Jenelle Evans Addresses Break-In Attempt At Her House; Denies Her Husband David Eason Was Involved: “It Wasn’t My Husband!”

“My husband may be a lot of things: employment-challenged, furry, rakin’ obsessed, but he ain’t no prowler!”

Jenelle Evans is opening up about the recent break-in attempt at her house on The Land last week— but is disputing skeptical fans’ accusations that her husband, David Eason, was involved in the ordeal!

The Ashley told you that police were called to Jenelle’s swampy abode last weekend after Jenelle stated that a prowler tried to break into her house via her sliding glass door. When police arrived on The Land, however, the suspect had already gotten away.

In a new video posted to social media, Jenelle gave her version of events, stating that the break-in happened around 1 a.m. Sunday while she was home alone with her three kids. (As The Ashley previously told you, David is not allowed to be on The Land whenever Jace is present, due to the active no-contact order between Jace and David. As fans know, David has pending child abuse and assault charges stemming from when he allegedly assaulted Jace last year.)

“I turned out the light, I looked out the back door and it wasn’t my husband!” Jenelle said of the intruder she saw. “I didn’t know who it was. It was a random stranger.”

Earlier in the video, Jenelle states that her Ring camera notified her of movement near her building, which also caused her assortment of dogs to bark. She said she didn’t wake up at first, but eventually came to, only to realize there was an intruder trying to break in.

“I was busy dreaming that I had my own HGTV show and its second season was about to air!”

Jenelle stated that the first thing she did after her “heart sank” was go to wake up Jace. Once they ran into the living room, Jenelle said that they both saw the mystery man at the sliding door “yanking on it as hard as he could.” 

Jenelle claims that she “legit turned into a little baby” while on the phone with 911, “crying my eyes out.” 

Jenelle stated that she did have her gun, but that she was reluctant to use it on the trespasser because she didn’t “want to go through such a more traumatic event” happening in front of Jace. (And, no, that’s not a typo…that’s “Jenelle Speak.”) 

Jenelle again clarified that the prowler was not David (as some had suspected), and was instead a short man who spoke Spanish.

“Um… bueno tarts. Coma Estefan?”

Jenelle stated that swamp burglar said he was “so sorry” on the Ring camera footage. 

“I so sorry, I no mean to be here,” Jenelle—doing her best Spanish accent–claimed the man said. 

After Jenelle posted the video to TikTok and her Facebook page, fans began to comment that they believed David was the intruder or, at least, behind the alleged break-in event.

“Probably was Davey,” one person on Facebook wrote.

“Not unless he was almost as short as me and spoke Spanish,” Jenelle replied.

In another comment, Jenelle stated that she told the mystery man she had a gun, but that he “didn’t care” because he “spoke Spanish.”

She also told another TikTok follower that she didn’t shoot the prowler because she “didn’t want to have a dead man on my porch for my son to be traumatized.” 

When someone suggested to Jenelle that she move ASAP, the former Teen Mom 2 star stated that she has no desire to remain on The Land.

“I know trussst me I don’t want to be here anymore,” Jenelle wrote.

David has yet to discuss the on-The-Land break-in.

You can watch Jenelle’s video below.

UPDATE!  On Saturday, Jenelle posted a second part to the video, including footage from her Ring camera showing the swamp prowler.

In the second video, she stated she was hesitant to post the video of the incident because it “brings back memories” and because she’s “still scared about this because this guy isn’t caught yet.” Jenelle once again regales her audience with the tale of a short man speaking Spanish who tried to break into her home through the sliding glass door, but then apologized after she informed him she had called the police.

She then shows clips from the Ring camera footage. A man wearing an orange hoodie can be heard speaking Spanish.

Luckily it wasn’t a green hoodie or we ALL would have been thinking this…

The Land Prowler then headed to Jenelle’s She-Shed, where he was again caught on camera. Jenelle busted out her high school Spanish and yelled “Policia!” to scare the guy away. After he apologizes a few times, he then retreated back into the woods. 

In the comment section of her post, Jenelle told her followers that she suspects the intruder is part of a noisy Hispanic clan that lives near her.

“There is a huge Hispanic family that has parties so loud you can hear it from my house,” she wrote. “I think he’s part of that family.”


Jenelle then seems to touch on the theories brought up by some of her followers that David was behind the break-in.

“He seems more confused than a burglar looking to rob you,” one person said of intruder in the video. “This was 100 percent set up by your beloved [David].”

“I have a bad feeling about all of it,” Jenelle replied, hinting that she may be considering that possibility. 

Jenelle also wrote that she had no idea why the man was on her property.

“I have no idea… he didn’t even try stealing anything from outside,” she wrote.

