Exclusive Details! Police Called to Jenelle Evans’ Home on Sunday; Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Calls Incident “Scariest Thing In My Life”

“I’m not even being DRAMASTIC! It was terrifying!”

Jenelle Evans is calling an incident that happened early Sunday morning “the scariest thing in my life”…and now The Ashley can reveal what happened to cause the Teen Mom 2 to vague-book about being terrified.

The Ashley can reveal that in the early hours of Sunday morning, a person (or persons) tried to break into Jenelle’s home on The Land

According to county records and a post on local media outlet NRColumbus, Jenelle called 911 around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning and told the 911 operators that someone was trying to breaking into her home. Police were dispatched to The Land but the intruder had left by the time the officers arrived.

She also stated that Jenelle indicated that she was at home at the time of the attempted break-in and that the suspect broke the lock on the home’s sliding glass door.

Luckily, the suspect did not get into the home; however, according to the records, the prowler did get into the garage on The Land and make a mess. 

“Hopefully they didn’t steal ya stock of JE Cosmetics eyebrow kits out there, Juh-nelle!”

No suspect has been arrested, and the Columbus County Sherriff’s Office is investigating the breaking and entering attempt. (The Ashley has reached out to the county for additional information.)

This break-in attempt comes just a week or so after Jenelle’s son Jace came home, after Jenelle suddenly received custody back of the 14-year-old.

As The Ashley told you, Jace had previously been in the custody of CPS since October, when Jenelle’s husband David Eason allegedly assaulted him. David currently has pending child abuse and felony “assault by strangulation” charges, and is currently not allowed to be in the home near Jace, so only one of them is able to live on The Land, currently. It’s unknown if it was Jace or David on The Land at the time of the incident.

Anyway, Jenelle herself has not publicly addressed the incident, other than a vague social media post made Sunday morning.

“Still sick but the scariest thing in my life just happened last night and still processing it all,” she wrote. “I’ll share soon but I can’t believe this happened.” 

(After seeing Jenelle’s post, The Ashley checked to see if any 911 calls were made from Jenelle’s home recently, and was able to confirm that a call, did, indeed go out on Sunday.) 

UPDATE! Jenelle spoke out about the break-in, issuing a statement (via her “manager”) August Keen to TMZ on Tuesday.

“With everything going on already this couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” Jenelle stated. “Me and my children are safe, but a bit shaken up, the local community and police department are doing everything to ensure the capture of this person.

“I’ll soon be exposing the details of what exactly happened that night,” she said. “For now, we ask for prayers and privacy until me and my family recover from this terrifying experience. Thank you to everyone who is helping us to catch this perpetrator.”

“This ‘perpetrator’ must be caught…and stuff.”

The cops confirmed to TMZ that an unidentified man “attempted to force his way into Jenelle’s home from the back of the residence, and when he was unable to get inside he went into her garage and began throwing her personal items into the yard.”

“I’m out here lookin’ for my more-classier court heels!”

The cops also told TMZ that nothing was taken from the garage, but– just as The Ashley reported— the back door’s lock was damaged in the break-in attempt. 


  1. So someone tried to get in from the BACK, meaning they made it from the street, up mud drive, and around back to “break in”. Didn’t actually get anywhere, and trashed the garage that’s full of “valuable” crap. I’m sure the grill and toys are there as well or near abouts. Why not TAKE anything if you went as far as getting that close? Because it’s Jenelle and David trying to stir up shit so that he can come back and live at home. Solidified with a call to the police. There are dogs on the land as well, none made noise or bark to alert fivehead that something was happening? Wouldn’t bark if it was a known person which I thousand percent think was David or someone close to them( whoever is left). At 1 am he would have had plenty of time to get away as he knows his swamp or have Jenelle call when he was safe elsewhere. All BS to get him to live home. Two fn idiots

  2. If you’re going to stage something like this, it helps make it look more legit if the “perpetrator” actually takes something instead of just throwing things from the garage to the yard.🙄

  3. If it really DID happen, then I’m glad she’s safe…but I can’t even lie… First thought that came into my mind was that she and David staged this whole thing, so they can show the world how important it is for David’s psychotic ass to stay in the house. That’s what happens when you lie so much, people tend not to believe you.

