Jenelle Evans’ Estranged Husband David Eason Claims His Home Was Burglarized; Says Burglar Stole His Boat & Tools & Trashed the House

“Hello, Police? It’s David again. Someone stole my stuff and I demand they be HARRESTED at once!”

David Eason says The Land has been burgled! 

The estranged husband of former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans reports that his Jenelle’s North Carolina home was burglarized and torn apart last month. In a new interview with Champion Daily, David had some “talking words” for the person (or persons) who trashed The Land and, according to him, stole his boat, hunting and fishing gear and the tools he uses to “make a living!” 

David claims that the break-in happened while he was in Nashville at the end of November.

He also states that the pesky burglar(s) obviously knew their way around The Land, as they went through the back door. (This is, of course, not to be confused with Farrah Abraham‘s back door.) 

“When I arrived home on November 27th from Nashville Tennessee I immediately knew my house had been broken into,” David told Champion Daily. “I changed the locks before I left. So whoever broke in had to break in the back door which apparently they had previous experience with.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle has been living in Nashville since early November, after leaving David on October 31. Their daughter Ensley and Jenelle’s son Kaiser are also living in Tennessee at the moment.

David gave the site photos of the wreckage. In the photos, toys, clothes and other items are thrown all over the kids’ rooms, bathrooms and closets.

“A lot of stuff was taken, including many of my personal belongings to be missing as well,” David said, adding that the tools he used to make the knives he’s been hawking online were also stolen.

“It’s really low for anyone to steal someone’s tools when that’s what they use to make a living and that’s their livelihood altogether,” David said. 

Everyone’s faces when David refers to his knife-making hobby as his livelihood…

“Not only was the entire house destroyed but the kids rooms look like they were flipped upside down,” David said, adding that the house-trashing set him behind on his chores.

“It took several days to clean it all up when I had already been cleaning for a month try to catch up on things that had been ignored for a while,” David said, insinuating that Jenelle was a less-than-stellar housekeeper while she was living on The Land. “The house was spotless when I left and came back to this.”

David has always been very vocal about the fact that The Land is very well secured. However— wouldn’t ya know it?— on the day of the break-in, the burglar had the mindset to mess with the wifi on The Land in order to shut down the security cameras!

“Of course the wifi had been cut off so the security cameras were not even working,” he said.

David claims that the break-in has caused him to “live in fear everyday” that the burglar(s) will come back to steal even more of his stuff. 

When you’re living in fear and nobody cares…

“I hope they enjoy my boat, my tools, my work trailer, my hunting and fishing equipment,” David said. “Apparently they needed it more than me.”

David has had some really bad luck lately. Last month, he called the police claiming that one of his dogs had been stolen off The Land. It appears that the dog has yet to resurface.

David posted about the break-in to his Instagram (complete with a clickbait link, of course), but he failed to garner much sympathy from his followers.

“Stop playing … That’s how your house always looks,” one person wrote.

“I know who did it! Her name is KARMA,” another person added.

“Christmas is coming, she left him broke, he hasn’t worked for years, desperation for cash is setting in!” someone else wrote.

David also posted the link to his Facebook, pleading with his followers to contact him if they had info on who was responsible for the break in. When someone commented that “it was probably Jenelle,” David “liked” the comment, obviously indicating that those are his thoughts as well.

The Ashley will update this story if she gets more details about the alleged “break-in”. At press time, The Ashley had been unable to locate a police report filed about the break-in, but she will continue to look into it.

UPDATE! In the comment section of his Instagram post, David flat-out accused his ex of doing the robbin’ and ransackin’. (David has several exes, but we can assume he’s talking about Jenelle here, since she is the only one who lived on The Land with him.)

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

122 Responses

  1. All the toys that magically appeared the exact day they want to use them…
    “They took my … boat & fishing gear…” yet as soon as spring rolls around they are fishing off the boat…

    They NEED to be charged for perjury AND fraud!
    They NEED A REALITY CHECK!! (NOT a “reality tv cheque”!!?)
    How ethical and honest?…as usual
    What great role models for their hoard of neglected kids…
    Notice how no one even cares about their antics anymore because we KNOW it’s fake.
    It’s no longer even considered factual from ‘go’.
    They lie so much about major things and should not have ANY platform to do so.
    When these kids grow up to be swindlers and liars we will know why. They don’t stand a chance.

  2. So he is upset someone took his tools that are part of his business? Isn’t that what you did to Janelles Career. I know she was also responsible for loosing her career but until this douche showed up she was making money. He is just as much a thief as whoever broke into his house. Her name is Karma!