“Thank the Jesus God Leah that all my JE Cosmetics eyebrow kits and David’s trusty rake are safe!”

Jenelle also acknowledged that she believed someone put the intruder “up to this,” just as one of her followers suggested.

“I know,” she replied. “I’ve been very shaken up. Feels like I have the life sucked out of me because I’m scared to film any videos now.”

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(Photos: TikTok; MTV; YouTube)


  1. This whole story sounds bizarre—the way she tells it.

    1. She said he lifted the sliding door off the track but then he couldn’t because of a stick in the door—so that means he didn’t lift the sliding door off the track.

    2. You can’t just lift a sliding door off the track to gain entry. In the 70’s you could much easier, but her house is new. She has newer sliding doors, so in order to lift the door off the track, he would have first had to open it about a foot or so, to get to the screw in the bottom, on the inside, that he would loosen with a screwdriver so the rollers on the bottom would retract, allowing him to then lift the door

    3. So while he may have tried to lift it off the track, he didn’t succeed, not because of a stick, but because the door was closed, but she used the term that he did lift it off. This is an important distinction because she is embellishing.

    4. She ‘owns’ the break-in. She refers to it as ‘my break-in’. This often happens when victims relish being victims—most victims would refer to it as ‘the break-in’. Using “the” instead of “my” gives emotional distance

    5. Her reluctance to use the gun—I didn’t hear where she warned she had a gun, which one would do instead of warning of police when the intruder would know that the police would take a while because of her distance from the city. She said she didnt want to ‘traumatize’ Jace, yet she got him out of bed and had the intruder succeeded in breaking through the sliding door, Jace would be traumatized anyway by whatever the aftermath was. It just didnt seem she was that scared.

    6. She asks everyone to be on the lookout. Why? She lives in a small town in the middle of the woods as she stated. Why ask fans all over the world to keep a lookout to protect her? Because she’s a narcissist. She knows there are no fans that can conceivably help her, yet she loves the idea that people are watching out for her. She seems a little thrilled by the idea that other people would come to her aid and protect (which is why I suspect she’s been with David all this time—she felt protected and valued, even while her was a lunatic).

    7. At the end she mentions that you might hear her yelling ‘policia’ on the 911 call. Why? Why does she feel it necessary to point that out? It’s an odd thing to mention, almost foreshadowing.

    8. Her yelling ‘policia’ was done in a very calm, very clear voice, that does not speak to the terror she claims she suffered. Someone freaking out about a man trying to break into her house would have a high-pitched screechy voice. We have all heard Jenelle raise her voice in all sorts of situations—she resorts to high-pitched and fast-paced very quickly.

    By the end of the recordings, Im convinced that this may have been a ploy that Jenelle cooked up to worry David. She mentions ‘Hispanics’ having loud parties and that he may be from that group—and it may be that David has had run-ins before with them about the noise, and so by linking this guy to that family, she effectively gets David upset thinking the guy is disrespecting him and ‘his woman’. I hate to think someone would lie about something so serious, but even if I knew nothing about Jenelle and her past, I would find her re-telling of the story to be suspicious.

    1. I also forgot to mention the dogs. She claims to have two large dogs—a German Shepard and an Irish Doodle. I have a German Shepard puppy who is 10 months old and he’s already 65 pounds, so let’s just assume her dog is at least that (adult males can get up to 90 pounds). The Irish Doodle is another large breed, about the size of the German Shepard. She claims the dogs were ‘barking like crazy’ and yet, we dont hear anything in the background when she’s filming. Why not bring the large dogs out of the laundry room so they’re in the same room as Jenelle if she doesn’t want to shoot? Why not set the dogs on the intruder? If she’s trying to shield Jace from trauma, why isn’t she using the gun or the dogs to stop the intruder?

      Listen to the recordings—where are the dogs barking like crazy? They’re not. Another fabrication.

      Then listen again to what she says as she’s playing the first recording. She’s on her cell phone recording, so she is holding the phone. And as the man says ‘sorry’ she says “after this he went to the laundry room door and started banging on it and then went to the sliding door and that’s the first time I saw him….”. No Jenelle, the first time you saw him was when you claimed you and Jace saw him at the sliding window.

      Now here’s the kicker. Look at the She-Shed video. There are two dogs circling the intruder. The Pomeranian gives a couple of small barks. The other dog does nothing. These dogs know this person very well. Jenelle let the dogs out, but for what purpose? They are not reacting at all to the ‘mystery man’. They know him, and he has no fear of them at all. Where’s the German Shepard?

  2. Another LIE, Janelle using this so she can try to get David back in the house because she’s too scared for her safety and the kids and needs David. Just watch

  3. At first I really thought it was David, with the new evidence I think it was just a drunk neighbor who didn’t know where he was.