  4. This is too calculated! Guarantee they concocted this plan to “prove” Big Ugly isn’t there since so many people are speculating he really is, but they’re tryin to fool the authorities to say ‘see, we’re abiding by the PO.” Also believe it’s all a ploy to request the PO be removed because she “fears for her safety dude”…and her kids, so they planned for either him or one of their mules that’s been filmed outside their gate with no attached fence around it to do it. Is she also tryin to prove she’s been in the house? She’s been hold up in her cr@ck shack feeling sorry for herself, postin stories for how many days not takin care of her kids (NO Jenelle, no ones obsessed, a small % share screenshots, get over yourself!), so she’ll say “someone” was monitoring her every move, & BAM, they attempted to break in. YEAH RIGHT! As if they haven’t bragged about their extensive surveillance system, & amount of weapons they keep. You’re telling me she’s bold enough to pull a weapon on another stranger but not this time? Seems sus. Video or it didn’t happen. This was the scariest thing to her? How about your husband putting his hands on your child? What a demented train of thought & waste of taxpayer $$$

  5. Is David smart enough to plan this in an attempt to prove that he needs to be on The Land to protect Jenelle and his daughter?

  6. That had to have been so scary for her. I wonder if it was David, just trying to be needed for something. I had something similar happen once, during a break up. Years later, a friend of the guy I had just broke up with told me that he’d confided in him that he had come and messed with my door and scattered things outside just so I would be afraid and call him to come home and keep me safe. I didn’t know that for years though. I’d lived in fear for weeks being unable to sleep. He did some real psychological damage and destroyed my sense of safety just so I would call him to come back and keep me safe. I hope that isn’t the case with Jenelle. Even if it were just David, that’s really scary. I have no doubt she was scared and imagining a million scenarios in under 5 minutes. I remember hearing my door jingling and holding the door closed. Then, I was afraid of being shot through the door. I then ran for my kids’ room to check on them. Then, I ran for a gun. I fired it through my window and busted the frame out of panic and fear. I couldn’t sleep for months afterwards. When I found out it was someone I had loved and trusted, I felt like a fool. I don’t think anyone deserves that. Jenelle isn’t mom of the year, but she certainly doesn’t deserve to have her home invaded. Shame on whomever is responsible for it.

    1. You’re putting a lot of faith in UDV having planned something like this by himself.

      There’s nothing at all scary about the schemes these two concoct, except the fact that they involve their children-that’s pretty damn scary.

      Nothing happened to her, no one really tried to break in, these two are just scheming, as per usual. Please don’t compare your experience with whatever the hell these two idiots are trying to claim happened.

      If anything had actually happened, she would have run to sm as soon as it did, with the video evidence (because their property is covered in various cameras, so UDV can see every angle, because he’s a whackadoodle and afraid of, well, everyone).

  7. Either she made this up or Swamp thing is the 1 that “broke in”

    Pick 1 because they are both sad attempts to get him back in the home

  8. All a plan to get the SwampSloth back home.

    1 pretend a stranger tried to break in
    2 work on poor Jace to get him to change his statement.
    3 I can’t be here alone with the kids I need protection.
    4 case dropped
    5 and daddy’s home.

  9. Hmmm another break in… wonder if their security cameras worked this time or were mysteriously cut like last time. Im starting to wonder if this is a way to collect insurance money to pay legal bills or a nicer place for swamp monster to live? Check out this other burgulary from 2019 would love someone to pull the report from this recent burgulary and see similarities.


  10. I hate that this is how she makes money.
    Jenelle, please reads this.
    One day your children will be adults – look into the future- is this what you want your “legacy” to be?
    If you truly loved your children…
    You would stop, admit you have been ignorant and foolish, get a job and then most importantly: contribute something to the world that makes it a better place.
    This is the way.

