‘Unexpected’ Star Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford is Pregnant with Matthew Blevins’ Second Child: See Their Announcement

This guy clearly has a type…

It looks like Unexpected dad Matthew Blevins’ baby-mamas-named-Hailey count is getting ready to increase by one. 

Matthew’s girlfriend Hailey Tilford revealed on Instagram this weekend that she and Matthew are expecting their first child together in April 2020. The couple’s pregnancy was speculated by Starcasm back in October after screenshots of a baby registry in the couple’s name surfaced online, as well as a photo Hailey posted in which she appeared to be rocking a small baby bump.

In a post to Instagram, Hailey (2) revealed that she and Matthew were not trying to get pregnant. (In other words, the pregnancy was…wait for it…unexpected!) 

“In advance to answer what I know will be asked — NO, it wasn’t planned nor did we want this right now,” Hailey shared on Instagram on Sunday, along with photos of her positive pregnancy tests and sonogram images. “Matthew already has a baby and I was ready to focus on college, but god had a different plan for us. We are so ready to meet you already Baby Blevins!” 


The other baby Hailey was referring to in her caption is Matthew’s daughter, Kinsley, whom he shares with ‘Unexpected’ star Hailey Tomlinson — aka his ex-girlfriend and the former best friend of his current pregnant girlfriend named Hailey. (This is, of course, why the show’s fans call Matthew’s current pregnant girlfriend “Hailey 2”.) 

Matthew and Hailey (1)  welcomed their daughter in April and Matthew reportedly moved on with Hailey (2) just two weeks later.


Despite the drama (and abundance of people named Hailey) on his hands, Matthew seems unfazed by his complicated situation. The soon-to-be father of two shared he and Hailey’s pregnancy news on social media, revealing that Hailey is currently 17 weeks pregnant. Matthew also noted that he turned off the comments on his post because “we know y’all are gonna hate.” 

” … We are happy, excited and could care less about any of y’alls opinions,” he continued. “Hailey has been one of my biggest blessings and now she is blessing me with a little baby, our little baby. Nothing could change my feelings about this happening, I’m so happy.” 


Matthew went on to comment on he and Hailey’s — the second Hailey, we’re assuming — future on ‘Unexpected’, though his wording made his answer a little Clearblue unclear.

“NO we aren’t being on the next season, NO we are NOT going anywhere and NO we didn’t plan this,” he wrote. 

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(Photos: Instagram) 

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  1. Idk if I look too much into things, but I get a weird vibe from haileys mom on the show. She seems like she’s trying to almost live vicariously through her daughter..? She has sooo many details about her daughter and Matthews sex life, even going so far as to walk back and forth past the room and stating “you were on top of him” at the reunion! Every time the host made a comment about Hailey and Matthews personal relationship, her mom JUMPED in and said her piece on behalf of Hailey. A mother who lets 2 16 year olds live together is only asking for trouble. And she encouraged the nonsense when she allowed matthew to come back into her home and “give Hailey attention in her bedroom for an hour” as she also said! Super weird for me lol

  2. Gods plan??!!!!!!!!! You are a young fertile lady who is having unprotected sex, good lord the boy doesn’t even pull out either. WTF do you think is gonna happen?!!! This is insane hahaha “we didn’t plan this” you sound so ridiculous and trashy. That has to be the most unclassy thing to say along with a pregnancy announcement. You’re literally telling the world, “I was being a ho, not using protection, then whoopsie! I’m pregnant!” Also, how small is this town they all live in where scrawny, crappy attitude, no job no skills no manners Matthew is convincing two girls to let him hit it unprotected??

    I really like Hailey #1 and I think she’s sweet and she is very much hurt by Matthews betrayal. I also think that haileys mom was a complete enabler by letting 2 16 year olds live and sleep in the same bed together. I do hope Hailey 1 files child support and I hope that when matthew can’t pay it, he goes to jail. He needs to be taught a long, difficult lesson on adulthood.

  3. I live in Australia and they haven’t started showing this season yet. But I’m looking forward to it. They all seem like a huge mess. And from the snippets I’ve seen on FB, Matthew is a real pig and even speaks with no respect to the show’s host in the “reunion”
    Clearly Hailey 2 got pregnant to show that she isn’t just the sidechick….. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS OF THESE GIRLS??? If my teen daughter was dating the ex-baby-daddy of my daughters best friend, my daughter would be implanon, IUD’d, and pill’d up to the hilt! No grandbaby’s here thanks!

  4. I just can’t with this cliche “we didn’t plan this” excuse. So they were just using tons of protection then right? This boy needs an intervention or something, he is creating human beings left and right that he can not possibly support and I have no idea what these girls find appealing about him. If he has two kids at age 16 just imagine how many he’ll have by age 30.

  5. Sad that all these children are having children. Does that boy Matthew have a job and work for a living? How is he going to pay child support for two children?

    1. Silly, you and I and all employed people across the US will be paying a long time for Matt’s children. Standby, I’m sure there will be more innocent children spawned by him

  6. Wow, that God and his plans. Don’t pay your taxes and get arrested – God’s plan. Don’t cook your chicken and get food poisoning – God’s plan. Cut off someone’s head and they stop living – God’s plan. Don’t use contraception and get pregnant – God’s plan. Cause and effect is clearly just a conspiracy theory.

    1. Amazing, isn’t it? No matter how big you screw up, always seems to be “God’s plan” or “meant to be” or “everything happens for a reason”. So convenient!

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
      That really did make me lol, Murp!

  7. These people act as if they don’t know how babies are made. It makes me crazy when people say that their mistakes are “God’s plan”, no honey, “God” made birth control extremely accessible in this country, he also created sex-ed so you know how to not get pregnant. If you decide to walk in traffic and you get hit by a car was that “God’s plan” too. Sure Jan, you won’t be on next season.

    1. “God” didn’t invent birth control or sex-ed, humans thankfully invented that.
      But I agree that not using protection and getting pregnant is not “God’s plan”, that’s literally how biology works. It’s not like she was on the pill, with a IUD and using a condom and ended up pregnant anyways…

      1. Also, what’s the point of posting the pictures of the positive pregnancy tests with the sonograms? Like, just in case we didn’t realize it was a picture of a baby?

        1. ??? ridiculous right? Like we needed to see the pee sticks?? I guess that’s what trashy ppl post on Instagram ?‍♀️

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