    1. The outspoken gun owner also said she didn’t want to pull out her gun because she didn’t want to traumatize her son.
      But you pulled it out when you road raged…and you woke him up for what?
      Why only wake Jace up?



  5. Plot twist! It was her husband. We are not easily fooled. Especially by Jenelle Evans, miss IQ of 12.

  6. The “burglar” is wearing bright orange How many burglars wear bright colors?

    She woke up Jace and put him in danger what if the person had a gun?

    I wonder how much the she monster payed the mystery man we all know she’s trying to play the system to let the he monster back in the house.

  7. So maybe Jenelle is serious about leaving David now? I mean she is acknowledging that he may be behind it and she booted poor Marissa out of house which makes me so sad she did that to her. She also basically she wanted to leave the land. What a messy mess divorcing David would be. He would be so difficult.

  8. So did you turn out the light and see someone standing there or was it story #2. The barking dogs woke you up and you saw someone trying to break in?

  9. LOL! Jesus! Jenelle seriously thinks people will believe this story? With her history?
    And it’s not even one of her better stories! It’s completely stupid and you can tell how hard she tried to make up special details so that people wouldn’t think it was David!! Right Jenelle, nice cover. Jace must be thinking to himself “Why the hell did I let myself get talked into coming back to this looney bin?”

    1. I never want anyone to have to live thru with an attempted break in to their home but umm, what? The man apologized for the attempted break in while speaking English but only spoke Spanish? And she didn’t want to traumatize her son, she woke up, who was in CPS custody because of her husband’s alleged assault on said child? Oh honey, that ship has sailed.

  10. Put this statement into Google Translate and select “Jenelle Evans” as the language, it will translate it to “IT WAS ABSOLUTELY MY HUSBAND”

    No one is trying to break into a red neck swamp shack in the middle of no where on a dirt trail Jenelle.

  11. So conveniently a “random stranger” that didn’t speak English and most definitely wasn’t David (lol) tried to break in your house just when David is not there to “protect” you.
    We don’t believe a word you say, you pathological liar

  12. Not only does she call him a “mystery man” she paints the picture that he is exactly opposite of what David looks like. There are just too many things that if you stop and think about what she is saying just draws the conclusion that she’s lying. You don’t refer to burglars as “mystery men.” What conversation did she have with him that she knows he only spoke Spanish? Also the phrase she used “random stranger” just seems so out of place. Call the cops! Investigation not needed we solved it for them. 😊

  13. No one believes your lies and theatrics, Janelle. Why did you wake up Jace if you didn’t want him “traumatized?” Everyone knows it was David. It was done to garner you more attention in a failed attempt to get some sympathy and divert attention from what is really going on. The government does this too. We’re used to it. Oh, and burglars don’t apologize. 😂😂

  14. Ok, a few observations:

    1) this didn’t happen.

    2) that HGTV caption took me out because it’s the only truthful thing in this situation.

    3) good luck getting out of the swamp if you don’t want to be there anymore, Jan. We know enough about the shoddy work on the house, sinking ground, and potential animal graveyard to warn any sensible person not to buy it. Also? If you can’t get any money out of The Land because it won’t sell, how is your broke ass going to move? That tax bill isn’t going anywhere and neither is your unemployed psychopath huzzzzbin.

  15. More caps than a high school graduation.

    This didn’t happen. No mystery Spanish man came on her land. Don’t they live in the boonies?

    If this happened, she would be posting the footage telling folks to look for this mystery man. Bc a prowler is a neighborhood problem and he should be caught.

    She called the cops knowing there is no evidence.

  16. Reeks highly of a sh*tty attempt from 2 swamp half-wits truing to create a storyline of: Jenelle’s a crybaby who’s 14yo son can’t protect her so they need her unemployed huzzband back on the Land stat to protect the sinking assets.

    Good lord, you brag that your sinking house is covered by CCTV, surely there’s footage of this short person breaking in?

  17. DYING at the caption with David’s pic. Also, why was her first reaction to wake up her teenage son? How’s he going to help?

    The problem is…Jenelle lied so many times that it’s hard to believe her. So I’m taking this with a grain of salt.

  18. I don’t know what’s harder to believe, Janelle was asleep at 1am on a Saturday and/or it wasn’t David outside.

  19. Omg, she didn’t have her gun because she didn’t want to cause trauma to her son, but she did pull out a gun when she involved her son who at the time was much younger when she was involved in the road rage incident. This latest incident just seems very convenient. She will do anything to keep herself relevant. Get help girl cuz you truly need it. My heart goes out to these kids.

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