  11. Remember when Jenelle moved to Tennessee & someone broke into the swamp & left a mess in the house and bedrooms and stole Juniors Sister?

  12. The scariest thing that’s happened to her??? 😂😂😂 Bitch, please. We all know it was David, drunk and high, probably trying to either intimidate Jace, or just be the general piece of shit he is. Junkies make me laugh!!! She loves the attention. I hope karma dry f**ks these 2 morons with a cactus.

    1. I wonder if it was her friend Ryan.. I mean if course it could’ve been Jenelle asking Ryan to do it or Jenelle and David doing it together..

  13. Janelle seems to be the most hated in this franchise but I think many people forget that she is also a victim of David’s abuse. I don’t like Janelle (or Barbara) much but thought this should be said.

    1. @stansmith ~ um, swamp queen 🧟‍♀️ was a complete piece of sh*t long before her ‘king’ 🧟‍♂️ entered the picture.

    2. You can’t be a victim if you’re actively participating in everything the other party is doing, and doing those very same things yourself to not only the other party, but also other people.

      She is NOT a victim. She is as abusive as he is, in every single way. Neither is better or worse than the other. They may take different paths to get there, but they both get there using abuse against others.

      Jenelle has been like this since long before UDV came into the picture. This is who and what she is, and she has no intention of ever changing that. This much we know, as she has been the same way with every single other person she’s been with.

  14. Please more like her and David planned it we also know she has been in her shed so we’re the kids alone show the proof Janelle

  15. We all know it was David, probably wasted, with the complicity of Jenelle or not. I don’t know who she thinks she’s kidding by now 🤣

  16. This pos wouldn’t know the truth if it impregnated her…Shut it Dumbnelle…no one gives a fk or believes a word out of the lying hateful mouth…BE GONE!🤮

  17. Who’s she trying to kid? That was David and not some random burglar. She’s just trying to set the stage for her plea to the court that she needs the no-contact order dropped so David can protect her.

    1. This was exactly my first thought too. She’ll say people are targeting her because it’s public knowledge that David isn’t there and their whole family including Jace could be in danger without him. Hopefully a judge will see right through that pile of BS.

  18. IMO David was drunk. David thought he could stop by. Jenelle is sick of looking stupid and stuck by he can’t be there. Told him she had to call Police. Probably called them by the door where David could hear. He left. She didn’t say who it was bc they do have cameras. Why wouldn’t they be on with everything with Jace and with her being alone. She not speaking on it because she doesn’t want to say something she can’t walk back being an official investigation and all. This has never happened and all of a sudden when David the entitled narcissist is kicked out with the cameras off. Probably another reason they are fighting. He knew he couldn’t live there but he obviously thought it would be a hot little game of sneak around.

  19. Look, I really want to believe people when they say something bad happened, but its like the boy who cried wolf with Jenelle, I’m going to need to see the security tapes to believe something happened at this point. She’s is a compulsive liar.

    1. I don’t believe a word she says for one second! Her & her child strangling, dog killing huzbin planned this sh*t out!

  20. I would put money on this being some sort of set up to getting David back in the home. She can’t protect herself and her kids from something like this happening again so she needs her ogre I mean husband to be in the home to protect her.

      1. Jenelle was present when UDV assaulted Jace.

        She already knew he was the reason Jace ran away, multiple times.

        That right there should tell people all they need to know about why she doesn’t give a shit when bad things happen to her kids. I mean, aside from her narcissistic tendencies, that is. She literally watched someone assault her kid and stood by that POS, while calling the kid out for “being a problem”.


        She’s such a POS person.

  21. It had to be David. HaHa!!! This is just another sick attempt of trying to get noticed. Jenelle and David both have stated numerous times that they have ring cams. I believe David even said one time that one was at their so called gate at end of driveway. If the garage was a mess, it def was David, and he would certainly break a lock on a sliding door.

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