  3. Damn! They stole his livelihood and all the toys the judge would tell him to sell to pay the child support bill he owes his son’s mother. lol I wonder which of his lowlife friends/family he enlisted to help in the “heist”….. What a failure as a man and as a human. Get Maryssa away from this complete loser.

  4. So why did he just happen to change all the locks just before he left? And someone can cut your wifi but it doesn’t stop motion detection cameras from recording on SD cards. It only stops you from accessing them unless you only have them go to the cloud. And don’t you need to be in the house to disconnect the wifi so the cameras would still be recording utnil that is done. Gimme a break with this guy

  5. Looks like he opened a few drawers. All that crap was already on the floor you can tell by how much dirt is under all the crap. Where did they even “dump the toys” from? There’s no toy box in Ensley’s room. The boys room had folded clothes on top of their dresser so at least the burglars were nice enough to fold them while they “ransacked” lmao

    This dude is so full of shit! Clean before you stage break in next time.

  6. There’s a village somewhere that’s missing its IDIOT.
    I saw a video last night that he posted on IG of him & Maryssa riding around Spotlighting for Deer. If all his tools, etc. were stolen & he can’t make any $$ (according to him) why would he waste gas he can’t afford.
    Oh Yea that’s right, this is David, trying to stay relevant.

  7. If I was a burglar, I believe the first thing I’d go for is the large stockpile of expensive weapons and, perhaps even more valuable and harder to trace, thousands of rounds of ammo, and leave the kids’ crap alone. That’s just me with common sense, though….

  8. Holy Hell. Just When I thought I had seen it all! First, the “back door” reference had me literally laughing out loud!!!
    The Land was certainly not robbed – I guess he isn’t quite smart enough to stage an actual robbery. Tip #21, burglar’s don’t typically ransack a toddler’s bedroom. Actual burglars are going for, hmmmmmmm maybe that expensive GUN COLLECTION? But no, they ransacked children’s rooms and they steal your precious knife making materials? OMFG my brain is exploding. How can a person be SO dumb???????? I can’t wrap my mind around his ignorance.

  9. David Eason is a horrible being and I’ve been very sarcastic about him on here. Truth is, I don’t really have to because he is awful and ridiculous all by himself.
    Doesn’t he know he looks like a 16 year old showing off on his quad or playing with a knife?
    Doesn’t he know he looks like he’s holding a guitar when he’s posing for camera with a heavy rifle?
    Doesn’t he know how dumb and stupid he is?
    Doesn’t he no he’s revolting?
    Doesn’t he realise we all know about the abuse against people and animals?

  10. Robbed, I don’t think so! You have no money, your financially broke! So you sold your shit and now your crying that you had been robbed! Hello, a two year old can figure this out!

  11. Omg. Super informative and well written. DEFINITELY my favorite part was when the author said “backdoor (not to be confused with Farrah Abraham’s back door).” I was crying I was laughing so hard!!

  12. I don’t even believe this stoy…he’s just trying to stay relevant, I doubt anyone would break into his house, I would fear booby traps, and all sorts of psycho shit! I just have to add, this guy is a supertwat, and would deserve anything bad that comes his way…I just wish I could be the one who truly messed up his place! I would absolutely take every animal he left behind!

  13. My first thoughts when reading this, was that David did it himself, for sympathy, or to be able to start another go fund me page or something along those lines. Also, he isn’t getting much attention since Jenelle left him and he is to much of a POS to get a real job. Or he put someone up to it. It’s way to convenient that his WiFi and cameras all of a sudden weren’t working the same time this happens.

  14. “It took several days to clean it all up when I had already been cleaning for a month try to catch up on things that had been ignored for a while,” David said, insinuating that Jenelle was a less-than-stellar housekeeper while she was living on The Land. “The house was spotless when I left and came back to this.”

    Jenelle, housekeeper, the land? Like, okay Jenelle gets under my skin too, but I guess David missed the part where Jenelle was his wife, not his maid and it’s not her job to keep the house perfect, that’s not realistic whatsoever. This man is so controlling and manipulative, it was so obvious on teen mom. The only time her scenes weren’t full of drama and stress were when David wasn’t allowed to film, atleast until he started showing up to be that controlling piece of shit he is. Threatening to be wherever she was so she couldn’t film, then banning Ensley from filming and making it literally impossible to have all her kids together as Jace wasn’t allowed to their house because David is a lunatic and Ensley couldn’t film. Yes, I get they can have those moments off camera but the point was to show how Jenelle and Barb’s relationship was finally mending.
    Nathan saying Kaiser was telling him David beat him, David denying it and Jenelle defending David because he had her that convinced he didn’t do it by simply saying “I didn’t do it.” Thanks to the years of control and manipulation.
    And when he apologized to MTV and they still said no,(because they’re not stupid, his name is tied to literally murdering Jenelles dog.) Jenelle refused to film and I’m sure David told her she wasn’t filming so she didn’t. She made no sense whatsoever defending him, she was so sucked in. Calling 911 that he attacked you then the story changed to being drunk and falling? That’s the usual go to for covering up abuse.
    In all, he can’t control Jenelle anymore and that’s making him mad so how he’s gonna say his house was “burglarized” and blame Jenelle thinking it’ll destroy her name when really it just showed even more proof that he’s a narcissist.

