’t think it at all. At all.

    1. This is absolutely revenge. You can read it in her filing. She didn’t leave when he shot her dog or strangled her son but now shes serious. Shes fuming cuz hes having fun at the marina bar while she has zero help taking care the kids. Shes mad & doing exactly what she was raised to do- case closed

      1. And don’t forget all of the cruelty that he inflicted on Kaiser! That
        child was so scared of David that he would stutter whenever David came into the room! He beat Kaiser pretty much since the day he started walking, called him degrading, vile names! Said right on camera that “he hates the little cry baby bitch.” I hope Jenelle remembers how abused that poor child was and uses it against David in court.

  14. If this is true, I’m proud of her. As long as she sticks with it. He’s an abhorrent human being.

  15. Do I think Jenelle is a bad person? YES

    Do I think David is a bad person? YES and far worse than Jenelle

    Do I think Jenelle should divorce David? YES

    Do I think it will actually happen? Probably not.

  16. And a week ago, he was going to file for divorce. Which he can’t do for a year and a day. Bunch of shit they’re trying to feed us. Go the hell away both of you! You are disgusting human beings, and deserve whatever you get. No one believes you! I hope the both of you rot in hell!

  17. Umm, she’s a bit too late with this one. If she cared that a grown male assaulted her CHILD, she would have filed the second the courthouse opened.

    1. It’s all fake. She’s run out of money, this’ll create clickbait for her to live off this month and syphon to UBT.
      They got too much dirt on each other, she’ll never really leave him.

      I mean, if your partner putting his unemployed mitts on your first born doesn’t kick you in the ass, nothing will.

      1. Exactly. She’s done this before. When he killed her dog, she claimed to be done with him, filed a protection order and stated all the horrible things he did to her and the kids (including keeping Kaiser in a locked car) in an effort to get her job back with Teen Mom. That didn’t pan out so she went back to him talking about how wonderful he was…

  18. Ok-

    1) this is a nuclear option for selling stories to make some fast cash to offset the tax bill/David’s spending/legal bills/etc since the OF money is drying up faster than Farrah’s lady bits (pre-vaginal rejuvenation).

    2) not believing this until it’s finalized, as the rest of you smart humans seem to agree (I’m guessing the schools are well where all of you reside 😂).

    3) Genuinely hoping the kids and animals stay safe. Statistically, a woman is at her most unsafe when she is trying to leave an abusive relationship.


    1. They’ve literally never faked a breakup and don’t have the ability to plan, foresight, or emotional regulation to do so. But ya’ll keep giving them too much credit despite The Ashley telling you each time that it’s for real and not show 🙄

      1. Hi, you’re either new to this sh*tshow or trying to get people riled up. They had done this before when she filed for a restraining order and moved to Tennessee. The jig was up when someone snapped a picture of them together. If Jenelle has proven to be anything, it’s an attention whore, and she will do literally anything to get that attention. Including taking pictures of her butthole in the uncut grass on The Land or filing BS legal docs to get people talking.

  19. She was praising him for being such a good father, husband and man 2 weeks ago and now he’s a reckless, lazy drunk that endangers her? Lol I’m not buying it. She’ll be gaslighting us in a few weeks “don’t believe everything you read online”, even if what we read are her own court filings lol

    1. My thoughts exactly! I wonder if he could use that against her, like she is saying this not but before this is what she said?! Regardless, she’s so delusional. They deserve each other. I just feel for their poor children!

    1. No, she is putting herself first. The tidbits about children are all put in by her lawyer, none of that comes from her own mouth. She just doesn’t want to lose what she has and is using this as a means to not lose even more money since she’s currently living a lifestyle she can’t afford, even without his excessive spending.

      This is a ploy, a somewhat smart one that her lawyer came up with, but still a ploy. It wasn’t even a week ago she was still defending him and sticking by him.

      I hope they do divorce, eventually, and she gets some kind of swift kick in her ass which she desperately needs to start being a better person. (though doubtful this will happen).

      That said, this is literally what she has to do to keep Jace. Despite the charges UDV is facing, it’s not likely he’ll actually be held accountable for his actions, but the no contact order is very likely to stay in place for good (which her lawyer would have told her and she has no control over at all, the state does). That means Jace can’t live there if these two don’t separate and, eventually, divorce. Jenelle needs Jace to be living there, for reasons that are far from altruistic or maternal. Notice she mentions his meds….the ones she’s vehemently against and doesn’t want him taking…..Yeah, she’s an addict who steals her kids’ meds, among other pearls of non-parental wisdom she employs on the daily.

      Her own needs and desires still reign supreme in her life, they always will. Almost everything she accuses him of (and he did do, we know this), she too has done and is doing.

  20. Yeah, not buying this. She’s still paying for his lawyer. His truck was parked in her driveway the night of the fake break in. He’s living on her boat. I’ll give this a little more credence when she (A) has him evicted from the boat, (B) notifies the lawyer that she’s no longer paying his legal fees, and (C) cancels his debit card. She can request a new card from the bank and let them know that David is no longer an authorized user. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out.

