Pregnant ‘Unexpected’ Star Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford Reveals She & Matthew Blevins Have Broken Up (Again): “We Are Nothing But Toxic”

“Well, we had a good run… we made it a whole week this time!”

On-again, off-again couple Matthews Blevins and Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford of Unexpected have parted ways yet again, just a week after announcing that they had gotten back together.

Hailey 2, who is currently pregnant with Matthew’s second child, took to Instagram last night to address “all the nosey a** people” on her page and to update everyone on the status of her relationship with Matthew.

“ … I might as well get some stuff cleared up for you. Yes, I’M SINGLE. Me and Matthew aren’t together, we broke up,” she wrote, adding that she hoped this post would make it clear enough “for y’all to understand.”

“We are nothing but toxic, we don’t treat each other good at all,” she continued. “My main focus is my little boy growing inside of me, he’s all I’m concerned about. I don’t need anyone’s opinion.”

Hailey 2 went on explain to her followers that she wasn’t responding to their DMs at the moment because she’s hurt and “weak right now.”

As for where she and Matthew’s relationship stands going forward, Hailey 2 said she’s unsure, though she seemed open to a possible reconciliation in the future. (Shocker.)

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in my future… will me and Matthew heal and fix our flaws and get back together? Idk tbh,” she said. “Right now all I know is I want to go to therapy and fix me and focus on my baby boy inside of me.”

Hailey 2 first spoke about going to therapy a week ago upon revealing that she had been suffering from depression. At the time, she thanked Matthew on Facebook for sticking by her side “when he had every right to leave.”

“He has watched me scream, cry and break down and he has done nothing but support me and remind me I can push through this,” she added.

In response to Hailey 2’s message, Matthew thanked her in return for blessing him with their (soon-to-be-born) baby boy and for sticking by his side as well.

“No matter what we go through I will always be your backbone and we will make it!! We aren’t going NOWHERE,” he added.

You couldn’t be more correct… you really aren’t “going nowhere.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Matthew is already a father to a daughter named Kinsely, whom he shares with Hailey Tomlinsonanother ‘Unexpected’ star.

Matthew and Hailey 2 reportedly do not plan to return to ‘Unexpected’ next season.

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17 Responses

  1. Shocker…said no one. Are these little hillbillies being raised by anyone? Seriously? Where the hell are their parents to yank them by their ears and teach them life lessons. Immature kids having babies and screwing innocent lives. Just keep it covered dude. Btw, Have no clue what these girls see in this 90 lb zit faced loser.

  2. No worries. Matthew will be back to rescue you on his moped. He’s sexy driving around on that moped. A panty dropper. ??

    1. Okay let’s not go so low commenting on the way she does her makeup. These are still just children. And her makeup looks nice. Do better.

  3. As much as she deserves all the karma coming to her from getting pregnant with a competition baby to try and get a one up on the other Hailey (who I’m confident she is incredibly jealous of which sparked all of this), I feel bad for this baby. Dreaming of being a happy little family is great but when this kid is screaming in the middle of the night and the guy she was trying to trap with said kid is nowhere to be found, I think all of this “love” she has for her unborn child is going to fade and quickly. In all reality, she trapped herself and when that finally sets in for her, I really fear for how this kid will fare? Maybe she’ll end up being a great mom but I could see some major resentment toward this baby coming down the line.

  4. I wish babies weren’t involved so I could say the following without guilt….it’s nice to see karma at work for those two. Leaving your girlfriend for her best friend? Doesn’t get much worse than that.

    1. Nothing but toxic but they still made a baby. That’s the environment a child should live in! (I hope they aren’t Ronnie and Jen level of toxic but who knows)

  5. I don’t need anyone’s opinion

    After all, it was the public’s idea for you to get pregnant put of wedlock by your friend’s baby daddy, a known useless deadbeat.

    Oh, wait, that was your idea? Maybe you do need other people’s opinions.

  6. You mean to tell me that stealing your best friend’s baby’s daddy and immediately getting knocked up wasn’t the start to a fairy tale romance? Damn.

  7. First of bitch no one is in your business 1u r a white 2you put your business out there to be on a show 3 you an your pencil dick boyfriend grow up an he needs to get a job like a man , instead thinking he is going to live off of some show, what’s next TLC pedifele show to make money TLC is the pits make a show like this all of them a bunch of losers

  8. Gee who would have thunk sleeping with your best friend bf would turn out to be a bad thing? Where are the parents of these hormonal teenagers?
    Those 2 babies are the ones I feel bad for. And Ashley don’t bother rewriting this next week when they get back together. Just copy and paste the date.

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