  15. Hmmmm I have a feeling someone stole on of his guns too. This same gun will soon be used in a crime, say the shooting of his estranged wife.

  16. I wouldnt put it past David doing it himself or he put someone up to it just to make it look like Janelle did it thats how men like David Eason works. I do not believe Janelle would go back to that place cause she was fear of her life living there. So my thought is he did it or had it done…..

    1. While we all know Jenelle ultimately left David for money and isn’t a doting mother, I still believe Jenelles 911 call. Obviously we know she didnt have a broken collarbone, but she did legit sound frantic during the call.

  17. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    He cla8ming he is so broke well he obvously was plann8ng on ins money to replace all HIS STOLEN THINGS !!!!HMMMMonly his things how odd is that hmmm an mr security he had his wfi off hmmm totaly obvious he did it sad thing is did his daughter watch him trash everything…remember all the cameras in the area along the exit route w his aka belingings will all come tonsurface an i pray he gets what is coming to him. 0$

  18. This is so ridiculous. He obviously concocted some crazy story…a GoFundMe to beg for money is probably next. What does this poor guy want? Someone to feel sorry for him? Hes able to work..but he refuses to. He has no income and multiple children to provide for. Hes living in a house paid for by jenelle, while jenelle and one of his children have to rent an apartment. This guy is a loser. Get a job and shutty.

  19. David eason is full of it. The poor dog is missing because he probably killed another one. He probably sold those items. Hope any other animals get rescued before he starves them for lack of funds or kills them all to eat them

  20. He said on Instagram that it was jenelle but he’s asking for info on who did it. Some people will do anything to stay relevant.

  21. Question: if David is so broke that he “can’t even put gas in his truck”, HOW tf is he feeding Maryssa and WHY hasn’t she been removed yet?

    1. He “immediately knew” because he probably promised someone a chunk of insurance money if they did it for him! He is SO FULL OF S***! He’ll get away with it though, like ALWAYS!!

    2. There’s a village somewhere that’s missing its IDIOT.
      I saw a video last night that he posted on IG of him & Maryssa riding around Spotlighting for Deer. If all his tools, etc. were stolen & he can’t make any $$ (according to him) why would he waste gas he can’t afford.
      Oh Yea that’s right, this is David, trying to stay relevant.

  22. IMO He did this for 2 reasons. 1. He needs the insurance money and 2 When Janelle gets the permanent restraining order he will have to hand over his guns now hes gonna say they were stolen so he doesnt have to give them up!

    1. I don’t believe for a second that he had left the LAND spotless, it’s like saying he is “spotless” lol But seriously, this is a classic case of desperation on David Eason’s part, I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT ANYONE WOULD GO ON THAT LAND OUT OF FEAR OF BEING SHOT BY HIM! He’s broke and looking for a PAYDAY anywhere he can get it!! He refuses to work so I think that he’s trying to get ATTENTION & ? ?

  23. Aren’t there rockbands that need a drummer? Maybe they can hire him? He seems to be very talented.
    I’m sure people would pay him a fortune.

  24. “Of course the wifi had been cut off so the security cameras were not even working,” he said.

    Gee, how convenient ? I wonder who could or would do such a thing. ???

    No one is buying your bs once again. Just go away already, loser!!!

  25. His fortress?? His gate with no trespassing signs?? He NEVER would’ve left town without that place locked down like Fort Knox. Not buying it!! Insurance claim! So sickening! As disrespectful as HES been to the PO-HEELCE….I’m eager to get their take on it!

  26. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    They left all your guns and ammo? Sure

  27. I looked at the pictures last night when he posted the link. I think it looks like it’s been pretty dirty. I think his whole purpose was to let his followers KNOW he had been around Janelle at Thanksgiving….the dates dropped, the location, etc. I thought it was interesting in Einsley’s room, she still had a changing pad on the dresser? She isn’t a newborn and is what….2? Looks like OLD pictures from them fighting or something else fishy

    1. Eh. Most kids aren’t potty trained until 3-4. My kid will be 2 in a few months and we definitely still have a changing pad.