    And Jenelle — you can get a duplicate key made for the mailbox. Call a locksmith and just get the lock replaced so David can’t access it. If my child’s medication was locked in a place where I couldn’t access it, I’d be on the phone with a locksmith in less than 30 minutes! Why is Jace’s medication in the mailbox anyway?

    1. If it is USPS, key cannot be duplicated. But she can contact them to hold mail and change the lock. Of course, she will be inconvenienced while mail is held…have to drive to post office to get mail.

    2. Haven’t you ever seen a key that says “Do Not Duplicate”? Post office keys are normally that way so no reputable locksmith would do it. And our everyday prescriptions are cheaper if you get them mailed to you vs. filled at a pharmacy. You get 3 months supply for the price of 30 day at the pharmacy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. Lot’s of insurance companies give the option of having your prescriptions mailed to your home. And since she doesn’t think Jace should be on medication, which is what she said before, she obviously wants it for herself. I can’t believe how many parents actually steal the ADHD meds that are prescribed for their kids, so the parents can get fu__ed up on them!!! But then again, that’s a very Jenelle thing to do!

  21. Now he needs to be charged with violating the no contact order by showing up at the land, when he was court ordered not to. Kick him off the boat, you bought that to.

    1. Even if they get legally divorced, they can still remain in a relationship together. When it comes to these 2 pieces of scum don’t fall for anything.

  22. She’ll be back with him if he gets all of his charges dropped. (I hope they don’t) it’s all for show to make her look good. She did the same thing when he shot nugget and she lost her kids. She got right back with him as soon as she got her kids back.

  23. So why didn’t she have this epiphany months ago after he assaulted Jace?

    How funny would it be if he got spousal support.

    I believe he lost his job because of her, she didn’t want him going to work & he definitely didn’t mind being a kept “man”

  24. I’m not going to believe this until the divorce is finalized. There’s no way David will live on a broken boat for a year.

    Jenelle also can’t be alone and neglects her kids.

  25. meh ~ this means NOTHING. also, swamp queen 🧟‍♀️ will remain a trashy 🗑️ piece of sh*t no matter what. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. YAWN.

    2 weeks ago she was singing his praises from the rooftops in answer to him (allegedly) strangling and beating her 14yo biological son.

    She’s a swamp monster just as much as he is and we’ve seen her play this game MANY times.

  27. Stay strong Jenelle! Call your Mom and make amends. You can do it. Bet MTV would take you back with Barb by your side.

    1. Her mom once said when Jenelle is ready her mom will be waiting and listen to her. What Jenelle doesn’t need is everybody in her face saying the big fat I told you so. Not from Nathan or Andrew or even her mom to her face. She’s been through enough. She just needs time alone to heal with her kids. And with how much stuff she has against him. He won’t get anything. I hope for and her kids all the best.

      1. What she needs is someone willing to stand up for the children and remove them from ALLLLLL of the crazy that is both of them.

        I think you’re both forgetting that pretty much everything she accuses him of (and we know he has done), she too was a participant in and did (still does some of them) them herself as well.

        She’s no better than he is, she is JUST as bad, he’s just the male version of her, she the female version of him. Both are addicts, both are abusive, both spend excessively, neither wants to get an actual job, neither wants to be a parent, neither gives one shit about their children. Neither, is worthy of BEING a parent. They both need locked tf up.

      2. OMG, What is wrong with you? Are you one of Jenelle’s brainwashed, socially retarded fans? You must be if you don’t know all of the BS that woman does, says, and has put her kids through! Shame on you for acting like she deserves support and sympathy!!!

    2. Screw that. Cancel this bitch.
      She is a lying sack of shit. This is another game that she’s playing to try to win support. You didn’t leave him when he beat your child you’re not gonna leave him now bitch! We all see through your games. Go the hell away.

  28. One step in the right direction. Let’s give credit where it’s due. Now she just has to stick to this. I pray her and the children are safe from him.

  29. Oh shit… oh shit… everybody stay calm, IT’S HAPPENING! Fingers crossed that Jace not being able to stay there with David makes it actually stick this time. If there’s one thing Jenelle isn’t going to do, it’s let go of custody of Jace. (Even if her motives to do so are selfish I.E. she wants to win against Babs)

    1. Make no mistake, she will be back with him in 5-10 business days if not sooner. Just like she did when he shot Nugget. I have no faith that this is real

      1. The math ain’t mathin. She was standing by his side and singing his praises when he was accused of child abuse and now she’s just randomly decided to separate? And she’s noting that he shot nugget as one of the reasons for separating? That happened years ago and clearly she was perfectly happy staying with him after that all this time. There’s no way this is actually legit. She’s got a pretty long track record of talking shit about him and how horrible he is, even “leaving” him all just to end up right back together again. If she was serious about it why wouldn’t she file for a no contact order (unless it’s about Ensley)?

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