Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Reveals Her Boyfriend Elijah Scott Got a Vasectomy; Says “We’re Both Done Having Kids”

“That’s a wrap on the Elijah spawn, folks!”

After welcoming a trio of babies with boyfriend Elijah Scott, former Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry declared Monday that the pair’s procreating days are done. 

Kail took to social media to reveal that Elijah— her current live-in lover and most-recent partner in baby making— officially got a vasectomy on Monday. 

“Dentist and vasectomy today,” she posted Monday on her Instagram Story, while stating in the video that it was “a big day” because her (latest) baby daddy has an appointment “if ya know what I mean,” she said, while doing a cutting motion with her fingers.


” … I can’t believe we’re really doing this– he’s really doing this,” she continued. “We’re both done having kids. Isn’t that crazy? Don’t you feel like that’s crazy? It’s crazy, but like, good, ya know what I mean? Like, we’re done, we feel … finished. Wow.” 

Kail and Elijah welcomed boy and girl twins named Verse and Valley last fall and the couple also share one-year-old son Rio. 

Kail and the three newest members of the Chaos…

Kail is also a mom to three-year-old son Creed and six-year-old son Lux (with Chris Lopez); 10-year-old son Lincoln (with ex-husband Javi Marroquin); and 14-year-old son Isaac (with Jo Rivera).

…Kail and the OG Chaos.

Kail previously announced on her Barely Famous podcast that, after the birth of her twins, she had her tubes tied and does not plan to add any more kids to her already full house. However, she also admitted at the time that she has experienced short periods of regret after undergoing the procedure. 

“Jesus God Leah Kail…”

As mentioned above, Kail’s latest–- and presumably final–- additions made the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star a “girl mom” for the very first time. 

On a recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail spoke to co-host Lindsie Chrisley about the double standards she predicts her daughter will face as she grows up, including those that may be implemented by Kail herself. 

Kail recalled not being allowed to go on girls’ trips when she was younger, claiming to understand her family’s choices now that she has a daughter of her own. 

“I hate that I feel like I could trust Lincoln or Lux, even Isaac cause Isaac is a softie at heart, too,” she said, according to The Sun. “I do feel like they would be less-targeted than my daughter.

“Brace yourself for an appearance on a mother/daughter counseling reality show in about 20 years, baby girl!”

“And knowing that my daughter will want to go on girls’ trips, that double standard,” she continued. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Wow hadn’t seen pics of Kail and yikes that is some horrible plastic surgery. She wasn’t very pretty to begin with but now looks even worse somehow. These posts are just to keep rank. Sounds like she follows social media metrics as it is her source of income and will spill any tea she can at this point to bury the negative press of being a shit mom ala her nanny so she breaks privacy clauses she would normally sue against, for her own profit it would seem like. She also grossly overestimates the world’s interest in her, her crotch, her crotch fruit, her baby daddies and trying to serve gossip for a living. Just go away already. Get a regular job and get off of social media. You are famous for getting pregnant young and seemed to have learned very little in almost two decades smdh the tube tying is just a stunt so she can generate click bait in 2 years by dragging her poonanner outta retirement lol. Speaking of tired poonanners that thing must be flapping in the wind by now and everything covered in sneeze pee lol dog, baby, and mom just soak that place I guess lol

  2. What… are these girls trips she’s talking about? I’m truly confused.
    When will this baby be targeted? For what?

  3. Her and him having procedures to no longer have kids are probably both a lie and she’ll have a “miracle pregnancy” later on. This girl never seems truthful.

  4. She finally has her daughter, so no need for more kids. I swear, if Lincoln had been a girl, she’d only have two kids. I hope the girl turns out the way Kail hopes; otherwise it’s going to get ugly.

    I can see Kail going to IVF if she really wants another kid, and she’s not going to stay with this guy forever, I suspect. Or she’d use donor sperm.

    1. Well she won’t be the golden child so here’s hoping she’s the rebel child and not the scapegoat. Narcissistic mothers are the escapable but not without help.

  5. Pls tell me why her daughter is a target?

    Classic Kail, already making her child a constant victim. Just like Kail.

  6. Was talking publicly about this necessary?! I swear she only does it to prove to people how she is RESPOSNSIBLE by stopping…woman, you have 7 kids by 4 baby daddies, if you think now you deserve some praise…you are mistaken. (Not to mention how she said #5 as well as #6&#7 were a “surprise” You had 4 kids at this point from 3 different baby daddies, how can you still be surprised?!)

  7. Don’t attack-but does that baby girl look like she has Downs Syndrome? She has the wide set eyes in that pic.
    Genuine question, my friend has a downs (now adult child) and she is beautiful.
    Could just be the angle of the photo….

    I feel like Kail will go one more baby.

  8. Please allow me to explain. She got her tubes tied right. Then she supports him getting a vasectomy. She wants to make sure he can never have other kids. She on the other hand can get her tubes untied if she ever changes her mind.

    1. She wants to make sure he can never have other kids. She on the other hand can get her tubes untied if she ever changes her mind.”

      Vasectomies can be reversed too.

    2. I’ve had my tubes tied … They actually can’t be reversed. They get cut and sewed and either end or stapled. As soon as the tube it manipulated, eggs can’t get through anymore.

      1. Hell I had it done too lol (totally forgot for a sec). Doctors told me it was still possible too. And my stuff got cut and burned every which way.

  9. I don’t GAF!!!!
    Go away already no one cares if your current boy toy got snipped!!
    Shouldn’t you be more busy raising your seven kids then posting this shit?

  10. Is nothing private with this woman? Sheesh. Won’t tell public you had babies, but shouting the vasectomy from the roof!

  11. so he’s getting a vasectomy ~ yawn. 😴💤
    kail 🥬 will still be able to procreate with baby daddy #5️⃣…and beyond!

    1. (and yes, i read the article and that she had her tubes tied ~ but she won’t let that stop her!)

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