  28. I smell a fraudulent insurance claim. I fully believe that he either did this himself, or hired someone else to do it in order to receive an insurance payout. We all know he’s completely broke, and he needs drug money, and since the MTV gravy train derailed and his Etsy shop was closed down, this was his last chance at bringing in some cash. I hope that if he going to receive a check for this, that his insurance company does an investigation first.

    1. He’s not going to get far with an insurance claim with no police report of the break in. I can’t see anyone being dumb enough to come onto his property to steal stuff, considering his status as a trigger happy asshole with a short fuse is apparently pretty well known in that area. I also would assume someone who hunts regularly and is paranoid about people coming onto his land would have multiple trail cams up (most hunters do) and those don’t require any internet connection or external power source. As soon as he said that someone stole his “hunting and fishing supplies” I knew that was BS. He called the police immediately when his dog was taken- he would have called out the FBI, SWAT team and Walker Texas Ranger if someone stole his guns lol

  29. I still think the boat & trailer were repo’d while he was out of town & that would explain the lack of a police report! I sure don’t buy the break-in story. His drums are still there and in perfect condition. Anyone breaking in to take valuable items would take them without a doubt. With Christmas coming, they’d make someone a nice gift! He’s just looking for sympathy and maybe insurance money since the internet was cut off.

  30. Question for David: what would most people appreciate more?

    a) A man moving from rental to rental while earning his own money by WORKING


    b) a jobless man living in a house his wife paid for?

    Oh wait! He paid for the sinking house himself – IN CASH!!

  31. Tryin to wiggle his way out of paying his child support for his son again. Judge already told him to get a job.
    Prob trying to get spousal support too. Newsflash: Jen ain’t working either.

  32. Dear David: Most lonely, insecure women earning six-figure incomes already know about your dog killing, domestically violent, child abusing ass. And insurance companies very rarely pay out on bogus burglary claims as PLAIN as the nose on their faces.

    So please do the right thing and consider giving Maryssa BACK to her mom and step dad. Goodness knows, that poor girl has suffered enough.

    Then as others have already stated, just try WORKING a legit job for a change, dude.

  33. I also know how to raise children: you don’t explain or teach them anything, you don’t watch them – you just wait till they DO SOMETHING WRONG and then PUNISH them.

    I’m also very good with animals, especially dogs and squirrels.

    And last but not least: you will find I’m very skilled with social media, I NOT ONCE got in trouble for not knowing how to use them. My wife can confirm this and she is very honest.

    I expect many joboffers and will consider one of them.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, this was a hilarious post! “Especially…squirrels”. I needed a good laugh today too! I can always count on The Ashley and you guys!

  34. I wondered if maybe Jenelle had someone try to get things for the kids from their rooms while he was in Tennessee. I believe those rooms looked exactly like that when he left. As for the boat and anything else that he could hawk or sell. That’s exactly what he did. Probably in Tennessee so now he is praying for insurance money. Christmas for him and Marissa. I feel really bad for that child. She is old enough to be really messed up from living with the psycho.

  35. Dear sirs (I’m not gonna work for a woman),
    My name is David Eason and I am looking for a job.
    I have many excellent skills.
    I can cut a banana in three WITHOUT CUTLERY – I can do it with one dirty, I mean bare, HAND.
    I can juggle with three oranges, almost without dropping them.
    I can almost jump on a smaal wall.
    I can play games with a knife, almost without getting injured.
    I can do amazing stunts on a quad, almost without hitting the ground, LIKE A 16 YEAR OLD!!!

  36. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Does this idiot really believe that anyone buys that load of crap story. And of course his tools which he needs to make money are gone. Hahahaha!!!

  37. I only looked at a couple of the pictures and call BS. The picture of Ensley’s room gives it all away. No one goes into a babies room and searches for goods to steal by trashing the room and throwing toys everywhere. The picture of kaisers room looked the same way, like someone just threw everything around the room. What I liar, but hey we already knew that!

  38. “Of course the wifi had been cut off so the security cameras were not even working,” he said………………

    Of course the WiFi was cut off ( that happens when you don’t pay the bill)

  39. Oh please he’s just playing he wants everyone to feel sorry for him and Janelle to feel bad and go back to him that guy has problems

  40. Lol, sounds much like an insurance scam in the making to me! Now that his cash cow has moved on, he’s got to find another easy $$ POS

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      So Jenelle lives in Nashville David was in Nashville. Isn’t it safe to say it wasn’t Jenelle since he was probably in Nashville dealing with divorce issues just like she was? I’m sure it will turn out that it’s all some sort of scam on him end considering she the one who actually had money all a long especially since he was fired from MTV over a year ago.

  41. I thought that you were going to shoot anyone who stepped foot on your “land” David ????????? Police included!
    Now that it suits YOU you need them.
    I hope they don’t even bother with the call out , police resources have wasted enough time on yours and your sorry ass wife !

  42. Now he WANTS police help , where as previously he was threatening to shoot anyone who stepped foot in his “land”
    Geeeeeeze David , you’re singing a different song now ! HYPOCRITE!

  43. So what I’m really hearing is that, after Janelle left him, he like the usual David that he is, went into a fit of rage at Janelle, but she was not there, so he took his anger out on Janelles house instead. She filed for a restraining order right after she left him & after he had already did the damage to her house & that order says he cannot cause damage to her home. Well, oops too late he already did. Once he got back from fighting & losing the restraining order battle & learning that the order says he cannot damage her home or he will be arrested for violating the order, he knew he had to concoct a plan to cover his ass about damaging her home or it would be a violation of the order & he’d be arrested & have to pay for the repairs, so he immediately upon returning, claimed someone had cut off his wifi cause they just happened to know there were security cameras. So NOW when Janelle finds out that he did infact damage her house, he is covered & won’t be arrested because “someone else” burglarized it. Nice one David but I hope no judge actually buys that story. The “stolen” boat, tools etc…were not actually stolen, he just things that makes him look like it couldn’t have been him LOL

    1. He wouldnt burn the house down because he wouldnt,have anywhere to live then. I doubt he welcome anywhere besides the LAND.

  44. I saw the pictures David posted and I would think if someone was just throwing things around a square mirror would not just be sitting on floor propped up so you could clearly see light on ceiling in one piece not broken to bits…also bedside table had what looks like a used glass…didn’t he say his how was clean before he left…I call B. S.

    1. I have been calling it trailer for years. I am glad somebody else called it same….if it comes in on wheeles it is a trailer, regardless of how you tie it down. Also, like a vehicle it depreciates once driven off the lot like a vehicle. The first divorce case I ever worked on included a double wide trailer (wish I was joking, but it was a “manufactured home) the initial purchase price was over $100,000 in a very rural part of Oklahoma, trust me, probably best “house in entire county. It ended up being sold for $23,984. Bpth parties filed backruptcy. If it comes in on wheels, it is a trailer. Jenelle put a trailer on a swamp…. I wish she could sue the people that rolled it on wheels…. but I bet, like a car warranty, it has expired

  45. Only thing I see of value is that the dog was stolen, if that’s even true. Don’t care about David or any of his stuff. Tbh, the stolen dog prob went to a better home than this place.

  46. I don’t believe it. No one would steal a boat. Boats have to be registered. They have to have a title. Hopefully it is true. Karma is patient.

    1. Well, people steal cars and they have to registered with a title as well. Though, I don’t know why someone would steal a boat from someone’s property. It’s too random. Also, where was Maryssa when all this happened?

  47. So he trashed his place in a fit of rage and can’t make any more knives because his tools “were stolen” (sure) by a person who knew how to mess with his back door (LOL) and wifi so there’s no footage. Also there is no police report although this happened more than 2 weeks ago. I CALL BULLSH*T

    1. It’s in his name so yeah, it’s his. Obviously the MTV money funded it entirely and Jenelle was stupid enough to hand it all over to him. Now she’s left with nothing, as predicted.

      1. I hope and pray your not stalking Janelle. It’s going to take her and those beautiful kids years to recover from the abuse you bestowed upon them. I hope Jenelle can finally be free from you. Your a monster. No one cares about you or what happened at JENELLES HOUSE. You didn’t pay for it your a low life mooch. Why don’t you get help. You are clearly unstable as hell.

  48. Is it April Fools?

    This gave me a good belly laugh – grab for cash written all over this. I can see UBT’s insurance form now…..
    Stolen items: Mona Lisa portrait, crown jewels, 3 Ferrari’s, gold (nuggets), a million dollars in cash…..

  49. Hmm let’s think about it.. who’s shady, hasn’t worked for years and has been left by the person who supported him for years?? Yeah, I’m thinking David is 100% lying about the whole thing or he hired someone to do it for insurance money

  50. He immediately knew the house was broken in to? Whet?!!! He changed the locks before… Why? Probably Jenelle had someone collect her things when she knew he was away. Haha

  51. It is Christmas. I bet it was the ghost of Christmas past… Nugget has come back to seek revenge on you David ?

  52. I’m calling bs on this “burglary”. I think he’ll be setting up a GoFundMe any day now. Get a job, David!

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